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  • Owen Delvaux

    Owen Delvaux

    Realistic Fiction HIGHIQ KILLER

    Owen Delvaux is a "regular" person... with supernatural abilities. He goes through life feeling and seeing people's emotions and brainwashing the weak at his own will. In his life he walks around feeling nothing as the world around him is full of constant emotion, making him feel like a freak. In an attempt to take his own life after an argument with his stepfather, with whom he despises, he is found by a group of individuals who understand his supernatural "abnormalities" he carries around with him. After finally being abducted and proving his strength with his abilities against the group of individuals, he plans on staying to use his supernatural abilities as a weapon instead of a disability. Throughout his journey to grow stronger, he starts developing trust and feelings for a particular person whom he originally despised and was his enemy to begin with. ~ THE COVER IS NOT MINE! ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL ARTIST! ~

  • Tales of Owen [Dropped]

    Tales of Owen [Dropped]


    [I decided to drop this novel, yet found no way to delete it. My reasoning is that, when writing the second and third chapters of this novel, I couldn't really vibe with the MC and found him limiting. The concept is good, I'm just not skilled enough in writing to pull it off.] Owen awoke, confused and curious. He pondered how he knew things. He explored his surroundings, the small stone hut he found himself in and tried to comprehend what was happening. He found some answers inside a scroll from his mother. She had vanished and left him behind, for she wrote about protecting him in ways he didn't exactly comprehend. Wanting to understand what he was and the world around him, he set off into the world.

  • Wow Owen Wilson

    Wow Owen Wilson

  • Ursula. N. Owen

    Ursula. N. Owen


    Something dark is awakening in the city. An ancient horror that if unleashed will spell disaster for humanity and all the non-humans of the world. Danica Logan is a survivor but lacks direction in her life. Born without a Pack or a wolf she has survived in the city through sheer stubbornness. Now her secret double life is about to be exposed as she is thrown into not only a new pack but becomes the target of the ancient horror for her unique talent that she has yet to discover. WARNING : this book has strong language from the start, a lot of scenes of violent or adult nature. And twists a lot of generally accepted rules. If you are of the sensitive disposition look away.

  • Owen Caesar: A Demon King’s Ascension

    Owen Caesar: A Demon King’s Ascension

    Qirene is a world of the dark! Ruled by covens of vampires, packs of werewolves and Dens of ghouls and other dark creatures. But it is also a world of system interface creatures called Daemons. Great beast and monsters with the power to allow one ascend to the heavens. The Red comet prophesying the rebirth of the demon king has crossed the skies of Qirene. Now every man, woman and child are training and training their daemons to compete in the tournament that will determine the next Demon King. Owen is an 18 year old Half vampire half human. Hated for his half blood and even scorned by his own fiancée and the marriage agreement called off. He attended the awakening of his daemon stone 3 month later than most. But he ended up shocking the world as destiny saw it fit to bestow upon him the rarest of Daemon awakenings. He becomes a master of twin born cosmos daemons, a legend in the making as he tames more daemons, builds his own team and his own army and go forth to fulfill his goal and destiny to become the next Demon King

  • Owen's Heart

    Owen's Heart

    Set in the 17th century, Africa is plagued with tribal wars. The daughter of a powerful warrior is unknowingly sold as a slave to a foreign land. Rowena grows with a deep desire to find her people who are eagerly awaiting a leader and savior from the tyranny ravaging their land.

  • His Devious Rule

    His Devious Rule



    Have you ever wondered about unpredictable life? One minute everything is so good and then suddenly the next minute everything just turns around… Anya Owen faced such times thrice in her life due to one person. Twice she survived and started leading a happy life with her darling son. But could she survive the jeopardy he was going to cause again in her life? Alvin Matthews, the most mysterious man in the city. Nobody knows where he is, what is up to, or what he does. Some even doubt if he is alive or dead. Could he stop himself from falling for the little feisty woman? Well, he never stops himself. But he doubted if he would get killed by the stone-hearted woman before he could soften her heart. ~~~ Excerpt: Alvin watched Anya politely speaking with the butler. He leaned back on the armchair and crossed his legs, intently watching the soft smiles appearing on the delicate face. “Hey, Little Chipmunk, why is your mother good to all but me?” He asked shifting his eyes on the little man who was crossing his little legs playing a video game on his mobile. A sly smirk appeared on Zane’s face. He carelessly threw his words, “That’s what you deserve, Chipmunk Monster.” Alvin: “...” Alvin has to rack his brain to appease Little Monster... Correction, Little Master and his Devil… The second Correction, his Queen. ~~~ This is an original story. Thank you ^_^ for giving it a try. DISCORD: Munchkin_2#7368 Story DISCORD: https://discord.gg/QhhXXWq Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/munchkin_2 Instagram: auth_munchkin Linktree: https://linktr.ee/munchkin

  • Chloe & Owen: A (Bloody Hilarious) Love Story

    Chloe & Owen: A (Bloody Hilarious) Love Story

    Novel has been dropped so I can focus on my main work: "Legend of the Gunslinger Mage." https://www.webnovel.com/book/12013761505760005/ ---------- Owen Bytheway was an artist. He had been dating this girl, Chloe, for more than three years. Although she had very odd quirks and he noticed it, they are very happy together. Eventually, she invited him to her house, a gigantic mansion in the countryside, to meet her family. After a sumptuous feast, they sat down for dessert. It was then that her father, Mr. Drake, asked him. "So... Owen, you know Chloe is a vampire, right?" ---------- Release schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 1:05 AM (GMT + 8) Genres: Comedy, Romance, Male Lead, Slice of Life, Magical Realism, Realistic Fiction, Action This novel was written in response to the Writing Prompt Contest #18: Vampire Romance. Mildly NSFW, but nothing extreme. (Temporary) cover by Neimy Kanani Hope you guys enjoy it! Please leave a comment and vote if you do! ---------- Novel has been dropped so I can focus on Legend of the Gunslinger Mage https://www.webnovel.com/book/12013761505760005/ ----------

  • The Substitute Ex-Wife: Seeking a Divorce

    The Substitute Ex-Wife: Seeking a Divorce


    The slender waist and delicate figure of the girl captivated the man who appeared cold in the eyes of outsiders. After a one-night stand, Anita met with Owen, whose life should not have intersected with hers. Owen's family was distinguished, and he was handsome and aloof, but he only looked at Anita differently. So when Owen proposed a contract marriage, Anita agreed, and everyone was surprised when Anita, who had just been abandoned, found such a top-notch boyfriend. After the marriage, Anita was surprised to find that the two had similar interests and frequently connected with each other. With Owen's gentleness and support, she gradually fell in love, but she also gradually found that Owen's life was far from something she could easily interfere with. He would date beautiful actresses, and he would often be surrounded by rich girls who claimed to be his childhood friends. It turned out that Owen was willing to marry her because Anita looked similar to the woman he was secretly in love with. Anita realized that she turned out to be just a stand-in for another woman, and that all the tenderness was an illusion. More importantly, the woman returned. Anita left in discouragement. It was only until one day, four years later, that Owen saw Anita again, and the child Anita was holding in her arms was a miniature version of Owen! Owen begged, "You're coming home with me!" Anita laughed coldly and said, "Go home? Back to your home of lies?" Owen said, "Why haven't you returned my messages for so many years? Anita calmly took the other man's hand and said, "I changed my contact information a long time ago because I didn't want you to find me and trample on my dignity again. Oh, I forgot to introduce to you. This is my mate."

  • The Billionaire's Pet Bride

    The Billionaire's Pet Bride


    "I'll give you five million bucks if you can give me a child." The man's hoarse and sexy voice was like a devil's whisper. In order to get enough money to pay for her grandfather’s medical bill, Maisy Owen got into a strange man's bed. "Good girl." The man gently caressed her face like he was treating an obedient little pet. And then, he suddenly pressed her against the huge thing on his crotch. "If you dare to bite it, you won't get what you want." Choking, Maisy could not help but shed tears, but she still tried her best to play along because she had to get pregnant as soon as possible. However, Jay Hamilton was a very moody man, and he had no intention to let her get pregnant. She was played by him again and again but there was sign of her getting pregnant. She became so anxious that she had to go out of her way to seduce him, letting him take her to pound town regardless of time and place. After putting in an incredible effort, Maisy finally got pregnant with the devil's child. Knowing she was going to be free, she felt she was over the moon. In nine months, she would become the youngest, single, female millionaire. No one would ever know she was prisoned by a man and treated like a puppy. All those days of being pounded by him would go up in smoke. However, she underestimated the desire Jay had for her. After she had been pregnant for three months, he had his way with her again. "You're so thirsty!" The man caressed the swell of her belly and put a ring on her finger overbearingly. "Don't you ever try to run away. You're taken." "No, this is not what I want!" Maisy protested, but was penetrated more intensely. "So do you want this? No hurry, I'll give all of it to you."

  • The Wonderless World of One Unorthodox Ivy Owens

    The Wonderless World of One Unorthodox Ivy Owens

  • Her Double Trouble

    Her Double Trouble


    "If given a chance, who would you rather, Daniel or me?" Owen asked. "Now that's a tough one." Chugging down the leftover champagne directly from the bottle, she said, "I need some time to think." Refilling his shot glass, Daniel suggested, "Or you do us both together and save some time." …. The leaders of Anderson Enterprise, one of the top ten international companies in the world, Owen and Daniel Anderson are considered the most eligible bachelors in the country. They are heartthrobs every woman desires. Despite having a horde of women who are ready to throw themselves at them, the Anderson brothers have their eyes set on one woman who has managed to captivate their attention. Leaving home at the young age of fourteen, things have been quite rough for Emma Parker. Despite all the hardships she has faced in her life, Emma is very optimistic. She is a strong independent woman and somehow manages to find happiness in the small things she has. All Emma wants is to live a peaceful and comfortable life but her fate has different plans for her. After an unexpected eventful night with two strangers, Emma now has two new stalkers that follow her around: the millionaire brothers, Daniel and Owen. Caught in the middle of the two brothers who try to court her separately, will Emma ultimately figure out who she wants to be with… or both? And when she starts developing feelings for the charming suitors, will Emma’s heart be broken when she is reminded of the difference between their worlds? Or will the happily-ever-after bloom for Emma at long last? ….. Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/TdyrNhc Discord username: Sofia05#2273

  • Tante Sisi (Buronan Mertua, Kesayangan Sang Mafia)

    Tante Sisi (Buronan Mertua, Kesayangan Sang Mafia)


    Dengan tegas Sisi Blue menolak pernikahan gantung yang dibuat ibunya kemudian memutuskan untuk kabur dari rumah dan menggelandang di jalanan London. Saat menggelandang wanita muda ini bertemu dengan Owen Grey, yang tak lain adalah pemimpin mafia London yang terkenal sangat kejam namun berubah jadi manis di depan Sisi. Pertemuan ini justru membuat Sisi jatuh cinta kepada Owen yang belakangan dia tau jika sang mafia adalah saingan bisnis dari pria yang dijodohkan kepadanya. Mampukah Sisi keluar dari pernikahan gantung yang dibuat keluarganya? Atau justru pertemuannya dengan Owen adalah awal dari kehancuran bisnis sang mafia. Cover By : KangMus (IG : author.kangmus) IG Author : SisiRyri

  • Pregnant For My Rejected Mate

    Pregnant For My Rejected Mate


    Owen's lips pressed against mine. At first it was soft like he was unsure of what to do. At least he was doing something while I stood like a statue waiting to be pleasured like an effing idiot. I thought he was going to break it off but his arms went around me,  as sure and hard like it held promises to carry me if my legs gave out. I felt the rush and the warmth. The surging sensation I had never felt before. I was naive as I  had never been kissed before but I knew and dreamt, it was exactly as Owen was kissing me. The sensations almost left me limp like a freaking coward. Owen's face gradually blurred and drowned to nothingness.  ******* Emily and Owen has been best friends since they were in diapers. Owen was the one person she could trust to be there for her. He was Alpha and she was a pariah, a wolfless girl born to an unmated mother and a human father. He was hot and she was fire. He was voice of reason and she was chaos itself. She was his mate and he rejected her. Follow Emily as she navigate through the mess she calls her life with no one but the cub she had with the best friend that rejected her.

  • The Reich will Stand

    The Reich will Stand


    A German historian called Jordan who studied blueprints and had photographic memory was studying the why the Reich lost WW2 and was writing a article on it when he mysteriously time traveled to the year 1933 as the chancellor of Germany.

  • Secrets of the First Moon

    Secrets of the First Moon

    Arion's pack had one rule above all others to keep them safe: To keep what they were a secret and no romantic relations with humans. To blend safely and avoid the radar of the group hunting them down, they had succeeded in maintaining a position among the villagers. Owen had known Arion for years. Her family supplied the village with meat. Coming into the village less and less over the years, Arion arrives at the yearly festival. When Owen sees her, she is not how he remembered her. As the two visit, they are conflicted with blooming feelings. Though it is forbidden, Arion cannot contain her affection for Owen. On their journey to understand what is happening, many truths and deceptions are exposed. Trying to fight the odds against them, Arion and Owen have life-altering decisions to make. It's now up to them to save the pack from more than just the humans that are hunting them. Secrets of the First Moon is created by L. Kunzer, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • the son of Hades

    the son of Hades


    please read this novel I am writing it is about the son of hades his life adventures and a little bit of his love life I will like all of the positive comments/ reviewshope you enjoy heyvmake sure to go check out my other book it is called the life of a vampire hellhound hybrid.

  • Cursed Reincarnation

    Cursed Reincarnation


    Jesse Owens was just an average guy going on a family outing with his sister to the mall. After a tragic accident claims the life of Jesse, he finds himself in the afterlife. To make matters worse when Jesse goes through the judging process, he was misjudged as a criminal mastermind who also happens to be a woman named Jesse Owens. Reincarnated as a girl and with a cursed reincarnation, Jesse must now try to survive in his new world.

  • komik keren

    komik keren

  • Potion Bar System

    Potion Bar System



    “Would you like to order the Fire-Breathing Potion or the Potion of Haste, sir? We mix them with Alcohol too!” In a world of Levels, Magic and Classes, being an Alcoholic wasn’t really a good choice. And yet this is a story of a Drinker-turned-Bartender-turned-Hero of his own. Please remember to avoid bar fights… unless the bartender starts them himself. This the tale of where it all began, along with other shenanigans! —-—- This can be a stand-alone book or be read with Races: Online (VR Smartphone App) “Owen Liddell... How do I begin to explain Owen Liddell?” Lyra the Thief: He is flawless. Cleric Jeanne: He has two magical wands and an invisibility potion. Han Jing: I hear that the man is worth more than 100,000 gold coins! Nire Summers: I hear he’s a Professor... in Kraelonia Academy. High Mage Ylena: His favorite drink is my pepper-blue tea. Wizard Lavelda: One time he met the King on a carriage... Swordsman Uriel: —And the King told him that he wanted to catch a drink sometime! Bleu the Shadow Elf: One time I punched him in the face... it was awesome.