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  • Influence me queer

    Influence me queer


    The novel depicts how a young straight ambassador gets turned to a gay lover

  • A Queer love story

    A Queer love story

    This is a story on how I met the boy of my dreams. This is the boy I want to spend the rest of my life with. We are both too shy to go for it, because we are both closeted, living in a conservative and homophobic city.[Sexual scenes between two homosexual boy]

  • Soul Ink: Queer Hearts (LGBT)

    Soul Ink: Queer Hearts (LGBT)


    Alistair will never meet his soulmate. It’s the truth he has to live with since he was seven.Xaika has learned that life never promises tomorrow. So she vows to always breathe for the here and now.Constantine feels trapped in a lie as she lives with what is supposed to be true and right.Olivier knows what should be but he finds his soul to be screaming for what cannot and will never be.Axel Han smiles with what he’s allowed to have, swallowing the bitter taste of never having enough of what’s not meant for him.It sure sounds bizarre that something as small as an ink mark on the junction between the thumb and index finger has so much control over people’s lives. But it’s a reality they have to live with.

  • queers


    Realistic Fiction TEEN

  • Luna the Queer Pirate Queen

    Luna the Queer Pirate Queen


    Follow Luna’s journey as she and her LGBTQ pirate crew go on adventures on the open sea, meeting people along the way that may or may not also be of the LGBTQ+ community! Not sure where this will go, but I’d though I’d give it a shot! To My Readers:please understand that while I’m a native English speak, grammar has never been my strong suit, however I love writing. This is a story that I created for a comic and drawing class in high school. The characters are all made by me, some might have been influenced by pop culture, music and yes maybe some anime. I will take criticism when it comes to grammar and sentence structure, in fact, I will gladly welcome it! So please don’t hesitate to tell me if you see any issues! I am obsessed with pirates so I will include little hints about the actual pirate life, as well as nods to real life famous pirates. This is supposed to be a bit of a comedy, and it will include an overabundance of LGBTQ+ related stuff, though I will try to not make the LGBTQ+ stuff the basis of any jokes, and if it is, it’s not going to be something I, a bisexual female, intend to cause harm. The main character Luna, is going to be a bit of the butt end of some of the jokes, most of which are short jokes. I made Luna to be like me a bit, and a bit of how I wish I was, but one thing that is the same is we are both short, we are both bi, and we are both huge animal lovers, the difference is, I love furry friends, she loves feathery friends. None of the characters are intentionally like any real people. If they are, it is purely accidental. Some were inspired by characters of fictional works, but not copy pasted, and if you feel like they might too much like a certain character, that could run into issues, please let me know! As a final note, I would love to one day have this turned into a webcomic, however I don’t have the computer skills to do so yet, if you would like to collaborate with me and make this into a full webcomic, comment on a chapter and we can talk about it! This is something that I built over the years and have just recently gotten the confidence to show the world, I hope you enjoy Luna and her LGBTQ+ crew, I hope you love the fun adventures they go on, their life stories they will discover, and the abundance of LGBTQ+ love and support!

  • Freshman queer’s

    Freshman queer’s


  • The Queer Emperor's Wife Is A Little Too Daring!

    The Queer Emperor's Wife Is A Little Too Daring!



    " I will love you far and beyond------If there exists eternity, I'll be there right behind you. For if by your side I find myself then where else could I be without you... "*********Excerpt:" Who are you? Why do you keep following me!""...because it's you?" A certain shameless purple eyed stalker retorted. " Why are you leaching off here for? Find someone else! ""...because it's you!" the certain unashamed purple eyed leacher explained. " Aaaahhh! Get lost you pervert! " " Well how can I?...because it's y..." even before Wu Jun Jie could retort back with his shameless speeches, Jun Ai Nian had already taken out a knife to castrate him! *****° Who said only male leads have to be cold and all powerful? Nah...they could be subservient right? ° Who said a hero can't be a weakling?...Well, who won't like the idea of having a ML playing the role of a damsel in distress! ° Who said a male lead has to always stand atop general masses?... He could just be whiny little fellow that feels no shame in hiding behind his wife! Well, when you have ---A dominating female lead possessing a very ruthless and cruel heart, a person with multiple personality disorder (well not quite so), has a serious case of obsession with money over handsome hunks! A mischievous, cunning and covetous male lead who acts cute (only in front of fl), has a serious case of typical ML jealously syndrome, is black bellied but a docile and filial husband through and through! --- A novel such as this is possible! *********Not every fantasy romance is unreal. For Love has never been a fantasy!Join in this fun filled sugery romance with a few fluffs here and a few thrills there with Jun Ai Nian and Wu Jun Jie whilst overcoming mysteries, schemes and thrills that lay in their paths.

  • I refuse to be maidenless but at what cost

    I refuse to be maidenless but at what cost


    Clothstain is a world that is empowered by sexual enlightenment, by understanding one sexual fetish, or sexual beliefs, or even by understanding and embracing one's sexuality on a deeper and much more spiritual level, one can awaken the ability to manipulate certain universal energy called Erotic force, through the aid of the Erotic core, a lawful concept that many people mistakes as an actual physical core as it acts as the heart of reaching one's true self, although not everyone could reach the basic level of enlightenment needed to manipulate this universal force that even the Gods are dependent on.Morgan is one of those many people who have no hopes of awakening, as he does not has the qualifications much less the deep understanding of his own sexual preferences to awaken in the first place, despite being the adopted grandson of the strongest Succubi slayer of the era, Sir. Joshua of the Cumsalot family, a fallen noble.But after his grandfather's death against a climax-ranked Succubi, his grandfather's last wish, was for him to stop being a pussy, and start getting some pussy, determined to not fail his grandfather, Morgan who was one of the Village herbalists finally got a girlfriend or so he thought because one year after his grandfather died, the woman he loved, didn't allow him to touch her, much less kiss her, and to make things worse he was Cucked by the village chief son who was a queer.And after being cursed by him with a curse that will make everyone around you, hate you, and despise you, he was pushed to the brink of suicide, until a mysterious book suddenly fell from the sky, and when he opened it, the book introduce itself as the Harem system and gave him a mission.[Greeting host I am the Harem system][Now creating Mission][The Main mission Thot begone has been created][Mission synopsis: Set your Ex-girlfriend on fire][Rewards: The skill of Gender manipulation, who doesn't want to turn into a woman and a male at will](A/N)Weekly goal10 power stones= 2 chapter release20 power stones= 4 chapters release50 power stones= 8 chapter release100 power stones = 14 chapters releaseStart voting now for more chapters guys_____________Ps: the arts not mines

  • My enemy from hell

    My enemy from hell


    A billionaire heiress was found unconscious in her apartment, with bruises on her skin and a severe head injury. The investigation carried out came to a conclusion that she was beaten by someone and was put in that state. After weeks of being unconscious in the hospital, she woke up with no memories of her family and friends, talk more of the accident. Her family, knowing that she could be in danger as they had no idea who the mastermind could be, did everything they could to keep her safe. But would that be enough? Would she finally be able to get her memories back and reveal the criminal? Would she be able to face the crowd with pride, considering the fact that her head injury sometimes made her do some crazy stuff, and rather humiliating things? Find out as you join Karen on this journey. And Jane, Karen's younger sister and only sibling also spices up this story. She's a tomboy, for some reasons which would later be unveiled in the story. Her hatred for guys drives her crazy, that she could do anything to get into a fight with them. She only kept female friends which created a suspicion among her friends that she could be queer. Enjoy!!

  • Crazy Like Fox

    Crazy Like Fox

    Fox McHardy leads a charmed life. Puget Sound penthouse, gorgeous boyfriend, jet-setting job -- everything he’s ever wanted, he’s gotten, including the heck out of the small Iowa town he grew up in. Even the trip he takes to Miami to surprise his boyfriend Jeremy is something of a long-shot wish fulfilled.<br><br>Until he arrives in South Florida.<br><br>Once things start to unravel, they do so with alarming speed, and he finds himself riding shotgun in a rented convertible with his new sworn enemy faster than he can say, “I want my old life back.”<br><br>During an unscheduled stop on the cross-country road trip From Hell, Fox passes up a perfectly good opportunity to keep his mouth shut and finds himself planning the town’s first legal gay wedding -- his own, to a man he’s pretty sure he should hate. But someone needs to set a positive example for the queer and questioning youth in this corner of Middle America and, after creatively arranging certain of the facts of his life more attractively, he is proud to offer himself up as a role model.<br><br>Small Town, USA, steps up; the grooms are widely celebrated, and generous offers of food, flowers, and picture-perfect venues pour in. The only real challenge will be keeping the lies straight and the truth under wraps until they can get out of town.

  • The Crow's Hunger

    The Crow's Hunger


    What if someone told you that spirits actually exist? And that there are poeple called exorcists who go out and exterminate them, well that's what John is. Slowly climbing his way up the ranks, John is a hard-working guy who would do absolutely anything to achieve his goal, but just how far will he actually go? *******I'm not really good at writing synopsis' but I still hope you'll read to atleast chapter 10 before giving your opinions! I hope you enjoy the read. Updates every Sunday, 6 pm, Hong Kong time.Take note there also some Lgbtq+ relationships and people, if you're going to spit some hate just because you're homophobic or you don't like queer people then please go ahead and leave.Don't worry there won't be too much romance, especially with the MC, but that doesn't mean there's none.Triger warnings: Torture, violence and mentions of sex*******.

  • Secret Santa

    Secret Santa

    The only Jewish person at Patterson and Associates, Micah Adler grudgingly participates in the office's "secret Santa" gift exchange at Christmas. But the gift that waits for him is a little surprising -- a brand-new box of condoms, with a suggestive, unsigned note attached.<br><br>In trying to figure out who might have sent the gift, he narrows it down to two coworkers: Brady or Jonathan. Both men are young, attractive, and single, like Micah himself, though if Micah had his choice, he'd pick Jonathan. He's harbored a not-so-secret crush on the guy ever since they met when Micah began working at the firm. But Micah knows it's a hopeless cause -- Jonathan is straight, and said as much when Micah first hit on him months ago.<br><br>Since Brady is gay, Micah suspects the condoms and other sexually-themed presents he receives are either a gag gift from one queer to another or a blatant offer to spend the holiday with someone else. When the trio decide to go out after work on Christmas Eve, Micah thinks he'll get a chance to flirt with Brady and see where the evening might end.<br><br>But is Brady really Micah's secret Santa? Or does Jonathan have something he wants to confess?

  • #IceCreamSundae


    Tourist season at Lake Wallenpaupack means a break in the monotony of Alexi’s life. They’ve been secretly advertising the ice cream parlor they work at through the Foodspotting app, hoping that will bring even more customers. One such customer is Eli, a recent addition to the area with a bright and open disposition that Alexi is drawn to immediately. And since Eli is demisexual, Alexi welcomes him into their friend group of other queer twenty-somethings.<br><br>The more Alexi gets to know Eli, the more smitten they are. If only they didn’t have crippling self-esteem issues, problems at home with their dad, and enough emotional baggage to fill a freight train. They’re desperate to get out of that rut so they can have space in their heart for someone like Eli. After years of playing a passive role, making the first steps towards change might prove too much for them.

  • THE SOLSTICE (Boys Love)

    THE SOLSTICE (Boys Love)


    Discontinued: Please read Soul Ink: Queer Hearts instead

  • Daily life of a gay immortal

    Daily life of a gay immortal


    Ayden Is an immortal walking this plane join her as she figure out the world and everything queer. o(≧v≦)oAlso this is an lgbta+ plus book so if you don't like it don't read it okay? ( 'Д')y━・~~

  • Prometheus Project

    Prometheus Project

    Space.An infinite expanse filled to the brim with both endearing beauties and unthinkable terrors.In a day and age far beyond into the future, psionically gifted and/or cybernetically enhanced individuals walk the streets as daily citizens.Humanity has succeeded in colonising entire solar systems and yet the inlying faults of humanity still remain.Bandits and marauders roam backwater worlds, where the reach of the human interstellar nations are waning, giving them free reign to do as they please.On top of this, the notions of jealousy and rivalries still continued to persist within humanity as they brought the rivalries and feuds from Earth and into the stars.However, dangerous bandits and warring human nations aren't the only thing to fear in this 'new world.'Humanity isn't the only species to reach the stars.Alien species with queer or odd physicalities and strange cultures threaten humanity at every turn.And far beyond them, there are the Cosmic Horrors whose very existence was enough to threaten entire solar systems.And yet, there was a threat greater still than the Cosmic Horrors comparable to that of Gods.And that was a mere human.A mere human with an idea.

  • Taohua ; Story of the peach blossom spirit

    Taohua ; Story of the peach blossom spirit


    Everyone desires to become a god. Immorality and the desire to control people destinies is too appealing to be rejected. Everyone aspire to find love . Even if it ends up tearing them apart. In the past ; A peach blossom spirit and a fisherman. In the present , A mortal and a demon. Fate is cruel and the gods love cruel jokes. Rose /Taohua looked up to the sky and yelled. "Even if you break my bones into a thousand pieces , even if you rip my heart out in every reincarnation , even if my flesh is craved from my bones ; I'll keep loving him !!!" #Fated love , #Supernatural creatures , #Queer characters , #Queer undertones , #Complicated gender identities due to reincarnation , #Angst, #Sad side stories, #Guarranted happy ending.

  • Rainbow Tales

    Rainbow Tales

    The twelve stories in this collection are queer twists on familiar fairy tales and folklore. From Snow White to Baba Yaga, a whole new world -- where stepmothers aren’t always evil and beasts aren't necessarily fearsome -- is waiting to be explored.<br><br>Will Sleeping Beauty wake up to who she really is and wants to be with? How will Wendy escape from the clutches of Hook and find Everland? What will the Huntsman do with Snow White, and how will kissing a frog change a princess’ life?

  • Author Roleplay script

    Author Roleplay script

    Fantasy Romance SYSTEM

    You can read but please don't use it, unless if you want to collabs with me.Roleplay Audio/ASMRF4M = Romance, GFE, EtcF4A = Fantasy, Horror, Etc (no romance)F4F = Best friend, comfort, Etc (not romance)I'm a girl and I'm not queer so I do romance only for Male.

  • The Boyfriend Season and Other Stories

    The Boyfriend Season and Other Stories

    A man can fall in and out of love with a simple cheek-kiss, commit tender crimes of the heart, and enjoy gay passion to its fullest.<br><br>Who wouldn’t like to fall in love with a sexy medium in “Run Like a Girl?” What happened “Last Night on Smithfield Street,” when two attractive men collide for the first time? And who is the mysterious, queer vampire who shares a “Tongue-Bite” with each of his victims?<br><br>In the title story, radio show host Kye Shore wants to marry soon. Could a snowy weekend in the woods cause him to fall in love with Mr. Right, or will it forever be "The Boyfriend Season?" In “Jogger,” a young, muscular athlete is being stalked, but has he fallen for his stalker? And why is “Kai’s Underwear” being mailed to James Anthony’s apartment? What bizarre and sexy game is transpiring in his so-called normal life?<br><br>The ten short stories in this collection embrace the lives of queer men, their lust-driven lovers, and boyfriend relationships both romantic and problematic.