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  • Responder: CrimsonRed

    Responder: CrimsonRed

  • darkness respond

    darkness respond

  • First Responder Unit

    First Responder Unit

    The First Responder Unit are an elite counter-terrorism force which are to save civilians from an enemy threat or catastrophic danger. Leaded by Ahmar Bin Asada, the FRU has been tasked into helping G&K with their problem against Sangvis Ferri.

  • Volviéndose hermosa luego de la ruptura

    Volviéndose hermosa luego de la ruptura


    La gorda y fea Nora Smith fue el hazmerreír del pueblo cuando su prometido terminó su compromiso. —¡Solo ver tu enorme cara y tus muslos gigantes me repugna! No vuelvas a molestarme —le dijo. —Qué idiota —se burló Nora, dándose la vuelta con los labios curvados en una sonrisa. Más tarde, cuando consigue adelgazar, se convierte en una belleza asombrosa. Su ex prometido se acerca a ella con flores y le ruega: —Me equivoqué, Nora. Estoy dispuesto a hacer cualquier cosa con tal de que vuelvas conmigo. Nora apoya la barbilla en las manos y sonríe mientras responde: —Los hombres de verdad no se quedan en el pasado. —No eres más que una estúpida cargado con tu pasado, Nora. Nadie te querrá excepto yo —amenaza él, enfadado. Pero después de eso... un joven y popular cantante tuitea: [¡Nora Smith es mi diosa!] Un cirujano de renombre internacional pregunta: —¿Estás libre esta noche, Nora? Incluso el rico e influyente galán al que todo el mundo teme interviene y dice: —Puedo cuidar yo mismo de mi mujer y mis hijos, muchas gracias.

  • Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

    Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again


    Qiao Nian lived in the Qiao family’s house for 18 years before her biological parents found her. Suddenly, all the wealthy families in the city knew that the Qiao family had a fake daughter! A true daughter of an affluent family would be talented, gentle, and kind. A fake daughter would not be able to pick up any skills and accomplish nothing. Everyone wanted to see how miserable she would become when she went back to her ravine after being kicked out of a rich family! Qiao Nian also thought that her biological parents were poor teachers from Luohe County. Who knew that her brother drove a Phaeton that was worth three hundred thousand yuan! Her biological father was also a professor who taught at Tsinghua University! The big boss of the family of scums became a bootlicker and bowed in front of her grandpa… Qiao Nian was dumbfounded. Erm… this wasn’t the same as saying yes! After being freed from the family of scums, Qiao Nian was able to be herself. She was the top student in the college entrance examination, a live broadcast star and the heir of an invaluable cultural heritage… Her identities were revealed and when she started to appear on the hot searches in the city, the family of scums turned green. The anti-fans mocked: What’s the point of trying to fake an image? Aren’t you just sticking to my brother everyday? Qiao Nian responded: I’m sorry but I already have a match. Top Brother: @Qiao Nian. Let me introduce her to everyone. This is my sister. Wealthy Grandpa: My dear granddaughter, why are you working so hard? If you want a bicycle, grandpa will buy it for you! The rich and powerful in Beijing spread a rumor that Master Wang was hiding a wife in his luxurious house. No matter how much people tried to persuade him, he never took her out to meet anyone. If he were asked, he would say the same sentence. “My wife is from the countryside and she is shy.” That was until one day when someone saw the noble and cold Master Wang holding a girl’s slender waist while hiding in a corner of a wall and muttering with red eyes. “Baby, when will you give me a title?” [Fake daughter who is from a truly wealthy family] + [Two big bosses]

  • The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

    The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise


    At long last, Fu Zhi, the mysterious heiress who had developed countless technologies was given two guardians by the country! Initially, the Lu Brothers shut her out when she joined the Lu Family. However, after spending some time with her, they began to warm up to her and took turns showing their brotherly love for her by throwing money at her. Lu Yumo would say, “My sister just came from the countryside, so don’t scare her.” Lu Yushen would say, “My sister is fragile, so don’t bully her.” Lu Yubai would say, “My sister is not good at studying, so don’t laugh at her.” Nevertheless, it soon became clear to them that the little girl from the countryside was not what they had imagined. One day, a reporter took a photo of a professor carrying her purse and having a meal with her. The professor said, “She is my teacher, and I’m her student.” The crowd was surprised. “What?” Another day, a different reporter snapped a photo of a business magnate serving her tea. The business magnate said, “She is my boss, and I’m her employee.” The crowd was shocked. “What?” On a different day, a group of reporters spotted the biggest esports bigwig stepping down from his throne and helping her get rid of a scumbag. The bigwig said, “Stop all this harassment and the rumors. She’s my sponsor.” The netizens asked, “Just how many supporters do you have? The country’s official portal responded, “We’re her strongest supporter.”

  • The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter

    The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter



    [ Book 1: Completed ] Tristan Davis, the playboy CEO of the Heavenly Star Enterprize, was forced to marry ANY WOMAN within one month, or else... his glamorous title and position will be stripped off of him. NOOOOO! How could he seduce those beautiful women if he became poor and no longer a CEO? Alright, he will find a woman and marry her to please his demanding grandfather. Who cares if it's a weird strange woman he met on the mountain while going camping. Right? Wait.. What!? She is NOT HUMAN? She is the demon god's daughter? Did you say... DEMON? But she looks so angelic, beautiful and innocent. Tristan couldn't even look at any other women after this demon god's daughter becomes his wife. Ha. He might as well keep her around since grandpa seems to like her so much. ============ Zhen-Zhen, who had the bloodline of the demon god, was being targeted by the guardian warriors. Ever since she was a child they tried to kill her many times but failed. With no other choice left, they sealed her in the Divine Mountain. But after 100 years, her seal was accidentally broken and so, her Protector found the chance to send her to another world inhabited by purely ordinary humans- no supernatural beings, and no magical powers. In this new world, she met the Naughty Handsome CEO, who proposed a marriage to her on their first meeting. But wait... Marriage? Becoming his Wife? What does it mean to become a Wife? Though the demon god's daughter was clueless about what is meant of becoming a wife, she excitedly accepted his proposal! "Yes! I want to be your wife!" ============ *** Excerpt *** Zhen-Zhen: "Tristan, why are you laughing even though you are sad? I can feel it. You are in pain, right now." In his drunken state, Tristan could still absorb her words. Tristan: "Hey, my Zhen-Zhen. You will be my wife, right?" Zhen-Zhen: "Yes…" Tristan: "Then... make me happy. Come closer… and kiss me." She leaned closer to Tristan as she pressed her delicate warm lips into his cold lips. Zhen-Zhen: "Are you happy now, Tristan?" Tristan shook his head and pouted. "No! Zhen-Zhen, that one could not be considered as a kiss! You just pressed your lips into mine." He complained to her exasperatedly. “Come here, I’ll teach you!” Tristan held her face then he began to kiss her passionately. Tristan pulled her head closer as he deepened the kiss. After a few seconds, Zhen-Zhen responded and returned his kiss with equal intensity as his. 'Damn, she's a fast learner.' ========= [ HOT+Funny+Fluffy+Mature ]~ This is a story of the demon god's daughter and a naughty handsome CEO... ======= Award of This Book: WPC #133 Gold Tier- No Humans Allowed! Female Lead Support Author: Buy me a Coffee: PayPal Account: Join Author’s Discord Server: DM me on Discord: ellezar_g#1010 Author's Other Book: 1. The Devilish Assassin Meets The Angelic Detective Volume I: Fateful Encounter ( Chapter 1-275 ) Completed Volume II: Their Paths Crossed Again ( Chapter 276-530) Completed 2. Forbidden Love: Angel's Seduction 3. Moon Lovers: Bound by Blood and Revenge The artwork/illustration/photo on the cover is not mine. If the owner wants it to be replaced, it will be replaced.




    Women's relation of Marriage match making is not succeeding from the begun than chamber matching for many Many marriage religion's wife's living wives is midwifery bearing fees condition month by month them could evident separating economy from guardian by local economy camp watchers Commerce's men of beauty Registration F/M leading chairmen's public court services would be grantees.

  • Married to his secret crush

    Married to his secret crush



    Enigmatic and wealthy, Jun Zixuan is the epitome of perfection. He has everything including a suicidal and scheming wife whom he hates to the core until one day when she pours a glass of juice on him, her poison-laced words and countless insults following behind. That's where it starts. He could not take his eyes off her. Was he a masochist? What just happened?! With beauty, brains, and an endless bank balance, she has been living her best life until she is assassinated on her birthday. Waking up in the body of a scheming and penniless woman was more unacceptable for her and to top it off, she has a husband who happens to be her old friend. Just that, he acts like an entirely different person. She settles on a master plan. Lose weight first, make money, get a divorce, settle the people who killed her, and find a way to go back to her brother. But wait...why is this cold and unapproachable husband acting like a white lotus? What is she going to do with her plans if this stunning husband refuses to let her go? ... "I want a divorce," She indifferently said. "Fine," the man coldly responded without any shift in his expression. One month later: "When are we getting divorced?" She asked calmly, not wanting to deal with a moody husband anymore. She just wanted to be done with her revenge first, then find her brother and live a carefree life like before. His gaze darkened, "The procedure is going on." Three months later: "Jun Zixuan, where the heck is our divorce paper?!" She finally lost her patience and snapped at him. One of his arms wrapped around her waist as he pulled her closer, "Are you that eager to leave me?" he asked, sadness flickered on his face despite that indifferent look. "Yes." "Oh? So sad," The man narrowed his eyes, his lips tilted up in a crafty smile before he continued, "The lawyers said that our case is a complicated one, it might take them a lifetime to draft the divorce papers."

  • A Slave To My Vengeful Lover

    A Slave To My Vengeful Lover



    [Warning: This noval features Mature Content]She wanted love, but he wanted revenge!"Okay.., Thanks for saving me.."(I said, and turned around to leave his room)Mark: "It's better, If You Remove Your Undergarments"..(A sudden shrill electrified my body when I heard those words. I turn around to look at him. He is just doing his work on his laptop very casually. I didn't respond and turn to reach the door.)Mark: "Your wound will heal soon, so..."Anna: "Okay..."(What I just say? Did I actually agree to remove my undergarments?It's embarrassed me.I just rush out of his room in a hurry, but when I unintentionally imagine his words, my heart starts racing.)_________Anna is devastated when her best friend Ria dies mysteriously. Whereas Mark, who is Ria's older brother wants to find the culprits, who are responsible for Ria's death....Both Anna and Mark teams up to find the facts regarding Ria's case but they don't know that they fall in love to eachother...They feel like they can't live without eachother...On one fine day, both of them confess their love to eachother and their relationship leads to marriage... However, there are secrets behind Ria's death that will threaten the fragile romance blossoming between Anna and Mark and it leads Anna to be his slave...Mark wants to take strong revenge on Anna by entering into Slave aggrement...But Anna always trusts that love always Wins over revenge, so she always enjoys his sexual intense punishments out of love towards him...But to his surprise, he starts to find himself falling in love with Anna again. Revenge Wins?or Love Wins..?No matter how many fights you may get into, if you truly love someone it should never matter in the end...Love Always Blossom...Follow the book for further details...Hope you will enjoy it..._______In the first 100 chapters Mark behaviour is a kind of Pervert and tease Anna in all possible ways...After 100 chapters, he realised his love towards her and started giving values to her wishes, He replaced Anna's nightmares with dreams, Anna's worries with happiness, and her fears with love...(Just bear his pervert behaviour of first 100 chapters and see how he will change step by step towards Anna...)_______Anna's wish: I wish to wake up everyday to the feel of your breath on my neck...The warmth of your lips on my skin...The sound of your heart beating with mine... ---------- Once, you were my salvation My light My peace Now, you are my prison My captor My king Your once warm eyes, Are now, cold as ice... You once took my heart in both hands, Calling me the finest in all the lands... But now your stone cold, dagger-like stare, Makes me want to run away like a startled hare I’m no pet to be kept, No exotic beast to be bound... Even with all this rage against you that I hold, What am I to do except do as I am told... {By SOL (beloved reader)} -----------Special Thanks to my content editor, ISLINDA, Who supported me in all the possible ways...I am blessed to find you as my CE...and as always a special thanks to Webnoval for giving me such a Great platform by pooling of readers and authors...And a special Thanks to my beloved readers for supporting...And a special Thanks to the co authors who always supported me and teach me many lessons..._______ Join Anna and Mark in there sweet Revenge journey of Love and compassion...Please buy me a coffee at

  • Moon Lovers: Bound by Blood and Revenge

    Moon Lovers: Bound by Blood and Revenge



    **[Warning: Mature Content R18+]** She is not a weak nor submissive type of woman. She is Dominant! A female alpha, the rarest of her kind, who could match up the strength of the most powerful creature, the Vampire King. As the war between the two races continues, the Alpha Princess falls for the Vampire King. Their fated bond will be tested by their past and origins. Will the two be able to break the loop of revenge and hatred between their clans? Bound by blood and revenge, can love set them free? ***** Excerpt: "You. Are. Not. Going. Anywhere!" His scarlet eyes settled on her face, blazing in a raging fury. "No way! You just want me for your revenge," she responded mockingly while meeting his intense gaze. "Just leave me alone!" In a flash, he closed their gaps, pushing her down on the bed while trapping her in his arms. "I can't... because my kind of revenge means... Trapping you here…" he brought her hand into his chest, pointing to his heart. "and by enslaving you here… in my bed," his mouth moved over hers in a sensuous exploration, traveling down her throat to her neck. His hand was already caressing her soft flesh. "I will get what I want by making you mine!" Before she could complain, a ripping sound was heard as he tore her clothes apart. ============ The artwork/illustration/photo on the cover is not mine. If the owner wants it to be replaced, it will be replaced.

  • The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

    The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

    Magical Realism URBAN


    "The world's top ten conglomerates had joined forces to create a programme where the crew had quietly evacuated all the people from a city, leaving behind only Raymond and his family, who were kept in the dark. Their purpose was to see this child, who had emerged from the slums of America, get humiliated. The whole world wanted to see this young man named Raymond make a fool of himself, and through what Raymond had done, and all of his doings, they wanted to decry the poor for being short of ambitions. Early the next morning, the show officially began. When Raymond noticed that the world outside was overly and strangely quiet, and when he had determined that all of humanity had disappeared. Just then, the survival aid system was activated, and the system notified Raymond: In a month's time, there will be a huge meteorite hitting the planet, and it is going to cause great destruction. Raymond: What the hell??? Then what should he do? The System responded: I'll help you build a space battleship so that you can escape from Earth! ""Oh my God, he has single-handedly created the Heavenly Eye System, and he is even thinking of creating nuclear-powered engines..."""

  • Love Me, My Omega!

    Love Me, My Omega!



    Tristan Lee, a dominant alpha through and through, meets Justin Vincent Alvarez—an omega who has never gotten his first heat in his 22 years of life. A fateful encounter between the two intertwines their fates, making them meet over and over again, just because Tristan helps Justin in his first heat. With the things tying their fates together, read how their love story will unfold. _____ The face that I have been longing to see all this time made my heart skip a beat as if I fell in love with him over again. His cat-like icy blue eyes stared at me as if he was looking into my soul, while I felt like I was drowning in them. I was getting sucked in again without any care for what has happened before—for what broke me into thousands of pieces. Just a single look from him made me realize how much I still love him after all this time. "Justin..." I called his name. "Yes?" He responded, feigning innocence as if he doesn't know how much that eye contact affected me. He had a different kind of effect on me that no one could ever compare to. I took a deep breath, preparing myself for what I was about to do. I don't feel hesitant in doing this at all. Instead, I feel nervous that he might reject me. He must have hated me a lot after all that. But I can't afford to lose him again. If I do... I might really lose myself this time. "Please love me, my omega." _____ *R18* NOTE: This story contains sexual content and vulgar words that may not be appropriate for some readers. The book's cover is made by: @tamailustra I'd love to interact more with you all! You can message me on Discord: surprisinglypretty#3142

  • The Grand Mistress

    The Grand Mistress



    Simione needed to become a mistress. Not just another rich man's mistress, but M Conglomerate's President, Hawk Monsanto's. Truth was, the young billionaire does not interest Simione of any sort nor was his very attractive gorgeous looks concerned her. She just needed him for one thing, his fiancée Feather Han, owed her big time and that ballerina bitch had to pay with the most precious thing Simione desired, her broken heart. Hawk Monsanto rose to the top for one reason; he wanted to be the perfect match for the Han Scintillait's heiress. When he thought it was the right time to get what his heart desired, he willingly bleeds millions just to arrange a wedding engagement. However, whether it was work of fate or work of an evil seductress, he stumbled upon a rare beauty that he cannot set his eyes off. And before his money and rationality could ever warn him, Hawk had fallen into something his billions cannot buy. *** "Who are you?" Hawk managed to ask between his ragged breath. "That depends on who you want me to be," The girl uttered and for the first time, Hawk saw her upturned honey-colored eyes. Looking into it was like drowning yourself into something magical, something hypnotizing and very much irresistible that when the girl tiptoed to meet his lips, he willingly lowered his head to welcome her. And he was right there, opening his mouth for her—warm and wet—giving everything he must give and was kissing her back with equal ardor. The girl wrapped her arms around his neck, and he responded by pressing the girl's body closer, the fiancee forgotten. However, when Hawk was at the point of wanting more, the girl pulled away and Hawk opened his eyes bewildered onto her sudden retreat. He was gasping for air and would very much like to pull her back to finish the bliss she had started. But she only smiled at him, feeling very empowered by the fact that the M Conglomerate's President had already fallen into her trap. "What's the matter?" He asked, confused as to what made her stop. "Nothing," Her smile widened a little more, making her face bright and goddess-like and Hawk became more defenseless with that. "It's just that I only want you to have a free taste. The next of course comes with a big price"

  • Accident Prone

    Accident Prone



    Elizabeth (aka Liz): an attractive young lady, smart, career-driven, self-sufficient, wants to save the world (one surgery at a time).Maximilian (aka Max): hot, smart, rich, playboy, who loves to party!What happens when Liz and Max meet due to an accident? Their personalities are clashing but persistent accidents keep pulling them together.An accident: an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause. ...Mature content! 18+…Excerpt from the story...Max was confused. "Aren't you appalled by my words? Offended? Why are you still here and not running to your place?"Liz shrugged. "Last night you promised no lies. And I hope that you are comfortable enough with me to say what is on your mind. No matter if you are gay or not, the fact that I feel safe with you will not change. Unless you do something to prove me wrong."Max was surprised by this logic. But then he remembered the deal they made: he will not lie, no games and he will treat her with respect… and she believes him."You want to know what is on my mind?" He decided to try his luck: "I want to kiss you."Liz frowned for a second while thinking about how to respond. Then she craned her neck and pointed at her cheek. "Here."Max was not sure if he should laugh or cry. "That is not the kiss I was going for.""That is the only one you will get. Take it or leave it."Max is not silly to miss an opportunity. "I will take whatever you are willing to give me."...This is a heartwarming story that will make you all warm and fuzzy while you laugh and sigh... ---Thank you for reading!*****I own the cover.*****Check out my other novels: - "Is this Destiny?"- "Amara - Reunion"- "The Supreme Alpha"- "The Alpha's Bride"

  • His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy

    His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy



    Volume One: His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy (COMPLETE) Volume Two: His Adorable Target is a Little Powerful (COMPLETE) Volume Three: His Spoiled Prince is a Little Difficult (BL) (COMPLETE) Volume Four: His Beautiful Teacher is a Little Naïve (Ongoing) Complete blurbs in 1st Chapter! Book 1: His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy She has one desire: to live a normal life. Hu Lei decides to fulfill her lifelong dream by returning to Supreme City after more than a decade around the globe. Her brand new life starts on a bland note, but everything changes when she clinches a position as an interpreter for the handsome but reserved Zhong Feng. Zhong Feng thinks that his new interpreter is cute. Though her arrogance is a little too much, she has enough skill to back it up. He also realizes that she can be quite foolish and naughty. Still, he finds himself drawn to her, unable to extricate himself. Unfortunately, this harmlessly sweet girl has some secrets that could threaten the happy future he has envisioned. For example: She used to be a ninja. She might have killed a few people. Her father is a mad scientist. ************* “Oh, is the evil emperor unhappy?” she giggled drunkenly. She leaned closer across the table. “If you keep sighing, you won’t find a girlfriend.” The immortal-like man did not respond to her childish provocation. “Are you angry? Don’t worry. If you can’t find anyone, I will be your girlfriend.” She declared proudly. “Why should I accept you as my girlfriend?” His deep voice to caress the girl, and it made her sink deeper into her intoxication. “Humph! You would be lucky to have me as your better half. I am incredibly cute with a huge rack. I have an incredibly high IQ.” Her voice lowered into a conspiratorial whisper. “And I have never had a boyfriend, so I would be completely yours.” “You have convinced me. You can be my girlfriend.” His eyes glinted with evil intent. “You think that will work? You are a hundred years too early to outsmart me. If you want me to be your girlfriend, you must show some sincerity. As an evil emperor, you must understand that my expectations are quite high. You will need to give me some treasures, feed me, dismiss your harem and entertain me. A cultivation manual would also not be bad.” “Very well.” He responded with a smile. ************ Book 2: His Adorable Target is a Little Powerful #HiddenBoss #Faceslapping Anyone who has met or even heard of Kaito knows that his interest is never a good thing. But Yamazaki Akira is not afraid of him because she is powerful [even though no one believes her]. When Takahashi Kaito [assassin extraordinaire, famous leader of Shadow Brotherhood and self-proclaimed senior brother of Hu Lei] takes up a mission to investigate Yamazaki Akira and her connection to a certain psychopathic doctor, his interest is perked up. He decides to unravel the secrets of Akira’s life. While she seems to be a perfectly normal young woman with a budding career as a chef, he has been in the underworld business long enough to know when someone is hiding something. Setting aside his busy life for the sake of satisfying his curiosity, Kaito takes up the role of the self-indulgent prodigal young master of the wealthy Takahashi family in Mountain Ridge City. Yamazaki Akira has always lived and loved an independent life. But in a moment of weakness, she allows her biological parents to find her. She is reluctant, but she agrees to move to Mountain Ridge City to reconnect with them. She thinks that it could not be too bad. In any case, she has been planning on opening a new restaurant in the affluent city. But things aren’t always so simple. And the main problem is the handsome man who keeps showing up before her and trying to seduce her, claiming that fate brought them together. Why does she feel like his evil gaze is hiding ulterior motives? Book 3: His Spoiled Prince is a Little Difficult

  • His Rogue Luna

    His Rogue Luna


    Artemis was content living alone. She was practically raised by the forest and was happy with being a rogue. However, an encounter with one of the most ruthless packs and their alpha shakes her and leaves her questioning her identity and purpose in life. "Remember who you're talking to, Mate," he growled. He dipped his head to my neck, trailing his nose from ear to my nose. I bit my lip, trying to fight the urge to moan. I couldn't help the gasp that escaped when I felt his tongue lick the sensitive spot behind my ear. He began trailing sloppy, open mouth kisses along my throat and neck, and stopped where my neck met my shoulder. He paused and I fought my hands out of his grasp but he tightened them. He hoisted me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist to avoid falling. As I opened my mouth to protest I felt his sharp teeth pierce the skin. A loud moan escaped my parted lips as pleasure and pain mixed and coursed through my veins in a dizzying mix. Responding to moan, he pushed his hips into mine and I felt his hardened bulge at my center. He ground into me, giving me that much needed friction while he licked the blood off my neck and sealed the bite wound. He pulled his face away from my neck and I whimpered at the loss of contact. His eyes were dark, swirling with his anger and lust and his canines glinted a bright red, his mouth smeared with my blood. "You're mine and I will never let you leave," He roared.

  • Reincarnated Realist In Another World

    Reincarnated Realist In Another World



    "They say that no man is an island, but an island can be conquered by man." Grant Maximilian, a wealthy man who owned the wealthiest corporate giant in the present world had died. And as he thought it was the end, he had woken up in a small run-down mansion, waking up from a fever, surrounded by maids. He had been reborn, however his name remained the same. As the heir to the doomed-land of Hellsburg, he will now begin to create his kingdom from scratch. [ Hello there! The author here. I'd appreciate it if you can comment down your critiques about it! Also, if I don't respond to your reviews, it means that I can't see it somehow. Please do rewrite it just in case!]

  • Circumventing Fate

    Circumventing Fate



    When Lei Xing booked a luxurious cruise as a graduation present to herself, she expected to have plenty of well-deserved rest and relaxation with an ocean view before jumpstarting her career. What she did not expect was to be the unlucky person who would fall overboard to a miserable watery death… or so she thought. To her astonishment, she opened her eyes to find herself in an ancient setting, a different body, and a new life as the eldest daughter of a high court official.{...Okay, at least I'm rich...I can still live happily and freely, it's still a golden opportunity at a second life. I can live it well~...maybe go travelling, start a business, or something…It definitely could be worse...}To Lei Xing’s horror, her new host was scheduled to enter the palace to compete in the concubine selection for the new Emperor. {...What?! I am definitely not interested! Of all places, it’s that viper pit! I’m not built for any Royal BS or harem fights. Please keep your scheming lives to yourselves and leave me the hell out of it, NOT INTERESTED!!!... Can I not go, please? T_T)...No? Nevermind then, failure is always an option... Failure is the only possible outcome. Bring it on! Hahahaha…}While Lei Xing was making plans on how to skip out of town, fate was also very busy working out its own plans for her, mapping out its own course for her life behind the scenes... Poking holes in her plans to her confusion and outrage. "...Little chicken, as long as I'm alive you won't die.""Nonsense, if anyone is going to cause my death, it would be you!!"***"Do you really feel nothing after all this time?" He asked as he looked at her with searching eyes, trying to see into her soul..."...Who...would..." she mumbled under her breath...***"That stupid old man, I'm going to end him when I find him...You better hide well!!"|||~~~~~~~~~~~|||Author's Note~~Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the read as you go along! Please VOTE and COMMENT as you read along and I will be sure to respond~~ Thank you again and HAPPY READING!~~And if you have the wonderful urge to ever buy me a coffee. Here are the gateways and some love~





    [Check out my new novel, "BEDDING MY VAMPIRE MATE"] [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "I love you. I love you for the person that I knew yesterday, for the one I know today and for the one I will know tomorrow. Not even the secrets you are hiding from me can ever change that," .... Excerpt. "Yang Zi, tell me, what do I have to do to win your heart?" Yifeng asked, still gasping for air. Yang Zi laughed weirdly when she heard his question. "Which heart do you want to win when I don't even have one?" Yang Zi chuckled. "You don't have a heart?" Yifeng asked a bit taken aback by her words. "Why did you say that? I once thought I didn't have a heart, but I realised recently that I was only deluding myself with such lies to cover up how I really feel. Anyone who says that they don't have a heart is a dead being because even a demon or monster has a heart. Anyone who can feel pain or happiness possesses a heart so you can't scare me away with your words," Li Yifeng responded firmly. "Maybe you do, but I don't," Yang Zi said unwaveringly before she stood up and walked away. .... What happens when a sweet Secretary in the morning becomes a cold-blooded lady in the veil of the night? ____ After watching her sister die, a vengeful woman vowed to take her revenge against the people who killed her sister. To do that, she has to change her identity and assume the name, Yang Zi and get into a fake relationship with the mastermind of her sister's murder. However, will she get the justice her sister deserve first? Or will her heart waver and fall in love? Enter Li Yifeng, a hot-tempered man and the CEO of the company Yang Zi works at. The two of them were like fire and water. They hated each other to the point that they would rather not be around each other. But what if Li Yifeng finds out that deep inside her, Yang Zi experienced a past that made her turn into a vicious woman? And what if he was already falling for her? ........ Author's other book: 1) Birth of the devilish CEO: So what if I'm a lady? (Completed) 2) Rebirth Of The Evil Vampire Princess (Ongoing) 3) Mission XX: Seducing The Great Seducer (Ongoing) 4) Bedding My Vampire Mate (Ongoing) Support your dearest author here: Instagram: @flabbergasted2155 Let's talk on discord about what you like and what you don't like about my novel. This is my discord server ID: Disclaimer: book cover not mine, credit goes to the original artist.