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  • The Queen of Poisons

    The Queen of Poisons

    Fantasy Romance TRAGEDY

    "Evil Queen are the princesses that were never saved." -Angelina Jolie (Maleficent)

  • Poison God's Heritage

    Poison God's Heritage



    "There is a thin line between poison and medicine, and I shall make you dance on it!" Dead and reincarnated, Shen Bao finds himself in a world of cultivation, a world he only believed that existed in stories and books. With hopes of heights and abilities far than what the mortal man could ever dream of, he's given a new purpose in life, however, fate had other surprises in store for him. What should have commenced as a regular life in any reincarnation story, for Shen Bao everything turned upside down when he found out that he doesn't have the ability to cultivate...

  • The Man With All Of The Worlds Poisons

    The Man With All Of The Worlds Poisons


    Aeron Velric, a prodigy when it comes to science or more specifically poisons, he is responsible for cataloging and discovering many new poisons and understanding there effects but when a lab accident leads to him being infected with a new unknown poison, instead of dying, he suffers a much worser fate.

  • Beauty and the Beasts

    Beauty and the Beasts


    After finding herself in a beastmen world, a leopard rescues her and later abducts her. Bai Qingqing suffers quite a mental breakdown because the males in this world are as gorgeous and handsome as strutting peacocks. On the other hand, the females are ridiculously ugly, but still highly cherished by the males. As a beautiful high-school student, she has somehow become the most mesmerizing beauty in this world. Worst of all, this world is a matriarchal society. She doesn’t want three four husbands waiting on her! Her life becomes about teasing a leopard, tickling a tiger, seducing a poisonous snake, and capturing an eagle. Bai Qingqing, with a full harem, is too deep for tears. She really didn't want any of this. "Hey, hey, Brother Leopard, Brother Tiger, Brother Snake, Brother Eagle, what are you doing? Stay back!" There are four male leads: The young and strong leopard, the emo and silent snake, the powerful tiger, and the aloof and loner eagle.

  • Love is a Sweet Poison

    Love is a Sweet Poison



    Finding true love is not an easy thing. Especially when your parents ask you to go to marriage interviews. You worry constantly and need to take Daily vitamins to be able to help your weak body. This is what Amelia's life is like. She dreams of falling in love, maybe setting her eyes on someone and knowing that he was the one. Next in line to take over the Hospital Gabriel is stuck going to arranged meetings in his spare time but honestly what spare time does an eighteen-year old medical student really have? He dreams of the one that is always matching his scores and his eyes are drawn to her even if she doesn’t notice him. Will fate allow him to be with her or will his parents tie him down with someone else. How will their love story pan out? Will they be forced to marry someone that they do not care for or will their parents' cave and let them fall in love and live in bliss? A glimpse of the story ahead: Amelia walked through the field that was full of flowers smiling and was chasing a child that was no more than two years of age. The child was giggling. The child had stopped and picked a lily. He turned and ran back to Amelia. "Mama! Flower for you!" The little boy handed the flower over and smiled.  "My, what a good boy you are. Thank you for your gift." Amelia took the flower and placed it in her hair.  Gabriel walked over carrying a girl that was also two years old. "Mama!" The little girl started to squirm in Gabriel's arms trying to get to Amelia.  Gabriel laughs happily and lets the girl down then watches her run to Amelia. He walks over and kisses Amelia on the cheek. "I can not believe that we had two beautiful children. Your illness hasn't spiked back up has it, my angel?" Amelia smiled up at him sweetly. "No, not as of late." She rests her hand on her belly and smiles up at Gabriel. "But I do not think that our twins will mind having another sibling, What do you think my love?"  Gabriel's eyes light up. He picks her up and spins her around. "When did you find out and how did I not know about it??"  "Just yesterday. Kazuki is the one that diagnosed me. I never thought that I would be strong enough for this and yet here we are." Once her feet are on the ground she hugs Gabriel, rubs her stomach then bends down and hugs the two children on the ground. "Are you two ready to be a big brother and big sister?"  "Mama has a baby growing in her tummy?" The little girl looks up and tilts her head to the side.  Gabriel happily bent down and kissed both children on the head. "Don't worry. You will always be our babies too." 

  • The Immortal's Poison

    The Immortal's Poison



    The Immortal’s Poison is a modern wuxia novel, written by Cataclysmic Bean. This is the story of the young man Wen Leyang, born into the family with an expertise in the cultivation of the Art of Poisons. The enemy may not always be evil, and someone evil may not necessarily be the enemy. However, one thing is certain. Wen Leyang is a frank and honest young man, a delightful hero who possesses a kind disposition towards any living creature. Learn about his journey as he embarks on an adventure of cultivating into an immortal.

  • Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

    Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor



    She, a modern hidden ghost leader of an organization which gathered insane prodigies proficient in the various differing skill-sets. Highly skilled in medicine and poison, executes covert assassinations, viewed as insane and demonic in the eyes of people of the world. Killed in an accident, and reborn into the body of a disfigured young girl. What? Face disfigured, identity stolen? A return to the family dim and hopeless? Her identity can be given up, her family can be forgone, but as for the one who harmed her predecessor who inhabited this same body, if she didn’t at least make them scream in unimaginable agony and throw them into a state of wretchedness, how could she live up to her demonic reputation? Endless turmoil ensues and it’s a battle to dominate over all! See how she shook the world dressed in a suit of red, her sword up against the dominant powers that rocked the Heavens! Her name spread across the seas, shocking the earth!

  • Poisonous Lips

    Poisonous Lips

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE


    The company we keep can either contribute to our success or destroy us at the very end, so they say. This was the case of Shade whose friend, Cynthia became a wolf in sheep clothing. For the love Shade had and Cynthia could not get, Cynthia did everything and anything she could to make sure everything ends bitterly for Shade. Day after day as she continued to dwell in her evil mindset she found confidence among the children of the night and from there, her true colour revealed. Be warned that this story contains strong words, immoralities and not decent for children. 18+ _______________________________________________________ If you enjoy my story and you want to connect with me. You can have a chat with me on: Discord: @sam-crowned00#2457 Instagram: @sam_crowned1 Facebook: @samcrowned Twitter: @sam_crowned Do not forget to always Vote, Comment, Review and send gift.

  • Married to his secret crush

    Married to his secret crush



    Enigmatic and wealthy, Jun Zixuan is the epitome of perfection. He has everything including a suicidal and scheming wife whom he hates to the core until one day when she pours a glass of juice on him, her poison-laced words and countless insults following behind. That's where it starts. He could not take his eyes off her. Was he a masochist? What just happened?! With beauty, brains, and an endless bank balance, she has been living her best life until she is assassinated on her birthday. Waking up in the body of a scheming and penniless woman was more unacceptable for her and to top it off, she has a husband who happens to be her old friend. Just that, he acts like an entirely different person. She settles on a master plan. Lose weight first, make money, get a divorce, settle the people who killed her, and find a way to go back to her brother. But wait...why is this cold and unapproachable husband acting like a white lotus? What is she going to do with her plans if this stunning husband refuses to let her go? ... "I want a divorce," She indifferently said. "Fine," the man coldly responded without any shift in his expression. One month later: "When are we getting divorced?" She asked calmly, not wanting to deal with a moody husband anymore. She just wanted to be done with her revenge first, then find her brother and live a carefree life like before. His gaze darkened, "The procedure is going on." Three months later: "Jun Zixuan, where the heck is our divorce paper?!" She finally lost her patience and snapped at him. One of his arms wrapped around her waist as he pulled her closer, "Are you that eager to leave me?" he asked, sadness flickered on his face despite that indifferent look. "Yes." "Oh? So sad," The man narrowed his eyes, his lips tilted up in a crafty smile before he continued, "The lawyers said that our case is a complicated one, it might take them a lifetime to draft the divorce papers."

  • Bloodline Evolution System: Reign of the Dragon Snake

    Bloodline Evolution System: Reign of the Dragon Snake



    Betrayed by her entire family, Tang Yue, the seventh princess of the snake clan, was betrothed to the tyrannical Elven prince, who is known for his blood lust and cold-blooded murders.He is even rumored to have killed several concubines mercilessly.Deemed as a piece of useless baggage and now tossed aside as a political chip, Tang Yue braved herself for the new torturous life that awaited her.As if this was not enough, someone mysteriously poisoned her in the betrothal ceremony.But akin to a slap in the face, that poison actually turned around Tang Yue’s pathetic life!!Poisonous fruits? Sure give me some. I need to snack anyways.Deadly toxin? Sure. My throat is a bit parched.Heh. Now you want to actually cut me down? Sure. You just have to slash past this thick skin!The lowly beast that had invoked its innate ability to evolve silently resolved to conquer the heavens. And of course, she had a master... ahem... system to help her along the way!.......................Instagram: yolohy_webnovelPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/yolohyDiscord: https://discord.gg/5CvPuX6M88.......................I do not own the cover art and it will be removed upon request.

  • Taken By The Mafia Lord

    Taken By The Mafia Lord



    Nemesis!  If Arianna had known that irritating man would change her life in the worst way possible, perhaps she would have poisoned his coffee the first day they met. Arianna who was tricked and about to be married off to a Loan shark by her uncle's family, finally found a way to escape. However, that was all ruined when Marcel, the feared lord of the underworld captured her. The one thing she desired the most - her freedom - was taken from her. Marcel prided on the fact that he was well feared, respected, and revered in the city. His name caved terror in the hearts of people, however, his reputation is put to test when a familiar stranger relieved him of his property right under his nose. Anger simmers in his veins as he goes on a manhunt against the pickpocket who robbed him. When he gets Arianna, Marcel is sure to show her that nobody steals from Marcel Luciano and goes scot-free. On the other hand, Arianna loathes him so much and would do everything to escape that crazy Mafia. Unfortunately, what if she ends up stealing his heart as well. Read to find out. ~~~~~ "You're a monster, Marcel," "Don't monsters deserve to be loved too?" *Note - this book has strong sexual themes, strong language, violence, and gore. It would leave you on the edge and get you screaming for more. So if you can't handle the burn, drop it without abusing me in the comment box (I won't take it lightly if it does happen). If you can handle the burn, then welcome to the Mafia world!

  • Poisoned.


    Fantasy Romance SUPERPOWERS

    Cursed by the Gods to end a war, hunted by the people who started it. *After being found guilty on the charges for practicing witchcraft, Yima was sentenced to life and in three years time she was to be executed. The ship that was transporting new prisoners to Osi was attacked by the notorious kuozwa, the pirate king's private ship. After agreeing to marry the pirate king's son in exchange for a chance to enroll at the only magic school, Ngula, Yima doesn't expect any more trouble to come her way, but it does.



    Horror&Thriller ACTION R18

  • Poisoned


    Historical Romance PRINCESS

    A concubine born daughter of a marquise is set for revenge, when her mother poisons her, and her father is making her marry the first prince.

  • The poison

    The poison


  • The Taste of Seduction

    The Taste of Seduction



    Mature content (18+) "How far would you go for love?" Cruel and twisted Atlas Martini had 3 rules. 1. Never mix business with pleasure 2. Don't ever give second chances 3. Never get emotional attached to someone. He has never been tempted to break these rules until he met her. His new secretary, Meredith Rossi. With her big glasses and doe eyes, she was the most innocent and pure woman he has ever met. he couldn't wait to taint her. To ruin, claim and bend her over his desk. She was supposed to be a prey for him to play around with until he found himself addicted to her. Like a drug, he craved an overdose. Now she was his secretary, His Angel His good girl. A woman with dark secrets, Meredith Rossi didn't think running away from home with her little brother would change her life forever. Her boss was everything she should avoid. Fierce, ruthless, a promised pain and sexy as hell. When he proposition a devilish deal she agreed because life was too short not to live out your dark fantasies. Temptation was the ultimate ruin of man and if she was going down she might as well pick her poison which was him. Now he was her Boss Her dominant Her ultimate downfall. Theirs was a love story that questioned how far you would go for love---would you fall in love with a cursed monster? --------- ---------- Excerpt; "You got such a dirty imagination for an Angel." Atlas grasped her chin in one hand and forced her to meet his gaze. "Touch yourself Angel." Atlas ordered, his breath tickling her ear. "Let me see what you do when you are alone with your dirty fantasies."

  • The Wife of the Wealthy Family Is Fierce and Cute.

    The Wife of the Wealthy Family Is Fierce and Cute.

    Contemporary Romance TRANSMIGRATION IMPOSTER


    A woman from ancient times falls in love with her soulmate. Chu Luo is the most powerful High Priestess. She is like a celestial being, able to peer into the secrets of heaven and sever life and death. Her skills in medicine and poison are the best in the world. One day sudden death greets her and she is reborn in the body of a problematic girl who was about to graduate from high school and had planned to commit suicide by jumping off a building because of a failed confession. Her parents did not love her; her biological sister bullied her, and her classmates were violent… The corners of Chu Luo's lips curls up into a cold arc. 'Very good, anyone who dares to bully me will be killed without mercy!' … Later… The priest is only passionate about three things: 1. Being first place wins all kinds of certificate awards. 2. Specialize in all kinds of things and never admit defeat. 3. Act cute to Li Yan. … Li Yan is the king of the business empire. He is cold-blooded, heartless, and has a violent temperament. He disregards his family and is called the Devil in private. Legend has it that a few years ago, he burned away half of his family with a fire. Because of this, he was cursed and his legs became disabled. … Later on… Everyone is horrified to discover that the Devil and the Demoness are together! The Devil has even become a crazy wife-doting demon! Scenes: Master Li: "My Luoluo's body is delicate and expensive. If anyone dares to bully her, I'll send them to hell." The group of experts who have been beaten up by Chu Luo into a sorry pulp: "Master Li, are you blind?" Master Li: "My Luoluo doesn't like studying. Please be more forgiving." Teachers from various professions: "Could it be that the person who thrashed our class's top student is someone else?"

  • Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart

    Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart



    How well can we recover after getting poisoned by the betrayal and losing our hearts to the wrong person? Li Jing, the meek, loving yet unwanted, maltreated adoptive daughter of the Li family was torn to shreds in just one night. Betrayed by her own sister and fiancè she swore revenge on them. But how? Ye Cheng, the secretive, indifferently charming CEO of the Dream Star Corp, returns to the country to take over his family business. After losing his beloved woman in an abduction, he is enraged and unstoppable. What will happen when a simple escape from forced marriage becomes something meaningfully enchanting!? Hop in to weave their fates in the world of beautiful lies, tempting mysteries, betrayals and secrets! MATURE CONTENT! THIS WORK IS FICTIONAL AND AN ORIGINAL! ––––––––––––––––– Cover not mine, all credit goes to the original owner. Cover edited by PayalSinghRajput Discord server: http//discord.gg/BH666ZK Instagram: felixlesah Discord: BaeVida#7167 Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/baevida

  • The Poisoner

    The Poisoner

    The work I do doesn't define who I am. I'm just an honest girl trying to make a living in a world that discriminates who I am and who I was born to. But that doesn't matter to anyone trying to find the poisoner. I prefer the name chemist, but that's what people know me as. The Poisoner.

  • The Chubby Rich Daughter's Counterattack

    The Chubby Rich Daughter's Counterattack



    She choked to death after drinking a mouthful of cold water. Was there anything more unlucky than this? Of course, there was! When she reopened her eyes, she found herself transmigrated into a three-hundred-pound fatty. Not only was she fat and round, but she also had a palm-sized black spot on her body. She looked down at the layers of swimming floats on her body and swore to exercise and lose weight. She had just lifted her leg when she collapsed to the ground. This time, she was prepared to go on a diet and lose weight. When she heard the earth-shattering rumbles from her stomach, she held herself back. She had not eaten for three days, but she realized that she had only lost one tael. She instantly broke down. Sensing that something was wrong, she checked and realized that she had been poisoned. As a descendant of a family that practiced traditional Chinese medicine, this was a small matter. With acupuncture techniques in her hands, why would she be afraid of a little poison? Before she could succeed in losing weight, the scumbag canceled their engagement and her stepsister came to provoke her. 'It's fine. Staying calm is more important. What? Does he dare to call me an ugly pig, a fat woman, a fatty? This is intolerable!' With her acupuncture skills, she was able to detoxify the poison and become beautiful. Using her competence, she managed to face-slap everyone and lose weight while torturing scum. After accidentally rescuing a chronically ill uncle, he turned out to be her scumbag ex-fiance's uncle. She smiled maliciously and said, "Uncle, you should give yourself to me in return for rescuing your life!" When she saw the scumbag again, she said warmly, "My good nephew, call me Auntie." Persona: Song Jiaren: Vengeful for the smallest grievance, naughty, and cheeky. Yan Cheng: Two-faced, strong, patient, and cunning.