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  • A Prompt Tales

    A Prompt Tales

    This novel will be a collection of short stories where I take picture and word prompts and write about them. Please send some nice picture and word prompts so I can improve.

  • Taming Beasts to Survive: I Can See the Prompts

    Taming Beasts to Survive: I Can See the Prompts


    Seven billion humans living on the Earth time-traveled together after they had woken up one morning. They all heard a synthesized female voice. [1. Welcome to the World of Beast Taming. You have become a Beast Tamer. You need to tame beasts, collect resources, and build your own home to live and develop in this world.] [2. You will get a cottage and a beast egg as your initial resources. To ensure the safety of your property and yourself, don’t go too far away from your house in the first three days, during which you will be protected as newbies.] [3. Taming wild beasts is mainly achieved by the mix of your blood. After being tamed and recognizing you as its owner, your beast will be your friend and helper. If you abuse it, its loyalty will decrease and you might get betrayed and attacked.] [4. As you mature, you will meet many Beast Tamers just like you. You can make friends and ally with each other. But you should also watch out for others because humans are unpredictable.] [5. There are many unknown things to be explored in this big world. But please bear in mind that you only live once.] At this moment, Macky found he could see hidden prompts. He could see the strengths, weaknesses, habits and characters, and evolutionary routes of all beasts. [Small Firefox: currently LV3, with the potential to achieve the S level. Sweets lover. Its hidden evolutionary route, Three-Tailed Spiritual Fox, will be unlocked when evolution stones of water, fire, and wind are collected.] [Bronze Treasure Box: one hundred portions of drinking water, one hundred portions of beast food.] [Silver Treasure Box: a bottle of evolution liquid medicine, a book on pet techniques.] [Gold Treasure Box: an architectural drawing of the training room for beasts.] While others were struggling for clothes and food with their initial pet beasts, Macky was building the playground for his 100th pet beast.

  • writing prompt contest

    writing prompt contest

  • Incarnate Cultivation Prompt

    Incarnate Cultivation Prompt

    Eastern Fantasy ACTION CULTIVATION

    First off this isn’t a novel I’m just gunna write down my prompt here and maybe somebody will find it and USE IT.(I’m not a writer just want someone to write a novel using something like this)Setting: eastern fantasy no electricity, yes plumbing, sects, clans, country’s… etc.Fantasy “magic” systems: I’ll call it incarnation/cultivation. It includes these entities called incarnations that everybody would go to a spirt person when they turn 13-16 years old or something like that an their personality/ego and their spiritual qi affinity/ talent will result in them awakening a spirt that reflects there talent and personality in the form of a beast spirt thing with possibly elemental or non elemental powers (lightning, water, shadow, healing, strengthening, whatever fits the character). Some would take to the path of cultivation uses cultivation techniques and such in order to reach higher realms and become an immortal. At realm breakthrough beasts could evolves and increase cultivators power. At intermediate or later realms cultivators could morph into their incarnate rather than just utilizing its power.Mc ideas: no system! some kind of mythical beast awakening as a result of talent and personality.Other characters: for companions maybe travels with friends and a love interest or could be a lone wolf but we have a lot of those. Harem could be good here (we have a lot of these as well).PS if you do use this prompt please put your novel’s title in a review so I can read it. (I really want to read this novel that I don’t think exists yet)

  • My Little Prompt

    My Little Prompt

    Just an old book which will serves me as a prompt where I can regroup my ideas and probably post former and non-edited chapters for those who prefer when it is poorly written haha.

  • Sadistic Player In A Fantasy Game World

    Sadistic Player In A Fantasy Game World


    *Villain MC*Apathetic, cruel, and terrifyingly sadistic. Gray's world is brought alight when beings of unknown origin summon creatures and structures of terrifying nature to his hometown."Enjoy that feeling of pain. After all, you're only human." laughed Gray as he watched the goblin tug at the girl's breasts, prompting her to scream in pain.Equipped with a rather unique power, and sadistic nature, Gray's days are bound to be filled with blood goring fun.Join Gray on his bloodthirsty rampage, if you dare.

  • Writing Prompt: Zombie House

    Writing Prompt: Zombie House

    Horror&Thriller SCARY

    2 days ago, there was a party at the William house. A random party member was acting strange and someone walked up to her to ask what was wrong. The strange party member jumped on her and began eating her. Everyone panicked and started to run.

  • Once Upon A Winter Prompt

    Once Upon A Winter Prompt

    This is just me (DE Adams) doing holiday and other prompts for fun.

  • World of Prompts

    World of Prompts

    I don't need any credit if you decide to write a book based on one of these prompts.But please put the books name in that prompts chapter I'd love to read them.

  • Novel Prompts

    Novel Prompts

    This is a novel about novels that I'd like to be made. Some wonderful ideas are here. Comment your ideas to get them added.

  • Book Of Prompts

    Book Of Prompts

    This is a book full of prompts for anyone to use when you can't think of anything to write. You don't need to credit me when using one of these prompts. Also it can be any gender lead or genre I just picked the first of each to be able to make this book.

  • Destiny Senpai's Prompt Collection

    Destiny Senpai's Prompt Collection

    This is a collection of all my writing prompts. Feel free to check it out, comment and write your own. Do give me a shoutout in the comments if you want me to read your writing prompt attempt and give you my feedback. I can't promise I will do it for everyone because I'd be busy BUT I will try.Also, some rules to abide by because I don't want shit hitting the fan on my territory.Rule #1: Be nice, exercise respect.Rule #2: Everyone is entitled to their opinions but you must give constructive feedback with a solid backing for your reasons if you're going to be criticizing someone else's works so that they can learn. You have to give examples and quote their works if possible so that we know you're not just bullshitting and stirring up drama. Saying things like "Your character sucks" and "Your tone is boring" and even "Show, not tell" are not helpful comments so don't write it without examples.Rule #3: Nobody is superior (except me because I own this book muhahaha) so don't go around acting like other writers are shittier than you. We're all learning from each other and sharing to improve. Webnovel has a rather toxic pool of audience and I've seen it but I don't welcome people of that sort here. If I see toxic and drama, I will take action. I don't check all the time so if shit gets real, find me on my social media or my discord. I will investigate and submit a report of those idiots to my editor. Severe disciplinary actions will be taken to those found guilty.Rule #4: No toxic. No drama.Rule #5: No advertising. These comments get instant ban and reported to my editors. If I see links and if I see "Go read my book, I'm a writer too" be warned that I won't be nice.If you've read the rules and are still brave enough for the bloody battlefield ahead of you then proceed at your own risk and let your creativity run wild!Note: My prompts come from all over the place so don't ask me where the source is from, I don't remember. Some I make, some I get.***Support me and my works on:Patreon: and stalk me on:Discord:, Instagram & Twitter @DestinyAitsuji

  • Reject Humanity, Return to Monke

    Reject Humanity, Return to Monke



    Ordinary day, ordinary life, that is until, I found myself getting stabbed to death by my fellow student for reasons unknown to me. Then some kind of holographic window prompting me to reincarnate appeared while I was busy drifting through the infinite darkness of the void. Of course, I pressed yes, it’s boring here, then found myself to be a dungeon master… As a fucking monkey no less…

  • My System Academy

    My System Academy



    Eluard Kai found himself transmigrated to a magical world. A steward came over and declared that he was now the academy master of the school in front of him before disappearing to nothingness. "That damn steward said I am now the owner of this place then left me all alone! What the hell am I supposed to teach them anyway?!” He feared that some prodigious arrogant young master would come over and enroll when he himself didn’t know what he was supposed to do. "But this is a deserted academy, right? No one should come over here, right?" Unfortunately, his nightmare came about. "Academy Master, I am here to enroll in the Heavenly Magic Academy. Please allow my request in behalf of my lackluster talent." Eluard Kai almost blacked out until he heard a prompt in his head. [ A student requests to enter the Heavenly Magic Academy. ] [ Accept the request? ] --- Check out my other story, I'm Not An NPC!

  • Writing prompts

    Writing prompts





    One late-night run changed Aila’s life forever after getting caught up in a battle between werewolves and hunters. She is suddenly kidnapped by said hunters and finds out secrets about her past and her future as she embarks on a journey to find out who or what she truly is. Issues arise one after the other when she finally escapes the hunters grasp, only to be taken in by the ferocious Alpha of the Silver Crescent Pack. Unlike most who fear him, Aila challenges his authority every step of the way as she learns more about herself and the dominant, possessive Alpha who tries to claim her. Will heads collide in a battle of will, or can they work together and help keep the hidden world of creatures safe from the hunters? Join Aila on her journey of rediscovery, love, laugh and cry along with her on this action-packed, steamy romance novel. ----- Gold Tier Winner in #161 Writing Prompt Contest - Shapeshifters. ------ *** SNEAK PEAK *** [ MATURE CONTENT ] "Eyes up here, Aila." He snapped; his harsh voice made her look into his eyes, and she was immediately trapped under his stone-cold gaze. She couldn't move her eyes away from his as he stepped closer to her, his movements slow as though he was ready to pounce on her, his prey. Without thinking, she stood up from her position, prepared to bolt, but he grabbed her and pinned her hands against the bed. He moved his knee forwards, parting her legs that resisted only for a second before allowing his knee entry. He pushed it slowly into the spot between her thighs, making her gasp from the sudden contact. "Do you like disobeying me, Aila?" He growled; Aila was confused for a moment until she remembered how easily she defied his commands. Was he really still angry from earlier? But when she searched his face for an answer, she soon found it. He was definitely mad from earlier. "To be quite honest, I do. It puts you in your place," Aila smirked when she met his blazing eyes. He brought his face down closer to hers, the pressure from his knee in between her legs increased, making her bite her bottom lip. "Wrong answer," He growled before biting her lip apart from her teeth. ----- *DISCLAIMER* MATURE CONTENT: Graphic Violence Strong Language Sexual Content Abuse -- 【 Volume 1: Complete】 【 Volume 2: Ongoing 】 -- If you are enjoying the story, please vote with a power stone, leave comments and a review! -- Cover Image: Commissioned by @if._art

  • Supreme Grandpa

    Supreme Grandpa



    After he crossed over, Yang Song thought that his life was a bit regretful. He thought that after crossing over, with this system, he would soar into the heaven and enjoy the glory. But alas, even after so many years, there was no sign of activation at all. This year, he was almost 100 years old. Yang Song sighed gently, "It looks like I have no fate with this system in this life." [Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully activating the Immortal Cultivation System.] Hearing this prompt, Yang Song jumped up with a high spirit. One year later, Yang Song couldn’t help but sigh, “Life’s really hard.” He was already over 100 years old but still had to cultivate immortality.—————————-Note: There is a slight LGBT scene in the early chapter, but farther away from that, there won’t be any of it anymore.

  • Short Story Prompt: Narrator falls in love with the main character

    Short Story Prompt: Narrator falls in love with the main character


    The Narrator is in love with this story's main character, but she is already in love with someone else in the story, but is willing to be friends with the Narrator.------------I hope you Enjoy this story! I just came up with it while in class one day. I hope it's as good as I hope it is. I have some-what high hopes for this. Love you guys!

  • The Beautiful Monster

    The Beautiful Monster



    {Mature content R-18+} (BOOK 1 COMPLETED) The moment Alyssa laid eyes on mysterious bad boy Elias, she knew she was a goner. With his charming smiles and reckless face she has never met anyone like him. He was far more relaxed and causal, like nothing in the world could bother him. But the problem was, he was everything her parents warned her about. Dark haired and tattooed. The moment Elias laid eyes on Alyssa, he knew his college days was about to get interesting. He has never met a girl so innocent and full of hope in this crazy world. He made it his life mission to always protect her and be by her side. Except, he couldn’t. With sparks flying between them and dark secrets luring around. Their love story was one that happened once in a lifetime. Will Alyssa lose her heart to Elias-a man so beautiful and mysterious? Will she able to fight her forbidden desires and grasp the love that will change her life forever? Or she will face the consequences for falling for a monster, a beautiful monster like Elias? Excerpt; Alyssa felt that familiar pulling sensation deep inside of her. Even if she was close to him, she still didn’t feel like she was close enough. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. The momentum and intensity gradually picked up with each passing moment and each subtle movement of their lips. Elias leaned more into the kiss, amping up the pressure as his hands held her close to his body. Alyssa drifted one hand up into the back of his hair, sifting through the wet strands. She lightly curled her fingers around them as his teeth scraped her bottom lip. She breathed in deeply through her nose, trying to quell her rapid heartbeat. She couldn’t believe they were making out in a spring. How did she go from being so shy and cautious in the beginning of the semester to this person? Elias brought his hands lower, grabbing at the back of her thighs to draw her legs around his waist. His lips didn’t part from hers as they moved and pressed. Alyssa felt the lightest dash of his tongue against hers, prompting a soft moan from her that she couldn’t control. So many sensations were lighting up throughout her body. They say a bad boy is the ruin of a good girl then let him ruin her. For he was fire and she wanted him to burn her. Trigger Warning: Novel contains mature content and explicit scenes only intended for adults. {R-18+, No rape and No major misunderstanding} Cover commissioned by Edenn This book is exclusively only available on Please support author by reading it on Check out my other story Flash Marriage: The domineering wife which is the story about Elias parents. Edited by: TSW

  • Loved By a Vampire King

    Loved By a Vampire King



    After getting banned from her own world at an young age for a greater purpose, Esme Watts was living happily in the human world. Disguising as a human girl, she was getting immense love from her human parents. Slowly, she was forgetting her own identity and was living her life well with some beautiful and loving people around her.One day her joyful world turned upside down when she was suddenly kidnapped.After getting kidnapped by the ruthless vampire king Aaron Richards, Esme Watts was forcefully locked up in a dark room waiting to be rescued by her dear ones.Even every breath she took was too painful for her numb body..As days passed, she kept searching a way to escape from this terrific vampire world. But after knowing Aaron personally and closely, will she try to escape or will she be trapped by his possessive love? Will Aaron love her after knowing her true identity?? Why did Aaron want her desperately? All is in the name of love or something else! || Silver-Tier WINNER Of Prompt Contest --133 ||Part 1 ~ LOVED BY A VAMPIRE KINGVolume Sequence ~ Volume 1 -- Volume 5Status: CompletedChapter Range -- 1- 263WARNING: Both Novel Contains Mature Contents but No Sexual Assault!_____________________________PART 2 ~ SPIN-OFF SEQUEL Title: LOVED BY A DEMON KING { Volume 6-. }Theme Line: When Curse Is The Beginning Of Her Love...!!Status: ONGOINGChapter Range: 264-SYNOPSIS: Being the first hybrid of two worlds was a blessing and curse for Ayra Chole, the controversial Princess from the world of Fairies. Possesing the immense power of two different creatures in the paranormal world, her journey towards living wasn't sweet like others anticipated more specifically after being a powerful princess who was treasured by her family like a gem. Dealing with everyone's hatred and jealousy since her birth, she constantly had to deal with her transparent emotions. She wasn't born to fear anyone except her own powers which goes uncontrollably wrong frequently.In this flicker of hope to find someone who could love and accept her trueself wholeheartedly, her mind was always restless in search of true love. One day,someone had finally picked up the courage to ask her hands boldly. But wait,who was he? The rumored Demon King, Cedric Arnaldo Dixon who was disdained by everyone same alike her coincidentally. The king of dragons whose hands were always filled with blood. Needless to say that he was rumoured to be hated by his own father ever since he born. A man who changed women more often like any ornaments. Rumours said that he had no heart to love others and killing was the only solution of his every arising problem.Very commonly, she was going to reject a rebellious man like him but the man had no other firm intention rather than claiming her as his own bride.How will their journey go around with so much hatred and evil powers? Can this two bloom the flower of love in their hearts? Or an untellable curse was going to destroy everything? ****SNEAK PEAK ****One night, he whispered beside her ears as she kept writhing underneath him," Darling, you can never fall out from a Demon's love. Once you have fallen in love with someone's evil side, you should know that he is your end game in this life time."Tags: #Demon #Hybrid #Fairy #dragon *** Cover is owned by me.Design credit all goes to @Art_By_Arpi on Instagram. Contact her on instagram to get your amazing cover done.***WARNING : Do not use the cover without permission. It is a copyrighted cover and solemnly belongs to me. For Donations and Support Author personally, Join me on Patreon: This is an unedited book! So you may come across grammatical errors or typing mistake! --------------------------------This Novel Belongs To W E B N O V E L. C O M Exclusively Only.**********************Instagram : anamika_author Discord : Anamika Ana #5922Email :