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    Kesalahan yang ku buat dimasa lalu, bisakah aku memperbaikinya? Salahkah bila ku pernah menyelamatkannya? aku memelihara seorang monster

  • PsYcHo


    Rider boy

  • Oh My Omega

    Oh My Omega


    Yuki is a sweet, naive omega who dreams of marrying an alpha and having a happy family. His dream is ruined when he gets sexually harrased by an alpha during an irregular heat. Seven years later, he has son and just when his shattered life is finally put together, he encounters the alpha from years ago. Will he forgive him and let him into his life or will he run away in fear from his past?

  • My Imaginary

    My Imaginary Girlfriend

  • Love The Psycho

    Love The Psycho

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION COMEDY


    It was definitely love at first sight for August Maijune the day she first saw Aaron Saint in the hospital ward. Waking up suddenly from a coma after an accident, August realised she didn’t remember anything about her life and who she really was. The only person she relies on is Aaron Saint who claims to be her guardian. After, almost running over her five years ago with his car, Aaron Saint has taken responsibility to take care of August until she remembers who she was but what he didn't know was she had more than one personality living in her hence their roller coaster romance began. '‘Are you married?'’ '‘No’' ‘'Do you have a girlfriend?’' ‘'No’' ‘'Do you have a sister who is not really a sister and she is in love with you?’' ‘'No’' ‘'Then, am I allowed to fall for you? I think I’m in love with you" ‘'You’re the first woman to be this bold towards me’' This is a romance story about a man who was betrayed by love and a woman who can’t remember her past.Check out the roller coaster romance of a man and a woman who has DID.This story revolves around the female lead suffering from DID also known as Split Personality Disorder. Her battle towards finding herself and the male lead doting on her as she tries to find herself.There is also a bonus story about her children all in it.You might want to read more about her.PS: Her personalities will leave you laughing away your stress.Meet August the flirt, Maijune the fighter, Mai the little psycho who only makes bombs and June the seductress whose weakness is a handsome and beautiful man.PS: This book also features two side stories that you will surely love.Book cover does not belong to me. All credits to the original owner

  • The Mafia's queen: Entangled with a psycho.

    The Mafia's queen: Entangled with a psycho.



    [This book contains both matured contents and matured thoughts. P.S, this author is very shameless.]Of all the things that could possibly happen to her, the least one she expected was falling in love with an overbearing, conceited, rich mafia boss.~....' Becca, you will be mine, all mine and there's no where to run. You can't escape from me.'Becca Ramus, a beautiful young woman who's only wish for herself was to have a simple and easy life but it seemed her wish wasn't quite granted as she was born an illegitimate child of a rich womanizing businessman whose wife, Regina, is a cold-hearted tyrant. She left Massachusetts to New York to build her own business empire but somehow gets the attention of a dangerous mafia boss, who is hell-bent on keeping her as his woman.Leo Kane, a very good looking rich businessman, who is also a dangerous Mafia boss. He meets Becca and falls hard for her, harder than the fall the devil had when he fell from heaven. He becomes determined to get her at all cost and claim her as his woman. The question is will he succeed?" Oh, you should have known me by now Becca, I never lose." He said with a smirk while caressing her face with his hands.Hello guys, welcome to my very first novel . Please check it out and have a great time. please pardon my grammar errors. Thanks This book contains a lot of harsh abusive language and violent scenes so read at your own risk.

  • Psycho X Psychic

    Psycho X Psychic



    Teren Hark - Quiet and ordinary at school. Passive and nothing noteworthy about him. However, one of his classmates thinks otherwise.Iesa Hun - Quiet but extraordinary. Aggressive when provoked. On top of the school's hierarchy because of her brains and beauty. Recently, she learned the secret about Teren Hark.He's a psychopath who had a rich history of murder, massacre, and other atrocities.But she has her fair share of secrets as well - she's a psychic who can read other people's thoughts, except, of course, the psychopath himself.Welcome to Mershen High where these two superhumans collide as they slowly learn each other's pasts and meet the world's hidden supernatural together while still trying to be proper students.

  • Psycho's Mine

    Psycho's Mine



    "What you gonna do? Force your way out?" He smirked. My eyes widened due to his audacity. "Y-you a$$hole!" I exclaimed in annoyance. Why can't he understand the word no? I saw how his demeanor got dark. His already chinky eyes narrowed into slits as he glared daggers at me. His stance grew predatory and I blanched, he's being scary. "I am what?" He whispered animosity is on his voice. My tongue got tied as I tried to bit back a curt and failed, he was already walking towards me but I held my place. I'm not going to show him he can intimidate me. We were just mere centimeters apart now and his scent invaded my personal space again. "You are staying." He mumbled. His fingers traced the contour of my collar bone before dipping at the hollow on my neck. "And you know that we still have that deal, yeah?" His fingers traveled upwards onto my neck and went around my nape. His hand gripped me there before pulling me close to him. His face hunched closer to nuzzle my neck, and then he started pressing little kisses that made my eyes close. He is seducing me... "We're going to seal that deal sooner or later, Lyubov moya. I hope you're ready." He rasped in my ear right before he bit down. --------------------------------------- Wynter McIver, Queen of the Boardroom. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and she always gets what she wants. At 28, her mother pushes her to marry but she digresses. She's in her prime life and being tied down is still out of her mind. She has numerous flings and boyfriends before, but none of them coaxed her into marriage. But when she met the ruggedly handsome and mysterious Keith Andrew Nagasaki, her thoughts in marriage fled out of the window. At last, she met her knight in an Armani suit, her other half, and she would do anything to have him. But when she discovered his deepest and darkest secret, she didn't know what to do. She was trapped in wanting the man and fearing him. WARNING: R18 Credits to the artist



    Seorang gadis yang tidak punya keluarga dipungut oleh seorang pemuda yang akan menjadi kakak angkatnya. Si gadis yang sudah punya ciri-ciri mengidap kelainan Psikopat terjebak dengan seseorang Psikopat yang mempraktekan perilaku penyimpangannya. Berbeda cara pandang membuat kedua Psikopat bersiteru.

  • Royal Secret: I'm a Princess!

    Royal Secret: I'm a Princess!



    After living as a famous Korean vlogger-slash-mukbanger, Neoma died a (shameful) death and regressed to her tragic first life--- the life where she has to live as a hidden princess with a tyrannical father and a yandere twin brother. She died at the hands of her psycho brother in her first life. But luckily, she charmed her "big brother" this time. Her father remains a sc*mbag, though. But a blessing in disguise happened when her twin brother got "sick." Because of that, she has to pretend as the "Crown Prince." Thanks to that, her father was forced to treat her well. Now, she's on the road to becoming a lady of leisure. But for some reason, despite her laziness, she still ends up completing royal duties that make her OP (overpowered). Dammit, is this the power of "storyline" to make the "protagonist" strong? The next thing she knew, they already prophesied her to be the first empress of a very patriarchal empire. Neoma just wants to live a leisure life! *** [ORIGINAL BOOK COVER. Artwork commissioned by sola_cola from Artist Michiro.] *** [EXCERPT] “I’m so sick of your tyrannical a*s,” Neoma yelled at her father aka the emperor. “I won’t forgive you for hurting Lewis and Tteokbokki!” “What will you do about it then?” Nikolai asked with a smirk. “Kill me?” “Yes! I’ll f*cking kill you, sc*mbag!” “Language,” he warned her, upset that his five-year-old daughter curses like a sailor. “Using vulgar words is unbecoming of the future Crown Prince.” “I’m a princess!” Upon yelling those words, the royal princess’s eye color changed from ash-gray to red. [This is getting serious.] “Stop it, Nero,” Nikolai told her sternly. “If you keep that up, the royal knights will come and–” “I’m not Nero!” Neoma screeched angrily. Then she jumped in the air with her left fist, ready to punch him. “In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!” [What…?] And Princess Neoma, pretending as the Crown Prince for her sick twin brother, punched Emperor Nikolai, her father, in the face.

  • PSYCHO  !

    PSYCHO !

  • ¿Psycho?


    New City, New Life, A chance to leave the past behind. Just when Matt thought he could start a new chapter in his life, something horrid begins to stir up at Glory Hills High, his new school that will end up testing how far he is willing to go to for the ones he love.

  • The PSYCHO

    The PSYCHO



  • .Psycho.


  • My Crazy Rich Family : Running From My Psycho Father

    My Crazy Rich Family : Running From My Psycho Father



    What happens when three powerful families are thrown into the mix together? You get chaos, betrayal and fight till the weaker family gives up. Meet Kara Hope Yagazie; years ago she was just a kid in an orphanage with no identity until one of the most powerful families in Africa adopted her. Kara starts life as an heiress to an empire, armed with the truth from her biological mother who hid her but kept an eye on her. Kara now knows that her biological mother and her are on the run from her psycho father, whose plan is to hunt down and kill them. One powerful family is enough to drive Kara crazy, what happens when she wakes up one day to find out she is now somehow related to three of the most powerful families in the Continent and in Canada. Can Kara survive her new family? Follow the Yagazie’s, the Donna's, The Spencer's and The Anene's as the figure out how to be a family despite the bad blood that went generation long. And while they try to outsmart each other, will they pause when one of them is in trouble? Having a Crazy Rich Family as an enemy might be more than Kane Brown, Kara's psycho father bargained for.*****excerptNaya's eyes flew open instantly. Someone was inside the duplex and was moving in her house. Naya jumped right to the ground and pulled out the .45 gun under her bed. She checked for bullets. Not enough to protect Kara and herself.Crap! Kara!Naya knew she had to get to her daughter before her crazy ex husband finds her. She was wearing just shorts and singlet. She had no time to change into another appropriate dress.It took all her savings but she was able to build the crawl space that connected her room to Kara's. Naya pressed the secret button just hidden behind the night stand and the steel door opened.She forced herself inside and for someone that was claustrophobic; she was taking it rather well. Soon, she was in Kara's room. Naya first opened the wardrobe and took out Kara's go-to bag. She pulled out a gown from the wardrobe and she heard Kara stir on the bed."Mama?" Kara sounded confused.Naya tapped on the hidden compartment inside the wardrobe and moved out another gun. Kara was on her feet now."Mama, what is going on?"Naya threw the gown at her and Kara saw the gun. Any normal child would flinch but Not Kara. She had seen enough guns in the house to be comfortable around one. Her mother even got a stun gun for her in case of emergence."Kara, it is time baby. You are going to Nigeria"Kara grabbed the gown and pulled it over her head. She opened her drawer and took her stun gun and placed it inside her go-to bag pack."He found us, didn't he?" she asked. P.s the cover is not mine. if you are the owner and wants me to take it down, contact me on discord

  • psycho.



  • Be a Psycho

    Be a Psycho

    Kekerasan dalam keluarga, perundungan, hinaan, cacian, dan pelecehan membuat keadaan psikologis LuA menjadi bengkok. Jiwa psikopat nya timbul dan dia membunuh satu persatu orang yang telah menyinggungnya, mulai dari teman satu sekolah, satpam didekat tempat tinggalnya, hingga keluarganya sendiri. Ia membantai semuanya satu persatu, memercikkan darah korbannya ke seluruh lantai, dan mengunyah hati mereka. Akankah dirinya tertangkap? Atau... Tetap bebas? ___________ Warn!! adegan kekerasan darah dimana-mana Mohon bijak saat memilih bacaan, terima kasih

  • Not a psycho

    Not a psycho

  • It's a Psycho Thing

    It's a Psycho Thing


    I choose Death List but He choose Dream List. I Wanted to end my life but He wants a Peaceful LifeI'm totally crazy and stubborn but he is a compassionate personI hate him.He changed my mind....and Now..I'm a criminal for what they called "LOVE" and become a Prison in Someone's Heart

  • Psycho Siblings

    Psycho Siblings


    The siblings are so normal."AAHHHH!!!!! STOP IT PLEASSSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!"They are so adorable and innocent."WHAT HAVE I DOOOONE!!!!! GAHAAAA-!!!!!!They go to school, get good marks, have promising futures, are sociable, likeable, have good relationships and are even funny."HEEEEEELP!!! SOMEO-GAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"It makes most people envy the family that consists of such children."PLEASE...........Just.......Kill.......m.....""Well, that is what most people view us as. What do you say?"A psychotic grin turned to look at the source of that voice and replied confidently."Of course they are right. We are someone that everybody wants. Don't you think?".....................The cover image is art is by Daniel Danger.Please do read it and tell me your honest opinion. Point any grammatical error without hesitation and if you like it, support my work.Thank You For Reading It!!!!