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  • Stallions and Studs: Rodeo Cowboy

    Stallions and Studs: Rodeo Cowboy

    Lex Cunningham rides rodeo. Trent Boxwood is a good friend and fierce competitor, but Lex hopes Trent’s friendship can be turned to something more. Unfortunately, after a night of heavy drinking, he acts on what he thinks are the signs that Trent is interested in him but is rebuffed.<br><br>Rio Cody, on the rodeo circuit to recruit staff for the Stallions and Studs dude ranch, befriends Lex and encourages him to pursue his hopes for a relationship with Trent, as he feels Trent might eventually reciprocate.<br><br>If Trent likes Lex, then what stands in the way of a relationship between the two men? Does Lex have the courage to trust Rio’s intuition and try again to win Trent over, or will he pass up a chance at happiness and continue to ride solo?

  • Cowgirl Up

    Cowgirl Up

    Tough tomboy Tabitha Conrad rides bulls and bareback broncs like a champ. In only her second rodeo season, she's headed for the finals. An over-protective older brother and his buddy sometimes take care of her a little too well. She's having trouble living up to the bold, bawdy reputation most cowgirls enjoy.<br><br>Wes Duncan lost his father and an older brother to bulls in the arena. Now he's working as a rodeo clown, determined to save as many downed riders as he can. He finds feisty little Tab immensely attractive but as his best friend's kid sister, she's off limits.<br><br>As much as he admires her spunk and determination, every time she comes out on a bull, he almost has a heart attack. What can he do to keep her safe? And if he gives in to his heart and his lust, who will keep her safe from him? Before they know it, Tab and Wes are caught up in a whirlwind of passion and misunderstandings. It takes a very close call to bring them to their senses and get Tab up for the ride of her life.

  • The Tale Of The Worst Squad At Rodeo Academy!

    The Tale Of The Worst Squad At Rodeo Academy!

    Rodeo Academy, the academy where people from all over the world come to learn and control their magic and from there they become Knights the protector of the Country of Reginia the only human country throughout the whole world of this fantasy land. In Rodeo Academy lies Rizing, the worst squad in all academy of Rodeo and the progression of this squad. Why are they called the worst squad? Because the whole squad is filled with criminals, delinquents and failures. This is our story, the story of our squad Rizing!

  • Portrait of a Cowboy

    Portrait of a Cowboy

    Sports photographer Kim is down on cowboys. Since her divorce, she is determined to go it on her own, and most of the rodeo crowd knows she won’t date a performer.<br><br>When she literally trips over hunky Wolf Voegler, she has to rethink her rule. Swept away by his gorgeous looks and his European charm, she rationalizes: surely one dinner date won’t hurt ... or even one unforgettable night of passion.<br><br>Before it is over, though, she finds herself wanting more than just a portrait of this cowboy as a keepsake.

  • Pickup Man

    Pickup Man

    High school librarian Jana's best friends Kim and Tracy accuse her of being a professional spinster, still single at twenty-seven. On a bet with them on the weekend of the big rodeo, Jana goes to the favorite night spot of the rodeo crowd to try to pick up a cowboy.<br><br>Before the night is over, she knows the steak dinner she'll win from her friends is by far the least of her prizes. Once she gets acquainted with Ty, the phrase "ride 'em cowboy" takes on a whole new meaning. She just might run her brand on this one!

  • Stallions and Studs Box Set

    Stallions and Studs Box Set

    Two hours outside of Boise, Idaho, is a sign that reads, “Welcome to Stallions and Studs.”<br><br>In the four stories corralled together in this collection, read about the cowboys who work the ranch and the men who come there to live out their cowboy fantasies. Riding, herding cattle, rodeoing along with moonlit trail rides, snuggling by a camp fire, and rolling around in the hay are just some of the activities available to the guests seeking to lasso themselves some cowboy fun. And for a few, if they’re lucky, a whole lot more.<br><br>Contains the stories:<br><br><strong>Shoulda Been a Cowboy</strong>: Charlie Bradley, enthralled with cowboys, chooses a dude ranch for his summer vacation. There he meets Wade Connors who, in addition to being his riding instructor, romances Charlie as his playmate of the week. What happens when Charlie’s week ends and he has to return home?<br><br><strong>Back in the Saddle Again</strong>: Mack MacIntyre has left his life as a cowboy behind. For 35 years he’s been a devoted husband, father, and businessman far from his roots in the west. One day that old life, in the form of Seth Buchanan, comes knocking on his door. Seth has a dream. Does Mack have the courage to share in it?<br><br><strong>Rodeo Cowboy</strong>: Lex Cunningham and Trent Boxwood ride rodeo together. Lex hopes Trent’s friendship can be turned to something more, but when he acts on signs that Trent is interested, Trent rebuffs him. Why? Will Trent overcome what stands between them?<br><br><strong>Reining In Rio</strong>: The single life is just fine for Rio Cody. His motto is monogamy is monotony. However, at a local horse show he meets someone who may turn that notion inside out. But Mark Wembly is not at all Rio’s type and is a pain in the butt to boot. Will Rio continue to ride alone, or will Mark rein him in?

  • Sixteen Seconds

    Sixteen Seconds

    Barrel racer Becca, frustrated because COVID has shut down all rodeos, is annoyed when Nikki, the farrier's daughter, shows up in his stead. They spar over Nikki's competence and their different ideas of social distancing, yet eventually bond over their mutual love for horses.<br><br>Since Becca doesn't have Nikki's number but wants to see her again, she resorts to requesting another farrier visit. Nikki sees through her ruse and retaliates by using the water hose on Becca, yet they still hang out.<br><br>Their first real date threatens to fall through when Nikki's trailer has a flat and she shows up for their trail ride without a horse. Becca has brought both of hers, but, because of a bad experience that caused one of her horses to get hurt, never lets anyone else ride them.<br><br>Falling for the idea of someone can happen in sixteen seconds. But can Becca find the courage to take her real life chances on Nikki?

  • Cowboy Blues

    Cowboy Blues

    As a rising star on the professional rodeo circuit, Spencer Cole risks his life every night in his quest to become one of the most elite bull riders in America. That all changes on a devastating Fourth of July when a terrible accident brings his future into sharp question.<br><br>For five years, Rebecca Rankin's annual trysts with Spencer have been the high point of her Independence Day celebrations, but the timing was never right to seek out more. Now, she's thrust into the role of nursemaid for a bitter, angry cowboy who believes he's lost everything.<br><br>But Spencer needs more than a nurse. He needs somebody to show him his life didn't end when his career did. Because courage isn't about how long the bull ride is. It's about getting back up after the ride is over.

  • Fortune's Honor

    Fortune's Honor

    Clay Putnam has always been the responsible one. He runs the Good Fortune ranch and takes care of his ailing mother, all on his own. He makes the sacrifice so his brothers can follow their dreams, especially the youngest, Ty, a bull-rider on the professional rodeo circuit.<br><br>When Ty’s fiancée unexpectedly shows up at the family ranch, Clay welcomes her, even though nobody even knew Ty was engaged. Paige Murphy is smart, beautiful, and kind, everything Clay could ever want in a woman, but unfortunately, Ty met her first. Paige slips into life on the ranch with surprising ease, but they fight their growing attraction out of love and respect for Ty.<br><br>Passion and a surprising tragedy drive Paige into Clay’s arms, but honor, not infatuation, dictates who they ultimately are.

  • The Thaw

    The Thaw

    Thirty-three-year-old gay farmer Vladimir Wozniak IV lives for his crops and the hard work that makes them profitable every year. Five miles up the road, former rodeo bull rider and rancher Thomas Sullivan is just as committed to his corn-fed beef.<br><br>Once best friends until VJ kissed Tommy during freshman year in college, they stopped speaking when Tommy rejected VJ.<br><br>Ten years later, after the country doctor who helped bring them into the world dies and his will names them as co-owners of property, they decide to check out their inheritance together to see which one wants to buy out the other.<br><br>As they travel down memory lane through the Doc’s correspondence and visit familiar sites on the land, can they work their way back to friendship ... and possibly beyond?

  • The Wild Bunch: Casa

    The Wild Bunch: Casa

    Spark, Stace, and Casa have been best buddies since their high school rodeo days. Now they work for a very special guest ranch that caters to gay men who need a break and escape from their high stress fast lane lives. Rainbow Ranch has a reputation for providing precisely the Wild West adventures each guest needs and desires with the cowboys of their hottest dreams.<br><br>Casa is worried when he sees Stace and Spark have found special partners in guests who’ve visited the ranch the past few months. He hates to be the only one left, but he doesn’t think that will work for him. He’s carried a secret torch for his boss way too long to change now. When Jason is hurt in a rodeo accident, Casa is the one who steps in to help and keep things going while Jason recovers. Having dealt life long with prejudice because he is Latino, Casa is afraid to let the other man know. Will matters be taken out of his hands?<br><br>Jason has realized his dream of a dude ranch for gays. Will this end when his head wranglers hook up with guests, leaving him alone? But Casa, who has always been his secret favorite, steps in to help when Jason is injured and shows no inclination to hook up with a guest and withdraw. Instead, he makes himself almost indispensible. Does he have a hidden motive?<br><br>Unbeknownst to Jason, Stace’s new partner Jared bears a striking resemblance to him, which makes the three cowboys wonder. Is there some connection and maybe bad blood between the two men? In an effort to bring the two face to face, the cowboys engineer a barbeque, unsure whether the result will be terrific or terrible.

  • The Weekender

    The Weekender

    When cowboy Gage Wellton visits boyhood friend, Corey Cassidy, for a fun-filled weekend in New York City, Corey's life is turned upside down. The two have the time of their lives in the big city. As memories of their childhoods unfold, dancing, drinking, and a night of heavy sex ensue.<br><br>Gage soon finds himself smitten, which he didn't expect. It's too late for romance though, since Gage has to head back to his ranch, ending the weekend of fun and good memories. Corey asks him to stay, but Gage has obligations in Kansas and decides to return home, leaving Corey and the city behind.<br><br>Once back home, Gage struggles without Corey at his side. Then a rodeo accident sends Gage to the hospital and Corey shows up to visit. Corey becomes medicine for Gage. During his visit, the two become intimate again. But it's hard for a closeted, gay cowboy to survive in a straight man's world. Will love be enough to make one man change his entire life for another?

  • The Wild Bunch: Stace

    The Wild Bunch: Stace

    Stace, Spark, and Cass have been best buddies since their high school rodeo days. Now they work for a very special guest ranch that caters to gay men who need a break to escape from their high stress fast lane lives. Rainbow Ranch has a reputation for providing precisely the Wild West adventures each guest needs and desires with the cowboys of their hottest dreams. Stace doesn't intend to fall for a guest -- it's never happened before. Why now? What is so unique about this one?<br><br>Jared Longford runs a cutting edge edutainment media company and wishes he could put aside the burdens of management and be valued for himself and not his prestige. He has grown to fear that's an empty dream. Persuaded to take a week long vacation on a guest ranch in New Mexico, he finds exactly the reprieve he needs and all the thrills he could hope for. Surrendering to Stace might be one way Jared can fulfill his most secret fantasy.

  • The Wild Bunch: Spark

    The Wild Bunch: Spark

    Spark, Stace, and Cass have been best buddies since their high school rodeo days. Now they work for a very special guest ranch that caters to gay men who need a break and escape from their high stress fast lane lives. Rainbow Ranch has a reputation for providing precisely the Wild West adventures each guest needs and desires with the cowboys of their hottest dreams.<br><br>Spark is all a-twitch when he learns Lou Vetrano is coming back for a second visit. He's not used to guests making a lasting impression but there was something about the dashing Chicagoan he can't get out of his system. Is too much change coming into his life too fast?<br><br>Lou had a great time on his first visit to Rainbow Ranch. He knows a lot of it was due to one blond hunk of a cowboy he can't wait to see again. Soon he senses things are starting to get a lot more serious than he expected or planned. How can he make a cowboy fit into his high finance life and why does he want to try? Then an unexpected attack by a hungry puma helps him put all the pieces of this puzzle together.

  • Blazing Gun

    Blazing Gun

    Cassidy Jenson's a cowgirl at heart and life, she grew up in the town of Bozeman, Montana. Her parents were part of the church community, as well as her father a rancher Long horns his specialty. Her mother a typical ranchers church wife, small town gossiper and ran the local cafe. Betty's Grill, she heard everything and anything that runs threw town. Nosy nellies of town all talk, but when it comes to certain things it's hush hush. Especially when the owner of the gossip is around. Ryan Brixton was a small town boy from Belgrade, Montana smaller than Bozeman but humble. He learned to cuss and fight and shoot. Played basketball in high school and learned his lessons hard. His daddy died working the rodeo circuit and his momma being injured in a barrel racing competition couldn't afford the big ranch on her own so Ryan took up working on a construction crew. He was determined to fight for his home, the one place he felt safe. Cassidy and Ryan cross paths one Sunday when she crosses the street from church. Ryan almost hitting her and the fire starts, angry and frustrated. A fight of wits and battle of attraction they find them selves closer. Threw out the battle of Cassidy's ex, the gossip, and finding the truth, odd dates popping up. Sparks fly like the forth of July for these two, in an unexpected falling in love.

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