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  • Purple Romance

    Purple Romance

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY FIRSTLOVE


    "This is a dream. Since it is a dream, let me at least savour it a little more''."If you are done checking me out, can I open my eyes now? Is hard pretending to be asleep when you keep touching me like that, Miss Lee''. Ad-Din said and opened his eyes.Maria Portia Lee graduated at the top of her class in the University at the age of 22 years and landed her first job as a teacher at a prestigious senior high school in their town. On her first day, she found herself falling for a final year student boy. Been a novice at love, coupled with family problems she decides to ignore the feelings that only grew stronger by the day. An unfortunate accident leaves Maria Portia Lee running to another city and her teaching license revoked. After 8 years, Maria didn't expect that the first person she would meet after returning to Cosmos town will be the same boy she used to love and there was just one problem, he wasn't a boy anymore but a man, a man that still made her heart to feel a lot of emotions and the worse part was, he was now her boss. Their roles have been exchanged totally. Ad-Din finally found the woman he had waited for, for 8 years and wasn't about to let anyone get in his way of making her his woman. Will their love story continue from where they left off? Will they be able to find happiness this time around? Purple Romance II Paige Payin is juggling between her school and work as a Queen in part-time working with good star ratings but the time she has left is used to fantasizes about her crush but all that changes when she meets bad boy Jordan Attoh and soon their bickering turns into something more but will their new found feelings stand the test of time when the culprit of all Paige's predicament turns out to be Jordan's own Father's selfishness? This book contains series of different love stories that stand the test of time. PS: Book cover does not belong to me. All credits go to the original owner.Please add this lovely book to your library and support me with power stones.catch me on discord, let's chat: @Purplebride #4135.

  • The PURPLE

    The PURPLE

  • Purple Eyes

    Purple Eyes

    Winter Villegas is a simple anti-social introverted high schooler, she loves the comfort of books, Netflix, coffee, and music. when her mother got assigned in a province hospital she doesn't even that exists, she was forced to transfer. To her relief Winter never caught any attention, she's still the nobody that no one cared. but suddenly and unexpectedly the campus heartthrob Gabbro Villaceran noticed her presence that made her the center of attraction.

  • I purple you and purple sky

    I purple you and purple sky

    A story about true and desperate love. Liam who is really broke and drowning in guilt and despair couldn't find the reason to live. He keeps blaming himself for his parent's death and ruining a lot of people's life. It pushes him to find such a way which makes his life worsen. Ashton is a cute nerdy kpop and kdrama fanboy. He loves poetry and writing fanfics. He is a goofy overthinker or in short a complete mess who finds it hard to even talk to boys but because he can't see anyone enduring pain or melancholic times, he always likes to bring smile on their face. But his loving and fragile nature turns into a real love for Liam and he tries really hard to console him. A story about how they met and how they held each other's hands in hard times. How their fates seperated and how universe brought them back after six years

  • Purple Hyacinth

    Purple Hyacinth

    He's an assassin. She's a police officer. They need to somehow work together without "accidentally" killing each other.

  • Purple Debt

    Purple Debt


    In the previous life, the entire Adrian city was completely wiped out.In this life, Aliana Jovan was reborn and would never let the Jovan clan follow in the footsteps of previous lives. Duke Alphonse Jovan ceded military power and bestowed the title of Dukedom on his eldest granddaughter, then retreated to his clan house in the far east of Adrian city.As the Duchess of a military clan, Aliana had to lead the war and despite winning the battle she suffered serious injuries that left her incapacitated.The eldest son of the second branch of the Jovan clan is the champion of imperial examination, but fell into a coma due to poisoning and is in critical condition.The remaining descendant was too young therefore the emperor let them return to their hometown following their grandfather.It seems bleak, but Aliana arranged everything.This time, her Jovan clan would not interfere in the struggle for the throne and would only be a loyal vassal... until her grand plan was ready to launch.



    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE WEREWOLF

    Winter Villegas is a simple anti-social introverted senior high schooler, she loves the comfort of books, Netflix, coffee and music. When her mother got assigned in a province hospital she doesn't even know that exists she was forced to transfer. To her relief Winter never caught any attention, she's still the nobody that no one cares. But suddenly and unexpectedly the campus heartthrob Gabbro Villaceran noticed her presence that made her the center of attraction

  • Purple Sapphire

    Purple Sapphire

    Fantasy MAGIC BL BTS

    Twin princes are handed the thrown after losing their parents tragically to a mysterious force that they know nothing about. Prince Minki is a mischievous young adult who has a habit of making his brother, Prince Jimin, clean up his messes. Jimin is determined to find his soulmate using a spell casted, sapphire necklace. Minki on the other hand wants to make sure the kingdom remains stronger than ever before. What will happen when that mysterious force returns? Will they be able to stop it together or will they perish just like their parents?

  • Purple Sky

    Purple Sky

    Teen ROMANCE

    In which Skie Cullen — A 17 year old top student with great ambitions who's locked in an abyss of expectations and self-worth questioning, yearned to escape living in someone else's dreams. And upon building the courage to stand up for her dreams, she met Daniel Choi. A 17 year old troublemaker who has gone most of his life getting away from responsibilities. But he was forcefully kicked out from his comfort zone when his love interest — Lea Jones told him that she would never date him unless he make it to the top 5 of their class. Desperate, Daniel seek the help of Skie. In which in return for her help, he'll make sure that Skie would win the upcoming student council election.

  • Bloody purple

    Bloody purple


  • Purple Hyacinths

    Purple Hyacinths

    Purple hyacinth is the flower most commonly used to symbolize regretA girl waking up in a novel as a character who is abused by her husbandthe character leads a tragic life ending in a tragic way.The girl tries to change the sad fate but ends up making the people that hurt her fall for her and regret their sins.

  • Purple Mask

    Purple Mask

    A series of short stories connected by a man in a purple mask

  • The Purple Ninja

    The Purple Ninja

  • The purple hashira

    The purple hashira

  • The purple wolf

    The purple wolf

  • The Color Purple

    The Color Purple

  • The Purple Leaf

    The Purple Leaf

    Lila Darke just moved to a new town. Small town where everyone seems to know each other. New town, new school. But the secret Lila has been carrying still weighs the same.ON HOLD AT THE MOMENT

  • The Purple Apple

    The Purple Apple


    [AGES 13 AND UP!][READ NOTICE BEFORE READING!!!!]Incomplete 0/3016 year old Loren always lived a quiet and normal life. He’s quite fond of these memories. Though what happens on a cold snowy day in December changes him. [this book along with others are written in a book form. therefore will give inconsistent updates, chapters will be long though so bare with me!] ————Other books:You Shined in New York’s Lights1/20 complete