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  • The Poet

    The Poet

  • The Traveling Poet

    The Traveling Poet

  • The Rich Poet

    The Rich Poet

    Poetry is a form of expression of a feeling, emotion or something which catches your attention through these rich words. Every poem written by me. I promise you might have never read something as captivating as this 'cause I am a alien from a different universe with a mind of a mad scientist. Happy Reading!!! Stay cheerful and gay!! (Completed)

  • Flash Poet

    Flash Poet

    A collection of short poems that vary in content and subject. There will be similarities between some, as will there be different variations amongst others. Repeating topics will occur as struck by inspiration.Also includes some re-imagined nursery rhymes that have been paired with characters from one of my coming-soon stories. Kind of a sneak peak into their personalities and to get you excited to meet them later!Most chapters will be on the shorter side as they are all poems, but there are longer ones included~*Note: some chapters will contain heightened emotional triggers such as grief, loss, anger, betrayal and ECT. Please remember while you read, enjoy!*

  • Poet novel

    Poet novel

    Contemporary Romance SYSTEM


  • Romantic Poet

    Romantic Poet

    Love it

  • Enter Me! The Skillionaire Says In Parentheses

    Enter Me! The Skillionaire Says In Parentheses



    "What are the odds of gods for not putting me on the top? Screw it! Let's hatch a plot blacker than a kettle calling a pot!"Enter MFX90! Preferred referral, MF!Not that Mother******.First letter: 'Messiah'!Second letter: 'Father'! Why? Because you'll be calling her Daddy!—Despite choosing to stay female for psychological advantage to many heroes and transmigators along the way who find her scrumptious.A poet who'd lull you with flowery words before crushing it. A psychologist where lies and truths are but the same as myth.A strategist who controls the marionette like a pirouette.And a devil who hates hubris to the core.Living in a chaotic world with Usurpers and Angels trying to ram each other like batteries, with an ounce of stupidity faster than the reeling tape of misery.That 'MF' is the exemplar of perfection! Because it will be impossible to defeat a cultivator with just a little tinker on her genes. Who would have thought that being able to harness the harness proved to be horrifyingly destructive?This advocate of determination deem herself as a Skillionaire, collecting every knowledge and capabilities just to categorize them into 'Skill' within her brain. An internal system she created for herself to ease her lunatic tendency of human experimentation.But this 'MF' has a horrible glaring weakness.She has stage fright.------------[Sometimes contain mature, triggering, gore, and questionable content. Read at your own direction][Checking the Tags before reading is advised]------------https://discord.gg/ytBf932agA if you want to chat with the author------------The cover illustration belongs to its respective creator.------------Craving for more something less obscene but still with the same smart and interesting protagonist? Try my "Re: Tentacles System"!

  • The Poet and The Sword

    The Poet and The Sword

  • The King and The Poet

    The King and The Poet

    When fate pulls together two unlikely companions, they must both conquer their differences together in order to preserve the world they know.

  • Never Love a Poet

    Never Love a Poet

  • The Romance of a Poet

    The Romance of a Poet

  • The poet right here

    The poet right here

  • The inspiring story of a poet

    The inspiring story of a poet

  • The Dancer, her Boss and the poet

    The Dancer, her Boss and the poet


    Maria Chike Benjamin is the only heir to the Benjamin's Multi-Billion Dollar Dynasty. That's if her parents don't disown her for being gay. Returning to the country to help out her father was by chance and meeting Liquorose at the club by fate. Liquorose, accounting student in the morning, and lead dancer at night was everything Maria wasn't. Having seen a picture of Maria on a night where she was supposed to be fucking Pero, she becomes desperate to meet her, unaware of the demons it would bring forth. Saskay was the best friend Liquorose couldn't live without, her push and confidant. But, she holds a secret that breaks her every day and may one day break them. Pero, the vice president's son, is a mystery everyone wants to unravel and behind his love for music is a greater craving for something even more dangerous. Bruno is stuck between choosing to fulfill his father's wishes or following his heart which is Liquorose. These five characters are intertwined in the world of love, friendship, secrets, and forbidden desires. Damning decisions must be made, either to follow ones heart or ones mind.

  • Note From A Poet

    Note From A Poet

  • A Poet From Solarland

    A Poet From Solarland

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE ADVENTURE R18

  • Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

    Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth


    Jisu has ruled the Kingdom of Silla as regent since King Beopheung died, keeping her young son Sammaekjong hidden outside of the capital Seorabeol and safe from enemies and assassins. As Sammaekjong comes of age, nobles, citizens, officials and Sammaekjong himself have all grown impatient for her to cede power. However the powerful nobles that tried to usurp power in the Kingdom continue to eye the throne and Ji-so fears the consequences of her ceding it.In order to break the power of the nobles, who have grown accustomed to their privileges under the bone rank system, Jisu plans to create a new elite, the Hwarang, that will cut across the existing power factions, and to bind them to Sammaekjong and the throne. As this new elite of male youths bond and grow[13] they are unaware that within their number is their future king, Sammaekjong, and Kim Sun-woo, a commoner with a secret even he is not aware of.

  • The Crime Of The Mute Poet

    The Crime Of The Mute Poet

  • poets


  • A Poets Journal

    A Poets Journal

    I decided to record all my poems and thoughts of these poems in a book. Every