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  • Organs


    Summary. Each organ in the body is its own complex system, made up of numerous smaller parts. Many organs also depend on several other body

  • The Organization

    The Organization

    After rebelling against the most powerful/dangerous organization, theyre kicked out of the League of Occisors. Now with a new name, The Dragons are coming back and finishing what they started.

  • Organization


    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE CAMPUS

    A girl Kohana has a tough past. Especially without her parents she has no memories of him at all. She has a unknown powers with a monster inside her she never knew about and a disease but doesn’t let her touch or she feels disgusted. But with help of friends well she find her was and find her parents? With a little romance.

  • The Organization..

    The Organization..

    Sci-fi Romance ROMANCE TEEN FUTURE

    Brooke Reed has been living with her brother, Tom, for a while now after the Organization took them. Secretly in love with her ex-boyfriend Chris Rodgers, Brooke, Tom, and Chris embark on a journey attempting to save Chris from the hands of the Organization which contains all the power. If you aren't logged from birth with a microchip above your elbow, they'll be after you. During their journey from Rhode Island to Connecticut seeking a safe haven, Brooke realizes her unresolved feelings...but will that be enough to keep them safe?

  • Organic Farm

    Organic Farm

  • Organic Mech

    Organic Mech

  • Organic Farming

    Organic Farming

  • The Perfect Organism

    The Perfect Organism

    An alien egg inside an asteroid is sent through a crack in space to a parallel universe with radically different universal laws. Follow the unknown organism as it gains sapience, devours worlds, and strives to be a perfect organism.

  • The Organization: Survivors

    The Organization: Survivors

    Contemporary Romance ACTION ADVENTURE COMEDY

  • Organic Matters

    Organic Matters


    Newbe Writer - Read Auxiliary chapter for more details. When the laws governing space and much of reality shifted ever so slightly the effect was immediately felt when the FTL drives of the great colony ship New Horizon unexpectedly shut down. Though the great colony ship’s landing was unexpected it was never the less well equipped for the surprise. Many years later our protagonist Duan Greyward is one of the vary last Cryo Babies to be thawed and raised from the great ship at Fortunes Landing. Follow Duan and the colony as they work to survive and explore their new world.



    plz give me that award

  • The Dark Organization

    The Dark Organization

    Fantasy R18

    James Hyacinth, a 20-year-old cynical guy from Earth died after getting hit by a stray bullet in the head and his soul unexpectedly transmigrated into another world and became a crown prince with a system.James decided to live the fullest by using his identity but who would have thought the system gave him a mission that will stop him from living like a salted fish.[Ding! You received a mission: Become the greatest leader of the Dark Organization in the entire universe!]



    Romance de fantasía ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE

  • Transcendental Organization

    Transcendental Organization


    A story about a transcendental organization focused on giving certain people cheat like devices, systems, and/or companions to foster fodder in a perpetual battle against their enemies.Watch as one character, considered the strongest overall but stuck in the lower ranks of power, get swept up in the most turbulent period of the organization since it's emergence.Full of machinations, schemes, assassinations and fights will our protagonist survive in these stormy times or fall and become one of the many forgotten?(ps: first book so lower your expectations. xP)

  • Human Organ System

    Human Organ System

    We need energyAll living things need energy to grow and live.plants need light energy,water, and carbon dioxide to make food which they used to grow and produce fruits.Animal eat plants and other animals to gain energy.Like plants and animals human also need energy to remain alive , grow , to do all kinds of work, including walking, working,studying, driving a car etc. In short everything we do requires energy. We gain energy to do work from the food we eat.Food provides us nutrients, which provide energy. The human body requires many nutrients including vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals like calcium, iron, iodine, etc.

  • The Afterlife of an Organ Donor

    The Afterlife of an Organ Donor


    Gu Chenling died aged twenty-seven as a result of the combination of overwork and a heart defect. Death was not the end, though.Who knew that you even after dying once you still have to work in the afterlife to make a living? Luckily, his karmic luck was good from having saved lives through postmortem organ donations. So he could live quite well even in the underworld.But who could tell him why his organs occasionally hurt when those organs have been donated long ago? Someone must be messing with him.

  • Bio-Organic Weapon

    Bio-Organic Weapon


    A man named Carbon finds out he is a bio organic weapon made for usage in the military, and he wants revenge striped from his humanity he fights against the world government only to find a dark secret

  • I Have 10 Training Avatars

    I Have 10 Training Avatars



    Lin Xuan transmigrated into a world where demon beasts rampaged. He became one of the lowest ranking wasteland reclaimers in the Germinal Organization to explore the mystic realms. The Zero Realm mystic realm was the Giant Rock Cave. The First Realm mystic realm was the Demon Ant Nest. The Second Realm mystic realm was the Tree King Sea. [Congratulations on seizing a Gold Swallowing Lizard as one of your avatars for gaining more experience. Do you want it to begin its training?] [Your current location is first floor of the Giant Rock Cave. (1 coin per minute. 5 exp points per minute)] [Gold Swallowing Lizard has been training for 4 hours. Do you wish to collect its experience?] Lin Xuan’s eyes were wide open. He was well-versed in how this worked. This was similar to the AFK games that he played in his previous world. As such, he began his comfortable journey of becoming the strongest. Up until one point, the Germinal Organization discovered that he was abnormal and decided to deal with him. It only then did Lin Xuan realize that even Seventh Realm fighters and the managers of the organization were inferior to him.

  • Organized Crime At It's Finest

    Organized Crime At It's Finest


    Follow Joseph as he takes one step at a time from a young school kid bored at home to a gang lord that runs the city in the dark stretching his hand all over the world.--Work in progress--First Story ill be writing mostly doing it on my down time but ill try to update daily.

  • Organization: BLACK RAT

    Organization: BLACK RAT

    Martial Arts ACTION

    Two young members of a criminal organization must throw away their moral compass for the Morbid reality that awaits them....