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  • The Forgotten Princess

    The Forgotten Princess



    Alicia Rosalyn Von Heist is the youngest daughter of King Edward of Alvannia. She is an illegitimate child born from a maid in the castle her father has fancied. After her mother died when she was young her father took her home and ‘adopted’ her.Because of her low birth and illegitimacy she was neglected by her father the king and bullied by her stepmother the queen and her step-siblings.When she was 16 years old a war broke out with the neighboring country of Grandcrest. The war lasted for two long years and the two countries have made a truce at the end. The Grandcest empire demanded a princess to be married to the young king. It is said that the king of Grandcrest specifically asked for the hand of Alicia.Alicia was 18 years old when she was sent to Grandcrest as the fiancee of the young king who was said to be a cold blooded evil tyrant, King Regaleon of the Grandcrest empire.Note: Cover photo from Pinterest.

  • Twin princesses

    Twin princesses


    Being the bad guy in the relationship of her sister and Kenia , queen Skalia is willing to put everything back in place but ends up being stabbed by her lover's father . Destiny plays it's game again and the twins were born into the modern world, will Lila Xia and Skylar Xia seek revenge for what happened in their pass life or will they allow love betray them both . find out in the story

  • Butterfly Princesses

    Butterfly Princesses

    Fantasy Romance COMEDY

    Three young beautiful butterflies, flying around until something unexpected happened and one by one the young beautiful butterflies fall in love and they surprise the whole butterfly village and their parents, when turn into their human form.




    stella Luna born under the moons light on the soft moon dust .cold and lost the moon being her only guidence .the strong willed girl travels the lands of moonia land too beast/human hybrids all with different lunar powers . read more to find out is her family reunion her happily ever after or her family disaster.

  • The Elemental Princesses

    The Elemental Princesses


    "This is not all about you. It is about our people and our kingdom. You will never understand because you are just a ordinary human with ordinary life to live with." - Xantara Started: August 25, 2020Finished:--/--/--

  • abandoned princesses

    abandoned princesses

  • The brave Princesses

    The brave Princesses

  • The Princesses journey

    The Princesses journey

  • The Forgotten Princess.

    The Forgotten Princess.



    Bijaklah memilih bacaan, terdapat beberapa adegan kekerasan dan dewasa dalam novel ini.“Suka atau tidak suka kau akan tetap menjadi wanitaku, Gina,”ucap Massimo dingin tak terbantah. “Semuanya sudah tertulis dalam perjanjian yang dibuat kakekmu dan kakekku.”“Aku bukan bagian dari keluarga Sanders lagi, jadi aku tidak berkewajiban memenuhi perjanjian itu.” Gina menjawab lantang tanpa rasa takut. Massimo tertawa lebar. “Jadi kau menolakku?”“Tentu saja!”“Baik, kalau begitu akan kubuat satu-satunya orang yang kau cintai hidup dalam keadaan menyedihkan. Akan kubuat dia berharap kematian lebih baik dari hidupnya saat ini,”ancam Massimo sungguh-sungguh. sinopsis:Gina yang terlahir dari wanita yang tak diakui keberadaannya oleh keluarga sang ayah terpaksa harus mencari ayahnya ke Barcelona atas amanat sang ibu yang meninggal karena kanker. Hidup bersama ibu dan saudara-saudara tirinya ternyata tak membuat hidup Gina menjadi lebih baik, sang ibu tiri yang mengincar harta ayahnya menghalalkan segala cara untuk membuat putra kesayangannya Diego Alvarez menjadi ahli waris keluarga Sanders. Sementara itu Gina harus terjebak dalam sebuah perjanjian gila yang dibuat kakeknya puluhan tahun yang lalu untuk menjadi wanita seorang ahli waris dari penguasa Barcelona Massimo del Cano yang tak menginginkan pernikahan, Gina menjadi pengganti adik tirinya atas perbuatan sang ibu tiri yang menjebaknya.Hubungan yang Massimo inginkan tak lebih dari hubungan Tuan dan budak, mampukah Gina bertahan dalam hubungan itu? Hubungan mengerikan dari seorang pria yang ternyata menjadi cinta pertamanya.

  • The Princesses Thief

    The Princesses Thief

    Historical Romance ROMANCE

    As the only Princess of the Azure Empire and the firstborn of Emperor Caelum II, Asteria's duty is to serve her kingdom until the day she dies. Bound by the blue blood of royalty, prisoner of the throne made out of lies her father rests upon... Asteria wanted only one thing, to be freed of the heavy chains her title as a princess gave her.Her savior comes into her life one night in the form of a mysterious man, who offers her many adventures and freedom in exchange for her jewelry. But can she keep her heart closed to the man who gave her the moon and the stars?

  • Pirates And Princesses

    Pirates And Princesses


    "It's like they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder," the girl smiled reassuringly at her."That's sweet and lovely, but aren't you blind?"*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*"Am I really running away from my fiance with my fiance right now?""Yes, now get on the horse before you get us murdered, or worse, married"We've all heard of the fairytales of Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel. Of how they were rescued by dashing men and lived the rest of their lives as quiet little brides, but, what if this were not the case? after all, most stories have been passed down from a misogynistic perspective, so, it would not be surprising if they had been altered. How did the slipper not fit any of the women in the city? Was Snow White truly the one poisoned? What if these stories entwined somehow?

  • Life of princesses

    Life of princesses

  • Princesses Of The Moon

    Princesses Of The Moon


    Mari was always told that her parents had died in a car accident when she was barely 6 months old and was adopted by a loving couple. But what happens when she gets to know that her real parents are alive along with her little sister Ruby, and that they are princesses of another world with magic powers. Will the girls be successful in fulfilling their rolls or will they fail their people waiting for them to claim their rightful place? Will Mari forgive her parents for lying and keeping her from the truth even after hearing the truth? Let's find out together. Join Mari and Ruby along their way with mysteries and hardships and more.

  • Princesses' Of The Moon

    Princesses' Of The Moon

    Mari Roger is a 17-year-old who just graduated and has joined her dream college in Paris, by winning the scholarship. She has a younger sister named Ruby Roger who is a year younger than her (16 years). Both the sisters have the same dream of joining the same college with a scholarship since they both were really interested in arts and science from their childhood. Now, Mari is an adopted daughter of Fredric Roger and Hera Roger, parents of Ruby and foster parents of Mari. She was always told that her real parents had died in an accident when she was really young, and the Roger’s had adopted her. Mari and Ruby have a really good relationship, they both treat each other as their own sister, even after knowing that they are not real sisters. The Rogers is a really rich and kind family, and they treat both Mari and Ruby equally and they help a lot of people in need. Now, during the second year of Mari’s college life and the same year Ruby also joins the same college with a scholarship, the sisters unite and get to know a lot of unbelievable things that they thought never existed during their final year of college. Two of the things being that, Mari’s real parents are alive, and both the sisters are not really normal humans as they thought they were? What happens when the truth is revealed to them and they come to know that an evil witch is after them to take away their powers and wants to fill the world in darkness by eliminating and enslaving all the people and creatures living on earth as well as the other world that they have come to love and cherish? Will they be able to fight for their people and save the world, by overcoming all the difficulties and challenges thrown their way, or will they fail to save the world and give in to the darkness? Let’s join the journey of Mari and Ruby in their struggles to find out.

  • The Princess and The Lord

    The Princess and The Lord



    This is the stories of two different people from two different worlds (literally) She was raised in love, while he was raised in hate Her birth was celebrated, while he was despised She was protected, while he was abused everyday. She is gentle, warm and kind, while he is cold, cruel and vicious But with the twist of fate, their world collided. They will learn from each other. He will teach her to be hopeful and live for herself, while she will teach him the joys of Friendship and Love Together they will learn to understand each other, accept each other and love each other, and soon their love will change the fate of the world ________________________________________ Princess: Can you stop staring at me while I'm sleeping? The Lord: I can't... The Princess: Are you gonna stare at me the whole night? The Lord: Yes! The Princess: Can you at least act like a normal man who will take advantage of a maiden while in her room. The Lord: …this Lord would oblige The Princess: WAIT… This princess is kidding, just kidding, wait...!

  • Angel's princesses

    Angel's princesses


    New chapters uploaded irregular once a week maybe more maybe less.

  • The long lost princesses

    The long lost princesses

  • the princesses Secret lover

    the princesses Secret lover

  • Rise of the Unfavored Princess

    Rise of the Unfavored Princess



    I had thought that my life couldn't get worse when I walked in on my fiancé cheating on me with my best friend. But after a series of unfortunate events, I opened my eyes in a world that I had only read about in a webnovel, the Erudian Empire, ruled under the domineering, bloody reign of Emperor Helio. The worst part?I'm not even the main character! Reborn as Winter Royberg de la Erudian, I am the pitiful side character who is discovered to be a royal bastard princess due to a certain physical trait only the imperial bloodline possesses. But I know the end of Winter's story and the unwanted royal punching bag is framed as a witch and killed at age 16 on the guillotine due to the scheming of the cruel empress.An aloof, murder happy father? Check.Psycho half-sister? Check.Meddlesome author who wants me to follow the script? Double check!I don't want to die an early death again, so I'm determined not to ever be discovered as a royal again. But before I know it, I'm trapped in a palace of blood and opulence playing tricky games of power, games I have no clue how to win. How will I survive to adulthood in the imperial palace and get my happily ever after? And am I really the only person who fell into this world?*UPDATES 1-2 TIMES A WEEK**1500 TO 3300 WORDS PER CHAPTER*

  • The Tale of the Two Princesses

    The Tale of the Two Princesses

    Historical Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE HAREM

    How far can you go being a princess in a modern society? Can you do whatever they expect you to do? Are you disciplined? Are you respected?Being a princess for Princess Sabrina is not easy unlike how Princess Georgia handles her life. This is a story that will tell you something about the life of being a princess and also how sisters treat each other in all of their lives...