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  • Pain


    Aiko meets her step cousin Kiatsu her 14 year old step cousin for the first time when she is 13. He is her favorite cousin but knowing him comes consequences. This adventure is full of Love complications, Secrets unfold, Family issues and a lot of Pain. How will Aiko end up? Figure it out and read this twisted drama!

  • When Your Pain Becomes Mine

    When Your Pain Becomes Mine


    A man who feels the pain of his lover after a blood transfusion :The man (GyunHee), with a voice colder than the breath of winter, speaks to the woman(Sunny)."Wait until I contact you again."But his car slips upon the wet road not long afterwards and crashes"Please save him! Please!!"Sunny shouts desperately for her boyfriend's life as she arrives at the hospital."What is your blood type?" The doctor asks."...Pardon?"He was in dire need for a blood transfusion, it was a common question but she could not answer.After giving her blood to save her man, she decides their relationship wasn't one of love and decides to leave him.And as GyunHee wakes up a few days later...He decides to chase after Sunny..But what is this pain that he is feeling?

  • A Royal Pain In The Texts

    A Royal Pain In The Texts

    What are the odds that you are dared to send a random text to a stranger? And, what are the odds that the stranger happens to be someone you would never have imagined in your wildest fantasies?Well, the odds are in Chloe's favor. A text conversation which starts as a dare takes a one eighty degree turn when the person behind the screen turns out to be the cockiest, most arrogant, annoying asshat. Despite all this; the flirting, the heart to heart conversations and the late night musings are something they become accustomed to and something which gradually opens locked doors...but, that's not all. To top it all off, the guy just might happen to be in the same school and have a reputation for a overly skeptical identity..."What are you hiding?""An awesome body, beneath these layers of clothing ;)"But, who knows what Noah is really hiding and what are the consequences of this secret?

  • Pain Pain

    Pain Pain



    Setiap orang pasti mendambakan cinta, mendambakan kebahagiaan dan kebebasa. Namun, mereka sedikit terlupa bahwa cinta dan kebahagiaan harus ditempuh melewati luka. Alysa Alexandra, seorang gadis remaja yang hanya tahu belajar tiba tiba dikagetkan perihal asmara. Layaknya sang ratu ia dihadapkan dua lelaki tampan dan bijaksana. Dirgan dan Raka menjadi kandidat untuknya. Layaknya pemilihan mereka berkampanye mendapatkan hati gadis itu dengan cara yang berbeda. Dan pantai menghancurkan semuanya. Dirgan dan Raka adalah dua orang sahabat dimana mereka mengikuti organisasi yang sama. Lalu masuklah Alysa kedalam hidup mereka, dimana ia menjadi pengganti Sekretaris lama. Kedua lelaki itu sama sama menyukai Alysa dengan cara yang berbeda. Sampai pada akhirnya Alysa diharuskan memilih karena Karin, sahabatnya menyukai salah satu dari mereka. Kisah cinta yang dialami Alysa tidak seindah yang dibayangkan, kehadiran beberapa orang ketiga membuat hubungannya tidak sedikit menjadi luka. Lalu siapakah yang sebenarnya Alysa cintai ini? Apakah Dirgan atau justru Raka? Dan bagaimana kisah cinta Alysa selanjutnya? Sisakan batrai watt mata kalian untuk membaca cerita ini.

  • Drops of Pain

    Drops of Pain

    "Who the hell are you? And what do you want?" I asked, gritting my teeth. The pain was getting worse, and the only thing that this guy did is to stare at me creepily. I went down to take the knife, and he snatches it before I could reach it."Seriously, what the hell do you want?" I was fuming."I am keeping this with me," with a deep voice, he said. He put the knife in his pocket. "And, think of me as the angel your dad sent to you to save you from your sick mind." He said before he started walking. I was perplexed. What just happened? How the hell he knows my dad? Feeble mind? What a great angel?Sarah has an unordinary life. Due to previous events in her past, she now experiences some side effects that bigger even to her age. She gets nightmares that never know why she has them, and she kept getting pain in her chest and heart whenever it rains. She never knew an answer about the cause of any of this.The life she's leading is away from anyone else. She doesn't talk to anyway and pushes who tries to get close to her. Until one day, when five guys came with their own stories to bother the painful silence, she was living.Want to know more? Keep turning the pages.Warning: I don't encourage self-harm, violence, or aggression; It's a part of the story.If any of this triggers you or if you don't like it. I don't advise you to read it.

  • My Hero Academia shall know pain

    My Hero Academia shall know pain



    First time writing a story so don't expect much since it will be some generic op mc trash.Updates will be inconsistent.Isaac was a huge Naruto and MHA fan, he got killed in an 'accident', met a self proclaimed god, some wishes, anime world, you should know where this is going...

  • Pain and Pleasure

    Pain and Pleasure

    The one thing she was not prepared for was him stabbing her behind the back and running away. She had given him everything, and what did she get in return? Nothing. Be prepared to witness Lia, the daughter of a gang leader, hunt down Han, the son of the wealthiest CEO, to give him the punishment he deserves.

  • pain is love, love is pain

    pain is love, love is pain

  • The Pain

    The Pain

  • PAIN.



    cuma cerita anak sma, konflik keluarga dan kanker.

  • pain...


  • Life's Pain

    Life's Pain


    [Mature Content Present] The lighting illustrated the bedroom through the gap of the curtains. Sitting on the chair before the dressing table was a teen. He wore a thin t-shirt and pants. Behind the teen, stood a girl not much younger than him. She wore no clothes as her bare skin was visible due to the short lighting. "I am the worst brother..." The voice of the teen sounded in the once again dark room. It had the mix of sadness and regret in it. "No..." The girl leaned forward and she hugged the teen as his head went between the girl's breasts. Her fingers gently caressed the teen's cheeks while her lips moved near his ear. "... You are the best brother." Her words seem to evoke a certain event in the past between the teen and the girl, in the teen's mind. Another lighting flashed as the room was once again lit for a second there. Which was enough to see their reflection on the mirror. The teen, had a sad face with a inverted looking smile. But above his, the girl's expression was that of a sadist. The grin could no longer be hold back. And so, darkness followed again... ----------------------------------- An original by the author. This will be my first time writing something about romance and slice of life. Please correct me when needed and also share your thoughts through the comments.

  • His Pain (The Pain Duet #1) Taglish

    His Pain (The Pain Duet #1) Taglish

    (18+) Dapat ay nagmamahalan sila At hindi nagsasakitan... His father said that women are bitches that should suck his dick instead of his heart. Gareth Chastain was enamored to Andrea Fleur Felipe three years ago and completely forgot about everything. Naging asong ulol siya dahil sa pagmamahal sa babae. Naniwala siya na ang babae na ang para sa kanya. But she ruined him and he will ruin her... Andrea believes that the fucking society loves a man with ambition and willing to gamble everything. They will fucking applaud you for it. But a woman with ambition and whose willing to do everything? Oh, they would call you a user. Andrea wanted to get away from the claws of her family. When his father said to seduce a visually impaired billionaire, Gareth Chastain, she readily grabbed it after all she would get her freedom in exchange. She didn't expect that he's likable and it broke her heart to break him...

  • The Island Of Pain

    The Island Of Pain

    Horror&Thriller NONHUMAN MYTH

    On an island, a boy learns true pain...With that, he is also granted the gift of true peace...What gave him this pain is still unbeknown, all we know that is he expands his army brimmed with "Unfamiliars"...

  • Beauty is Pain

    Beauty is Pain

    I'd rather be watching an anime, but here I am fighting my way to get to school. Anthony D'Angelo, here. No, cats don't chase me! Aunties, I don't wan to marry your daughters! And most certainly not you! Mom, I don't want to go to school, I'll be molested over a thousand times before I even reach the door! Yeah, I'm just a normal student... if I wasn't an Adonis... __________ Follow Anthony on his journey through High School and maybe College (if I feel like writing it). I'm a daily reader of a bunch of stories on Webnovel and thought to publish this comedy/ surreal story. Please, give it a try . I'd like to add, this story has one ML, two possible FL and lots of side characters with side stories. P.S. not a love story. Just wanted to let everyone know before they start reading.

  • Pain Envy

    Pain Envy

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18

    Hyde always felt like a loner. When the class takes a trip to Jasper, Canada, Hyde spots a strange creature but is brushed off as the “girl who cried wolf.” By all but one faithful classmate.Weeks later Hyde ventures out with a classmate in search of this majestic beast. The pair find what they are looking for is completely life changing in a way they had never expected. As they muddle through the forest together the classmates reach an understanding but Hyde is constantly looking over her shoulder due to trust issues. Hyde has a choice. Reveal her life long secret to save the day? Or Cover up what she saw and deal with the consequences internally and externally. The choice may be easier than she thinks when it’s made for her.

  • Wings of Pain

    Wings of Pain

    Ava, a goddess in disguise of a human returns to her hometown/world in her true form, Isis the goddess of fertility, magic, motherhood, death and rebirth. Now back at her kingdom for a long awaited visit, she is put through the longest rollercoaster ride of her life and forced to put her wings to work.

  • Needless pain

    Needless pain

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ADVENTURE R18

    "Some things you can't judge by what u see. Some things might have bigger secrets. "I am Y/N. This is my story. Warning : there are violent such as torture and some adult rated... U know... (This is actually a story by my Friend. Sorry if my grammer is not good.... hope u like it.)

  • Pain for Pleasure

    Pain for Pleasure


    Have you ever wondered what life would be like if everything really was fair in life? If everything that people earned was actually paid for with their own blood, sweat, and tears instead of the ones shed by others? Then this might be the perfect place for you. If you are willing to join our city or any of the cities within the Blood Ruby Nation everything you want will be open to you, but everything you want to keep is also open to others so be wary of what you choose. We all bleed for the things we want, no exceptions.