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  • Grave robbery

    Grave robbery

    Fifty years ago, the Warring States Silk Book unearthed by Tufuzi (grave robbers) in Changsha recorded the location of a peculiar ancient tomb in the Warring States Period. Fifty years later, one of the Tufuzi's grandsons found the secret in his notes and gathered a group of experienced grave robbers to search for treasures. No one expected that there were so many ancient tombs. Strange things: Seven Stars Suspicion Coffin, Glaucoma Fox Corpse, Nine Snakes and Cypress. Who is the mysterious tomb owner? Can they find the real coffin?

  • It started with a robbery

    It started with a robbery


    One very late night robbery changed the lives of Rail, a trans man with white hair and pink eyes with an obsession with beautiful and shiny things and Kaito Takahashi, one of the most wanted criminals in the country just trying to make some money Rail and Kaito are two of my many mha oc's, but alas due to past occurrences I cannot tell you any of their quirks. (Rail is not a pro hero nor a hero in training)

  • A robbery in a bakery

    A robbery in a bakery

    Just another robbery in a bakery.

  • The Heist Robbery

    The Heist Robbery

  • The Great Snicker Robbery of 09

    The Great Snicker Robbery of 09



  • Reincarnated As The Hero Ring

    Reincarnated As The Hero Ring



    [A COMPLETE OVERHAUL OF THIS NOVEL IS CURRENTLY ON PROGRESS]«Damn, I don't have enough money on my bank account... I need to transfer some money manually at the bank» As lazy as he is, Chase still needs to get out to the bank and face society. After a few minutes of walking, he arrives at the bank and suddenly a robbery happens at the bank.There were a few short screams when the robber released a few shots. «FBI! OPEN UP!» Chase's alarm was deafening as it startled the other robber that taking them hostage in the vault. The robber shot Chase using his gun. Chase sees that someone walks towards him, and the closer the person gets to him, the bigger it gets. A weird pop up suddenly appeared in front of Chase as the person standing near him.«What the hell is this? Is this a character stats?» Chase was quite confused about the situation as his brain could not think about what has happened to him.Chase feels that he has put down by someone as he began to realize something weird about himself."Ehhh! I'm a Ring!..."------------------------------------------------Contact Me:

  • Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband

    Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband


    She was the leader of a gang of bandits, and legend had it that she was bloodthirsty, vicious and unscrupulous. He was the richest of Daliang and the most handsome man in the country. He loved money and beauties and was a charming dandy who had many concubines. They were never supposed to cross paths but in a twist of fate, a robbery brought the two together in marriage. Would love bloom between them? Well, before their love got the chance to bud, his aunts, stepmothers, cousins, distant cousins, and his concubines who were doted on or not all wanted to step on her, the lawfully wedded wife! What they didn't know was that under her weak cat-like facade, hid a ferocious tiger. She could kill without batting an eyelid, and ruthlessness was in her blood. However, the tigers and cats shared one nature. After catching their food, they would toy with the preys before devouring them. When they finally had enough fun, they would strike with their claws and end the game!     In their first encounter, she hid in the crowds to peep at her future husband. The man donned a snow white fur cloak. His inky hair long and silky. He stepped down slowly from the carriage, and his gorgeousness outshined the sun and the moon. All the ladies began to scream in excitement. ” In their second encounter, she was drinking with her gang. With one foot on the table, she grabbed her subordinate by the collar, hollering fiercely. "Drink up, if not I'll kill you!"  He stood at the door and froze, thinking that he had entered the wrong place. The third time, it was their wedding night. She was in red, beautiful and enchanting. He too was in red, handsome and bewitching. "My lady, it's getting late. Let us go to bed!" Outside the window, her subordinates were discussing intensely. "Let Chief bed him, it will be easier for us to strike in the future!" "No, she can't! If she beds him and our plans don’t work out, her efforts would be in vain!" "Let Chief do it, if not it will arouse suspicion!" "No, it can't happen! What if they have a child? How is Chief going to run away then?" While the heated dispute continued, and suddenly something landed among the red-faced debaters.    The man donned in red stood in the center of them, his shoulders half exposed. His skin was fair as snow and his face alluring as the moonlight. Her subordinates gulped and suggested. "How about, let me bed him?"

  • The Homeless Millionaire

    The Homeless Millionaire


    On the 10th of August, 1972, almost exactly ten months after my eighteenth birthday, I left my home and cut all ties with my family. This is the story of what happened next: to me, to people I knew, and to the world.NOTE: All of the characters in this story are fictitious; however, many of the events described really took place. One of these, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts robbery in 1972, was the greatest theft of art in Canadian history.It remains an unsolved mystery to this day, and is the first of many historical events that will involve the hero of this story.

  • My Web Novel System

    My Web Novel System



    When he woke up one day, Fang Yuan had travelled into a parallel universe and became an exchange student majoring in Creative Writing at the University of Iowa. In this world, the Vernacular Language Movement had not yet occur, and there was no market for web novels. The entire world still equated Eastern literature to the Tang and Song Dynasty Poems and Songs. At that moment, the “Author System” was awakened, and the original classic novels appeared in Fang Yuan’s mind! Thus, when he re-wrote those works, the entire world was shaken. “Coiling Dragon” had greater sales than all other titles on Amazon. When drug addicts read it, they successfully detoxified themselves. “Ghost Blows Out the Light” was a pioneering literature work using grave robbery themes. Stephen King went silent when he read it, and Neil Gaiman cried when he heard the story. “A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality” popularized deities throughout the world. Influencers livestreamed their attempts at alchemy, and the title grabbed the attention of social news websites. “Wu Kong” presented the classic “Journey to the West” once more to the world, and drew much surprise and praise from critics. Chinese literature had made a name for itself! The Times Newspapers reported, “Congratulations to Mr Fang Yuan for receiving this year’s Nobel Prize for literature!” The New York Times reported, “The sales of Fang Yuan’s works have overtaken that of the Bible!” The Paris Review reported, “We lust for his appearance, and are loyal to his talent!” The Times Magazine reported, “This man had single-handedly started a craze over Eastern literature!” Bill Gates highly recommended them in his end-of-year list, and Obama couldn’t help but keep reading them. Trump ordered all Americans to read it, claiming that all who did not were not Americans! Fang Yuan was surprised, “Just this is enough? There are still “The Three-Body Problem”, “To Live”, and all the titles by Mo Yan and Lu Xun that I have not yet copied!

  • Abnormal True Love

    Abnormal True Love



    Summary Warning 18+ please be wise in reading!! what will happen if a man who has multiple personalities falls in love with a woman who has been severely traumatized by her childhood after a robbery and a coma. How the belief in true love can grow between these two very opposite personalities?, How will the belief in true love grow in the heart of an innocent person who is often taken advantage of because his innocence turns him into an ice princess?, Who is the man who can make him realize true love?

  • Reborn as a Fox Beastman with Modern Knowledge

    Reborn as a Fox Beastman with Modern Knowledge



    A 17-Year-old Highschooler was killed while saving his classmate from a robbery and was Reborn into a Fox Beastman with Modern Knowledge.

  • The Summoner & Contractor System

    The Summoner & Contractor System

    Rentaro Eccel, an eighteen-year old orphan, lived a rather ordinary life. Since young, he had decided to live his life by his own ideals, living a life of solitude with his few hobbies of enjoyment, while not harming those around him.As fate would have it, Rentaro finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Caught in a bank robbery, he makes the choice to sacrifice himself to protect a child from suffering the same fate of losing his parents and living a life of sorrow.Opening his eyes, Rentaro finds rebirth after death. He is transported into a world of cultivation with a system that will ensure he never lives days of solitude again, living with the Summoner and Contractor System and his new companions.Special thanks to silentscarlettt who created the cover.Up-To-Date Information/Stats posted on the novel: Grimoire of TwilightGoals:* After we reach 100 power stones, I'll upload 11–14 chapters a week.* I'll do some other goals as well for extra chapters, once we're closer to that.* Doing this kind of milestone system as motivation, seeing how it goes. Seems like an interesting concept.* I'd also appreciate any reviews, good or bad, for the sake of getting an actual rating on the story. Every time the novel gets 3 reviews, I'll upload an extra chapter. (Heavy Emphasis: The whole three reviews = one chapter isn't a continuous addition, just one time per each three, if that makes sense. After 1 chapter is given for 3 reviews, an extra chapter will only be given again upon reaching 6, then 9.).One other thing: This story is linked twice on here, I originally started the story in 2018. However, I didn't have the time to really give it a shot for a long time. So, here it goes now! I hope I can give you all an enjoyable read!

  • Talent Upgrade System

    Talent Upgrade System


    Jason was transported to another world after he got shot with a gun during a robbery. According to his new memories from the old body that he transmigrated into, this is a cultivation world. His potential is trash? Then what's the point of being here? Ding... Activated the Talent Upgrading System.

  • A Mob’s Life in a different World

    A Mob’s Life in a different World


    Aren who died in the middle of a store robbery not shot by the robbers but the one who tried to defend the store.After dying he was reincarnated into a Dating game that he used to play.As he goes through with his life things gets harder and harder for him.Will he pull through and achive his dream of peace or will he get dragged into alot of mess?=============≠==========≠=============Don’t expect too much im new at writing but i will try to improve!! Oh yeah one more thing dont expect any R-18… stuff i dont think i can write something lewd…anyway if youre gonna read this story the early chapters are mostly info dump ill make the later chapters as interesting as i can!!If you read this part thank you for taking your time!!-theres a cover now but i do not own it i repeat “i do not own the art” props to the artist who made it its cool. Ill try to draw a cover myself and the characters as well but not right now very busy~~

  • I don't want to be the Hive Queen

    I don't want to be the Hive Queen

    Marcus is a young man that had a very bad day at work. First, he had a horrible customer during his shift. Then he got fired by his boss. And after that, he got shot to death during a robbery. And to top it all of, he awakened with the body of a weak and strange creature in a fantasy world full of deadly monsters. And that's just Monday!Now Marcus will have to find a way to survive as a Vex Queen, but to do so his bravery and determination are not enough. He needs to build a hive that will protect him, as it won't be just monsters that he'll have to face...This book is not mine i just like it so i want to put it on here because I don't like other sites and i know other people don't too here's the author:

  • Stealing West

    Stealing West

    Lean Stroud is wanted for robbery and a murder he didn't commit. On the run to California with his partner-in-crime, Kenneth, he spots the relentless bounty hunter, Thomas Grady, on the train. The only way to protect Kenneth is to create a distraction, and that's what he does when he flees the train at the top of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He forces Thomas to chase him, but nothing can prepare him for what it means to be caught.<br><br>Thomas Grady always gets his man, and Leon Stroud is no exception to that rule. But almost from the moment Thomas touches Leon, he wants the outlaw for something besides his bounty. Driven by desire he doesn't understand, he repeatedly claims Leon's body on the long journey from Soda Springs to San Francisco -- and Leon only begs for more. An even bigger threat, with a larger bounty, could be the very thing they need to drive them together. Or tear them apart.

  • Collin's Otherworld Adventure

    Collin's Otherworld Adventure


    After dying in a store robbery, Reborn as Collin in a world of magic, and after being told that he has no real magic power to be a magic knight, he sets off on a world changing adventure to become stronger.

  • The Vigilante Life

    The Vigilante Life


    Will is a twenty year old who delivers pizzas in New York City. He was always on time despite rush hour. One night when he had returned back to the store from a delivery, he walked in on an armed robbery taken place. He had became scared. That fear overpowered him. His boss, Robert, was critically injured and was put in the ICU. Will, knowing that he could have done something, made a promise to himself that he will get revenge on those creeps. He needed to be someone else. He needed to be The Vigilante.

  • Otaku's Game

    Otaku's Game


    Den, a High-schooler who's into Anime and Manga, an Otaku, died to an attempt to save his family from a Robbery, Upset by his Failure, he wishes a second chance to save his family.Miraculously a goddess herself is willing to give him a second chance, but with a condition, to participate in a game, an Otaku's game.Note: As a Massive Yandere fanatic get ready to see some yandere action as this novel progressFeel free to point out my Grammar since I still have a lot to learn :)