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  • Queen and King

    Queen and King

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE ACTION

  • The Spider Queen

    The Spider Queen



    In the Year 30XX...... Humans have long been discovering the wonders of the universe and exploring the great galaxies beyond the milky way. They are not alone. The universe is primal and untamed with civilisations pitted against one another in battles to decided life and death. Mankind is one of the weakest races but have discovered cultivation techniques that morph their bodies and grant them unimaginable power. Sui Meng was just an ordinary girl who woke up in the body of sixteen year old Sophie Peterlor. Sophie is the half human hybrid of a prestigious duke house but faces discrimination based on her racial heritage and apparent lack of cultivation talent. This changes when Sophie discovers a cultivation manual hidden in the necklace given by her late mother. 'Spider Whisper Art' Sometimes power comes with a price......

  • [BL] Wolf King and his Fox Consort

    [BL] Wolf King and his Fox Consort



    [ABO/ Omegaverse - Mature Content]Once a single nation, now the Kingdoms of the Zui wolves and Xin foxes have been enemies for ages, with the humans from Su just trying to survive the fallout.Chu Yun is a pampered nine-tailed fox who lives a life of leisure and contentment, until one day his uncle, the king of Xin, calls him over to announce that a marriage agreement has been signed between Zui and Xin.Xiao Zai might be a prince, but despite his noble birth his position is anything but stable. He and his omega father have struggled to survive the royal harem's cruel games and the king's displeasure.One day, the king informs him that he'll be marrying Chu Yun as part of the treaty between Zui and Xin.It would have been an ideal situation, if it weren't for the fact that both Chu Yun and Xiao Zai were alphas.---Chu Yun: we're in this mess now, let's try to make the best of itXiao Zai: ok, how?Chu Yun: ....Xiao Zai: if you come any closer I'll rip your throat outChu Yun: okay, let's see who has the bigger....teeth.---Spoiled, cunning proud alpha fox MC x smart, determined, belligerent alpha wolf ML

  • Crazy Duke and Fallen Queen

    Crazy Duke and Fallen Queen



    She's the Queen who lost a war. And he's the man who won.* COMPLETED *Theodora is the Queen of Polis, a city-state that lost the war against the most powerful empire in the continent.She is sure that they'll execute her immediately but, somehow, she survives the meeting with the Emperor, and she finds herself... Married?Tossed in a new world without connections and allies, she has to either accept her fate or lose the chance to help her people once again.She soon finds out that her new husband knows more about her than she does herself, and that his purposes are often far from what she expects.A fallen queen that doesn't know how to be anything else. A handsome Duke who's the cause of her ruin. And their efforts to find some happiness in a marriage that's been forced on them.WARNING: there are contents not suitable for a sensitive audience.The smut scenes are half-censored at the beginning, but the amount and details will increase after a few dozen chapters (according to the Queen's mood .-. )***«I'm sorry for lying to you, your grace...»«You're a Duchess. No one will dare to consider your words a lie: if you say that you were painting souls, then it's the truth.»«I will remember it.»«No, you have to understand it, Theodora. You're not a prisoner, but my wife. I'll protect you when you need it, and I'll help you with any issue you have. You're not just a Duchess in the name. You're my Duchess.»«It's hard to believe in such a short amount of time.»«For now, stop shaking like a chicken. I won't hurt you.»***Cover from Vatarison.artYou can chat with me on discord: bit.ly/discordxiaohaiInstagram: xiaohai_23Facebook: Xiao Hai or Xiaohai_23 (FB page)Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/xiaohai_23 (you'll find my short stories here)My other stories on Webnovel:* The Cursed Tyrant and His Reluctant Queen (historical and fantasy romance, ongoing)* Destined: the Vampire's Soulmate (fantasy romance, completed, ~150 chapters expected)* Unexpected Gift (sci-fi romance, ongoing, free to read, 1k chapters expected)

  • The Queen of Everything

    The Queen of Everything


    The famous actress Su Cha was involved in a scandal! The leaked video had left the fans flabbergasted. Fans, "They look so cute together! Her boyfriend looks like an adorable puppy!" However, the public, who had witnessed his muscular physique in the video clip, had a different opinion. "How is he a f*cking puppy! He's more like a ferocious hound!" In Su Cha's eyes, Bo Muyi was a lovable man who was always demanding kisses and hugs. In the public's eyes, Bo Muyi was merely a loathsome and overbearing tyrant. Before her rebirth, the naive and innocent Su Cha departed that life in sorrow. After her rebirth, Su Cha turned into an absurdly talented, but violent and deviant woman. Not only that, she mollycoddled her husband dearly! (This is a story of a brutal and aberrant heroine who met a ruthless yet overly-affectionate hero.) Side note: This is a story of the heroine's three, but not one, lifetimes.

  • The Cursed Tyrant and His Reluctant Queen

    The Cursed Tyrant and His Reluctant Queen



    Why does the King want to take the daughter of a country noble as his bride? Aren't there so many other women more qualified to marry him???It has been a few months since the second Prince conquered the throne through a path of blood. One of his first decrees states he will marry the daughter of Duke Bursio, Veronica.Yet, the girl is more than unwilling. And not only because of the ferocious reputation of the young tyrant.She has a secret to keep, and becoming the Queen of Alba would be a risk she's reluctant to take. She is the Princess of Mages. Her powers shall be hidden, for the church persecutes anyone with some affinity with magical arts.Avoiding the King's orders is impossible until she comes up with a plan: she can't get married twice, right? As such, she just has to find another man that will accept her and perform the sacred ceremony before the King has the chance to get his hands on her.The guard at her door, Ignis, seems just the perfect person. They knew each other as children, and this unexpected reunion looks like the last opportunity fate has to offer.WARNING: smut.The cover is mine. Don't use it without permission.***From the story:I bend lower, approaching his lips. I keep a close distance from our mouths so that they don't touch, but not enough to avoid my breath tickling him when I talk.«Can you swear you won't complain no matter what I do?»«I can. I won't fight back against you, Veronica. I swear it on my honour and my life.»«That's so tempting, you know? Letting me do whatever I want...» I pull the side of the shirt apart, detaching the two buttons I forgot to undo. «Are you sure I'm a little lamb who won't take advantage of your offer?»I place a digit on his chest, making sure he feels the nail pressing. Since he doesn't react, I scratch him. Not too deep, just enough to make him realise I'm not joking.No reaction at all. Not even a frown. Not a single word.«Oh, I'm ready to test your honour tonight,» I whisper, dragging my hand on his stomach.***Chat with the author!Discord: bit.ly/discordxiaohaiInstagram and Facebook: xiaohai_23Kofi: ko-fi.com/xiaohai_23My other works:- Crazy Duke and Fallen Queen (historical romance, completed)- Destined: the Vampire's Soulmate (fantasy romance, completed)- Unexpected Gift (sci-fi romance, ongoing, free)

  • King and Queen Wolf

    King and Queen Wolf



    Warning 21+ James Arthur Doyle seorang pria wolf berumur 500 tahun yang memiliki Wajah tampan seperti malaikat, merupakan seorang King Wolf yang sangat Ambisius dan temperamen. Wajahnya yang selalu awet muda seperti manusia yang baru berumur 20 tahun. James seorang yang kejam bahkan tujuan hidup nya hanyalah membunuh pemberontak dan memperluas wilayah kekuasaannya yang sudah sangat luas. Savira Luna woles merupakan seorang wanita sederhana yang baru menginjak 18 tahun, merupakan manusia biasa yang memiliki sifat cuek, tomboy, pada orang asing dan sangat manja, ke kanak-kanakan,cengeng, dan penyayang jika sudah kenal dekat dengan seseorang yang telah membuatnya nyaman. Bagaimana jadinya jika mereka dipertemukan dengan kondisi dalam suatu keadaan perang akan kan James peduli dan menyelamatkan soulmate??!, Atau malah mengabaikan nya dan membiarkan nya mati diserang musuh karna James yang terlalu arogan dan ambisius dan bisakah Savira bertahan antara hidup dan mati didunia yang telah dipenuhi mister dan gelapan itu???!!! ikuti terus cerita ini!!!!

  • Kings And Queens

    Kings And Queens



    21++ Mature Audience OnlyWhy? Why he doesn't want to touch me? I've already become his wife?" Helena doesn't know how to act, feel sad or happy?The man is married to her, didn't even glance at her on the first night. How lowly is she in the eyes of King Aarez?If not for Queen Revania's request, Helena would not want to marry King Louis. A man of all perfection, Even King Louis Aarez already has a beautiful Queen and two empresses. eHe is an idol for the people of Aarez."

  • Seducing The Ice Queen

    Seducing The Ice Queen



    Alice Faye has grown up seeing her parent's farce of a marriage and does not believe in fate or even love. Tired of her father's mind games and trying to sell her off to the highest bidder so that his illegitimate son can take over the business, Alice turns the tables thus earning herself the name Ice Queen for her ruthless ways! K, is a superstar lead singer of the of the most celebrated band Sky. With his extra ordinarily beautiful looks, soulful heart melting voice and an IQ higher than 140, there is nothing that K cannot achieve...And this time he has set his target on a certain queen's heart... Join K in his journey as he melts the heart that has long been encased in ice .





    "I am you, and you are me. We are the same soul" -Fu Xie Lan- . . . Betrayed by her organization, Clara's soul was thrown into the body of the woman accused of treason. Being in a world that she never expected. Everything she once thought was a myth had come true. Magic? Demon? Vampire? Fairy? and all kinds of immortal beings roam there. She was met by a young man who always followed and called her mother. And another soul who was sealed in her body, as well as a mystery about the events of 700 years ago that always loomed over her. How did Clara handle everything? How can she break free from the seal on her body and get her revenge? Who is the young man who always calls her 'mother'? Can she get her revenge? The answer is in this story._______________________________READ MY OTHER BOOKS?* Rebirth Of The Goddess.* Unexpected Love: One Night With Mr. CEO* The Hidden Princess And Seven Nobles

  • Lady to Queen

    Lady to Queen


    Her older sister, the queen, died in result of a meticulous trap and she herself was drowned alongside the rest of my family.Patrizia, at the last moments of her life, fell into despair. 'If only I had been the Queen.' She had the confidence to not love the emperor. Then none of this would've happened. Everyone would've been alive, everyone would've been happy.And when she opened her eyes again, she had returned to before her sister had become the Queen.At this point she makes a huge decision to change the future of her family and herself."I shall become the Queen instead!"Will this bring the happiness she sought for?Or will this create for chaos?

  • Rebirth Of The Queen

    Rebirth Of The Queen



    "Aku adalah kamu, dan kamu adalah aku. Kita adalah jiwa yang sama" -Fu Xie Lan- . . . Dikhianati oleh organisasinya, jiwa Clara terlempar ke tubuh putri dari wanita yang dituduh berkhianat. Berada pada dunia yang sama sekali tak pernah ia duga. Semua hal yang pernah dianggapnya hanya mitos benar-benar menjadi nyata. Sihir? Demon? Peri? dan segala jenis makhluk immortal berkeliaran di sana. Dipertemukan dengan pemuda yang selalu mengikuti dan memanggilnya ibu. Dan sebuah jiwa lain yang ikut tersegel di dalam tubuhnya, serta misteri tentang kejadian 700 tahun lalu yang selalu membayanginya. Bagaimana Clara menghadapi semuanya? Bagaimana cara ia terbebas dari segel yang ada di tubuhnya dan membalaskan dendamnya? Siapa pemuda yang selalu memanggilnya ibu? Mampukah ia membalaskan dendamnya? Jawabannya ada di dalam cerita ini.

  • Rebirth : King and Queen

    Rebirth : King and Queen

    After being killed by a robber Jia Li came back alive in the past. Thrown back 10 years in the past Jia Li used this second chance. Feng Ju a genius lady and always treated as a "queen" stabbed by her best friend that made her died. Being reborn as a baby she will used this life to the fullest! Jia Li and Feng Ju , different identity, different gender with same ambition.Can they change their life? Can they conquer the world?



    Teen TEEN BTS

    Lida is the Chess Queen for years. And though she loves the game so much, there's been a painful history behind it. She was scarred by it and Jeon, the Chess King will help her overcome it.

  • The King of Tricks and Magic

    The King of Tricks and Magic



    It's a story about the legendary magician!A legendary Trickster!In the modern world, he uses all kinds of trickery to trick all the geniuses and the smart people to perform magics!And one day, the legendary magician was sent to a world of swords and a world where real magic existed.As he summoned to the new world, he only brings 1 thing from the modern world, a deck of cards that evolved and become a magic card skill!Follow the magician's story as how he subdued dragons, tricked liches, and made the kings of countries knelt beneath his feet with his absolute trickery and his power to do the impossible!-----------------------------------------------------One of the King Of Kings SeriesUpdate: 3-7 Chapters Every WeekDiscord: https://discord.gg/x2dJ8xMF6h

  • Mafias king and queen

    Mafias king and queen

  • mafia king and queen

    mafia king and queen

  • Underworld King and Queen

    Underworld King and Queen

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    "Will you still love me if you found out what kind of person am I " she whispered while staring at the man in front of her sleeping soundly"Of course I will, because loving a person doesn't need judgement to say if they can be with each other or not" he said while Catherine was shocked to found out that the man before here was awake!-------------------------------------------This is a story of a woman who is abandoned by her family after her parents died.... little did she know that the one her so-called family is nothing but a fake one.And a man who is cold blooded, merciless and no feeling but anger..Will they be each others medicine to remove their rage, anger, and sadness?Will their relationship survive and last long?Or it will fall because of complicated family knots?

  • Chess King and Queen

    Chess King and Queen

  • King and Queen Devils

    King and Queen Devils


    Ini kisah tentang Farizio Laskar Adiwijaya sang iblis pencabut nyawa yang memiliki wujud seperti Dewa, ini juga kisah Pelangi Alexandra Bagaskara gadis cantik bak dewi Yunani yang memiliki sejuta rahasia yang tertutup rapat. Farizio Laskar Adiwijaya, sang iblis pencabut nyawa yang memiliki paras tampan bak dewa dari Yunani,aura yang begitu kelam serta mendominasi siapa saja yang berada didekatnya,menyeramkan namun mempesona dalam satu waktu. Pelangi Alexandra Bagaskara, sang Dewi pencabut nyawa yang memiliki paras cantik seperti Dewi dalam mitologi Yunani, dengan aura kelam yang membuat siapa saja yang didekatnya bergidik ngeri.Bukan hanya tentang Laskar dan Pelangi,tapi ini juga tentang 'Wolfes' geng motor ternama yang terkenal seantero Indonesia, yang memiliki anggota 1000 lebih,perkumpulan para kaum adam dengan paras bak dewa Yunani, jangan lupakan fakta bahwa geng ini diketuai oleh Laskar si Iblis pencabut nyawa duplikatnya Dewa zeus,Dewa dalam mitologi Yunani yang terkenal dengan kekejamannya.Ini juga tentang 'Eagle Geng'geng motor terkenal seantero Indonesia, dengan anggota 1000 lebih, perkumpulan para kaum adam dengan paras tampan bak dewa Yunani,geng ini diketua oleh Galaksi Sabhara Wiranata iblis pencabut nyawa yang sangat bucin ketika mengenal cinta. dan ini juga tentang 'LadyBiker'geng motor yang tak kalah terkenal juga, dengan anggota 500 lebih, perkumpulan para gadis cantik bak dewi Yunani, yang ketuanya sampai saat ini tidak diketahui.

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