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  • Pansexual Girl

    Pansexual Girl

    (Deskripsion Pansexual Girl) ………….. Yeskanaya ‘Yeska’ Mauren Sasmin gadis tujuh belas tahun yang merasa tertarik dengan ketiga sahabatnya. Di mulai dari Resta, lalu Felo dan akhirnya Wiki. Yeska mencari tahu tentang perasaannya yang begitu aneh kepada ketiganya.Namun, ketika Yeska ingin mencari tahu kebenarannnya. Suatu hari pengakuan Resta berhasil membuat Yeska sadar. Tetapi, apa jadinya jika Resta, Felo, dan Wiki selama bersahabat dengan Yeska, ketiganya sebenarnya menyukai Yeska secara diam-diam.

  • just a pansexual weeb

    just a pansexual weeb

  • Lista de Fetiches de um Pansexual Socialmente Estranho

    Lista de Fetiches de um Pansexual Socialmente Estranho


    Quando estava no colegial, Hector tinha uma estranheza social inigualável, e fez uma enorme lista de fetiches - alguns sexuais, outros não - que planejava nunca compartilhar com ninguém...Isso, até ser descoberto por Felix Lee - seu calouro na faculdade, e personificação palpável de todos os seus fetiches.

  • the neighborhood whore wants her man to be monogamous

    the neighborhood whore wants her man to be monogamous



    Harutos life isn't going so well.Sisters locked up1 parent dead, 1 in a comaChildhood friend/girlfriend cheated on himBest friend slept with gfHe's single heartbroken but he's a nice guy. He's just wants everyone in his life to be happy.Can he do it without becoming an asshole?NTR protagonists always get robbed. They get the short end of the stick. Forced to lead a life of obsession for something they can't have, but what happens afterward?The nice guy MC always doing the right thing and always gets disrespected and looked down on. The waifu gets dicked down and drowns in pleasure while the cucked MC caters to her. But, what happens when love tries to steal the MC from her?After reading over 100 NTR novels I have achieved NTR-NIRVANA and this is my attempt at a new genre. RNTR!"REGRETORARE".... where the female that was stolen regrets her decision. This isnt about revenge, or the MC seeking justice. Its about a nice guy who was raised to love others AND DAMMIT HE'S GONNA DO IT.(This is my first attempt at writing, beware of incest, horror, trap, and netorare tags. "MOST" NTR happens in flash backs because we are starting after it happened, growth is very slow, the main point is MC didn't break and stopped taking shit from others. I will be making a Satire of every NTR trope. from gyaru-oh DQ's, NTR cheating on special holiday's, NTR blackmail, NTR Shota, NTR deception, NTR trauma..... etc. it will be painful before it gets better.)add: tags"brother/sister, son/mother, blackmail, netorase, hiding-gifts, pregnancy, trap, cannablism, gore, violence, pansexual*I don't use bisexuality tag because MC isn't attracted to trap because of a penis, but because they have a genuine connection.(Cover image is not mine, all credit goes to artist, this just displays the best description of a character)

  • The Pleasure System

    The Pleasure System


    Xiao Lin, a reincarnator from earth, a genius, billionare, philanthropist and a playboy. He lived till a ripe old age of 99 years and was still healthy as a bull. During the night before his 100th birthday, he was fucking a 25 year old supermodel and having the time of his life but when he ejaculated for the 3rd time, his heart also gave out and he died with a satisfied smile on his face.But after a few moments, he slowly opened his eyes to see a beautiful woman holding him like a baby. Then he realised he was now a fucking baby. Before he could think about anything, a voice was heard in his head.System InitialisationMerger CompleteWelcome To the Pleasure System.Xiao Lin was dumbfounded. As a genius of science in his previous life, he didn't believe in things like this but it actually happened......Now follow the adventures of Xiao Lin as he travels through this new world and does everything which gives him pleasure with the power of the pleasure system.Be aware, the MC is a trap and is pansexual. So he will fuck everything. There are no pure girls this novel.While there is NTR, it's more like a girl having a threesome with the MC and other guys.There are futanari in this story.The image is not my own but that's how I imagine the main character to be.

  • Reincarnated as a Gender Fluid Cat Kin with a System

    Reincarnated as a Gender Fluid Cat Kin with a System


    Alex was just your normal everyday person, with a little bit of spice to who they were. One day they find out that they are to be reborn in a new world of cultivation. They will, due to their immense luck, gain abilities that put them right on track to reach the top. With the dao of sound and entertainment coming to their beck and call with ease. They will rise the ranks and carve our a never before seen and incredibly powerful bloodline. Watch as they explore their new reality having fun with both their system, and an ability that lets them be what they feel like that day. #Gender-Fluid #Pansexual #GenderShifter

  • taking care of my trans girlfriend

    taking care of my trans girlfriend


    notice: this novel includes trans-sexual, pansexual and bisexual characters engaging in intercourse tags: transgender, LGBTQ+, romance, R18, smut, sex, anal, threesome synopsis: this novel follows Mark and his trans girlfriend's sexual exploits

  • Reincarnated as Rui in Demon Slayer

    Reincarnated as Rui in Demon Slayer


    Now reborn as Rui, our pansexual female protagonist is now a boy. Packed with the inevitable future of turning into a demon, dying to the main protagonist helper giyuu, and Muzan being supper clingy, what shall she do?What hope is there at all?(There will be a harem, bxb/yaoi/boy love, yandere themes, lack of me caring to edit, if you don't like any of the things I mentioned, it's better to leave right now as your reading this, and not when you are in the middle of reading this.Also I will be referring to Rui as she/her in her point of view as our protagonist still thinks of themself as a female, just in a male's body, I will be referring to Rui as he/him in anyone else's point of view. If you don't like that may the door be close by with the power of the force.)

  • (MOVED)My System in MHA

    (MOVED)My System in MHA

    [MC is a Pansexual Perv, expect a harem and for him to go after both MEN and WOMEN]What happens when you suddenly die and found that you reincarnated in MHA with a Multiversal Game System?

  • Ha-Jun: The adopted son of Scorpion (Mortal Kombat fanfic)

    Ha-Jun: The adopted son of Scorpion (Mortal Kombat fanfic)

  • And You Are? Modern AU |LAMS|

    And You Are? Modern AU |LAMS|

    Magical Realism ROMANCE

    Alexander Hamilton woke up from a coma, when he awakened there was a man in his room sleeping in a chair...he doesn't recognize them, he doesn't remember anything from before he woke up except for a few fuzzy memories from when he was a young boy. What had happened that lead to him being in a coma? Who is in the room with him, and why doesn't he remember anything?|WARNING| There will be swearing, but not much. There will be talk of suicide, self harm, death, and more related to these topics. Please read with caution!

  • Female love

    Female love


    A female fox high schoolar just wanted to get over with the day,only to run into a new student from her school.It was just a normal friendship at first,but could it become more than that?Secrets are kept from each other,will they trust each other enough to reveal their secrets and stories?After finding out,what will their life turn out to be?Will it turn out for the better or worst? 1 of 'em is clearly uspet,tho the thaught of leaving the other hurts.What will be her choice?Who are they really?Will the other leave after finding out?Cause the other isn't quite what they seem to say they are.Who will win their heart?Who will win them over?The unloved girl may choose only.Once hated now loved?Doesn't seem quite right.The king and queen lost their child and is now on the hunt.Its confusing everyone,probrably even u reader.Read to find out ;)

  • Badass System

    Badass System

    His name is John Smith, he is a badass and because of that, he acquired the Badass System. Tags: Harem, Pansexual Protagonist, Multiple Systems, Game Elements, Brotherhood, Sword and Magic, Vengeance, Unique Cultivation Technique, Multiple Bodies, Action, Adventure, System Creation, And System Generation.

  • She Asked First

    She Asked First


    A pansexual tells the story of her junior year as she finds herself in the big bad world.

  • Hell is Fire

    Hell is Fire


    He’s here, he’s queer, and he’s ready to explore Hell.Follow Andrew, a trans pansexual demon, as he goes on adventures in this different and indifferent world.He learns about love, hate, and life in these comedic yet serious stories.

  • Linnea's secret

    Linnea's secret


    Despite Aspen's pansexuality supposedly giving her all the selection in the world, her timid and introverted nature makes her life lonely. She keeps trying to fill the void in her heart with dates and hookups, to no avail. She runs into Linn at the park, and immediately takes interest in her. She then seeks to find Linn again, only to meet her under very bizarre circumstances. Aspen is determined to understand what Linn is hiding, and by following her she is getting herself into an adventure spanning other worlds, while discovering a completely hidden magical universe. WARNINGS: The main character is pansexual (into all genders/sexes). This story eventually follows a GL (Girl Love / Yuri / lesbian) relationship but also contains hetero (straight) relations. There will be mentions of sexual activity, but no explicit descriptions, with occasional mildly strong language. Please let me know if you bump into anything else that's worth a mention in this section. COVER ART: The current picture is free stock. I'm working on drawing a cover, so please be aware that it will change soon ;)Hi~! ^-^It's my first novel, and I'm completely new to the world of web novels, so I would love any feedback you have :D I'm trying to go slow because I see that novels here usually have a ton of chapters, but I don't know if the writing style, chapter length, story progression etc. suits this medium, so please tell me if you have any thoughts!

  • Ace of Hearts

    Ace of Hearts

    Blake couldn’t imagine a better job than the one he has with adult film company Wild Card Studios, although few people would imagine he’s truly asexual. Most intrigued by this anomaly is Felix, a pansexual man Blake meets at his cousin’s wedding.<br><br>As a homoromantic, Blake is smitten with his new friend, but with his ten year high school reunion the day after the wedding, he has more pressing things on his mind than the obvious conflicting differences between them.<br><br>The party starts well, but when an old bully returns with a startling new attitude, Blake is left in an awkward and unsettling position. Can Felix become a real-life film hero and rush to his rescue?

  • First Tattoo

    First Tattoo


    *Please keep in mind that this book describes cancer, death, depression and self-harm in detail.Dawn Wood is a healthy girl, in the final year of high school. She always has prepared to be a kind girl. However, when she comes out as a pansexual and get diagnosed with small-lung lung cancer(SCLC), her life suddenly changes.Follow the story of Dawn and her caretaker, Lucas Johnson, through the eyes of Lucas.----------------------------------------------------------------------------If you'd like to contact me about this book, there are two choices!1. Instagram: @whdmstn08052. E-mail: sofia8441@gmail.comPlease keep in mind that it would take some time for me to check the DMs and emails, so I would just like you to comment on this book instead!

  • BFFFL ?

    BFFFL ?


    Lead Female; Phelomina Myers.Phelomina? OUT OF ALL THE NAMES IN THE WORLD?! Hello, yes composed now, I’m Phelomina or Mia for short and more preferred. I’m a 17 and a half year old girl living in the sunny state of Anaheim, California. Yes the home of Disneyland. Now I live with my 3 older brothers and we are extremely close with 4 of our cousins. I have no one mentioned in my special someone gap in my profile of life because of one simple fact; I’m not straight. Now I do not mean that I am Homosexual or Bisexual. I identify that I am an Asexual Pansexual, it sounds confusing for some people but it means I first, value a very strong emotional connection even if it isn’t at first and second, I end up falling for a person rather than a gender is that makes sense. :)

  • R.J.A.



    R.J. A. is a normal round about woman, but not all that much; unless you consider a badass covert secret agent for a secret agency, that may or may not be on the Government payroll a normal round person than she is normal. But now she has to deal with her biggest mission yet, coming out to her family, because she finally found the perfect woman for her and they are getting married. The only problem, besides her having to do very dangerous missions, in stealth, is dealing with her very religious Catholic Haitian mother. For years she had lied to her fiancée, about her life, not because they both worked for a very secretive agency, but because she herself could not face the fact that she is a total coward who cannot find courage to tell her family that she is pansexual.Now she is back home in San Diego on a mission with her fiancée and finally feels its about time she tells her mother first before she tells everyone else the truth.