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  • I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The Princess

    I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The Princess



    Xiao Ran transmigrated to a fantasy world. As a dungeon guard in the Celestial Dungeon, with a special floor called the Purgatory meant for powerful demons and martial arts experts, he faced a huge challenge from the start. The Eldest Princess acquired a forbidden martial arts technique and was banished to the Purgatory. However, no one was powerful enough to restrain her. All the dungeon guards were defeated. Xiao Ran stepped up and declared, “Your Highness, it's better for you to behave yourself on my territory” and effortlessly subdued the Eldest Princess. He progressed from imprisoning the Eldest Princess to delivering the Great Xia Kingdom from the evil clutches of various demons and evil martial arts experts. ... Xiao Ran was the mastermind behind the scenes.

  • Yuma Prison

    Yuma Prison

    When young Wynn Dyer is released from Yuma Prison after a six-year sentence, he’s forced to sell himself for money as a matter of survival. Town marshal Jack Halligan becomes one of his customers, falling for Wynn and helping him land a cowhand job on a local ranch.<br><br>Then Wynn takes up with another cowhand named Lane. This not only complicates Wynn’s situation, as he still believes he loves Jack, but leads to problems for the marshal.<br><br>Inexperienced in matters of the heart, Wynn tries to hold onto both men but risks losing them both. Can this young cowboy find his way in romance and in life?

  • Prison Tower

    Prison Tower

    Forget you even saw this.

  • prison ghost

    prison ghost


    Do you believe in ghosts?Nate has a twin brother who has broken the law, Nate takes his unwillingly. Nate now is in prison and finds a ghost . . .

  • Legendary Prison

    Legendary Prison


    Ron is a 15-year-old boy who lives in a metro city. living a tragic life until one day he finds a book that will change his life forever

  • -PRISON-



  • Prison Island

    Prison Island

    Katherine Theodore, a girl who was a princess-the heiress of one of the largest investment company, she was the most loved daughter and the most loved sister for her three brothers- Shawn, Richard and Charles Theodore - the top buissnes men. She was a gifted genius and a brilliant talent. ..Leonard Philips, the most eligible bachelor and the only heir to one of the largest company's in the world. A childhood sweetheart of Katherine...Ronald and Angelina the Oswald twins - the super stars who joined entertainment buissnes at the age of three and also the heirs to the largest entertainment company in the world. .. All four of the childhood friends decide to go on a cruise on Leo's boat before Leo and Kathy gets married. .. But an unseen storm takes them to a deserted island. And their adventure story starts-their survival and escape story. ....

  • Prison City

    Prison City

  • Cell Prison

    Cell Prison



    Being re-birthed as a cell, Han Dong utilized the power of the Prison code and came into a parallel world where the Ancient Ones have awakened.A steam powered civilization, horrifying subspaces, the Ancient King of the Eternal Night and strange monsters lurking outside the city.The door of Destiny has been opened - Crusaders, Library, Control, Machinery and Mysticism would become the new growth system for human development.Not actually mine .. posting for a friend .. (if u know what i mean)

  • Evolutionary Prison

    Evolutionary Prison


    Dustin needed to evolve to survive on this hostile alien planet. If he can survive a year, he'll be released, free and clear. Unfortunately, no one's ever done that before. And it's not looking like he will either... Check out the sequel: Evolutionary Convict It follows Dustin as he tries to find a home with Olivia, but everything still seems to be out to kill him... A tag is displayed only when minimum 5 readers add it... I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad And it is available on in print as a paperback book!

  • A Unknown Prison

    A Unknown Prison


  • *The Prison of Obsession*

    *The Prison of Obsession*


    Didalam dunia yang penuh dengan kegelapan dan tipu daya. Dimana tidak ada lagi kebenaran atau apapun. Kekosongan menghiasi jiwa remaja perempuan hingga kekosongan itu terisi saat menemukan seorang anak kecil manis yang jauh berbeda dari lainnya. Ia terperangkap dalam jalinan Obsesi antara dirinya dan anak manis lelaki itu.Melakukan apapun untuk dirinya..dan ia yang memanfaatkan hal itu tanpa sekalipun merasakan dan membalas apapun. Ia yang begitu kejam dan remaja itu yang begitu terobsesi....Dark +++++, [18+]

  • Hell's Prison

    Hell's Prison

    Fantasy R18 MAGIC

    Dave was a normal 20 year old man he thought of himself as a decent man not someone who was good or bad but he was unfortunately hit by a car and died. he thought it was over but he woke up in a prison cell. what will he do now how did he get thair why is he their. note- I have dyslexia and I'm not good at capitalizing, punctuation and grammar and spelling.Discord

  • A Prison Of Amber

    A Prison Of Amber

    Fantasy Romance DRAGON

  • Prison of the Heart

    Prison of the Heart

    Saved from eternal torment by a miracle, Cora takes action against the greatest evil known to Earth. As she does, a smug gamer begins to connect the pieces and confronts her. Confused, Cora must find the truth behind her mission, the reason of her torture, and the way to the future she wants. What’s the answer to her question? How can she escape the final cage? How can she escape the prison of the heart?

  • Prison Island(BL)

    Prison Island(BL)


    Zach Birds, a boy that recently came out the closet finds himself on a mysterious island full of boys exactly like him. Instead of enjoying this haven like the rest of it's inhabitants. Him and a few others have a bad feeling that the island is not like it appears to be. While they all have different ways of trying to escape, Zach knows none of them can not do it alone. So, the newest inmate's greatest idea is to band together those inmates and find a way to free himself along with everyone else of the cursed island.

  • My Omega Prison

    My Omega Prison

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION R18

    Kara is an omega, trapped in a mansion she considers a prison. When her high-school crush returns to town, she sees a light at the end of the tunnel. Will Kara break free from her prison? The story starts out with bad events, but it gets better for Kara as you read.TRIGGER WARNING: there is an abusive relationship in this story, beatings, unlawful kidnapping and imprisonment, non consensual sexual acts, sex, blood, pee, violence, and emotional abuse. This is a fictional story, nothing is based on true events, please know it is just a story.

  • A Warlord’s Prison

    A Warlord’s Prison

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18

    (Warning, NSFW and not wholesome! Includes cucking/ntr and futanari)Eivarn was the Sharphart clan warlord, pretty much the king. He joined in a raid to Osthyrios, thinking it would be easy to take. He was wrong. He took his wife, a powerful shieldmaiden, with him. Then, they found themselves as the only survivors, in a land that they only knew about through myths and the rare chart from explorers. Coming to Osthyrios was a mistake. This was inspired by a work that is still in progress called 'The Lure Of Surrender.'

  • It's Like Prison

    It's Like Prison

    There are some that do not agree with me but we should all have a choice even when it comes to parents.Though you may not know what you're doing you will do your best…