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    REALISTIC FICTION is a genre consisting of stories that could have actually occurred to people or animals in a believable setting. These stories resemble real life, and fictional characters within these stories react similarly to real people.13-Jan-2022

  • realistic finale

    realistic finale

  • Realistic Imagination

    Realistic Imagination

    Greg has a wonderful mind and an even more powerful imagination.He is left alone 99% of the time and all he does is fantasize, until he realises that he's fantasies sometimes feel real to him... Some scientist figure this out and want help him, Greg complies but doesn't know that with every deed comes an ulterior motive..

  • Realistic(life)


  • Realistic Ruthar

    Realistic Ruthar

    He was a little poor guy in a town he is working a some heavy duty for the lamp downing he is addicted him to these circle of addicted people like a alcohol and some stuff one day he realised they are all for think to him he is just a use and throw cup he decided to make a move to avoid that things

  • DROPPED - Realistic Writer

    DROPPED - Realistic Writer

    Fantasy ACTION

    DROPPED'I'm the only one who doesn't treat this world like a game.'He has wrote countless realistic novels, which slowly gained traction, until he was the most popular of the realism genre. But then, towers appeared in the world changing landscapes with them, and people found out they had game-like systems with abilities, and just like that, the world's genre changed to fantasy.Follow the our writer MC as he ventures through the altered world with realistic lens.

  • Realistic  Cinderella

    Realistic Cinderella

    As the most popular girl in her high school. Jae seong was beautiful and confident...always cheerful and a loving friend. Another way to define her--Perfect.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------But her perfect self always changes as soon as she reaches home. The thing called perfect was just a cover in front of others. She had problem trusting people, she had problem in confidence,not always cheerful...even though surrounded by friends always lonely.Her mom found her dad cheating. Ever since its been 5 years she last saw her mom and dad.Will she ever overcome her problems?Will she ever be able to love someone again?Can she overcome her past traumas?(Based on real life story)

  • Realistic Rebirth

    Realistic Rebirth

    Realistic Fiction REINCARNATION

    A short story about what really would happen if you were reincarnated, or reborn.

  • Realistic Fantasy

    Realistic Fantasy

  • Realistic Poems

    Realistic Poems

    Here you will find realistic poems based on personal experiences. I just like writing poems so I’m not professional in that field. If you like poetry this is a good place to read my work and if you want to interact and express your own perspective of my poem feel free to do so. :)

  • Being Realistic

    Being Realistic

  • ??My realistic life??

    ??My realistic life??

  • Simi realistic reincarnation into Naruto

    Simi realistic reincarnation into Naruto



    I am picking this back up. But my release rate will be slow. After all, I feel like people will read this if I write well. And I will go for actual chapters, eg 5000 words plus.

  • How to be realistic in life

    How to be realistic in life

    Hy i am here to tell you that people living in fantasy can't enjoy the real taste of life you wanna be realistic to enjoy life

  • Ideal love becomes realistic

    Ideal love becomes realistic

  • Reincarnated Realist In Another World

    Reincarnated Realist In Another World



    "They say that no man is an island, but an island can be conquered by man." Grant Maximilian, a wealthy man who owned the wealthiest corporate giant in the present world had died. And as he thought it was the end, he had woken up in a small run-down mansion, waking up from a fever, surrounded by maids. He had been reborn, however his name remained the same. As the heir to the doomed-land of Hellsburg, he will now begin to create his kingdom from scratch. [ Hello there! The author here. I'd appreciate it if you can comment down your critiques about it! Also, if I don't respond to your reviews, it means that I can't see it somehow. Please do rewrite it just in case!]

  • Cronos: this cruel and realistic travel

    Cronos: this cruel and realistic travel

  • stuck on realistic game

    stuck on realistic game

    cerita ini menceritakan tentang anak umur 14 tahun yang bernama Midori ouma yang tanpa sengaja terperangkap dalam dunia game untuk selamanya game yg dimainkan Midori sangat lah unik dan menarik yuk baca ceritanya

  • The realistic me(history breaker)

    The realistic me(history breaker)

    The realistic story on me...(The life changing day)

  • realistic hippie in another world

    realistic hippie in another world

    want novel about badass hero that kill everything in is way?one that no one can stop him?so it not for you my story is about guy that fall to another world and get system but he can kill anythingso how he going to survive will he get back home?read and find out hey i working on my English so if there any mistake tell me and i will fix them.