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  • Orphan



    My name is Evelyn Lisa Giovanni.It has been a whole a week since I left the Orphanage.A lot has changed. I have been stuck here for four days. My food has run out, my last droplet of water has gone. My friends have betrayed me and left me all alone to defend for myself.I am writing this as I am not sure if I will make it out alive. My adoptive parents dropped me at the academy believing I would make it out.But I do not feel the same way.The headmaster has given us an utmost important task.To locate 10 items that have been scattered across the forest.There are 100 candidates competing with me and knowing the academy. Only the best survive.And to make the situation worse.One golden bell has been found and there are only 15 remaining.I don’t know if I have what it takes to find all these items.I am tired. I am scared. I am cold. And I am hungry.[If you would like to support me please purchase the full book from: Kindle AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B09CVYP92QKindle US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09CVYP92QKindle UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09CVYP92Q]

  • orphan


  • the orphan

    the orphan



  • The orphan

    The orphan

    I read this book everyday is very interesting book

  • Orphan Wolf

    Orphan Wolf


    An elementary aged wolf raised by humans. Everything changes after his first shift. A continuation of "Alpha Lilly". You can read it without reading the first but you'll know the characters better if you read them in order. The next book will be "Raised By Wolves" a werewolf pup adopted by wild wolves so check it out when it becomes available.Story excerpt "I was found bleeding in the road. They took me to the hospital and saved my life." I say"What were your wounds?" He aks."Nope my turn. What is this place?" I ask knowing I'm testing his patience but he is obviously boss here and I want answers."My pack." He answers "your injuries?"I dont know how to answer that so I turn away from him. I dont know what hurt me only the marks it left."Answer ME!" His words make me stiffen and I feel my hands reach for the bottom of my shirt. I slide it off and turn to the man.A stand there chest exposed. I'm boney from lack of food and brushed from my foster father and brother. Amid all the fresh brusing three white lines stand out stretching from my shoulder to my hip."This is what they were healing!" I yell trying not to cry. I remember the pain of the marks when they were fresh. Feeling embarrassed I put my shirt back on."Rouges." The man whispers."Those bruses." Ruby says from behind me."The "Love" of my "family."" I tell her."My turn." I say and the man turns back to me as he was facing the other adults. He raises his eyebrow and I take it as permission to continue. "What are rouges?""Packless werewolves." He says.My jaw drops. werewolves? WEREWOLVES!? What the?"They are just a story." I say."You know better than that." He says.

  • Strange Orphan

    Strange Orphan

  • orphan cny

    orphan cny

    how orphan do cny

  • Orphan Legacy

    Orphan Legacy


    A young girl who carries her baby brother on her back and travels throughout a land where the rules from the jungle applies."Whatever happens you have to keep quiet and stay still."Gong Tao Jiao obediently listen to her mom as her mom hands baby Gong Rong to her and stuff them into a giant clay pot. She didn't really know what was going on but her body instinctly trembles in fear. Inside the clay pot it was dead silent and she can hear her own heartbeat thumping away. More than 48 hours past by but their mother hasn't returned. The baby started to cry after starving for so long. Little Tao Jiao bravely pushes the lid off the pot and got out. When she came out she was met with her smiling happy mother. She caresses Tao Jiao. "Jiao-er, where is Gong Rong?" Little Tao Jiao pause momentarily in fright. She quickly hide her emotions before her mother notices it. Her mother gently walk away as she prepares some snack for them. Gong Tao Jiao notices that the lady before her footsteps wasn't clacking away on the wooden floor. Instead she was floating in mid-air.

  • Wolf and Orphan

    Wolf and Orphan


    — Wouldn't it be wonderful to get a second chance in life? To cleanse that pitiful past in preparation for a magical new role.— This new world's promised purpose was to be all about magical beast…. Yet, Dimitri (a God) opted to include simple humans who are more reasonably evolved in their occupations.— Despite the passage of many generations, magical and non-magical beings started coexisting. Creating a hybrid of many beasts.*Adrian transformed into a wolf after being attacked by tank-kun and had to quickly deal with numerous odd situations while protecting his daughter.* Surprisingly enough, he discovered a village of orphans with no survival skills. He can just overpower them and consume their corpse and take whatever is available in the village, or he can raise them.— Will the male wolf and his orphan family be able to survive in this realm as the royal family pursues them?— Will Dimitri just sit it out and watch from afar, or will he intervene to right the wrong deeds he made long ago?— Will two worlds of man and beast finally become one, or will it just cause more havoc in the “new” modern life of magic?* “Why do you keep calling me daddy, apologize, then repeat it again?”



  • War Orphan

    War Orphan

  • Young Orphan

    Young Orphan



    Martial Arts ROMANCE ACTION R18

    She needs change.He needs companion.She sought vengeance.He finds it amusing.All of them share different types of games that played with different roles. Some choose to alter in order to attain desires.

  • Rebirth of Orphan

    Rebirth of Orphan

    An orphan highly skilled assassin who killed by someone she trusted the most and her destiny twisted when she woke up...what happen if the reputation of this body is a trash and slut that almost giving her body and soul to the man who really she loved... can she lift up again like a former one in the 21st century? How can she push if this body is cripple as nothing?... What happen if her owned blood force her to marry the cold blooded person? Now a woman who had cold blood meet the cold blooded man... one of them will be retreat? A bomb versus bomb...

  • Orphan Callistaa

    Orphan Callistaa

    This is a story of an orphan girl who was left unwanted and unloved. But when she realized her worth, she left the side of those toxic people to move on in her life. But was it the end? Probably no. Because she crossed path with him again.

  • strange Orphan

    strange Orphan

  • An Orphan and A King

    An Orphan and A King

    A king, an anarchist, a friend, and an orphan's second worst nightmare. He is known to abolish any governments that stand in his way. However, he is also known to protect his friends and seems to never die in order to protect them. But what if he met an orphan in a world filled with murder, betrayal, trauma; or what we know it as: the Dream SMP. Will he do what he is known to do? Will he really be Technoblade, the orphan obliterator?A/N Hello everyone! This is my first time writing a story so please dont judge! I have dyslexia so if you see any grammar mistakes, please don't point it out.  I have a hard time spelling and with my grammar. My sister Dani (dubbii_) in Wattpad and she is helping me check my errors! I hope you like my story and I will try to update each chapter every weekend. This is an original story I made in my head and I hope you guys have an amazing day! Also this is not lore base! This is just a story I created in my head! It is lore from the past but with my twist! :D ENJOY!!

  • the orphan life

    the orphan life

  • The Lost Orphan

    The Lost Orphan

    A girl who supposed to lead an average life together with his friend julius changes until the arrival of a mysterious man on their orpahanage and they started to kill each other..