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  • Photoshopped



    Ano nga ba ang PHOTOSHOPPER? Sila ba 'yung bumibili? Chos! Ayon kay Google:-The one who is great at manipulating images.-The one who Edit pictures to look better.Sa mundong ito, kung saan di mo na malaman kung ano ang totoo at hindi. Na sa pagkakita mo pa lamang sa isang litrato na mukhang kapanipaniwala, ay maraming naloloko at nadadaya. Pero bakit nga ba nila 'yon ginagawa? -FOR FUN? -FOR FAME? -FOR MONEY? Meet Marzia Cruz, ang mukhang perang PHOTOSHOPPER. A story of a photoshopper, blogger, and a jock who will do everything to chase their dreams and follow their own passion.Paano kaya magtatama ang mga landas nila? O paano nila itatama ang naging landas nila?

  • Thanatos System

    Thanatos System



    When the sins of humans were far too much, even for Gods, they decided to send out their own foot soldiers, the winged Angels to exterminate the remaining humans, to reset this world and start life anew. This sparked a war of worlds between Gods and humans.The last bastion of humanity is the joint country of Niflheim, a place that only came to be due to desperation, every single person still breathing resided here, in fear of meeting the Angels and their wrath. Due to years of fighting against such beings, the remaining humans have all developed “Anima Cells.” These allow them to be able to use magic as well as heighten their physical strength levels.Yin is the adopted son of an unremarkable family of farmers, the monotony of his daily life in the stables and farmlands was a blessing, a blessing in that he did not require to fight the winged executioners in their endless parade for justice. One day, due to an unfortunate incident, Yin’s world would never be the same, just as his head was about to be severed from his body by an angel. A whisper was heard. [ You have been chosen as worthy of the Thanatos System, accept or perish. ]The last thing Yin wanted to do was perish.Disclaimer: I do not own the artworks on the book cover. I simply photoshopped it, all rights go to the creators.

  • As The Wind Whispers Upon The Flowers

    As The Wind Whispers Upon The Flowers



    A girl from a modern world wakes up into a historical setting. But this world seemed weird. People here take their life force from... flowers? A society of royalty and magic seems common enough. But have you heard of a realm where humankind relies on flowers to survive? But apparently, Mai finds out that she is allergic to flowers, just as she was in her past life as well. Well, our main character wants none of that! And what more? Along with defeating the odds of not being able to touch flowers and attempting to help her city, Mai, now called as Calla, finds out that she actually has strange powers. All she wants in this life is the chance to rebuild the Eastern region back to its former glory, but why do people keep saying that she is more than what she thinks she is? Adventure, mysteries, and haunting ghosts of the past await Calla, sole young lady of the Eastern Dukedom. 『 A story of magic, friendship, courage, uncovering mysteries of the past, with definitely a doze of romance. 』Lines from the male leads Lavi, Topnotch WizardHearing my answer, he scratched his head aggresively, making a mess out of his smooth straight hair. "Is that not the same thing?!" He was yelling again. "You're a bloody mess, Calla. How do you still have the energy to fight back when you know I have every right to get mad?" Sein, Eldest Young Master of the West "About the gown," Sein started, our bodies still swaying to the music box's harmony. "I gave it to you so that we could wear matching attires."I stumbled on my footing."W-what…""I know, I know. I should've asked for your permission first." Sein blushed. "But the thought that someone might ask you first made me panic. I was being impulsive. I'm sorry, Calla." Alistair, Crown Prince of the Empire"I was asking if you were alright. You're shaking." I didn't expect that he'd suddenly grab hold of my hand. He held it up and I saw that it was indeed shaking. "See?"I took my hand back and looked away to lie. "This is nothing." Then I tried to smile as I faced him again. "I have to go-"He grabbed both of my shoulders and leaned closer. "Hey, tell me. What's wrong?" His deep ocean eyes looked directly at mine as his hands dug deeper into my shoulders.Note: There is only one main lead. Disclaimer: I do not own the artworks on the book cover. I simply photoshopped it, all rights go to the creators.Support me by purchasing my Priveleged Chapters!

  • Star Wars VRMMO: Galactic Expedition

    Star Wars VRMMO: Galactic Expedition



    Yes, I made the cover myself. Thankfully Photoshop has a free trial. Guess we'll find out if I remember to cancel it or not.The year is 2053. The VRMMO market has been taking off in the last 20 years. Each title is more advanced than the previous. Finally, an unknown entrepreneur is creating a game that introduces an AI that fully manages the game independently. This unknown investor has partnered with Disney to create this game within the story of Star Wars.Kyler Zimmerman is a 22 year old college graduate. Having lost his mother in an accident, his father and him have been struggling for years. They live a moderate lifestyle but can't seem to get past that.His friends drag him along to a store where they were planning to buy VR headsets. Kyle doesn't know why they are going but is immediately hooked when they arrive after seeing that it was a Sat Wars game. What will he find once he enters this new world?DISCLAIMER:All characters, companies, and events in this novel --even those based on real world entities-- are entirely fictional. All representations are made up... poorly. This novel contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be read by anyone.

  • Crocodile Tears

    Crocodile Tears

    Historical Romance HISTORICAL


    “Whoever marries the princess will become emperor.” A twist of fate brought them together. Born a curse, she was cast away from the royal family. But when the kingdom needed an alliance with the Northern barbarians, she was the one to marry. As the second son, he had no right to become heir. Yet in the face of war and politics, he was always the first to fight for the country. To her, he was a barbarian. To him, she was a pawn. But under the guise of the prophecy, they pretended to be the most affectionate couple. In front of others, they were the ever-flirting Prince and Princess Consort of Jin. But behind closed doors, they plotted for their own means. Was it really all no more than an act? Or was there a bit of truth to their fabricated devotion? They were unwilling puppets, each trying to break free from the invisible strings of fate. Only, when the stage finally fell, it was to chaos. In the end, she no longer knew if her tears were for him or the irony of it all._____Excerpt:He finally stopped in front of me.“Can I trust you?”Subconsciously, something inside me willed me to nod. Perhaps it was the knowledge that I was to be bound to him until death. Or maybe it was the awareness of how this marriage was much more than a simple union between two people.He moved slowly, waiting for another nod of my approval before closing the gap further.“You’re a smart one, somehow seeing through most of my guises.” He reached out and gently caressed my cheeks. “True love doesn’t exist in the royal family, but it seems as if we are the perfect match for partnership.”He leaned in as if to kiss me, instead stopping short at eye level.“Help me put on my act.”_____Crocodile Tears: Insincere expressions of sorrow._____Cover: Manipulated by Photoshop but all photo credits to their original artists on Pinterest

  • Black Magus

    Black Magus


    What kind of realm would you choose to live in after digitizing your mind?For Amun, that was a magical world where he could become a living god in a vast realm.A being who'd be born with everything. And later stripped of it all.A being with only his name, a few followers, and the arcane magic flowing within him.As he explores the Mortal Plane, Amun will learn as much about magic as he will himself. He will learn the history of his people. He will form the greatest guild the Plane has ever seen. Then, he will begin his tireless march across the Realms.From then, until his end, Amun will adventure, fight, and evolve into the being all denizens of the Mortal Plane either revere; or fear.The Black Magus.****This novel’s lore, story, and characters are entirely fictitious. Certain long-standing countries, institutions, organizations, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but their histories and the characters involved are wholly imaginary.*Cover is a WIP. It's being drawn by me. Over and over again as I struggle to learn how to use photoshop. So expect it to be bad. *Shrugs*You may know me from my other story, Campaign(probably not.) It's on hiatus but still being worked on. While Black Magus technically falls within the same universe, it's a standalone and as such, doesn't require the same amount of... care, as Campaign in terms of tying things together.As standard with any of my works, you won't find harems or much romance in this story. There are no characters who are good or evil solely for the sake of being good or evil. Everyone has their own reasons for pursuing any particular course of action. As for Amun, he's incredibly selfish and only acts in self interest, though he's not entirely heartless, figuratively speaking.For this story in particular, the MC has overpowered abilities, but will still need to learn how to use them/master them with time. And this story has no type of system other than a rudimentary type of augmented reality. (A wallet function and a grimoire that only the owner can see.)The magic system, creatures and world were all loosely inspired from Dungeons and Dragons as well as a few other pieces of media, but their abilities/powers are of my making.There is a class 'system.' but not the screen in your face, points and constant character sheets' type. But instead, the 'commit a few crimes/get banned from a city or town and gain the Rogue class' type.And as always, I do my best to try and maintain quality over quantity. I check again and again for errors and such, but I'm only one person who does this as a hobby, I work full time and can't catch everything. So kindly pointing out my errors would be greatly appreciated.I sincerely hope you enjoy the story!P.S: I have no plans of ever going premium, if you're wondering.

  • Empire of Sorcery and Malevolence

    Empire of Sorcery and Malevolence


    "Even if tomorrow is drenched in blood,nothing will come between me and vengeance.As I metamorphose into a hollow Lunaseeker,nothing can ever quench my thirst for retribution.Not even you, Leon Vergil." -Damian RoseThey have returned once again. At the dead of night and the faint rays of the moonlight, that is when the Lunaseekers strike. With their monstrous teeth coupled with the dark arts and sorcery of their ancient blood, no place is ever safe at night.However, their reign of terror is thwarted by the great Empire of Solstice – who have honed great wizards, spellcasters, and even spellswords of their own to vanquish the night’s prowlers. Two dear childhood friends try their luck at becoming a prestigious sorcerer of Solstice. They strive to be the ones who would drive the blades of magic and sorcery into the Lunaseekers' hearts. Leon Vergil and Damian Rose are both orphans who have lost their families to the Lunaseeker's nighttime feeding. Since they have already reached the proper age of enlistment, they try their luck at joining the ranks of Solstice’s elite few, hoping that their affinities for magic would get them closer to the ones responsible for their individual tragedies.But during the enlistment, something goes terribly awry. A horrific event orchestrated by a masked Lunaseeker that would change the fates of the two boys for better or for worse. ********************************Disclaimer: I do not own the artworks on the book cover. I simply photoshopped it, all rights go to the creators.

  • Heroine Support System

    Heroine Support System


    Leonard was another normal boy till a game pop up show in his sight. His role is simply to Support the heroes of other worlds and be of help to them. Nothing more. Excited by the possibilities the boy ignored the messages only to find out that there are more than one heroine on his surroundings. There's a part where they fall in love with him and this is where he is no helpful at all. -------------------------------------------------------- I do not own any of the images. The cover is a photoshop composition of: - Florescence by Karmen Loh. - Status Windows of Solo Leveling. - Black Tassel from Genshin Impact. - A red scarf.

  • Isekai Idol! My journey with the fairies!

    Isekai Idol! My journey with the fairies!


    Adonis a world class singer, a superstar after his concert finishes, gets killed by his crazy, sasaeng(stalker) yandere fan.He wakes up in a 14 year old teenager boy body! But this body is too feminine! He looks too beautiful! After a week, he realised that he has transmigrated! This world is not exactly like earth, it's a world filled with magic.How will Adonis survive in this world? How will his idol journey start in another world? How will his music abilities help him? There are some BL flags, will he become bent/gay? or he will become straight and destroy those flags? Find out(cause even idk if he will be straight or bent~author)(。•̀ᴗ-)✧please do read my novel! My main story interesting part hasn't unfold yet! It will get there by chapter 8! Please bear with me! Stay tuned to find out more!Please vote if you enjoy reading my novel! Thank you!Btw I just edited and Photoshop the cover! credits to the creator!

  • VRMMORPG: The New World

    VRMMORPG: The New World


    In year 2150 a VR MMORPG called "The New World" was released. A breathtaking, out of this world, intriguing and unique gameplay that will be played by billions of people. You want to fly? Tame flying monsters or get magic for flying.You want to become a fighter? Swordsman? Magician or anything? The New World has that. Millions of classes are available.You want to become a hero? A legend of all times? You can be.You want to be adored? Worshipped? Glorified? Get many achievements and you will be.You want war? You will have it.The New World opens up all the possibility that people has been dreaming about. Take your device and enter the game. P.S. I just photoshop the cover. It's not originally mine. If you want you take down the cover PM me here at discord Messiah#7550

  • The Hot Barista is Actually a Samurai

    The Hot Barista is Actually a Samurai



    "I'll kiss every inch of your skin, even your scar and all of your imperfections, and I'll never get tired of it."The Yoshino Clan of Kyoto is known as a strong candidate for their skills, tactics, and leadership, but after his parents' brutal death, the 15-year-old Haru is forced to leave his hometown and make a new beginning in Tokyo.The young samurai embraced his new life and as years passed, he became one of the hottest and most well-known baristas in the metropolis. Now goes by the name of Yagami Haru, he encounters a broken hearted Aiuchi Sakura one rainy night, a woman whose cruel past seems to be connected to him.How would things turn out if the woman, whom he comforted and took care of, leads him to the killers of his parents?--PREVIEW"And now... I'm alone again..." she murmured.There was a moment of silence. Haru clearly understood what it meant to be 'alone' and how hard it was to be by himself after his parent's death. Thankfully, he was found by Junichi and took care of him. He's unsure as to what she meant with 'alone again' though. However, what matters more was for Sakura to have her first meal of the day and drink her meds.Sakura heaved a deep breath and finally pulled herself together before glancing at him, not worrying about how messed up she was."I'm… sorry," she sniffed and wiped her tears. "That's enough of me being an embarrassment for today... I guess…'' she started searching for something on her bed, thinking of what to tell him next, but she suddenly felt lightheaded from all the crying, her body collapsing right onto his chest.--This is a slow-burn romance. Updated one or twice a week. BOOK COVER:- edited using Photoshop - credits to the other owners of the photos You may also want to read 'my collab story with AinaWang 'Taming My Vampire Servant' while waiting for the new chapters. Thank you and enjoy!Please keep safe everyone!

  • The Lone Tamer And the Flightless Dragon

    The Lone Tamer And the Flightless Dragon


    Eons ago, mankind and the elves engaged in a bloody war which lasted generations. While mankind fought with blood and steel, the elves summoned and tamed monsters and beasts called 'chimeras' to turn the tide of battle onto them. Grim Fenris is a descendant of a long-lost elven elite bloodline of chimera tamers. His parents left him in the care of his grandfather, who died shortly after he turned thirteen, leaving Grim to fend off for himself in this hostile world. Two centuries after mankind’s insurmountable victory against the pointy-eared conquerors, the Kingdom of Vanheim had finally known peace. Meanwhile, Grim mysteriously stumbled into a cave where he discovered a flightless baby dragon. Little did he know that this dragon was going to be his partner in crime for the years to come. The peace did not last long as the humans were once more bombarded with constant attacks from an all too familiar batch of foes – the chimeras. Disclaimer: I do not own the artworks on the book cover. I simply photoshopped it, all rights go to the creators.

  • The Imaginary

    The Imaginary


    Imagery Trilogy ~ Book IKuatkan imajinasimu untuk menciptakan hal baru di dunia ini!Original story and cover by FarrenBexley (Photoshop edited)Picture from Pixabay.

  • KEEP ME OUT!!!

    KEEP ME OUT!!!


    “Wait …something off…why my ringtone sound different than usual?... 'Probably I changed it out without i realized'....... “wait…..” my mouth gasped to see what infont of me “WHERE THE HECK AM I????!!!!!” "WHO THE F**K KIDNAP ME??This is my first time in written book and I quite nervous actually to upload story or notand english my second language so maybe there a lot grammar mistake(I just know basic lol) also cover book Im the one doing it but the figure for female lead originally from Google but I edit it with photoshop to make my own preferred and background for cover I the one doing it so just figure female lead I just changed it quite a lot with photoshop heheheso I hope you guys enjoy it

  • Pentakill: Rebirth of the Legend

    Pentakill: Rebirth of the Legend



    Nine times to Worlds. Nine times failed before Quarterfinals. One last shot before retirement. For 28 year old Yu Pengkai, better known by his in-game name “Pentakill,” winning the Championship Cup seemed to become more of a distant reality with each passing year. From the esteemed legendary ADC in the popular MOBA game, Kings of Valor, to the player everyone wished would just retire, he carried both the former glory and the blame of it all. After a final crushing defeat, he knew he had to say goodbye. But never did he expect to find himself back where he started ten years ago, in front of a run-down PC and a lagging mouse with the newly downloaded Kings of Valor. This time, would he find himself back to claim the Championship Cup? ----- Cover: Manipulated by Photoshop but all photo credits to their original artists on Pinterest. If you are the author or are aware of who the author is, please contact me. Updated Cover Credits:, Background from DeviantArt

  • Ex-fiance wants me back?

    Ex-fiance wants me back?


    Kim MINJOON! Can you please stop appearing in front of me? You rejected me three years AGO, but now, you WANT ME BACK? What do you mean that you didn't know that I was your fiancee back then? You said that you liked me? I don't get it... Also, what's with that "take responsibility" part! But... that KISS was a drunken mistake hehe... Also, that naked picture was a PHOTOSHOP! Yeah, a PHOTOSHOP. Who knows how you happened to have the same mole on your butt as on that photo... It's just a coincidence (making a nearly crying face) Anyway, don't appear in front of me AGAIN!!! Park Sooyun vs. Kim Minjoon Who will win this battle of love? Please, read to find out what happens NEXT!

  • Ex-fiance wants me back? NO WAY!

    Ex-fiance wants me back? NO WAY!


    Kim MINJOON! Can you please stop appearing in front of me? You rejected me three years AGO, but now, you WANT ME BACK? What do you mean that you didn't know that I was your fiancee back then? You said that you liked me? I don't get it... Also, what's with that "take responsibility" part! But... that KISS was a drunken mistake hehe... Also, that naked picture was a PHOTOSHOP! Yeah, a PHOTOSHOP. Who knows how you happened to have the same mole on your butt as in that photo... It's just a coincidence (making a nearly crying face). Anyway, don't appear in front of me AGAIN!!! Then how are you going to explain the baby in your belly, Park Sooyun? Well, can I say that it was an ALIEN? Park Sooyun vs. Kim Minjoon Who will win this battle of love? Please, read to find out what happens NEXT!

  • Hi Asslam O Alikum I hope you are fine  My name is Irfan Ali from Ghot

    Hi Asslam O Alikum I hope you are fine My name is Irfan Ali from Ghot

    HiAsslam O AlikumI hope you are fine My name is Irfan Ali from Ghotki Sindh Pakistan I study in class second year in degrees college l passed DIT in computer science I spacialist in Ms office Adobe Photoshop HTML CSS English ok ok ok Thanks okay

  • The Best Circumstances

    The Best Circumstances

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

    Markus Dimitri was living a life anyone would ask for. Coming from a wealthy family that's enough for him to live life to the fullest without even moving a muscle. Understanding parents who supports him and discipline him at the same time. And a beautiful prim and proper fiancee who love him from head to toe. But what if all of those will vanish just because some shameless bitch stole his face and identity just to tell everyone that she has a boyfriend who loved her dearly? Doing photoshops was Stevie Nicolai Villamor's second skin. She love doing photoshops to the point of making her own love story out of it. Stealing someone's face and pretending that person is the love of her life. But what if that person's life was ruined because of what she have done? And she will be so damned because he is already looking for her ?! Oh dear. 

  • Dungeon Irregular

    Dungeon Irregular


    A calamity among all boss monsters, the strongest living being, and a powerful weapon of an alien civilization is born.Well, at least that was the plan.Lucy was supposed to be the final boss of a heroic battle but... things don't always go as planned. I tried writing a novel a few times, this is the best attempt.All credit for the cover goes to me, drew it myself in Photoshop :PNovel also available on Royal Road