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    Kasey Okamoto, a responsible student, and daughter of a well-known restaurant owner in Japan. Even though she came from a well-off family she still chooses to work as a model to earn her own money together with her older brother. She was just a normal and typical teenage girl living her senior high school life until her world suddenly turned upside down as the cheerful, lively, and optimistic Kasey disappeared. Now, that she's in the Philippines with her grandfather, she decided to change herself, as well as to forget and recover from all of the pain and traumatic experiences that came into her life. And, when she met and got to know more about Nice Tolentino together with his close friends at their campus she thought that it might be a stepping stone to heal and forget her painful and traumatic past. At first, she hated Nice for being rude, but, eventually will she fall for him? But, what if, Nice unexpectedly learns about her past, what if he found out the reason why does she act that way towards them. Will it make him get closer and slowly fall in love with her? Or, he already likes her since the first time they met. Will it make him understand her and fall for her more? What if Kasey falls in love with Nice? Will this bring their current relationship closer? What if those people she wishes so badly to forget come back and appear once again in her life? Is she ready to face her past again and start a new one with Nice?

  • The Challenger's Return: Rebirth of the Rainbow Mage

    The Challenger's Return: Rebirth of the Rainbow Mage



    In his past life, he climbed to the 69th floor, and reached the limit of his potential. Now, reborn, he has returned to the past, when the almighty Tower first summoned him. He will work his way up again, step by careful step. This time, he will climb to the top. ************************************************************ Join Our Official Discord! https://discord.gg/jNf9NZdT2B

  • Gazing at the Rainbow

    Gazing at the Rainbow


    This novel centers around the story of a career rookie called Lin Yao, who coincidentally becomes one of Lingyun Industry’s employees. After various bizarre ordeals, she gradually matures through her experiences.

  • Legendary Armament Canon

    Legendary Armament Canon



    When Zhou Shu woke up, he learned that he had become a Forging Apprentice at a workshop in the Forging Division of the Great Xia empire. [The standard long saber you forged effectively completed a kill. You are rewarded with the Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique.] [The Holy Sword Rainbow Abyss you forged effectively completed a kill. You are rewarded with the Hundred Steps Flying Swords.] [The halberd you forged effectively completed a kill. You are rewarded with the Talent Refreshing Pill.] [The Large Que Bow you forged effectively completed a kill. You are rewarded with ten years of cultivation.]

  • Rainbow sign

    Rainbow sign

  • Chasing Rainbow

    Chasing Rainbow

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    They say that love can make you blind. Is it?Is it love that makes you blind? Or, you just make yourself blind because of love?AN:Hello, it's your author here. First things, I want to say that this is my first time writing a book with romance as the main genre. So, be prepared to read a not so good romance. Also, this is the first time I make a story with a female as the main character. So, the line will be a little bit awkward. But, please give this story a read.I make this story as a short one. There is only one chapter and probably around 8000 words.Can I make it longer? Yes.Can I make it better if I make this story longer? Probably not.I don't want to ruin the story just for the sake of making it longer. So, please read the story, it won't take you a long time to read it as it only has one chapter.Lastly, this story is inspired by a few songs from Yoasobi and, no, I haven't watched or read the movie or manga where the songs were made as a soundtrack or based from.Thanks to those who have read the story and I will try to make more short story to train myself and make a longer one when I am confident enough to not ruin the story and has good enough template to make one.See you in another story.Your author.

  • Rainbow Skies

    Rainbow Skies


    He never dreamed of loving a woman because he himself was a woman's heart. He has not been out with his family yet because he does not want to be beaten by his father.He pretends like he was sturdy as a rock but deep inside? He was a yielding doll.He's Gabrielle Giuseppe Fernandez, The Great Barbie of His Own Way.And he will meet someone 'opposite' him. A women who really don't trip 'gays' but will definitely fall in love.But compared to Gagi-Gabrielle Giuseppe, she was accepted by her family.She named Galaxy Golden Manansala, The Ultimate Ken and the Apple of the Eye of Everyone.Will they learn to love one another even though they are both 'invincible' in their eyes?

  • Rainbow Criminals

    Rainbow Criminals


    After losing her memory on the car accident, Verlene's family and friends decided to keep her past from her.At first she was eager to remember anything about herself but she suddenly get tired of asking.She live a happy but chaotic life as a commander of Rainbow Criminals,that consist of 7 member.Every each of then is from the most wealthy and strongest family of assassins,mafias and swordsmen.They are considered as the pride of the Great Mafia Empire. the team that assign to haunt down Ron Sachiko and father Alexander Lee the former boss of the Empire and become a rival for some reason.She considered her team as a second family and she do everything just to protect them and make them happy.While on a mission an incident happen causing Verlene to remember some of her lose memories. She find's out the secret of their empire that they hiding from her for the entire time.After knowing the truth, she had to decide weather to take revenge or continue living her currently life.

  • White Rainbow

    White Rainbow

    The is my fiction that I am planning to publish on Webnovel. It is a type of womance, romance between girl and girl, but no deep love scene of them. Though, I don't recommend you to read my novel, for I will update its chapter once in six months.

  • Rainbow Squad

    Rainbow Squad

    I obviously don't own Rainbow Six Siege (so none of these are my characters) but I am writing this as more of a tactical thing.

  • Colorless Rainbow

    Colorless Rainbow

    Video Games ROMANCE R18 BL

    Denis Escobar is an engineering student, one day his path bumps into a man named Frank, they get to know each other,they have faced many problems together.They are happy with each other but they did'nt know what is in them.As time goes on, their relationship deepens, but there is a big secret that will startle Denis, a secret that can be broken their friendship, can their deepening relationship continue? can one forgive the mistake? or will the other fight to be continue their relationship,or it will be just a friendship?Is denis will give up?Are they two will seperate ways to find their own happiness?

  • Rainbow Pearl

    Rainbow Pearl


    Anak nelayan yang menjalani kehidupan biasa sampai suatu ketika dia mendapatkan mutiara pelangi yang mengubah hidup nya

  • Summer Rainbow

    Summer Rainbow

    Jung Yunhee, 23 Years Old who has graduated from fashion degree has started her internship today at A largest company in Korea, SH Group. In her first day, she and other four intern will start their internship that accepted. they are Seo Jihoo, Na Jihye, Park Yoochan and Cha Inwoo. they have same age and decide became friends. Yunhee's dream is actually become A Famous Designer. but because of her condition, she must find a job for paying her house. She has a secret and left from her home 5 years ago.when she was child, Yunhee often visit an orphanage with her parent to help other kids like her age. she often playing alone coz her parent busy to help as volunteer in there.but in one day, there was also a boy and his parent who visit her orphanage and he's also playing with her in everytime he visit orphanage with his parent.now, she's living alone. she works as part timer in mini market and BBQ restaurant for paying her tuition for her college and paying her home. one of her intern friend, Seo Jihoo actually also have a secret. who is him? and how Yunhee adapted with her life as intern in fashion company? check this out and always wait for this story. happy watching

  • love rainbow

    love rainbow

  • Rainbow Guardians

    Rainbow Guardians


  • Rainbow Pandemonium

    Rainbow Pandemonium


    I have a question. Is it normal to get kidnapped and have your sister become a sacrifice? No? Thought so, but sadly that's what happens to me and my younger sister! After being summoned to another world with my younger sister, they declare her the saintess and take her away to be sacrificed in four years' time to save their world from a horde of demons. Now I'm on a quest to solve the mystery of the cursed rainbow to gain the power to save her! Wish me luck cus I'm gonna need it!

  • Rainbow royalty

    Rainbow royalty

    Join Phoenix,Lily and Sunday as they try to hide and escape their past lives. When a reward is place to whoever can find the Blue princess the trio set out to try and claim the prize, there’s just one problem the princess went missing 3 years ago!!!, they will have to discover friendship,magic and themselves to solve the mystery.

  • Soaring Rainbow

    Soaring Rainbow


    The irrepressible cycle arrives. Thousand explosions herald its coming. Heaven, Sea and Earth become smaller stages. Actors on the cosmic chessboard sing the painting of the past. Immemorial travelers swim through the endless fabric with funeral letters. High eyes of the infinite crystal tower watch the war of the present heroes. Faced with the marks, labels and symbols imposed by fate, who will resign? ... On that fateful day, ordinary families and random people from all over the world were teleported to another dimension. There, they learn that the former world they lived in was false! However, the real shock came when they announced that these same families and people would have to fight each other in a deadly game to entertain powerful entities from beyond! In this ocean of uncertainty, follow the journey of Loreto Esmorte and his family who are looking for a way out of this nightmare!--- Cover art: Unfortunately, I could not find the magnificent one who created it. If you are the so one, warn me in case you want me to remove it.

  • Rainbow soul

    Rainbow soul


    We are born alone and die alone, but what if there is a possibility of returning to earth after death? Does it matter that you are born of a different kind, this time male....? What do you do if you fall in love with your best friend? Do you choose to tell him this or do you sacrifice for his happiness?The choices we make, are part of us ...

  • Rainbow Tales

    Rainbow Tales

    The twelve stories in this collection are queer twists on familiar fairy tales and folklore. From Snow White to Baba Yaga, a whole new world -- where stepmothers aren’t always evil and beasts aren't necessarily fearsome -- is waiting to be explored.<br><br>Will Sleeping Beauty wake up to who she really is and wants to be with? How will Wendy escape from the clutches of Hook and find Everland? What will the Huntsman do with Snow White, and how will kissing a frog change a princess’ life?