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  • A tale of religious falling

    A tale of religious falling


    In a world of gods, angels, demons, and dragons, Nicholas only ever wanted to be a cleric. Climbing the hierarchy of the temple order of Sol will grant him his wish or will it?

  • Religiously Romantic

    Religiously Romantic


    Lucia is next in line to lead her people, a group entirely devoted to the religion of the ancient Saint King, Darius, who freed the world from a demonic calamity. Lucia's ancestors fled to a hidden island in order to escape religious persecution, worshipping their God for decades undetected by the tyrannical government who outlawed worship of any being or power except themselves. Despite Lucia's fate of becoming the next Holy Patriarch to lead the refugees, She's secretly an Atheist! A quite blatant one at that.... Fearing a future of constant prayers and rituals, she runs away in an attempt to awaken her non-existent faith, only then will she feel worthy of her people who have sacrificed so much for their beliefs. But to her surprise, on an ancient watchtower at the heart of the mighty Saint king's Ancient empire, the pendant of her ancestors sucks her into the era that the Saint king supposedly walked the planet. Lucia meets the very real not-yet crowned Prince Darius of Elicia, the Saint king her people worshipped. Only, when she encounters him he's only 18 years old and just like her, hated by his people and uncertain about who he's meant to be. Lucia finds that she shares the same problems he does, Being restrained by responsibility at birth. They find themselves undeniably drawn to each other's counsel Luckily, with the help of the holy books Lucia was forced to read as a child, she knows of every move his enemies will make and how to further increase his glorious rise into godhood But how could she fall in love with the very God she constantly cursed at for being the root of all her problems..…….? ----------------------------------------------- Genres: War, Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Comedy Note: I by no means own the cover art, and am happy to take it down by request More than Happy to accept any critique!

  • VMW on Religious lie. LOGIC.

    VMW on Religious lie. LOGIC.

    Well I know y'all knows about sport, but theirs something you have to know that will blow your mind about sports. We all in the world loves sport but we don't know how important sport is to us. Let all be part of sport. In Addy you might come across a well nice and better at article writing by me. That might not relate to sport. Thanks for reading. Much love.

  • Religiously Broken

    Religiously Broken


    Oliver is of course religiously broken. family torn apart, friends nonexistent. The only hope he has is his best friend, the one that moved away long ago but still contacts in secrecy... and of course the shocking truth of who he is... no, what he is. Can Oliver Everstein overcome the hardships he is forced to face for his one and only friend and the sake of survival?

  • The Over-Break System

    The Over-Break System



    What if I told you, right now, everything you know about what happens after death is a lie? What if I told you that there is no afterlife after death, just an endless cycle of reincarnation after wiping your memory? What if I told you that there is a way out of the cycle of reincarnation and all you have to do is wear a religious artifact, and if you die with it on, you are given the opportunity to reincarnate into a world of your choice while keeping your memories? Would you take it...or would you continue with the mundane cycle that has gone on since the beginning of time?This is a story about two brothers, one is a responsible police officer, the other a heartless weeb, who died during WW3 and are offered the opportunity to reincarnate into another world as brothers once more. Upon their death, they are summoned to a mysterious Realm named the Hall of Gods, where they obtain a Game-like System from the Raven God Odin and The God of Light Yahweh. Once the system, named The Over-Break System, is installed into their souls, the brothers are Reincarnated into a massive, ever-expanding, technologically advanced fantasy world called Vinestra, as newborn babies with the names, Cynrik and Brance Jetlensr.But, in Vinestra, things aren't as they seem. Several types of Spatial Tears called "Egresses" frequently open up to an unknown dimension where monsters who drop items when killed spawn. Cynrik and Brance, under the watchful eye of their respective Deities, learn how to utilize their new system, to become powerful existences who wield Mana like their plaything. But are they in control of their lives, or are the Deities?((THIS STORY IS WRITTEN IN A VERY SPECIFIC WESTERN FORMAT, WHERE CERTAIN CHARACTERS WILL BE HIGHLIGHTED IN CERTAIN WAYS MORE THAN OTHERS! AT ITS CORE THIS STORY DOES HAVE 2 MAIN CHARACTERS EVEN IF EARLY ON IT DOES NOT SEEM THAT WAY!))Commissioned Cover Art Made By series is exclusively published on WebNovel if you are reading it anywhere else...You Wrong, Fam. PS Check out the discord,

  • Reincarnated at Level Two Million

    Reincarnated at Level Two Million



    *Volume 1 has been completed, new update schedule for July: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday ESTGary's retirement was supposed to be a joyous event. Now he must start over in a new world. The only hitch is God messed up and made him way overpowered. Will he be able to live a normal life with a level of 2,000,000 when the average level of the planet is 15?!This is my first attempt at writing again since my father's cancer was found. I hope that I am able to still write at the level you all find enjoyable. Making you the reader happy has always been one of my greatest joys and I hope it can lift me out of this difficult time.A word of warning before you partake in the tale. This is not a harem. This is not about some edge lord. This is a tale of an ordinary man who was forced into extraordinary events. Its a tale of a journey from being a simple yes man (some would say beta) to becoming more assertive. The main character gets abused a lot in this book, just a warning in advance since that offends some people. That is what is required to push him to become more assertive… regardless thanks for reading, I read every chapter comment and independent paragraph comment, I don’t get notifications about replies.Another notice: Please don’t try to apply the logic of earth to the characters in this book, it is a different universe with different behaviors and rules…Trigger Warning: The MC loses his memory for around 16 chapters.Disclaimer: The gods and goddesses in this book are all made up. Please do not apply your personal religious beliefs on them. They are a set of fictional characters created for enjoyment. As the roman, greek, and norse gods these gods and goddesses have a gender and are not some genderless enigmatic omnipresent being. They behave and act a lot like normal people and should be treated as just another character.Discord: you are still reading this??? There’s a book you can read you know…Okay… seriously the book is just one click away…

  • This book will be telling us how to work on our religious status to be

    This book will be telling us how to work on our religious status to be

  • When a witch falls in love with a religious mortal. Things get chaotic

    When a witch falls in love with a religious mortal. Things get chaotic

  • KHITBAH : Bukan Cerita Religi

    KHITBAH : Bukan Cerita Religi

    Semua orang pasti pernah pacaran. Emang iya? Emang bener?Lah, gimana jalannya kalau bukan pacaran kalau mau nikah kalau bukan lewat pacaran?"Lef, makanya geh pacaran biar tahu rasanya pacaran!" celetuk Fizza."Fizza... Kan kamu tahu tipe cowokku tuh gimana?! Kamu nggak pengertian banget sih...!" Balas Olef."Makanya nyari cowok ya yang biasa aja. Ekspektasi Lee Minho, realitynya Kak Ega. Gimana mau punya pacar tulah!"Olef termenung di hadapan jendela kamar tidurnya. Iya berpikir, dalam hatinya. Masa iya, udah kuliah gini aku belum pernah pacaran? Di kampus yang isinya mayoritas cowok gini, masa aku nggak bisa sih nemuin seorang pacar?Akankah Olef mendapatkan cowok yang diidam-idamkannya? Apakah pacaran adalah satu-satunya jalan untuk Olef menemukan jodohnya?

  • Talent Swallowing Hero

    Talent Swallowing Hero


    "There is no fairness in this godforsaken world" - Leo -------- With the appearance of the ferocious beasts and hideous monsters, humanity was on the verge of extinction. As humanity lost its hope, a few otherworldly beings referred to themselves as ‘Gods’ appeared and helped humans in creating new cities from the rumbles. Before leaving the world, they left a special gift that could help the humans awaken their talents hidden deeply in their bodies as there were still monsters and beasts outside these newly created cities. With the help of their newly awakened talents, the humans started fighting the monsters and beasts on their own. That’s the beginning of a new chapter in human history as humans started becoming heroes. In such a world, a 12-year-old kid was framed for theft and the murder of his adoptive parents by some powerful heroes. Furthermore, they even planned to kill him and make his body disappear to avoid future trouble. However, after 10 years, he returned to the city with a different name to take revenge against those so-called powerful heroes while trying to find out the reason behind the death of his adoptive parents. “I don’t know exactly who you are and why you did that, but I will find out even if I have to kill all the powerful heroes in the city.” Standing in front of the gates of the Phirie city, Leo muttered to himself with a cold look on his face. ******* Disclaimer: The following story is purely fictional and the plot is not to be associated with actual historical or religious records. All characters and plots in this book are totally fictional. There is no intentional disrespect shown to any community. Please be understanding towards the plot and read it as fictional. This story is purely created for the readers’ entertainment purposes. PS:- I don't own the cover.

  • Devil's Fruit (21+)

    Devil's Fruit (21+)



    "Aku tau aku ini hasil dari pembuahan terlarang yang tak bisa terelakkan. Bahkan aku tau kekuatanku yang sebenarnya dan aku sangat membenci itu. Aku berharap aku tak pernah ada jika hidupku selalu dalam teror seksualitas yang mati-matian aku hindari." Andrea merasa hidupnya jungkir balik saat mendekati usia 17 tahun, dimana dia akhirnya tau bahwa dia adalah keturunan salah satu raja iblis Incubus di Underworld. Cambion. Itulah sebutan baru bagi dirinya. Apakah dia nantinya akan memiliki tanduk? Apakah dia nanti akan berwajah seram? Berekor? Yang jelas, Andrea tidak menyukai kekuatan barunya. Kekuatan yang membuatnya menarik perhatian para lelaki. Kekuatan yang membuatnya harus terus lari dan dilindungi. Sedangkan Dante, seorang Nephilim yang berhasrat naik ke Surga, dia harus membunuh 100 keturunan Iblis agar bisa menjadi seorang Angel. Dan Andrea merupakan target buruan ke-99. Namun, ketika feromon gadis itu terlalu menggoda, Dante menghadapi dua pilihan: tetap membunuh Andrea? Atau justru memiliki Andrea untuk dirinya sendiri? WARNING: - HANYA UNTUK PEMBACA BERUSIA DI ATAS 17 TAHUN - ERO-FIC - TIDAK UNTUK MANUSIA SUCI & ANAK-ANAK - VULGAR & EKSPLISIT - BEBERAPA DIALOG MEMAKAI BAHASA GAUL & KASAR - TAK PERLU MEMBAWA SARA KE KOMENTAR KALIAN KARENA INI BUKAN NOVEL RELIGI!

  • The Ascension Age

    The Ascension Age



    (This book has been Cancelled)The Big Bang! It's the phenomenon known for being responsible for the Universe's birth. Except for those who were religious fanatics, most people had already come to at least partially accept this theory. As years passed, more proof that the Big Bang was the phenomenon that gave birth to the Universe continued to appear. At some point, religions ceased to exist as the claims of science simply couldn't be refuted anymore. Humanity had finally accepted as a whole that in this Universe, such a thing as gods didn't exist... or did they?However, humanity would soon find out that the Big Bang was just part one. That infinitesimally small point where the Big Bang originated... was still there! The Second Big Bang, which had a purpose unlike the first one, was about to begin.

  • Married to God of Death

    Married to God of Death


    It was an unbelievable surprise for Feng Zixin to be suddenly thrown into a world where he didn't even the body of a stranger, his soul became trapped...there was no turning back, even if he wanted to. Zixin was able to pull himself together until he discovered he had been married to an unknown woman named Yu Yan, who claimed to be the daughter of a powerful mage. Her father offered her to him as a ritual sacrifice. That lowly mage thought he could obtain black magic power by offering his daughter to the underworld god...a heinous act! Zixin decided not to kill that innocent woman and instead took her in as his wife. But that was just the start of his misery... Heaven's gods were hesitant to accept his decision to marry a human in the underworld. No matter what one believes... Heaven and the underworld were places where only gods could reside... Alive beings were not permitted to enter... Zixin was dethroned as god and banished to the mortal world alongside Yu Yan. From there, his only goal was to triumph over this injustice, reclaim his position as god of the underworld, and discover the reason for his reincarnation in this body. But things did not go exactly as planned...he was obligated to look after Yu Yan, who was so delicate and troublesome. __________________________________________________________ We have read the love stories of main protagonists but this is a love story of antagonist. He who will fight for her against whole world. A story focused on male lead's view. Note: This my imaginary creation of netherworld and their deities, it has nothing to do with myths and religious beliefs. Cover: it's not mine, taken from pinterest. Happy reading..( ╹▽╹ )




    Derik James, a 17 years old boy lost his parents due to pandemic and was kicked out of the house by his uncle.He worked part-time jobs to pay rent and has to dropout from school due to not having enough money to pay.One sunny day he was working at a hotel as a waiter when sudden terror attack happened and he died by some random terrorist.Or so he thought but after sometime passed, he slowly opened his eyes but he could not move.. After sometime passed he understood one thing that he reincarnated in the Novel he used to read in his previous life, but not as a main character but as a character whose body was already poisoned. A baron's son who was going to get killed by poisoning in the original novel at the start and that already happened so the real son of baron was already dead and derik was the one who was now the owner of this body but to him this was a curse rather than a blessing as a large amount of poison was still in his in this story we will see how he will be able overcome poison and many other adversities despite being in so much mistery and pain during his previous and current this story we will see how Derik will overcome all different this story we will see how Derik James will change the world as a son of baron.this is a journey of Derik James who died in Vain with only pain as his partner during his whole life and got reincarnated in a novel called "THE HERO OF JUSTICE".this is a journey of a baron's son "Kevin wall".

  • Hembusan Hasrat

    Hembusan Hasrat

    Realitas Magis ROMANCE R18 FATEDLOVE


    Kumpulan cerita mesum jaman kuliahan dalam Bahasa Indonesia (R21+) Berdasarkan Kisah Nyata, tapi bukan Kisah Nyata lho ya~! Tentu saja ada - ada tambahan bumbu - bumbu penyedap di dalamnya agar ceritanya menjadi lebih menarik. Semoga anda semua Para Pembaca menikmati karya ini~! (-^m^-)/" Cewek - cewek yang ada di Cover, dari tengah, lalu ke atas, kemudian memutar searah jarum jam: 1. Angela 2. Rena 3. Maya 4. Aisyah 5. Enya 6. Nia Puji Astuti 7. Arisa Valeria 8. Amelia Sarah 9. Lydia Systina PERINGATAN: - HANYA UNTUK PEMBACA BERUSIA DI ATAS 17 TAHUN (ATAU 21 TAHUN) - ERO-LITERATURE - TIDAK UNTUK MANUSIA SUCI & ANAK-ANAK - BEBERAPA KONTEN TERLALU VULGAR & EKSPLISIT - TOLONG JANGAN MEMBAWA SARA KE KOMENTAR KALIAN KARENA INI BUKAN NOVEL RELIGI (^O^)"

  • War of the Races

    War of the Races



    Daniel Reas Age: 23 Profession: Game - Alpha Tester Social Status: Single/Virgin While testing a new game he is transported to a new world know as the Verdant Realm. It is filled with Gods and Goddesses, Elves, Dwarves, High-humans known Aesir, Vanir and Barbarians, Animals, Dragons, and more. However, the world is not what it seems, and a foretold cataclysm may yet destroy it before he's strong enough to save it. ——(!)—— The backdrop of this fantasy world is both beautiful and harsh. The Prime Races escaped Midgard just before a global cataclysm at the height of their Age of Science, Sorcery, and Pagan Religion. of their pagan religious culture. Within there side-slip dimension called the Green Realm, Verdant Realm, or the Garden. They grew side-by-side with mankind on Midgard until present day. 5000 years later their culture is steeped in pagan traditions that have led to prostitution being sanctioned and promoted by various churches, and very open and even incestuous life-styles. The ratio of monogamous to polygomist relationships is about 50/50. Harems and reverse harems are equally commonplace. Given the very limited animal resorces they brought with them they used science and magic to splice every animal species with Alari, Dvergr, or Giant DNA creating hybrids named the Animals, Insects, and various marine life. Later they spliced certain tree’s DNA into Alfari thereby creating the Arboreals. Even in a fantasy there is oppression, racism, religious anamosity, political corruption, and corporate greed. In the Garden Realm the fantastic is everywhere, and sometimes it’s hard to live but brutally easy to die. (Warning: This is an adult fantasy with graphic adult themes and scenes. Graphic nudity, sex, violence, and language.)

  • My Playboy Is A Prince

    My Playboy Is A Prince



    Yang Zia, a stunning, well-bred, self-reliant girl, loves to celebrate Spring Festival with her family and has done so every year except this year when fate has other plans for her.Zia encountered Li Wei, a mysterious playboy who was seriously wounded when she met him on her way home. Wei fell in love at first sight, meanwhile, she had to take care of him as just a human. However, He vowed himself that he would make her fall in love with him.But, once he had done so, he disappeared without a trace, leaving Zia heartbroken like any other playboy. Was it all a prank on his part? Is he a gamer when it comes to love?Do you think the playboy has the potential to be Zia's Prince of Dreams?MINE BOOK SERIES★ My Playboy Is a Prince★ My Domineering Husband★ My Wicked Male Lead════════════════════════════════════— POINTS TO BE NOTED —• ALL CHAPTERS ARE PROFESSIONALLY EDITED !!• THIS IS MY ORIGINAL WORK !!.• THIS NOVEL FEATURES MATURE & R-18 CONTENT, however no rape, anti-religious or explicit mature content.• THIS BOOK IS EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE ONLY ON WEBNOVEL, other sites are pirated.• No part of the story is Linked with my current life. My writings are all about what I Imagine and like to Express.• I would love to know what you think about the characters. I appreciate each and everyone who put the effort into Reading my works, it means the world to me.Thank you Very much, Readers.════════════════════════════════════The Cover is edited by Bloom759 and the picture is taken from Pinterest. Check her books on Webnovel.═══════════════════════════— RIGHTS OF AUTHOR —No part of this book may be reproduced or Transmitted in any form or by any means.Electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the author.This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the Author's imagination or are actual Persons, living or dead, Events or Location is entirely Coincidental.═══════════════════════════CONTACT:—•Discord - Tisha#6746•Join my server -•Instagram - @imaginetishad , @tishad.arts , @mistress_of_leoSUPPORT ME:•• More════════════════════════════════════IF YOU ARE NOT READING THIS BOOK ON THEN THIS BOOK IS STOLEN BY THAT SITE. THE AUTHOR ONLY PUBLISH ON WEBNOVEL.

  • The Ultimate Lich

    The Ultimate Lich



    Nearly 1000 years ago, two mythical figures fought a legendary battle that made the world tremble and get a permanent laceration: Okkos Zeimey, the Great Lich Grandmaster, leader of the Yikkh immigrant tribes, and Ludovik Aurorikus, Grand Vampire Supreme Lord, governor of the native Goiki tribes of the now called Reniram: an island kingdom thirsted by both western and eastern powers. The lich resulted in the victor, granting his people a new homeland in the world, but Okkos knew that Ludovik wasn’t truly gone. The Vampire Supreme Lord promised to return one day to defeat his eternal lich rival, reclaim the land his people and his vampires rightfully owned, and exterminate the lich from existence. Okkos swore in response that he would also return to destroy his plans, and mysteriously disappeared shortly after. Now, after one millennium of foreign interventions, internal civil, religious, and cultural conflicts, as well other magical events, William Amber, a western foreigner, and soldier is captured by privateers and executed on the island. But it’s not the end for him: he’s saved by mysterious figures, who turn him into a type of undead being now infamous in the modern Reniram: a lich. Their offer? To join their order: the lich order founded by Okkos Zeimey himself. William accepts and his new life of training, learning, and adventuring as a young lich starts. But strange and terrifying events are happening all across Reniram, and some fear that ancient prophecies and the day of vengeance are due to arrive. Soon, William discovers that he’s no ordinary lich, and his existence might weigh more than he could ever think in the wheel of destiny. Follow William on his journey to an eccentric setting of fantastic elements, where he learns about the strange world and cultures he’s in, meets eccentric personalities, and gets stronger and more adept with his new condition and the magical powers of the undead… ---------------------------------------- Cover art by: cielnoir Instagram/TikTok:

  • Kill the Dragons

    Kill the Dragons



    In the not so distant future when science completely replaced religious beliefs, humanity had begun a war to prevent the extinction of the human race.Dragons had begun invading the earth with an organized military force.Modern weapons of this era were strong enough to destroy an entire country on earth, but these dragons had crossed over from a different dimension and the usual military armaments were not strong enough to destroy them.The humans required supernatural psychic abilities to kill dragons. Another dimension and Earth had combined into one. Amongst the humans there were those who manifested new psychic powers, who were called "acquired psykers".Only these psykers had the ability to kill the dragons.After three years, the First War of Aggression was won by humanity. However, a famous psyker who had the ability to look into the future forewarned that in fifteen years there would be a second wave."The enemies we have fought are but mere advanced guards. Humanity must prepare for the enemy's main forces in order to once again fight for the survival of humankind."After the invasion of the dragon race, there were children who were "inborn psykers." Since birth, they had been influenced by the energies of this new world.These inborn psykers had superior potential compared to the acquired psykers.Cross-nationally, humanity gathered all the children who were judged to be psykers and established an institution to cultivate and train them. It was mandatory that all children with psychic abilities register at these institutions.Trying to claim an infringement of basic human rights was meaningless in front of the possibility that humanity could go extinct.These psyker children were the last hope of humanity.(Disclaimer: This is not my novel. Author is [BaekSoo KwiJook] and Translator is [iseuli]. just want more people to know and appreciate this gem.)




    Ini karya romance religi perdanaku, ya?sebenarnya sudah lama aku tulis. Tapi, hanya kuterbitkan secara online di beberapa episode saja. Di novel ini, aku menulis kisah seorang gadis shalihah bernama Arsyla yang hidup dalam kalangan keluarga religius. Seperti halnya gadis normal lainnya, Arsyla juga merasakan yang namanya cinta pada lawan jenisn. Tapi, dia memilih tetap diam dan memendam perasaannya pada pria tersebut, dan dengan rela melepaskannya demi rasa cintanya pada robb serta agamanya. Karena, pria itu beragama kristen. Arsyla tak peduli, meskipun Jordan sudah berkali-kali mengatakan padanya mau memeluk islam dan menjadi mualaf selama Arsyla mau menikah dengannya. Tapi, Arsyla tetap bersikeras mengatakan tidak. Gadis itu tak rela agamanya dibuat mainan. Dipeluk hanya demi mendapatkannya. Kelak, jika rasa cintanya sudah memudar, kemungkinan besar Jordan akan kembali pada agamanya yang dulu. Hingga akhirnya, Arsyla dojodohkan dengan seorsng TNI pilihan kyai pengasuh ponpes tempat dia menimba san mendalami ilmu agama. Mereka pun menikah dan memiliki anak. Di sisi lain, Jordan telah memutuskan memeluk islam bukan karena cinta pertamanya. Tapi, dari islam ia merasa hatinya tenang dan hidupnya damai. Maka, ia memutuskan mencari seorang kyai yang bisa mengislamkan dirinya dan memberi arahan serta bimbingan bagaimana agar bisa menjadi seorang muslim yang baik. Hingga suatu hati, tanpa sengaja Asyla kembali dipertemukan dengan Jordan di sebuah tempat yang sangat tak terduga. Saat itu Arsyla mengantarkan putra dari pernikahannya bersama Fikri sang TNI ke madrasah. Ia melihat sosok yang tak asing di matanya. Tapi, pakaiannya terlihat beda. Arsyla terkejut ketika putranya mengatakan kalau dia adalah ustadz nya, yang tak lain, dulu dia teman sejak SMA nya, Jordan. Bagaimana bisa? Sementara status Asyla sendiri kini adalah seorang janda. Karena, Fikri sang suamai telah gugur di medan prang.