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  • tmnt yaoi

    tmnt yaoi


    a yaoi fanfic with your favorite turtles Leo donnie mikey and raph

  • lania uni, finn, san uni

    lania uni, finn, san uni

    during the cold war between united state and germany, the united state marine chieftain ordered his troops to eliminate every single person that lives in a state called bavaria in germany, because he believe that will stop the war cause that the state where germany get their war equipment. he succeeded in accomplishing his goal, and the germany army retreated from united state border. but while one of his troop was massacring people in the street of munich, he saw a helpless young boy about 8 years old he sat next to an uncompleted building with two corpse laying in front of him, those were his parent. the soldier couldn't resit a helpless young boy so he picked the boy up and smuggled him into the united state. he later on put the boy in foster home before he was assassinated by the cheiftain, caused the cheiftain had found out what he had done. after years the boy swears to get his revenge on the united state marine for what they had did to his family.

  • Love in Disguise (The promise)

    Love in Disguise (The promise)

    This is a love story between Nathan and Sarah, a love filled with deceit, betrayal and pain.. 2 days ago Nathan met with an airplane accident where the plane had crashed into an ocean where he was driven by the waves of the ocean which led him to an unknown destination place. This incident led to his lose of memory, having being declared dead by the police after search; how will Sarah cope with the tragic news of her long awaited love?.How will Nathan cope in his new environment without his of memory?will he come back to his love or adapt to his new?

  • realm sych

    realm sych

  • the story of two different type of people who fell in love

    the story of two different type of people who fell in love

  • Once Upon A Time : Love Me Your Grace

    Once Upon A Time : Love Me Your Grace

    Livia Larodi, si bungsu dan wanita satu-satunya dalam keluarga, pergi ke Inggris untuk membuktikan pada kedua saudaranya bahwa ia mampu mandiri tanpa mereka. Sayangnya, di perjalanan ia kehilangan semua barangnya. Keesokan harinya, ia menemukan dirinya berada di suatu ruangan asing. Raphael, Duke of Standford, hanya mampu mencintai 1 wanita dalam hidupnya. Tapi wanita itu mencampakkannya, membuat ia menjadi lelaki dingin berhati baja. Ia tak percaya cinta sampai gadis asing tak diundang memasuki rumahnya. Mereka tak seharusnya bertemu, mereka terlalu jauh berbeda. Tapi takdir berkata lain, mampukah Livia membuat Raph mencintainya? Bisakah Raph percaya bahwa Livia berbeda? Atau malah, mereka akan belajar, bahwa cinta tak harus memiliki?

  • Recovery Maniac

    Recovery Maniac

    Follow Sen, who prioritizes the recovery stat over limitless strength, complex spells, or amazing speed, for his journey through Raphe a game-like world open to all of humanity.

  • Kisah Petualangan Clara

    Kisah Petualangan Clara


    Clara mengutuk takdirnya yang malang. Dia terlahir dengan kondisi khusus di mana kematiannya sudah tak terelakkan. Saat berbaring menunggu ajal menjemput, akhirnya roda takdir berputar. Clara bertemu dengan eksistensi aneh bernama Raph. Dengan bantuannya Clara akhirnya bisa dengan bebas berkeliaran seperti yang selalu ia impikan. Sayangnya ia hanya memiliki tambahan waktu sepuluh tahun. Dengan ini tujuannya sudah jelas. Ia akan berpetualang dan menggapai harapan tipis demi bertahan hidup. Namun siapa sangka, ketika dia akan mendaftar Aliansi Petualang dia malah terlibat insiden merepotkan.

  • Her Vindictive Heart

    Her Vindictive Heart


    Hate is a superpower. It strengthens even the weakest people. That’s what Kaycynt has proven over time. She strived to be the best she could be, for her return to Country X her ammunition was enough to overthrow Raphe McClenn, the man who ruined her family and looted their wealth. But he is missing. And one of his children, Jared, is the key for her to find Raphe. Kaycynt made Jared fall for her. It was supposed to be easy. But not. Because the man was so different from his father she hated him so much. She couldn't make him fall for her without her falling for him as well. How is it that she has been fighting for justice for sixteen years? Will she ever have her mission accomplished?NOTE:• image is not mineP.S.♧I'm not a professional author therefore I'm not perfect in my grammar. So from time to time I might edit chapters if theres a need to correct it.

  • #Beauty  In Eyes Of Beholder

    #Beauty In Eyes Of Beholder

    #Freya Coleman = FEMALE LEAD#Leon Russell = MALE LEADTROOP=PLUTO, ORANGE FREYAS COMRADES # MEMBER OF PLUTO AND ORANGE AGE CODE Alex DeLuca 31 (Tiger) #highest military authority #captain of ‘ORANGE’ Aster Coleman 24 (Earth) #cousin of Freya/sniper Collin Russell 26 (fire) #assistant/sniper #cousin of Leon Russell Samuel Aras. 26 (wind) #family friend of Coleman #friend to Elle Coleman Gabriel Volker 27 (ice) #hacker #childhood friend of Freya and Coleman @FAMILY OF FREYA@ Marco Coleman #grandpa 89#retired commissioner general & businessman Dominic Coleman #father 57 #businessman Sara Coleman #mother 49 #musician Elle Coleman #brother. 26#businessman Suzan Coleman Changed from Costa #adopted sister. 22 #Inheriting Sara Coleman business FREYAS FRIEND Raphe (unknown) #protector and brother of Freya #same organization Maria Willow #Acting C.E.O OF ‘R a F I a Corp and R a F I a Tech’ #friend of Freya, same organization. 24 FAMILY OF LEON George Russell #grandpa. 91 #friend of Marco Coleman #ex-mafia leader businessman Collin Russell #cousin of Leon 26 #comrade of Freya LEON RUSSELL’S BUSINESS AND MAFIA MEMBERS Andrew Volker #assistant/friend 31 #right hand of Leon #older brother of Gabriel Volker (comrade of Freya) Noel Sullivan #left hand of Leon. 32 #friend /advisor/hacker Some characters will be added later. The age I may have written incorrectly please neglect that part. Its a chemistry attraction and revenge kind of novel with a strong characters where the female lead is a high ranking official secret soldier and the male lead with high posing lead of dark king in mafia and a cold king in the business world in the country..Due to a fatal accident they find themselves in lead to lead ..plz be sure to read my novel.And theres a suspence with thriller in the story be tuned to webnovel And be AWARE TO VOTE!?

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