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  • I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

    I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot



    "Hubby, I don't want anymore, I feel terrible..." "Baby, be good, finish up this medicine." The handsome man embraces the woman in his arms, coaxing her tenderly as he feeds her the medicine. Qiao Mianmian stumbles upon Mo Yesi, the most esteemed scion in all of Yuncheng City, and ends up sleeping with him for the night. After he offers her benefits in exchange for their marriage, the newly appointed Mrs Mo suddenly has the power to have everything she ever wished for. "Hubby, I slapped the Movie Queen Cheng Feifei today, was I too much?" "Baby, does your hand hurt? Let me rub it for you." "Hubby, I maxed out your credit card, are you angry?" "Baby, are you happy with your purchase? Let me know when you need more." "Hubby, I'm tired today, I don't want to move..."

  • Forced to Date a Big Shot

    Forced to Date a Big Shot


    Xue Xi is forced to fall in love at first sight with this dangerous man on their first meeting. With death being the only other option, she makes the first move: “I am rich and I can fight.” “Be my boyfriend and I’ll protect you.” From then on, news of the Xue family’s eldest daughter and number one student keeping a gigolo slowly gets out. Alas, she is someone who protects people she calls her own fiercely, until that fateful day—shielding the man behind her from the supposed-hooligans, she proclaims coldly: “My boyfriend is timid, so come at me if you have any issues instead.” The hooligans shivers in fear as they look toward a certain big boss who is being protected. So the infamous “Black Yama” actually has this kind of hobby?

  • Role Playing Game

    Role Playing Game



    His dream was to create the best fantasy setting ever existed. His goal was to share his vision with the world. To that end, he had worked tirelessly for years on crafting the best massively multiplayer online role-playing game ever, but in the end, he failed to deliver what was promised. His goal lost. His dream shattered. His future gone.Luckily, his vision remained clear, and he was given another chance to make his vision come true, but in order to do that, he must have a new goal. A new dream. A dream true to his own desire and calling that even he himself was unsure of. This is his story, the story of a role-player, and the greatest role to play is God himself. It is his future and destiny.Welcome to the role-playing game!**************This story contains graphical violence and sex scenes. Absolutely not for children.Discord Server:

  • Role play world

    Role play world

  • Prose role-playing

    Prose role-playing

  • Role Playing World

    Role Playing World

    Yeca Uzui really loves reading books and writing stories infact theres no day for rest on it because there, she can express what her inside. Both her friends are annoyed at her because of it. Adalina Mackey a top known actress in TV network and also Yecas best friend. Lot of opportunities may come in ourselves it all depends on what we choose." Give me your phone" commanded by Adalina."Good, I'll share you an application, use that for fun" added by Adalina." know that I don't like.." "No,No,No, You've been so busy this time with you're books its time for you to step into the new world""BUT.."It's all start from within. Yeca promised to herself not to fall inlove to anybody in this new world but it was 4 am and they both laughing too hard and felt happy for the first time in a long time. And Yeca's knows she was fall-over.♡

  • SECRET LOVE : fate plays a role to bring us together

    SECRET LOVE : fate plays a role to bring us together

    She saved him from his blood thirst enemy and their fate get attached.From life saver to secret love, how they become inseparable in this long journey.But there is something preventing them to be together.

  • Rebirth Of The Big Shot

    Rebirth Of The Big Shot


    Chi Ai got transmigrated to a novel as a side character. Before Tranmisgration she was the top experimented ' Razer '. The side character Chi Ai was destined to die and hated in the novel by her family. Chi Ai decides to change the fate of her and her family as well as her brothers who doted on her till the last breath of their life. But she never appreciated them and harm them resulting in being hated by them. She mocks at those who call her untalented, well to all those she was a divine doctor, a professional assassinate, a world-famous hacker, and many more. She starts a business and become a legendary businesswoman. Her maternal family thinks she is after their 100 million yuan assets, sorry but every single company has the minimum asset of 5 billion yuan. __________________________ Her Eldest Brother who is a famous doctor:" Whoever dares to touch my sister I will let them face my scalpel" Her Second Brother who is a famous technology genius: " If you dare to bully my sister, I will give you an electric shock" Her third brother who is a famous entertainment artist " My sister is sweet, don't bully or I will show you the power of my fans" Her Younger Sister who is a famous fashion designer: " Don't you dare to bully my sister or I will let you see the wrath of my scissors " Certain playful vicious second male lead " Hey sweetie, let's get married, I can wait to tell the wolf eyeing you that you are mine" He glanced at her as if she was his little prey....... Chi Ai: Wait wasn't they supposed to hate her?........ Join the journey of our second viscous female lead, to know how she change her fate and how she unravels mysteries about her. This is an original work.

  • shadow of the role-playing addict

    shadow of the role-playing addict

    Brandon Belcan, a role-playing addict is transported to another world, although in the process of transmigration Cecil does not arrive at the same place that he should and ends up dying when he arrives at the place. This is my first novel and I have no experience in this, so I will try to be as detailed as possible about the characters and their history. I currently use google translator to write, so I suppose to see some minimal errors, so I ask for your understanding.

  • Role play after rebirth

    Role play after rebirth

    Copywriting: Chi Xiaochi, a fourth-rate background, a third-rate actor, a second-rate temperament, and a first-rate appearance. From the hell hard mode to the life winner mode.Then, he was smashed into a vegetative mode by a chandelier 061: Hello, let’s find out about the bad man recovery system. This system uses the regret value of the bad man as the unit of measurement, and every 100 regret points accumulated can leave the current world. Friendly reminder, our employees generally cultivate the dependence of bad man through self-dedication and sacrifice in their work, and make bad guy inseparable step by step... Chi Xiaochi : How much regret is the ruin? How much regret is the value of falling off the altar? How much regret is worth asking for?  061:...

  • RPW



  • RPR: Role Playing Reality

    RPR: Role Playing Reality

    Fantasy ACTION ANIME

    A story of a guy who's an anime addict and role player who role play with his own imagination.But what if the world of role playing become real? Will it be a good result or not?Follow the journey of a teenage guy named Jake, who lived with Role Playing World that turned into reality.

  • I'll Play the Role of the Antagonist [deleted]

    I'll Play the Role of the Antagonist [deleted]


  • Be a Legend: Hyper Role

    Be a Legend: Hyper Role



    Many people say that Daylon Kenzo is the best player this world has ever seen. But actually, it's not like that. He is not the best because he has abilities and skills that no one can beat, but because his teamwork is solid, compact, and has good chemistry that gives his team victory, and makes him the best "Hyper" ever. However, now, his team members are slowly leaving him. Not because they betrayed him, but because the club, which had a new owner, suddenly fired and kicked them out of the club. He and the rest of his team were expelled, even though they had won the N2 tournament a few weeks ago. And what's worse, the new owner of the club has taken action to tell several clubs not to sign him, so that he will not be accepted anywhere to be a professional player anymore. Tragically, Daylon had to have an accident which resulted in his right hand being badly injured. They split up. Some of them became YouTubers, and some decided to find a new club. As for him, he can only accept the fact that he is no longer needed as a professional player because of that person's actions. After 1 year had passed, he finally found a job that suited him, namely being a coach for a teenager who wants to become a professional player in this MOBA-type game, Mobile Heroes. He becomes a coach, but he must be faced with the fact that the woman he once saved is in the same place as the teenager. He met the woman again after she had been looking for him for so long. Can Daylon teach the teenager as long as his right hand hasn't healed? Or maybe, because of the various misfortunes he had experienced, he would no longer be able to play the game as a professional player? "As his coach and teacher, I have to be able to make him the best he can be."

  • Real Life Role-Playing Game

    Real Life Role-Playing Game


    [Entered WPC 270. Please vote.]Rudra was just another average boy in an average school with no special events in his average life. That is until the day when his life turned into a role-playing game and he slowly got thrust into the midst of a secret hidden world that he had not known existed until now. -x-x-x- What if you find out one day that all the modern and scientific theories you were made to believe until now were not the whole truth? What if you find out that Gods, Demons, and Monsters you just thought of as stories and myths for entertaining you were actually real? What if you find out all this while acquiring a superpower and were thrust in the middle of a hidden war you didn’t even know existed until this point? What would ‘You’ do?

  • Role Play World (RPW) (ON-HOLD)

    Role Play World (RPW) (ON-HOLD)


    Zaliyah is a smart girl, she is cold to anyone but to her friends and family she is a soft girl. They are not that rich like others, they are having a family and financial problem.One day she and her siblings, Zariyah and Zaiden has decided to create a dummy account and they didn't know that they already entered the world where you can tell your feelings, problem or anything else.In this world they have a golden and silver rule that you should know and you shouldn't break it. The golden rule is, you're not allowed to spread your true identity and the silver rule is, you're not allowed to fall in love.Fake face, fake age, fake country, fake attitude, fake city/province and lastly fake friends and fake love. Fake Identity it is, this world called RPW or Role Play World.But what if in this world they found a real friends and real lover?What if they fall in love? What if they broke the SILVER RULE?What will happen?

  • Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game

    Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game

  • Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of a Tsundere

    Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of a Tsundere


    Watch out, the protagonist is a man, a man, a man! Zero sex change in this light novel! Associated Names: "Although I Devote To Play the Role of the Villain, Everyone Thinks That I’m a Tsundere", "I Have an Evil Sister Who Wants To Invade the World Every Day", "The Plot Is Getting More and More Strange, and I’m Scared by the Way the Heroines Look at Me", "I Will Kill You if You Say I’m a Tsundere Again", "The System Goes on Strike? I Go on Strike Too!", "Today Everyone’s Friendship Is Also Deteriorating", "The Heroines Are Helpless, and Only I Can Save the World", "I’m Forced To Have Several Daughters, When Will You Let Me Go?"

  • A Villainess Role

    A Villainess Role

    I grew up as a killing machine.I kill people mercilessly.I kill for money.I kill for survival.The world feared me.Until one day, my life changed.I diedAnd I got reincarnatedAs the villainess of an otome game that caused my death. Great, just great *facepalm*

  • Fate Play

    Fate Play



    Fate Play Vol 1: Wall of Destiny. One glance all that took for Bai Hong Liu to fall for the most powerful man in the Universe, little did she knew their fate ties were served a long time ago even before she was born. Thrown into the trial while the threat of Ghost Emperor over the universe she got the chance to love the man she always wanted but at a hefty price, She has got just three years and then she has to break his heart, would she take it? Fate Play Vol: 2 Twist of Fate Three hundred years later, Now Queen Bai Hong Liu had returned to Nine Heavens, where she left her heart all those years ago for her Beloved Aunts Wedding and she had all the intention to stay away from certain silver-haired diety and his stone eyes that threaten to pierce her soul. She already gives up everything for him, she had lost in hopes that she could change their fate but what she could if the ancient deity refuses to fight for them but little did she know, the Former Master of the Universe have to trick up his sleeves and he has no plan of letting her go. The ties of their fate are revealed and torn open. Leaving Equally satisfying and Heartbreaking Conclusion of their twisted fate. A forbidden love story like no other..... For pictures and to get a sneak peek of the new release chapters in advance tune to follow my blog www. amycullenwrites. space Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures on the cover, but I edit them to show the theme of my novel. The credit goes to the original owner.