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  • Pisces


    Is loving a weakness or a strength

  • Love Princess Pisces

    Love Princess Pisces

    Kisah Cinta Putri Pisces yang diceritakan sebagai Cinta Kembar. Kenyataan pahit harus diterima Putri Pisces bahwa yang dicintai adalah seorang yang tidak diinginkan. Ini senandung kisah ironis dalam LOVE PRINCESS PISCES.

  • Pieces Of Pisces

    Pieces Of Pisces


    “ friends can break your heart too ”Yes. sometimes, they can break your heart harder than a lover could.

  • Nobody Else's

    Nobody Else's

    Mars enters Pisces, giving Beckett Cooper the opportunity to assert himself when it comes to a secret infatuation; his best friend’s younger brother Levi. But can Beckett trust what’s in front of him and be brave enough to take what he wants?<br><br>With Venus in Virgo, people usually become more reserved, but Levi Byrne always takes the opposite road of what’s expected of him. So, instead of pulling back, he reaches out for a man he’s been interested in for years; Beckett Cooper.<br><br>Is it the celestial bodies aligning to bring together two people destined for each other? Or is it a simple tale of boy meets boy, boy likes boy, and boy wants to kiss boy? Do Beckett and Levi even care, or are they too busy getting to know each other ... and falling in love?

  • ♓A day in the life of a Pisces♓

    ♓A day in the life of a Pisces

  • The Pisces Gang and Richest man

    The Pisces Gang and Richest man

    Our female lead is so smart and cunning. Due to her being Extremely smart she can easily hack into the government's top Secert information. In fact she only does it when she is bored. She and her mother owned a flower and Herb Shop. Our family is also a doctor of sort. She decided to leave the Pisces Gang but she still involved in some ways. She had to quit school for her mother's sake. Her father ran away due to the fact that he couldn't pay the money back. Everyday Loan Sharks come and destroy some of the items that are on sale. they also get injured trying to payback her father's debts.But unlike our female lead the male lead that is her love interest of the story isn't part of the Pisces gang. He is in charge of the biggest business in the world. Our female lead's father needs wastes money gambling. He need to pay back the biggest company a lot of money. He keeps sending his men to get his money back from them. He doesn't know what they look like but he knows where they live and work.The other male lead is like the female lead's older brother. But since she doesn't talk to him very often he is worried. He gave her a bird that is priceless. They have the same type of bird. So he can talk to her. He is a call away when she needs him. They trust each other more than anyone else. He is the most skilled fighter in the world. No one can be him. This is why their gang is the most feared.

  • Pyra Pisces and Connie Vineroot In: The Storm of Destiny

    Pyra Pisces and Connie Vineroot In: The Storm of Destiny

  • Pisces | CALMNESS OF THE WAVE (Zodiac Series#1)

    Pisces | CALMNESS OF THE WAVE (Zodiac Series#1)

    Teen ROMANCE

    Rylee, being the eldest son of Martin's family gives his everything not to burden his siblings with problems. So when his father arranged him to marry the girl named Celene, he said yes without thinking twice but the thing that keeps bugging his mind is 'Am I going to be happy?'

  • The Kaizer

    The Kaizer


    Year 778, Month of the PiscesIn the midst of chaos, the era of darknessthe Valmir Kingdom has not been unified yetthey need a strong leader to lead the new Valmir Kingdom to turn into a supreme power. A kingdom that will surpass the neighboring countries and will be a far greater and stronger than the pasts reigns.Now that Kael has been born as Karl in the Albrecht Family, what will he do now from now on in this era? where wars and violence are natural? strong preys the weak? will he choose the path to become a tyrant ruler? or will he pursue to become a good leader? and will he be able to unify the whole deutsch people speaking? who knows. He will kill any enemies he will encounter, so be it, humans, majins, demons, and beasts.As long as it pose a threat to him, he will do anything to protect his friends, relatives, or families. Come and take a peek to Kael's new life living in his 2nd life in Planet Terra. Watch as to how will Kael solve problems, make decisions, political reforms, innovations and break the mystery for his curiosity with the help of the Guide which was bestowed on him by the God Of Creator, The Everything.right now he's at the battlefrontcommanding the artillery unit"now then boys? shall we?""haubitze!"---------------------------------------------------------------------Author's Twitter Account: None ( for a while )Author's Patreon: None ( for a while )Author's Discord Server: None ( for a while )~ Slow Kingdom Building ~~ Slow Character Development ~~ Side Characters ~~ Backstory ~~ Introduction Of New Enemies ~~ Slow Fights and Battles ~~ Information About Skills/Spells and Abilities ~



  • Immortal Disciple Is on a Blind Date

    Immortal Disciple Is on a Blind Date

    My name was Hacker. In order to find a girl I like, I crawled out of my tomb. But as an immortal disciple, I didn't have many other skills except keeping the balance of the world order, for which I always got into scrapes in the process of blind dates. For this, I was very distressed. Fortunately, I had twelve guarding beasts to introduce some dates to me. They had been living outside for five hundred years and should know a lot of excellent girls. “Damn it! Master came out of the tomb! Run!” Taurus Demon, who was leading the army of the demon race and preparing for the final battle with the heroine, sending this emergency alarm. “Fuck! Why didn't anyone remind us until now?” Taking the sacrificial offerings from the cult followers. Scorpio, who was about to taste the flavor of a young girl, shivered and quickly dismissed his followers. “Why did you talk so much? If you don't want to be balanced by your master, run quickly! Please behave yourself! Don't reveal what our pals have done in front of our master!” Pisces, who had intended to drown the country of a princess by a sea disaster had to withdraw the tide immediately. Hacker: How strange it was! Why did you little guys hide from me? I just wanted to ask you for help with the blind date!

  • God's eyes wielder is an idiot

    God's eyes wielder is an idiot


    what happens if you give a legendary ability to an idiot find out in the tale of the vixen thief...In this world.. nobody is weak, everybody have spacial skills, even the skinny bone, even the fat ones. it depends on what their good at nobody is weak.BUTthis world is based on four organisations Combined to two groups,the shadows, and the martial artists,the power of law and inforecment the government and the last. the modern revalutions, all of them are rulers of the world, but only the better one is the one who can be called a ruler of this world.the shadows wants to become stronger so they joined forces with the modern revalutions both are strong together, stealth and modern weapons known as shadow weapons.the martial artists is struggling by their own, so they joined forces with the government to push back the shadows, with the power of the governments number and strength, and the martial artists technique they will be a worthy enemy to the shadows.because of both teams the world is ruled by rivalry of who is better.the shadows wanted to make the world evolve while the martial artists want to bring honour to the world. both disagreed and will fight for what's right to thembut there is people who suffers from their actions and grows in silent to destroy...the shadows created a new project that will help eliminate the martial artists.THE ZODIAC project all was successful but one the pisces project was a fail because of that project the martial artists found out what they have created and used it against them and martial artists learned how to create a powerful technique to absorb aura know as aura essencewith the project of the shadows and the martial artists new techniques they both clashed at war till this day.in the side line one scientist tries over and over to recreate project pisces but did not really know what is it really forthis project will save both the world and the people but if the project is made by a mad man the world is doomedbut only one can save the world from rivalry and it's a dumb boy who is currently overweight and has a eye that can learn anything but in anything he is trash and absolutely usless till the end but he will save the world with his little Guinness crewand find out how sazo Jin will become the vixen vole know for as the [fox theif]

  • Secret Of The Heart

    Secret Of The Heart

    Jesica gadis tomboy yang mempunyai hobby basket, namun kecintaannya terhadap basket ditentang oleh kedua orang tuanya, meski begitu dia tetap gigih berlatih dengan timnya sampai banyak memperoleh piala kejuaraan.Sejak hari pertama masuk kuliah Jesica sudah dihadapkan dengan laki-laki angkuh yang selalu membuatnya naik darah, hingga perasan benci selalu mengerogoti hatinya, namun seiring berjalannya waktu perasaan itu berubah menjadi perasaan cinta.Saat Jesica mulai menyadari akan perasaanya dia harus dihadapkan pada pilihan yang pelik, antara mempertahankan egonya sendiri atau menuruti permintahan sang Kakak untuk menggantikan perjodohannya dengan seorang anak pengusaha kaya

  • The unknown cat girl

    The unknown cat girl


  • The Merciless's Mate

    The Merciless's Mate

    He is a monster but she is a angelHe so cruel but she's naive and innocentHe so powerful emperor but she a commonerHe is strong but she's a mysteryBut the Goddess of Destiny decide pair both themWhat will happen to them...?

  • power rain

    power rain


    Culver city 1999......"Operation power rain is a phenomenon, an attempt to the enhancement of the human race.this experiment will enable the subject to harness their inner strengths, their special abilities, and convert it into pure energy that is discharged as raw power".Walker said in the midst of his mates.he looked very peaceful as he explained the experiment."How effective is this experiment?"."We'll be testing it out now".he said before signalling Miwa to explain to them while him and Clark pushed his machine forward so they can witness his achievement. "You see each one of us have our own strengths, what makes up unique, what makes us who we are, and so with the help of this experiment, Dr Walker will be able to turn those behaviours into actual superhuman abilities".she explained while they all conversed amongst themselves.

  • What the heart wants

    What the heart wants

    "You're only a rogue" he spat out and she felt her heart shatter a bit "I'd rather die than accept you as a mate!" When her mate, the future alpha, the hot and irresistible Logan Prince, rejects her for the biggest slut in school, Sierra Parker can't help but feel crushed. It was love at first sight for Sierra, but after the harsh rejection she receives, she's expected to walk off ,sob her heart out and stare longingly at Logan. Because that's what rejected bitches do right?Wrong.And everyone's about to find out. With the help pf her friends she's about to make the life of all those who hurt her hell. Logan wouldn't know what hit him.But outside Sierra's little bubble of revenge, trouble is brewing for the wolf kind. Secrets have become the norm and her friends may not be who they seem to be. It was the age of Pisces, and someone is going to die. The question is, who is?

  • I LOVE YOU......

    I LOVE YOU......


    Maya is a young girl whose life begins to fall apart after her father loses his job and her parents divorce. Maya enters her first year of high school shocked, confused and depressed until she finds out that the 'golden' boy of her school, Josiah : a sexy, JEALOUS, hilarious pisces - is in two of her classes. Will Maya pick his friends over him? Will Josiah be able to eradicate Maya's depression? What kind of relationship will form?

  • Drowned in Her Depth

    Drowned in Her Depth

  • Falling for my celebrity crush

    Falling for my celebrity crush

    Teen ROMANCE