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  • rocky


    la historia se trata de un niño que está solo su mamá le compra un perro rocky por la cuál era negro y su tío lo asecina al perro pero rocky se empieza hacer salvaje y empieza a matar a todo el mundo tal vez sea por una rabia pero el niño del perro le da comida para sobrevivir pero su mamá insiste hasta que un día la mamá le quita la comida al niño y entonces como el perro estaba esperando por su comida y ya es cuando le empezó a dar rabia y desde ese entonces entra a la casa y muerde a la mamá hasta que sangrara y luego agarra la pata de pollo y se va al la habitación

  • True Love Exists

    True Love Exists




    ALL SHE HAD EVER DESIRED IS FREEDOM..... AT HER LOWEST LIE, IT FINALLY COMES ALONG—IN A BLACK SKIRT SUIT AND STRIKING BLUE EYES. Cybele Dominican is as fiery as they come. Her overflowing red waves bear witness. All her life, Luck seemed to evade her with a jarring vengeance. Then she meets her....... She is a Lawyer. A woman in her Prime. When she meets the Knock-out convict, she knows her life is about to change. Forever. FOR THE FIRST TIME, BOTH WOMEN ARE POWERLESS TO THEIR DESIRES....

  • A Rocky Reincarnation

    A Rocky Reincarnation

    Mark is your average nerd with bullying problems. He wishes for it to stop but it's always the same. He gets fed up and snaps during lunch time at school. He plans to get his revenge when something mysterious happens and changes his life forever. Life has been given a reset and now our main character starts all over again but no longer as mark but as a grain of sand. Follow our protagonist and find out how he grows and learns about his new life.

  • Rocky The Rock

    Rocky The Rock

    Man reincarnated as a rock in a fantasy world with a leveling system, Inspiration from the novel Tree of Aeons

  • Rocky Romance

    Rocky Romance

  • Rocky Waters

    Rocky Waters

    Yeonjun needed a break.Soobin didn't he meant two years.

  • Md Rocky

    Md Rocky


  • The rocky and the cat

    The rocky and the cat

  • Rocky the winged wolf

    Rocky the winged wolf


    This is another story based in memorial of my dog rocky in this story rocky will have lived a full life as a dog helping people as well and then reincarnate as a winged wolf this story will be about his adventures in trying to get used to his new form and new world

  • mickel and rocky the dog

    mickel and rocky the dog

  • Rocky Mountain Wolves

    Rocky Mountain Wolves

  • Rocky the brand setter

    Rocky the brand setter

  • Rocky the brave dog

    Rocky the brave dog

    Fantasy ADVENTURE

    This story is in memory of my dog rocky who was recently put to sleepIn this story rocky a male dog will go on a adventure to save his human friend Sorry if it’s not to good I’ve not had any sleep and am extremely emotional

  • The Devil’s love

    The Devil’s love



    “The course of true love never did run smooth.” – William Shakespeare. The journey of love is never as smooth as silk. There are difficulties, ups and downs, bumps and humps.  Like most of the love stories, Mo Yichan and Yang Ning’s love story wasn’t smooth or easy. Initially it was difficult and rocky.  The CEO of Yang corporation, Yang Ning was a successful businesswoman. Growing up with unsupportive and unruly parents, Yang Ning was accustomed to being treated unfairly and poorly. The only person that she count on was her grandfather. The CEO of Mo corporation, Mo Yichan who was also known as the ‘ Devil CEO’ was one of the most successful businessmen. Losing his father at a very young age and his mother leaving him alone for some other man, Yichan grew up with his grandfather.  Being business rivals, Mo Yichan and Yang Ning hated each other.  What do you think will happen when these two cold and aloof people are forced to get married and live under the same roof by their grandparents?  Did they hate each other only because they were business rivals? Or did something happen in the past which forced them to seal their hearts and hate each other to the fullest?  Will the love between them ever be able to overpower the hatred that they have for each other?  ***** “ Hahahahaha look at you both fighting like a husband and wife.” Mr Hunshou said. Yichan smirked and said,” If you were my wife, I would add poison in your coffee.” Ning smiled and said,” And if you were my husband, I would drink it.” **** Few months later. In a charity auction. “ Hundred million.” Ning said. “ Two hundred million.” Yichan said before grinning at his wife. “ Three hundred million.” Ning said. “ Four hundred million.” Yichan said. “ Five hundred million.” Ning before leaning towards her husband,” If you let me win, I’ll be on top for a whole week.” Yichan raised his board and said,” Seven million.”  “ You-“ “ For two weeks.” Yichan said. Ning frowned and said,” Fine.” Before raising her board,” Seven hundred and one million.” *********** Follow me on Instagram: author_sofia05 Join my server: Send me a Ko-fi: [P.S:The cover isn’t mine. :)]

  • The Novel's Sidekick

    The Novel's Sidekick


    Just because you can’t explain it, doesn’t make it a miracle. Something like that happened to Aaron, an introverted youth, who expected to live a normal, boring life. But it took a little for the expectation to go wrong. Who knew he would transmigrate into his favourite Web novel, Forbidden Realms? Waking up in the mysterious land, Aaron finds himself reincarnated as Scar, the loyal sidekick. But soon he found out it was not the only change. The protagonist of the tale turned out to be a female. And she was the least of his worries.Magic still exists in Forbidden realms, with the blessing of the twelve heroes who had stood against the end of time in the sky breaking, catastrophic war fifteen hundred years ago.Unfortunately, the end of time comes once again. The bleeding moons in the broken sky, the wind of the end that sweeps across the rocky terrain to the snow-filled land, all cry the foretell of desolation. Who will decide the fate of the Forbidden realms? The twelve heroes lost in the void of time. The Knights who lost half of their dominions. The order of Magi with broken high arts. The forsakers with their policy of non-intervention. Or the religious zealots and their dead God. Bearing the responsibility and knowledge imparted to him through the book, Scar unravels the mysteries shrouded in the pages of history and myth, while slowly developing his newfound powers along with others to stand against the end of time.Follow Scar as he commands the ember in his heart, shouldering the love, hate, sorrow and frustration he never deserves, on his exciting journey to conclude the tale._____________Special thanks to Mysteries (Editor) and kqwxz (proofreader) for showing enthusiasm in this book and working long hours along with me.Discord:

  • Faridah in a magical rocky mountain

    Faridah in a magical rocky mountain

    In the midst of the mountain, magic happens grabbing Faridah's attention and she sees a magical world which she always dreamt of.

  • Rocky Road to London: An Unexpected Revelation

    Rocky Road to London: An Unexpected Revelation


    Roxie, Nathan and the rest of the Rocky Road to London characters are back in an all new story where unexpected changes occur causing relationships to be tested and a character's mysterious secret identity will be discovered that will change both Nathan and Roxie's relationship forever.

With time an egg will walk

    ROCKY With time an egg will walk

    Fantasy ROMANCE

    it was at that moment when he had remembered what his great grandfather told him "Man reaction to danger is either fight or fright".

  • Rocky Road to London: An Unexpected Connection

    Rocky Road to London: An Unexpected Connection


    Roxie Rodriguez thought she had a normal life. Its not until a recent trip to the UK where she is saved and assisted my none other than English pop rock band Fifth Avenue Square in her life long dream of becoming an author. Along the way; Roxie makes new friends and develops feelings for a certain member of the band. Will Roxie's dream of becoming an author become a reality or will she hold out for a whirlwind romance with a rebellious pop star?