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  • Psychic Parasite

    Psychic Parasite



    [Sequel Released] (Psychic Parasite: Final Serenity)At the peak of his life, a man is transported to the future. A world that had faced an apocalypse, barely clinging to their humanity is what greeted him. The post-apocalyptic world, the Earth of the future was shrouded in mystery. In order to return to his timeline, an era where he had left his footsteps behind, he had to unravel the secrets of the world. The only problem being, this was an era dominated by the Parasites. Note: Giving the story a light read like your usual cultivation novels will leave you confused. There is plenty of foreshadowing all throughout the story. Enjoy your read~!!!------------Cover by: JamesmikopiCheck out his works: my Discord server: contact me through my Discord ID: Overlord_Venus#9364Or through my email: mistameeee@gmail.comFollow me on Instagram @overlord_venus

  • The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses

    The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE


    After discovering about her wealthy husband's affair, she humiliates the adulterous pair on the streets and divorces him the very next morning. Just as everyone anticipates her downfall, she goes on to marry the most brilliant bachelor in the nation whom her unfaithful former husband cannot hold a candle to! "Aren't your mother's legs always hurting? It hasn't gotten any better despite seeking help from various doctors." "How did you know that?" "Not only do I know why her legs hurt, I can also treat her condition." "As long as you can treat my mother, I'll give you anything you want." "I want money." After An Xiaoning uses her psychic powers to break the curse of a poltergeist, she earns herself a fortune as well as a perfect man of her dreams. Don't be daunted by her psychic powers, for this book isn't terrifying at all!

  • No Entry: Psychic Powers

    No Entry: Psychic Powers

    She grew up having premonitions through her dreams. She sees in her dreams some situations, places, scenarios, happenings and series of events of people's lives including her own life that will happen in the future. Future like 5-10 years after she had dreamt and became true in reality. Dreams like she never really desired nor wished to happen but it actually happened for real.People close to her family says she has a unique psychic powers. They say it's her bloodline. Since her Grandma, one of her Aunt, her Father, one of her brothers and her, them were the so called 'chosen few' have different but also somewhat similar Psychic Powers. The scenarios were mostly happened in the Philippines as some of our characters are Filipinos.This is an original story of the writer and not translated.

  • Psycho X Psychic

    Psycho X Psychic



    Teren Hark - Quiet and ordinary at school. Passive and nothing noteworthy about him. However, one of his classmates thinks otherwise.Iesa Hun - Quiet but extraordinary. Aggressive when provoked. On top of the school's hierarchy because of her brains and beauty. Recently, she learned the secret about Teren Hark.He's a psychopath who had a rich history of murder, massacre, and other atrocities.But she has her fair share of secrets as well - she's a psychic who can read other people's thoughts, except, of course, the psychopath himself.Welcome to Mershen High where these two superhumans collide as they slowly learn each other's pasts and meet the world's hidden supernatural together while still trying to be proper students.

  • I reincarnated as a shrimp with psychic powers

    I reincarnated as a shrimp with psychic powers


    In the ocean's depth, an unexpected menace grows. An ordinary parasite wouldn't develop this fast. However, this one is an ancient human helped by a system. The system must help him become a God. His abilities will help him survive in a foreign world. Moreover, the parasite has an interesting power. It absorbs mana from living beings and gains their abilities. It can even transform his body. His powers are limitless if he can survive long enough. However, he's bound to a mermaid while trying to complete the system's tasks. The parasitic uses of his abilities will lead him to grow stronger.I MUST EVOLVE TO LIVE FREELY!

  • My Yandere Psychic Girlfriend

    My Yandere Psychic Girlfriend


    After Kishan confesses his crush and is rejected by her, the next day her crush got a boyfriend. The rumors started that whoever confesses to Kishan will be in a relationship the next day. Since that his life changed by drastic means. He thought that now nothing can shock him. But his new neighbor is a Psychic. After few days she started to show her colours. He knew that she is a yandere. What could be more dangerous than yandere + psychic.

  • My Psychic Systém: The Only Psychic In A World Of Magic!

    My Psychic Systém: The Only Psychic In A World Of Magic!


    In his first year in the world he solved his first maths problem.At the age of 4 he finished his high-school graduation.At the age of 7 he did his first PhD.At the age of 11 he became the president of his country, also the youngest president in the history of humanity.At the age of 29 he solved nuclear war conflicts, by eradicating any and all nuclear weapons.At the age of 30 he became the first human who ruled 2 countries.At 54 he United the world and brought world peace.Only to die at his 54th birthday, by the hands of his own son, who got manipulated by his own maid.Or so he thought, but then he realized that he is still alive…Just in the body of another guy, in a different world, with a system.…Author's Note:So I am not very good at writing synopsis because it's kinda hard to replay everything in a 'simple and short' note. But read the first 5 chapters to get an overview of volume 1.Don't worry, each chapter is around 1k words (just so you know, most of the chapters of most of the novels contain at least 2k words) so yeah, my chapters are a bit short, mostly because I want you guys to read the first few chapters.Another thing, I am a new author.So if you find anything that you don't like you can comment about it, kindly don't leave a bad review here, I swear I will correct them all so long as you guys point it out.Lastly, I am fairly confident in my English but…English isn't my first language so there 'might' be a few mistakes here and there.Now, the important stuff…No incest.Dark theme.Harem, for now. If I feel like changing it I will update it in synopsis.System.Cunning MC.Mature MC.Grotesque world.Corruption.Kind MC, this is not a mistake it's here as self conflicting as it may be.Brutal MC.

  • The Sorceress: Blossoming Power

    The Sorceress: Blossoming Power



    In the realm of Chiji, a mythical world where hidden powers lie. Chaos rules because a few became drunk with power and abused it. And inflicted a terrible balance upon the plains and brought chaos to Chiji. From this, opposition rises and plots. And so, the people forget the good deeds of a few power wielders. Somehow, in a magic-imbued past, where the longing whispers of Xinyi to Ming resonate, the whims of fate which will bring change can be heard. What did the whispers say?Governor Ming hates this arranged marriage to Xinyi and doesn't want to do anything with her.Will love bloom in time for the loveless couple as they work together?Only with curiosity may one find the answers...However, out from these devastating times, a Sorceress will bloom and slowly bring balance to this world.(Note: This is mainly a fantasy genre and not romance, although it started with the love story between the female and male leads. So, please don't focus on romance here. This is the journey of a woman who became the Sorceress.)---- o ----They were married through the imperial edict, and she expected much from it. However, on their wedding night…"In fairness, I'll be honest with you. I don't like you. I prefer to marry someone I choose. From this day forth, you're to live in Anjing Pavilion" said Lei Ming with no reservations.She was aggrieved to be disregarded and unfairly discarded. "Wait!" shouted Xinyi.Pestered, Lei Ming halted but didn't look back. "What now?" "I'm grateful for sending me there, Lord husband, but please don't miss sending my allowance and I promise I will not show up and bother you," said Xinyi and bowed piously. "The heck, this woman is totally shameless."Xinyi watched Lei Ming's back as he walked away. As he was out of earshot, she gave a careless smile and rested her palms on her waist."This is totally unexpected. What a farce of a marriage. So what? I don't care too..." she said as she suddenly jumped and swirled around in glee.But… an unexpected encounter under the moonlight changed everything. Most of all, when he discovered he was meant to protect his wife. ----- o -----TAKE NOTE: 1.) There is no sex but have some violence during wars and fights. Do know that romance is not the primary focus. Prepare for an adventurous ride in the story. 2.) The story is not totally under the Chinese background. This is a different world, and every nation had their own backgrounds. So, I don't follow the Chinese way of naming and calling of characters. Like using their full names when I mention them, even with the greetings.2.) Please buy this author a coffee to keep me alert when writing and to help pay for the daughter's college fees: []3.) Please support my latest book: Blue Hells. It's a sci-fi and game combo. If you love action and adventure, this is for you.⁸Note: *I want to thank Forsaken123, another author here, for his help and insights in the earlier chapters of this book.*My daughter, Asha, made the cover.

  • Empress Is Too Powerful

    Empress Is Too Powerful

    After crossing the first day, Hu Xiaoxiao beat the Emperor.On the second day of travelling, Hu Xiaoxiao beat up the Imperial Consort.The third day after crossing …"The empress has left the palace!"However, before he could walk out of the city gate, Hu Xiaoxiao was carried back by a man.The extraordinarily handsome emperor was so angry that he laughed sinisterly, "You haven't even given birth to your son yet, where do you want to run to?"

  • Powerful Omega: Abilities of psychic

    Powerful Omega: Abilities of psychic

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    A psychic, a normal high school girl, that kept her abilities a secert from almost eyeryone even her family.. One night exploring the forest with her friend was bit by an alpha...she was a rare case...she was omega, a lonely wolf with an messed up past helped her , trained her, fought with her, stood beside her in her hard times.Her best friend helped her through, they panned together, had fun together but never left each other...A hunter who sided with them in their fights...there were suspicions, diagreement, their differences but he sided with just.there were many things coming after her and many going to come in future...but she swore to fight with them..she had her friends beside her...her own pack.The alpha that is after her his pack full of powerful were will the fight result in will she survive or get caughtThis journey is dangerous, but full of love ,mystries and also supernatural powers.

  • In MHA With Shinra Powers

    In MHA With Shinra Powers


    An above average 16-year old was just coming home from another day of school when the unexpected happened to him. Yea, as you guessed, it was truck-kun. And he was reincarnated into the world of MHA without a choice. He had no memory of his past life, but he was able to keep the same traits, which were his quick thinking and laziness. Now we get through how he lives his life with powers he has no idea about. Also, don't expect this to follow the MHA timeline. I might like the story, but I won't be following it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is my first story, btw, guys, and I am writing this because I never really liked the way the MHA fan-fics go, so yea, here it is. I might be in high school, but expect spelling and grammar mistakes. Although I am writing this for fun, I would really like some tips and will try to put out updates every day if possible. I haven't finished fire force, so don't expect all of Shinra's powers to be shown. I will do as much research as possible.

  • Psychic Parasite: Final Serenity

    Psychic Parasite: Final Serenity



    Sequel to the novel, “Psychic Parasite”. At the spring of his new life, a troubled youth faces a dilemma: To save his brethren, should he retain his humanity or give in to his parasitic nature? Humans, Frenzy Beasts, and the Skeps, when a battle for survival erupted between the three races, he had to make a choice. His days of shelter had gone past. And now, he has to fight to protect the bare minimum of peace—Final Serenity! ------------------- Check out all my projects here: ------------------- Join my Discord server: Contact me through my Discord ID: Overlord_Venus#9364 Or through my email: Follow me on Instagram @overlord_venus



    “Ding, congratulations to the host, the three-headed psychic hell dog, for obtaining [Hell’s Fire]”“Ding, congratulations to the host psychic Godzilla for obtaining [Monster Physique]”“Ding, congratulations to the host, psychic Tokisaki Kuangsan, for obtaining [Keeping Emperor]”Marvel universe.In the Battle of the Avengers, Su Moqing stood on Godzilla’s head, watching the flying nuclear bomb, showing a slight smile: “I’ll be able to recharge first, and then kill everyone present.”

  • Psychic Inventor In Cultivation World (Hiatus)

    Psychic Inventor In Cultivation World (Hiatus)



    The Cultivation World is filled with countless treasures and heart shaking mysteries but even the most holy places are built above bottomless darkness this is a world where strong eats the weak, the strong rules and the weak is ruled, weak have no rights and that's how it always had been until he made is debutYe Tian was a cultivator with an average innate talent but he was born with a rare defense type physique and for him it was like a poor man treasuring a jade ring, betrayed by his own first love and the master he respected like a father he tried to escape as far as he could but his destiny was not that simpleAt the brink of death Heaven showed mercy on him and the dormant mystery hidden in his soul got released...he got his memories from his past life when he was a Peerless Genius on Earth although those memories still belongs to the time when he was a mortal named Rex Andrews but memory was not the only thing he got from his past lifeDing....[System’s requirements met][ System initializing 1%..2%…10%…30%….80%..99%..100%]***Discord: -1) 2)

  • Psychic?


  • I Can Grant Origin Powers To Anything

    I Can Grant Origin Powers To Anything

    Sci-fi CHEATS


    # QI REJUVENATION # ALTERNATE WORLD “Young man, I can tell from your skeletal structure that you have an extremely rare talent. You must be a one in a million prodigy in the martial arts. Now that the Blue Planet has ascended, mutant beasts are ravaging our homes, and foreign species are invading our land, our people are in grave danger. Here, I have an [Infinite Demon God Physique Training Method], I’ll give it to you for just two dollars. You shall be entrusted with the mission of maintaining world peace.” Xu Lingyun was touched. He said, “I can’t believe that you can actually see my true potential. Here’s four dollars, no need to give me change.” The scammer took the money, left him a fake secret training manual, and left feeling content. Xu Lingyun brought the secret manual home. He slapped the cover of the book. Instantly, the aged, tattered book started emanating a magnificent array of lights. An ancient and powerful aura filled the air, dominating the stars and piercing through the age. A fake? Oh please, in front of me, there is no such thing as “description may not match the actual item, please see the actual item”.

  • My System Powers Up My Crew Except Me

    My System Powers Up My Crew Except Me



    Please check out my new bookGods&Myths Disciple————————————————Bang is transported from Earth into a world where pirates and adventurers rules the land and the seas. They are bestowed power from leaders after swearing fealty to them. “Welcome owner, to the world of Mundu” “What? Are you a system? Did I reincarnate like those characters from novels?” “Yes owner, I am here to help you” “YES!!!!!, what cool powers do I have? Do I control gravity? Can I use all the elements here? Oh! Oh! Can you help me master all kinds of powers?!” “No master, I can only power up your allies” “What???????” “Please follow my instructions to assemble your crew.” This is not your regular power fantasy. Well, it is a power fantasy but not just on the main character but also on the side characters. The main character completes quests in order to recruit crew members or power them up. This is kind of a slow paced novel because character development will be a big factor in this story. Kind of new to writing so any criticism will be welcome. If you want a reason to read this novel, read the spoiler below. *****SPOILERS****** the crew doesn’t get powerful with no reason. They get powerful only because of character development so expect some emotional scenes for breakthroughs. See if you could spot the progression of emotions in the crew, and how it affects their powers.The mc may seem annoying/stupid at first but please try to read more. My writing gets better, and the mc will have character development that will make him better.Help me win WIN-WIN5 CHAPTERS = 2 COINS 100 POWER STONES ACHIEVED! I will start to upload 2 times a day. 300 power stones = 3 extra chapters released at the end of the week 500 power = 5 extra chapters released at the end of the week DISCLAIMER : I do not own the pictures I used creating the cover.

  • Psychic Unlimited (On Hold)

    Psychic Unlimited (On Hold)

    Fantasy SYSTEM MAGIC

    What's more powerful then magic or a super muscley body? The simple answer to that is psychic abilities. The smartest man in the world is suddenly transported to another world, a world of sword and magic. Why you ask, well he's wondering that as well. Of course finding this out isn't his main goal. Oh right I didn't say this yet, but the the man was also a lover of isekai anime and manga. I think you already know his main goal.Join Riku as he becomes the most powerful person in this world.Author: Hi guys and gals this is my first novel published. the first chapter is a taster and if people do enjoy it, even if very few, I will write longer chapters from chapter 2 Inwards. please leave comments on chapters, as it helps me a lot. I do not own the images used as the cover to this webnovel, it belongs to whoever created it.(currently on hold while im working on another novel. It's name is 'Death Note: The New Kira' if you're interested.)

  • Psychics






    The book I ordered from a wide variety of biased eye views of the color of the world. The book is titled "PSYCHIC CONFRONTATION" which means mental warfare. The story is taken from the true story of an indigenous local boy who struggles to live with perfect health. If a weapons war could still be agile with a shield, would mental warfare be defeated only with foundation? Foundation of faith for example. Then if the focus of the enemy is mental which is a point where the body can stand firmly, is the enemy able to penetrate it with just an explosion carried by the heavenly wind? This book will give you the brightness, or also the chaos that arises from a disappointment. I hope anything will happen to you after reading it. You can still breathe in a much more extraordinary and more relieved way. Read every point, may all good things always accompany us. Don't forget the sholawat!