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  • Remy's Painter

    Remy's Painter

    Ian Sullivan is being chased by a mobster and has to come up with $5,000 he doesn't have. His only hope is an estimate for a large house. Little does he know that the house belongs to a loup garou who just happens to be his mate.<br><br>Ian's father and brother died because his brother gambled and owed money to a mobster. Now Sal Ferrara want to collect from him and, if he doesn't, he'll take Ian as his boy toy instead. Ian's only hope is getting a job from an estimate his father had outstanding for an 7,800 sq. ft. house.<br><br>Little does Ian know that the house belongs to a Remy Clavier, a loup garou who meets Ian and knows he's found his mate. Now all Remy has to do is take care of Sal Ferrara and convince Ian, a human, to accept both him and his wolf.

  • Goodbye,Remi


    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

  • Remi and Kemi

    Remi and Kemi

    Remi and Kemi are Twin sisters ( both are 15 )that share a strong bond with each other having being attached to each other even so due to the fact one of the sisters, Kemi has an illness that does not have a cure but has a way to be treated, though she must stay in the hospital for better treatment with this both have had slight difference in their looks while Kemi is a bit more chubby Kemi is more thin and slightly paler than Remi who is Healthy even so they have managed to handle this problem, Though later on This close bond would lead to it demise, Though does it end there (almost forgot, the reason remi is more of a cry baby she has the ability to see what can not be seen with the naked eye )

  • Remi's Choice

    Remi's Choice

    Sinfully sexy Travis De Luca came into Remi's life when she was young, inexperienced, and easily dazzled. With his scandalous words and wickedly sexy grins, he possessed a power no one should have over another. He was a foul mouthed, trouble-making thug to everyone else, but she'd witnessed the vulnerable side he hid so well. After one earth- shattering experience and his declaration of love, her body and soul were hooked. When Travis is sent away without warning, Kristiano De Luca —his equally sexy cousin—comes into Remi's life as a friend when she needs one most. After years with no word and waiting for Travis to come back, she loses hope, and the friendship she's built with Kris grows into something beautiful that fills the void Travis left behind. But a surprise return from Travis and one passionate night with him throw all their lives into chaos, and nothing will ever be the same again. Author's note to reader: Imagine two heroes with your all time favorite qualities. Hot, bad boy, tattoos, dirty mouths, hot head alpha to a fault and possessive as ALL hell. Both going for the same girl! Remi's Choice is created by Elizabeth Reyes, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Punishing the Billionaire

    Punishing the Billionaire

    Unedited! "Kian?? What are you doing? Are you going somewhere?" I asked. "We? There's no "we" now, Lexi. It's just you going out of my life, out of my house!!" Kian Martin aka Smart, handsome, Talented, rich but angry person. He loves Alexis Texas with all his life, but this love enough for marriage to remian as blissful as ever?

  • Remis Volume 1:The Wanderer

    Remis Volume 1:The Wanderer


    The Wanderer is a being from the Heavens that holds advanced magic and the ability to resist most attacks, magical or physical. At first it was just curiosity to study it, but what did you think would happen when such an advanced being could potentially fall into the hands of the powerful?

  • Vampire Everlasting Love The Series

    Vampire Everlasting Love The Series

    Does everlasting love exist?This story portrays complex loved couples discovering the true meaning of love, loss, and redemption.The main storyline is between a pure-blood vampire and a human. Zen, how did he become a vampire? When you know you can never die but your loved one dies. You have lived for 3,000 years and are searching for the same person again and again.A human that dies and is reborn again.The storyline is a love triangle for Ken & Nic (Ken's real younger brother) both have 2 different people that love them very much. (Note that there is no brotherly triangle love between them.)Zen a Pure Blood Vampire; In his mansion by accident brings them to underground ancient history and behind the truth of Nic.Will they find happiness and truths in the end? Stay tuned for exciting chapters that will be revealed.Characters:Zen a 3,000 years Pure Blood VampireZen has 2 brothers, named Zac & Zack; both are also VampiresDoc. Leon, 33, Zen's best friend, is a doctor at "TT Hospital" and helps to treat Zen, Ken, Nic, Shaun, Sam, and others in their conditions and injuriesJoe, 25, Zen's Right Hand-Man & highly skilled bodyguardKen, 19, is a student and he is Zen's belovedNic, 16, Ken's younger brother is a student. Entangled with Shaun and SamTom, 19, Ken's best friend is a student, is secretly in love with KenShaun, 16, Nic's best friend, is a student and is secretly in love with NicSam, 16, Student, They are in different classes - Person who admires & adores NicMicky, 22, Nic's Bodyguard and DriverMike, 23, is Ken's best friend; Ken knows him when he saves him twice, and from there Mike is very loyal to Ken. Ken knew Mike when he was having a split personality. (The other side of Ken's personality)K, 22, is a highly-skilled bodyguard given by "B" to protect Ken. They met in Japan.Ben is Mike's best friend and related in business; Ben often contacts Mike and advises him.Remy seems to love Mike and follows him wherever he goes.

  • Dassy, abypat, rockin, seth, Remy, kiddo, hanna, mrs julia

    Dassy, abypat, rockin, seth, Remy, kiddo, hanna, mrs julia

    Some Men has different kinds of traficating light they give to ladies, some would give you red, ladies once you see these indicator knows that you are to move on, some will show yellow, you should know that he is not ready while some we show green sigh, please ladies dont take such guy for granted, he is ready. But if you see guy showing red, green, yellow, pls he is a confused man, dont let him friend zone you, dont Dont cage me down with your lustful love, define your relationship.

  • Kingdom of the Weak

    Kingdom of the Weak


    Currently moving! New Site Link below. Born with a curse of weakness, Remian Vin always had to depend on others to survive. One day, after a close encounter with death, to improve the lives of his loved ones, Remian set out to the Frontier… + Kingdom-building + No System + Not a game + Airships + Magic worlds + Magic beasts + Multi-cultural Discord:

  • Little Brown Benefit

    Little Brown Benefit

    Sacha Rish was a young African American girl with the responsibility of caring for her much younger sister when their parents died in an accident. Life was hard and became harder when they got evicted from their apartment. Sacha moved in with her best friend Remy who was a bit on the wild side. When the girls went clubbing, Sacha met Christian Alexander, a billionaire who proposed a contract with Sacha. Twelve million dollars for sleeping with her for twelve months. But that plan went out the window due to Remy's jealousy and Christian's fiance.

  • Love Me Like a Rock

    Love Me Like a Rock

    Author: Cindy Spencer Pape firmly believes in happily-ever-after and brings that to her writing. A multiple award-winning author, she has published almost sixty novels and stories. When not hard at work writing, she can be found restoring her 1870 house, dressing up for steampunk parties and Renaissance fairs, or with her nose buried in a book. Visit her website: Six romance stories hot enough to melt the hardest stone. Between a Rock and a Hard Dragon What happens when you mix a half-dragon, a pixie and a little sex magic in a wooded park on Halloween? Neither Bram nor Twyla have any idea but when it all comes together the magic explodes in a frenzy of hot sex and sizzling romance. Stone and Earth Gargoyle Damien St. Pierre has to find an ancient artifact needed by his people. When he meets earth witch Katie Calhoun, he can't keep his hands off her. Because of the problems his people are having, Damien is afraid to attempt the conversion necessary to make her his mate. But Katie is determined to help him in his quest and to become the gargoyle of his dreams. Can her faith overcome his fear? Will the magic of love succeed in the mating of stone and earth? Three for All In her six hundred years, elven reporter Eislinn has had two great loves in her life—paranormal police officer Callum, another elf, and Lothan, a demon enforcer. One hot summer night the three of them come together and Philadelphia practically explodes with the passion. Stone and Fire When half-dragon Dana Logan meets gargoyle Beau Dumont at her friend’s wedding, something clicks between them. Halfway through the most passion-filled night of their lives, his phone rings and he rushes home to Montreal. Several months later, they’re in England to catch a ring of antiques smugglers but the two can barely keep their hands off each other long enough to find the thieves. The sex between them is explosive and they’re falling in love as well. Between battling the bad guys and fighting their feelings for each other, the two may just set London on fire. Stone and Sea Sent to Atlantic City to retrieve an ancient artifact vital to the future of his clan, gargoyle Remy Rocher meets sexy selkie Marina Bell and ends up getting shot for his efforts. Now he has to find the chalice and keep Marina and himself alive—all while dealing with the hottest sex of his life and emotions that scare him more than evil wizards or mobsters with guns. Stone and Sky Marc Armel is a gargoyle under pressure. It’s up to him to find the fourth and final artifact necessary to save his race. When he goes off to think, what does he find instead but a gorgeous harpy, washed up on his beach in a tattered evening dress, no luggage and no memory. Aldara knows she came to Canada for a reason, but she can’t remember what. Their nonstop sex may have to wait, though, when danger threatens to tear them apart. While Marc is determined to come through for his clan, he’s even more set on saving Aldara.

  • Cast system

    Cast system

    Love remian same even long distance

  • sympathy filled the room as the queen of gumal

    sympathy filled the room as the queen of gumal

  • Please don’t

    Please don’t


By Remipearl.

Michael....... name

    HE BROKE ME TIMES WITHOUT NUMBER. By Remipearl. Michael....... name

  • The Unfortunate Daily Life of Park Jun-seo

    The Unfortunate Daily Life of Park Jun-seo

    A tale you've surely heard of before — Park Jun-seo, an ordinary high school student with average grades, finds himself in countless extraordinary situations everyday. Weird clubs, run-ins with the local mafia, haunted furniture, romance(?) and way too many school field trips!Follow this completely, boringly, ordinary and totally average high school student through his not-so-average life! [JS: cries]Chapters begin uploading from 30 September 2021.

  • Punishing the Billionaire (new)

    Punishing the Billionaire (new)

    Unedited! "Kian?? What are you doing? Are you going somewhere?" I asked. "We? There's no "we" now, Lexi. It's just you going out of my life, out of my house!!" Kian Martin aka Smart, handsome, Talented, rich but angry person. He loves Alexis Texas with all his life, but this love enough for marriage to remian as blissful as ever?

  • Ultimate Young Master

    Ultimate Young Master


    "Young master, did you see that guy over there?""Yes, what about him?""The sect's number one beauty misa looked at him for a second!""Hmm!!" *Stares intently*..."Young Master, you see that guy with unimaginable tricks?""Uhhmm?.""He's breathing!""Then he's courting death!"...Remy is a website developer, anime lover, maintenance supervisor, and freelance novel author who hates system users or any kind of protagonist.He hates system users because they would let someone else INSIDE command them, and ENSLAVE them to become powerful.'Where's the pride as a man?'Hated the main characters because most of them commit genocide and kills children and have tons of experience but get easily offended by young master bullies.'You an old fellow in a child's body! Why are you so fickle that you get easily offended by random brats?!'That's why Remy always dreamed of becoming a young master and bully these main characters and system users.However, he died of a heart attack because of the happiness he felt when he succeeded in putting a cheat in his HONEY-BADGER-LIKE beast in a ROM HACK of a game he is working on.But...He was given another chance to a place where he can go to countless worlds and dimensions along with HIS GAME CHEATS and BADASS HONEY-BADGER by a powerful individual, which is, the brother of the little girl he unknowingly saved in the past."Protagonist? Time Traveler back in time old a*shole? System users?""With my badass honey-badger and cheats! One wrong move and All of you will be courting death!"

  • Aiming High

    Aiming High

    Remi Grey and Leila Hines are two friends and students in their last year of college who always thought about how difficult it was to get into their respective careers. So one day they begin to outline a plan and sneak into events in order to get background and connections.One day, in one of the events Remi unknowingly meets Hugo Tiano, one of the richest and most admired CEOs of the business world. He later discovers Remi and Leila’s plan which forces Remi to explain why and how they got there, and how harmless their actions were. Hugo becomes quickly interested in what the two girls can achieve, and sets a close eye on them. But once he discovers who the mind behind the two girls’ plan is, he decides to put Remi’s abilities to test. However, Hugo’s test will not be the only one Remi will have to face, as the more their relationship develops the more problems will come their way. Luckily, Remi will have Hugo’s support in this new area for her that is the business world. Although would their relationship be enough? Can they stand all the jealousy and ill will coming even from the closest people they have?

  • Silence Vengeance book 1 in S series

    Silence Vengeance book 1 in S series

    Avery Stanford had only one person in her life to dwell on, her elder brother. So, when Aaren Drake asked for Avery as a contribution for him to sign a business deal.Avery didn't a choice but to agree to support her brother as he always had or lose everything her brother ever earned. Thus she agreed to get married to a stranger who is the first man to make her heart flutter. Unaware of the reason behind Aaren's obsession with getting married to her. Avery falls selflessly in love with him. Not everything is as beautiful as it seem, and Avery understood that once she discovered the vengeance behind Aaren's cold eyes. Past and present collided with truth and false, leading hearts to be broken. Will Avery forgive Aaren?