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    In every universe there are infinite dimensions with innumerable worlds each. Tyler lives on the planet Earth of the 18th Dimension. For 300 years the planet earth was dominated by several races coming from different dimensions. Since then humans have lost their place were forced to live at the mercy of other races, but ... [Ding] [Construction of the complete fusion core! ] [Player wants to start the game? ] 1 Chapter per day.




    Ketika Dunia nyata, sudah tidak lagi bersahabat.Datanglah, sebuah Gerbang ke Dunia Baru.Wara dan teman-temannya pun Masuk Ke Dunia itu dan memulai Petualangan yang baru.Namun, Dunia tersebut itu tidak sesuai dengan Ekspektasi mereka.Akankah Wara dan Teman-teman bisa menghadapinya?

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  • Devil's Workshop *Hiatus*

    Devil's Workshop *Hiatus*

    Traveling through Space and Time Lucas finds himself in a thriving magical world With his cheat level System he challenges the world, at least he thought to.... Devils and Gods play their game of chess, Magi laughs at the play while God Beasts look down upon everything. Lucas start his journey to seek wisdom of The Wise, The Power of the Titans ---------------- 5 Ch/week

  • Unlucky?Player




    Nyctophobia. Intense fear of the darkness or of the Night. It was unexplainable, unfortunately, Luke had no real reason or understanding of what caused this. He was called the unluckiest man alive, but at the same time, he had the ability to conquer most of what was thrown at him. Bored of what this reality had to offer him, Luke was ecstatic to see what Gensis2076 would show him.It was a VRMMORPG created by genius scientist Kenny Smith. It was a game like no other, it was more than realistic. Luke saw this as an opportunity to escape from his rather stagnant lifestyle.Unfortunately for him, no matter where he went, along with his best friend, the only other thing that would follow him was his horrible luck. He had the ability to face off against anything, but what could he do when he was partnered with the one thing he feared the most, the Night.Current Release rate: 3 chapters a weekFor any queries-mythical.rebirth105@gmail.comDiscord- Lil Uzi Hurt#3988Also, I'm not a professional author and don't consider myself anywhere close to one as well, as I continue to write I can assure you my quality will improve (^_^)// // //Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.The cover picture is not owned by me, email me if you want it taken down (^-^)

  • Noob Player

    Noob Player



    Tribe Online, a VRMMORPG created by joint companies Sky Corporation, making it the only VRMMORPG in the world. Sky had a big ambition, they wanted to create a second world by creating Tribe Online. A world where people could build a new country, kingdom, or people could be an adventurer to explore the vast world within Tribe Online. People were excited by the new release Tribe Online, not just the professional players but the game enthusiast too. They joined the game with ambition and passion. Yang Shen too joined the game for his passion, to fulfill his mother's last wish. A desperate attempt as he could never fulfill his mother's last wish in the real world.

  • Sadistic Player In A Fantasy Game World

    Sadistic Player In A Fantasy Game World


    *Villain MC*Apathetic, cruel, and terrifyingly sadistic. Gray's world is brought alight when beings of unknown origin summon creatures and structures of terrifying nature to his hometown."Enjoy that feeling of pain. After all, you're only human." laughed Gray as he watched the goblin tug at the girl's breasts, prompting her to scream in pain.Equipped with a rather unique power, and sadistic nature, Gray's days are bound to be filled with blood goring fun.Join Gray on his bloodthirsty rampage, if you dare.

  • The Immortal Player

    The Immortal Player



    Being born from a rich family, Pedro Armaz was often scolded by his family because of playing VR games. Years after playing the VR game sensation "Bearth Online", he was about to finally obtain the victory he always dreamed of! Unfortunately, his guild fell short at the very end and lost due to the 'sudden' lack of guild members. He blamed everything on this so-called 'betrayal' of his 'former' guild members that eventually lead to his untimely death. And as he thought that everything was over, he woke up and learned that he traveled to the past, a year before Bearth Online's official launch! With his past experiences and knowledge as an advantage, Pedro is determined to dominate the brutal and unusual game, Bearth Online, and obtain his long-sought glory by becoming the strongest player in the world! ____________________________________________ I would like to give everyone a heads up, this story was made and posted as the 'raw' chapters. Most of the chapters beyond chapter 111 were edited but the Author himself is not that great with English. Thus, there might be some inconsistencies, grammar mistakes, and such, but rest assured that the author is doing his best in editing/revising these mistakes. That said, I hope you guys enjoy the story! Regards, RDream. :D ____________________________________________

  • Extraordinary Player

    Extraordinary Player


    The real hardcore player, who chose the most difficult start in "Reality Online", still has to shock others with his god-level operation.

  • Player Vs Player

    Player Vs Player

    The Human Race is raised by robots and recycled into an endless cycle of competition. Infinite Peace through Never Ending Virtual War. Homo Sapiens live to be 80 years old before they "Retire". After that point they are no longer allowed to play W@rt0n and retire their character to the Hall of Fame. Those who are soon to retire are known as "The Ancient Ones". These players have maxed out stats and all skills/spells are at least Grandmaster Rank. All are born the same. The same basic test tube. Every choice that could be made has been calculated, predifined by a perfect computer program. Human kind can only learn so much , can only do so much with what they are given. Drawing a circle in the sand, calling it infinity, humanity is placed within. Knowing that if forced to follow the edge of the circle, one would forever travel in ignorant bliss. That was until Three players were born of an accident. One tiny almost imperceptable computer code error was written into the main program. This code was hidden and over 1000 iterations of the same successful program were executed before this malfunction came to light. Three players were born different. They still remembered their previous lives. These Players threaten to destroy the balance and change the world. 2 Chapters per week. 5 bonus chapters for 5 power stones. 100 chapters written, have to edit before posting. I work a full time job, but if the stones are there it is guaranteed.

  • From Player To Npc

    From Player To Npc



    After a betrayal of his last party, Ameanum lost everything he had in the VRMMORPG game Tower Of Enerias and was lead to wake up as one of its NPC. Now he is working his way back to get what it was his and more but in the way, he found things he didn't have before. A real Family Discord Server: Thanks to @ultraviio (Instagram) for the cover commission and arts that you can see at discord server linked above

  • MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

    MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter


    Infernal Demon Dragon: A dog like you dare to face me in combat? Do you wish to die so much? Jiang Feng: Don’t get too cocky, lizard! You will soon become energy used for my evolution! Transmute Monster, transmute! So, what can you do when you entered the game and accidentally became a Level 1 wild dog? No worries. With Transmute Monster, I can endlessly evolve. At the same time, I can transmute any monsters into materials and items that I want! Jiang Feng: Who said that players are the only one that can kill monsters? Who said players are the only ones that can flirt? Who said players are the only ones that can build cities? My existence will subvert all the expectations and become an existence that surpasses the Divine Beasts!

  • The Player's System

    The Player's System



    Check out my other story, "My Last Hunt"Gaming is the only common interest. People are steering through the worlds of advance gaming, the competition is never-ending. Only a few games managed to make their mark among billions of users. There was no doubt that those games worth spending time on. The desire to be the ultimate number one raged a cold war and fired the temperature through the roof. Consequently, leading to browbeating and leg pulling. The game 'Sovereign Ruler' was definitely a crowd favourite. The game aided the increment in the gross rate of the company. Patina Lin and Jake Lin, both siblings, played this game.  Patina, the most celebrated player of the game, earned money in various live quests. Jake, unfortunately, couldn't play like an average player let alone a pro one. Because his right hand was defected by birth.  He was sure that he would never be able to become a pro like his older sibling. But then, sadly, Patina Lin committed suicide.  Jake Lin was left all alone in the world to fight away the conspiracies and bullying.  After submitting the missing report he got himself in massive car accident. He was thrown away by the almost fatal accident but surprisingly he made it alive.  A voice welcomed him "Hello Defected Human" upon waking. He looked for the origin of the voice but it didn't belong to the outer world rather it came from his own head. [The cover is temporary and belong to rightful owner. This story is set in alternate world]

  • The Player Of DxD

    The Player Of DxD


    When I was younger and visited churches. The people there always seems to preach about how "God always offers us a second chance in life". I didn't really believe it back then nor even cared about it. But now I am utterly sure that this is the truth.

  • Online Game: I Possess a Monster Merging Simulator!

    Online Game: I Possess a Monster Merging Simulator!


    In the Year 2030, the ground-breaking online game “Divine Realm” shook the whole world. Its system of allowing players to exchange in-game currency into real-life money attracted everyone’s attention. Lorne was also a player of “Divine Realm,” but he had a unique talent—the Monster Merging Simulator. It allowed him to merge a “prototype material” and “body parts” to create a new monster and tame it. [Slime] + [Poison] = Poisonous Slime (Elite)! [Brown Bear] + [Granite x5] = Rock Bear (Bronze)! [Spider] + [Baphomet’s Skull] = King of Bone Spiders (Boss)! [Leader of the Minotaurs] + [Lava’s Core] + [Fire Elemental Inheritance Crown] = Lord of Flames (Silver Boss)! With that, just as other players were trying their best to level up, Lorne and his powerful pets began their expedition to the Dark Abyss that was shrouded in darkness…

  • NPC into Player: Let's Wreck This Game

    NPC into Player: Let's Wreck This Game



    -Please make sure to check my other novel: MY SOLO SYSTEM- It's a story about a shameless, wicked, and a twisted player who seeks to destroy everything inside a new VR game to prove his beliefs right and achieve his goals. **Two virtual reality games started at the same time. After seven years, one game was thriving and became a world phenomenon, and the other was considered a total failure. Bloom was an NPC at the failed game. He had his life destroyed by the game developers’ one wrong decision. For years he hated two things in his entire doomed, miserable life; the game developers, and the other successful game, known as: Eternal Glory. In an unbelievable twist of fate, he was reincarnated seven years back, to the time where the two games started, inside the body of a human player. He decided to use his past life memories and enter the successful game to destroy everything that made it that successful. What turn of fate would he end up at? Will he succeed in ruining the Eternal Glory game? Will he change his mind? Let’s find this out together… _____________________________________ “Isn’t he the player to trigger that legendary mainline quest? I will kill him, and make him lose the sacred item of the quest!” “Isn’t this the place where players will find the crucial magic ore for healing the shrine sacred relic? I will take it and throw it away! No more mainline quests to be completed under my watch!” ________________________________________ Join the Discord Server Via this Link: ________________________________________ To support author: Thanks for your support here and there :)

  • Solo Player Arvin

    Solo Player Arvin



    Arvin was a genius back on earth. With eidetic memory, he was able to enter college at the age of 15 and could have become one the greatest genius on earth after graduating college… Although he was a genius, he lived a very tough life. With no money and no parents, he faced many life's challenges alone…But one faithful day he gets chosen to be a player in a game orchestrated by the Gods…He gets transported to another world where there is danger in every step…But as a ray of hope, a God extends his hand towards Arvin to save him…That God promises him power in this treacherous world and returns he only wants one thing…. BEAT THE GAME before ANYONE ELSE CANGifted by the Mischief system Arvin starts his journey…Come and join Arvin’s adventure in this treacherous world. Join him as he uncovers the deep and dark conspiracy around him…Join him in a journey where he becomes the most fearful existence in the whole game…......................................................................................................................Warninngs...1>This novel will have an overpowered MC.2>This novel may have some grammatical mistakes. Because English is not my mother tongue. 3>Everything that happens in this book happens for a reason. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING. If you think that a character is being naive or is insanely overpowered, then it is there for a reason.4>It will contain gore and bad words..................................................................................................................1 Chapter daily... Will do mass release when readers will hit certain power stone goals..........................................................................................................................If someone wants to chat with me about the novel then join my discord... anyone wants to donate to me personally then feel free to use the link below anyone likes my work and wanted to support me then they could start by becoming my Patreon...

  • Lord of the People: I'm the Only Paying Player all over the World

    Lord of the People: I'm the Only Paying Player all over the World

    Tom was the youngest son of the biggest tycoon in the blue planet.As a rebirth man, he knew that the blue planet would be destroyed in the future.People lived in a magical game world through the game, The World of Magic OL.After entering the game, he was surprised to find that there was a top-up entry in the game.He had become the only player in the game world who could pay to upgrade!If he wanted the beautiful queen, the emperor said, as long as the price is in place, a few princesses can serve you as maidservants.If he wanted to draw a legendary hero in the lottery system, he would offer one million dollars. With a lot of money, there must be brave men!Want land? The Gold Titans sold out all their clan lands, because Lord Tom has really given them too much.Since then, in the world of magic, there was an extremely rich man.

  • Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

    Story of a Big Player from Gangnam


    This is the story of a poor young man whose poverty even shreds apart their family willing to climb his way through society and into the top. A very realistic novel that moves away from fantasy and sci-fi and focuses solely on the issues of society and life.

  • The Blood Player

    The Blood Player



    Suffering from PTSD after losing his wife in the hand of an assassin and his daughter in an unknown explosion, Mark started to see weird letters on people's heads. The same letters he saw on the head of his archnemesis, The Arcane Sniper, the killer of his wife. Mark spent his entire life in search of the killer but failed. Until one day an offer came his way. He finally found a lead to find the killer of his wife. But he also found out that his daughter might still be alive and the explosion was caused due to a fight between two superhumans known as Players. Mark must become the strongest Player if he hopes to find his daughter and take revenge on the Arcane Sniper. Assassins want to kill him... Weird cults want his blood... Closest friends hiding dangerous secrets... Mark got swept into the world of the Players and eventually died. [Ping!!!] [You have leveled up. You have earned Blood Points.] That's the last thing Mark heard before he took his last breath.