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  • Prophecy


    Time passes just like a breeze. A once beloved king, turned tyrant. A once noble character turned villainous. Millennia have passed since the seal of the Dragons, In the shadows, a plan is brewing to once again free the Dragons of Old. Yet at the sliver of hope, a prophecy was foretold and once again rekindled the hope of the people, a prophecy who would protect them for the days to come.

  • The Prophecy

    The Prophecy


    Its updating BUT this is what I got: Leading a normal life, June is taken from her home and chucked (literally) into another world. Hey- what can one even do if you find out your life is BASICALLY a lie. Anyway, follow June on her adventure to complete the prophecy and restore her new world. OK CHANGE OF PLANSthis is going to take a lot longer so I wont post for awhile and I will probably redo parts of the first chapter so I'm going to take it down for a little bit. -Sorry! ;-;Author's Note:So yeah. Its clearly in progress. (The summary I mean.):,D I might post this coming week, but I have something super important coming up (and I don't wanna fail) so please understand. Also I'll fix up the cover. I'm not finished with it and don't rlly know how to digitally paint yet (LeArNinG)OK bye byeoof just looked at this- its worse than I thought. Sorry!

  • The Goddesses Prophecy of the Alpha

    The Goddesses Prophecy of the Alpha



    Erick didn't even know werewolves existed, let alone that he was one. As he is thrown into that world, he finds himself at the center of both a murder plot and an ancient prophecy. Can he find a way to survive and fulfill the prophecy? Rhian his mate comes crashing into his life while running from her own set of dangers. Will their union derail everything or be the solution they are looking for?  The officer leaned in over the desk towards the intake nurse. They both continued to glance in his direction as they spoke in hushed whispers. An irritated Erick smirked, giving them a slight wave to acknowledge he knew they were staring. Even though they were across the room and attempting to speak quietly, Erick heard every word. He was baffled at this sudden improvement in his hearing; it was as if their voices were magnified. "Yes, we found him wandering out of the woods. He couldn't explain his lack of clothes or what had happened to him." The nurse replied, "Don't you find that suspicious knowing what last night was? Do you think that maybe he was unaware he was changing?'' The officer quickly cut her off, "Of course I suspected it! Why the hell do you think I brought him here instead of Memorial hospital?" The nurse just nodded as she looked down and began to type in her report. "My biggest question is it's as if he has no idea what happened. Does he not know what he is or what he is going through? Please make sure you have security and keep an eye on him. Something just feels off to me." The officer looking directly at Erick noticed how wide his eyes were watching the two of them speak. Could he hear their conversation?     What in the world were these two talking about? The shocking appearance on Erick's face twisted into a confused expression. What is this change they are talking about, and what do they mean what he is? He is a man. What other possibility is there? Feelings of anger and rage began to overwhelm him. He had felt all along that the officer's demeanor was off, like he knew more than he was saying. Erick acknowledges that his explanation for what happened lacked plausibility, but he was just trying to find some reasonable interpretation of the situation. What did that man know? Did he recognize Erick but how? It's not like he ever had a criminal record?     Erick brought his hands up to his temple and put pressure along both sides as he squeezed his eyes closed tightly. His feelings were overwhelming enough, but this stabbing headache was not helping him think clearly. Why did it feel like fire was coursing through his veins? Argh, he screamed internally, overcome with agony. His gripe along his temple tightened, and his eyes snapped open as he felt a trickle of blood where his nails had pierced his skin; like the night before, his vision went black, and he felt himself collapsing to the floor.     The officer who had never taken his eyes off Erick was suddenly running over to him. "Shit!" The officer witnessed the golden glare in his eyes during the brief moment they opened. He knew the fears in their suspicions were correct as he rushed to his side. "Get a gurney and the restraints now!" He roared in the direction of the nurse who was already scrambling to assist him.




    Isabelle ,a sixteen year old teenager, in the human world knew nothing of the prophecy that had long been forgotten in the demon world .A demon Lord ,named Yuri faced a battle and lost to no avail centuries ago but it was not the end for him. Destiny had it's ways to bring him back to avenge his great defeat .In Isabelle's dreams he appeared every single night .She would wake up to no memory of how he looked apart from one thing ; his name that she called out everytime she wakes up from her slumber .His late night visits leads to more than him being in her dream but brought him to reality as they had a strong Connection..a connection between a human an immortal demon lord ...a connection strong enough to make him feel his flesh and bones underneath his skin .After their intimate encounter ,Lord Yuri vanishes only for Isabelle to realize that she is pregnant .it was forbidden for a human and an immortal to give rise to an impure race ."For a lord demon to live the reincarnation of the one that killed him must die and the child must be haunted done and torn to pieces of flesh "Will Lord Yuri save Isabelle and the baby or leave everything to the prophecy ?




    No more love storiesBecause that wasn't part of their missionFour people under the leadership of one person From Four different continentsIn three different dimensionsgods and demons call them THE LUCKY ONESBut the responsibility on their shoulderssays " There is no such thing as being lucky"

  • The Rosewood Prophecy

    The Rosewood Prophecy



    Seven teenagers. Three finalists. One prophecy. Long ago, the elites of the kingdom of Crystallea created the Rosewood Academy to train the children to protect themselves and the land from horrid monsters called Evils. It was prophesied that seven students from the Academy will defeat the ancient evil that has plagued the land for centuries. When an Evil appears inside the Academy, it becomes clear who the Rosewood Seven are. They train hard, but before they are ready, an army of Evils attack the school and the seven friends escape to hastily embark on their quest. Along the way, the seven face everything from Evil ambushes to betrayal to dark magic. Will their bonds be strong enough to keep them alive till the end? Or will the evil lord's tampering turn them against each other and destroy the kingdom's only hope once and for all?

  • The Rifter: Child of Prophecy

    The Rifter: Child of Prophecy



    The Calamity create a Dimensional Rift that brought aliens and monsters into our world. This catastrophe killed billions of people on Earth but also brought an evolution in some who survive. The Rifter, the heroes who were born with supernatural powers from cosmic energy. They were the ones who fought to defend the world and brought back peace. 500 years have now passed. The entire younger generation are filled with dreams of becoming a Rifter. To be able to protect the earth, gain glory and wealth. Ryo was a simple teenager who lived alone in a small apartment in the corner of Tokyo. He had forgotten the dream when he was sentenced not to have any cosmic energy in his body. But fate said otherwise... On the night of his high school graduation, a Dimensional Rift suddenly appears, and when his life was threatened, Ryo's hidden power finally awakens. [The Heir is in danger, releasing the Seal] [Activating Dark Sovereign] Ryo's boring daily life was completely changed, with a power that can tear dimensions apart, Ryo's adventure to become the strongest Rifter begins!

  • The Witch of Prophecy

    The Witch of Prophecy


    Your wish is my command... Lots of people think that with these words, their life would change forever. Though, their not entirely wrong. Just be cautious, for when the wrong wishes are granted, there is only one path left for you to take: Doom. Olivia Lilan Wind; the crown princess of the Kingdom of Air. As the sole heir to one of the most powerful element and being mated to the next Lycan king, she's got a lot on her back. But what if she were to go to another dimension. Learn to coexist with the beings that live in that world. What if, she were to learn to love someone without being binded to mateship? Which path will she choose? For her Kingdom? Or for herself?

  • Island Prophecy

    Island Prophecy

    Sai finds herself in a new world ruled by a emperor which controls far reaches of a mysterious island. She belongs to a race of people known as Kaians which are enslaved to the other races of the island. Factions and races exist on the island ranging from a clergy class of monks to a warrior race of people named Yegars. There is a prophecy of Kaian bringing an end to the empire and restoring balance to factions of the island. Will the peaceful yet treacherous monks thwart Sai or will the fearsome and cunning Yegars stand in her way to her road to the emperor?

  • Final Prophecy

    Final Prophecy


    Azora Sieya, the daughter of the Greek goddess, Artemis, has long since been forgotten by the humans. She has become a historical legend after the Battle of Faith. Azora has reincarnated, knowing her past. Leto, her older sister is somewhere out in the world, looking for her. Azora has been orphaned and accepted into an Institute meant for children that have nothing to lose. Despite no longer holding the title of the all powerful goddess, Azora still faces obstacles as sixteen-year-old detective going by the name of Jane. A new threat arises when Azora is at her weakest. The only way to defeat it is by melting back into her goddess form. Will she though?"Once they know, you'll be abandoned. Then, you'll be hunted down." Leto grumbles."I know. Just give me time." I answer calmly. Leto smiles and bows. She spreads her powerful wings and flies off into the night.Alastor Wolfe has slowly started to lose his mind. The only way to keep sane is to find his mate. Being the son of a werewolf and warlock, Alastor is seen as an abomination. Alastor has been living with his older brother, Wade, a powerful warlock. Alastor gets pushed into the Institute for the children that have nothing lose. When Jane and her friends get in trouble, Alastor, his brother, and two of Wade's servants are pulled into the chaos. When Alastor finally finds his mate, he is forced to either kill her friend or get hunted. He also faces the obstacle of trying to gain her trust. "Alastor yells as Jane runs in front of her friends. Jane screams as the projectile hits her in the gut. Jane uses her katana not to fall. She pants, glaring at the enemy. Her purple eyes have darkened. Suddenly, she smiles, displaying fangs."

  • Prophecy Rising

    Prophecy Rising


    When a human is taken into enemy hands a team shall form. One has Elemental Control the other Enhanced Combat. Together the two shall conquer their enemy, peace will follow.

  • Her Prophecy

    Her Prophecy


    Lily is just your average female werewolf on the run from her pack, hanging with a couple of exiles and a witch. What could go wrong? And what happens when she learns there is a Prophecy and she is the star role in it? Will she accept her destiny and be the wolf she was always meant to be?

  • My Prophecy

    My Prophecy

    A girl from India belongs to happy and bright world filled with love , care and kindness and with big dreams headed to S.Korea for her further studies .She is very excited as it gonna be the new beginning of life a new start for her and accepting to make her parents proud. But will faith is gonna be with her when she will meet 7 boys who belongs to totally different world , world of dark secrets , revenge , hatred and where no emotions exsist . What has faith held for her ? Lets see .

  • A Prophecy Foretold

    A Prophecy Foretold


    In a land far away, a descendent of Merlin was called upon, by the Minlovian council, to help eradicate a red dragon and those in league with it. Kyjus a teenage earthling is about to embark on a quest in another galaxy. He must forget that he will be an alien on a distant planet. Instead he must concentrate on how he can become the great mage from the High Elven Queens foreboding.

  • Prophecy Ascending

    Prophecy Ascending


    In an alternate universe where humans grew up to have superpowers, Devyn, daughter of government officials finds out a secret that leads her to a dive into a web of lies. She must find a way to get out of the mess she has been tangled in. Will she be able to do it? She must do all of this while going to high school, acting as if nothing happened.

  • Hidden Prophecy

    Hidden Prophecy


    There is a prophecy that no one, not even humans, vampires, and wolves, can see. This prophecy is so mysterious that people, vampires, and wolves are even more drawn to it. They think this will empower them to beat each other quickly and easily. Their obsession with knowing what they have in this prophecy caused a great deal of strife between them. Because of the quarrel, they split up and vowed not to recognize each other as friends. It happened just because of the HIDDEN PROPHECY

  • The Mage Of Prophecy

    The Mage Of Prophecy


    A world of danger a monster sealed inside him trying to survive the numerous seals holding the beast start to hold Amari too and soon the Dark Mages start to attack will he be able to survive in a world like this he and his team will overcome hurdles and surpass their opposite Team 3

  • petalpelts prophecy

    petalpelts prophecy

    Petalpelts prophecy is a story of a young warrior petalpelt and her struggles and her family helps her on the way.

  • Internal Prophecy

    Internal Prophecy

    There's always someone who will either be found, or find their own ways to stand out. But sometimes the attention that follows is unneeded. How is that overcome if no one is on your side, and more importantly, how is it overcome at all?

  • Prophecy Girl

    Prophecy Girl

    Having been raised around humans all of her life, Falencia knew nothing of her true origins, her powers, nor her destiny. Now that she's 17, all of her powers are being unleashed and the prophecy that led to her being hidden is now unfolding. Will she figure out what is going on or will she remain clueless while the powers inside of her grow to new heights as she is hunted for things she doesn't understand, or will she rise up to the challenge and take on the role she was born to play?