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  • The Romantic Cultivator

    The Romantic Cultivator



    Sword Saint Ji Yuan has just breakthrough to the lofty seventh realm saint level after a period of 100 years. When he returns to his celestial clan where he was once the Sword Saint, he has found out that many things have changed. The worst thing had happened to him; he had lost his beautiful beard and in the Desolate Celestial Fraternity, a beardless cultivator is to be scorned and despised! This is actually a xianxia romance story about an unromantic cultivator who likes his beard and the romantic leading maidens who all hates his beard. There are a total of seven celestial levels in order to cultivate as a celestial cultivator; Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Enlighten Celestial, Immortal Celestial, Golden Celestial, Golden Supremacy and Sacred Saint.

  • Romantic Scandal

    Romantic Scandal

    Romansa Kontemporer R18 FATEDLOVE


    Hidup Lareina Pramudita dan Leander Arsenio berubah sejak kemunculan gosip yang mereka timbulkan sendiri. Hidup keduanya seolah tak berhenti disorot media, hingga membuat Mama mereka yang bermusuhan mulai jengah. Mama mereka mulai sibuk mencarikan calon agar gosip Rein dan Lean menghilang. Akankah gosip yang ditimbulkan hilang kala mereka sama-sama mendapat pasangan? Atau sebuah gosip baru akan bermunculan? This is Romantic Scandal.

  • Anti Romantic

    Anti Romantic

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE R18


    (Mature Content 18+)Ryshaka Syailendra memegang jabatan sebagai seorang General Manager di sebuah perusahaan multinasional, sifatnya yang cenderung suka mengritik melibatkan dirinya dengan pertikaian konyol antara dirinya dan asistennya sendiri, karena semua argumen yang ia keluarkan akan dimuntahkan kembali oleh Aletha yang mempunyai watak defensif yang bertentangan dengannya."Apapun yang saya lakukan, anda tidak berhak untuk ikut campur!" Ucap Aletha dengan nada suara yang berapi-api.Mampukah Ryshaka melunakkan hati Aletha yang keras, karena sepertinya ia mulai terpikat oleh pesonanya.Namun disaat Aletha mulai luluh dengan semua perhatian Ryshaka, masalalu pria itu perlahan mulai terkuak. Meninggalkan banyak tanya pada benak Aletha. Siapakah sebenarnya sosok wanita yang ada pada figura foto yang sudah 2 tahun lamanya disimpan oleh Ryshaka?Ini adalah kisah tentang Aletha dan Ryshaka, yang romansanya terbentur oleh jati diri yang disimpan rapat-rapat oleh keduanya.#Cover edit by Pinterest

  • Romantic AS

    Romantic AS

  • Romantic Devil

    Romantic Devil


    Leo Constantine adalah seorang vampir yang mendambakan dirinya menjadi manusia. Pertemuannya dengan Fana, seorang mahasiswa senior membuat beberapa perubahan besar di hidupnya. Darah murni milik Fana membuat perubahan besar pada hidup Leo yang selalu datar selama 500 tahun. Apakah ia mampu mewujudkan mimpinya menjadi manusia? Perubahan apa yang akan dialami Leo? Apakah dua dunia bisa menjadi satu?------------------------------------------------------------------------Photo : PixabayCover editing by Muhammad TitantoEditing with CanvaFollow Instagram (Author) : @M_titanto

  • Romantic allergy

    Romantic allergy

    Romansa Historis ROMANCE

    Aku gak bisa romantis!

  • Romantic Story

    Romantic Story

  • romantic dream

    romantic dream

  • Romantic Lam

    Romantic Lam

  • Romantic Ghost 

    Romantic Ghost ------------------------

    History ROMANCE

  • Romantic webnovel

    Romantic webnovel


    Romantic Adds

  • sad romantic

    sad romantic

  • Romantic history

    Romantic history

  • Romantic hate

    Romantic hate

    When Ryan entered in the room he saw Leon laying on the bed. He kept his bag aside and nervously also lay down on the bed "Today was a very good day, do you know how much i have tired, again and again i was looking at phone, now you'll call, now you'll call but you didn't call. I have also seen my mobile while meeting. Please serve me food, i am so much hungry"( Ryan said requesting her) "Tell olivia to serve you food" (Leon said)"She is not my wife, (before Ryan could complete) "shut up nor i'll beat you very hard, spending whole day i made dishes for you, do you know i made 4 dish and a extra sweet dish in a extreme hot temperature. You tell me, what meeting that was, which wasn't finishing, why are you looking at there"( Leon yelled at him furiously) "I-I have a gift for you" (he stuttered pointing towards the bag) "you're so bad, you ruined my mood of fighting" (she said irritately) "Your favourite chocolates"( he said giving a chocolate pack to her) Her angry expression immediately turned angry to calm. "Now please show mercy on me please serve me food, i am starving"( he requested her) "yeah"(she said) and started walking towards the kitchen.Then he suddenly hold her arm and pull her towards her "i don't mean about food i mean about kiss" (he said with mischievous smile) he gave her a very steamy kiss then slowly move to her neck then chest ...........................................................................Ryan and Leon were great enemies of each other of the high school time, after high school they thought that they will never meet again. But life had another plans for them. They again meet at a interview where Ryan was suppose to take Leon s' interveiw. Ryan want to take revenge of high school days so he hired her. Leon was a normal girl who never experienced the love on other hand Ryan was full opposite of her who has uncountable break up with the girls. He was very rude. Will this two will become a perfect partners for each other, stay with the story to see that.I am participating in webnovel sprity contest, please help me to win this.[Note]1) the cover is not mine, i have taken it from Pinterest with some editting. 2) Any of the scenes of novel are not taken from my life

  • Dangerously Romantic

    Dangerously Romantic


    Founded almost 50 years ago, Rosewood High welcomes another year of exceptional performances.'Rosewood High', America's most prestigious school. It's unlike any other school, home to the elite and the academically gifted.It's known to sire graduates, some of who, have become the most successful and influential people alive today. Survival of the fittest, those who can't handle the pressures or workload, the weak, will be weeded out and discarded. Today three students, walk towards these gates, chasing their futures; unbeknownst to them the danger lurking behind the shadows.One young man, who cares for nothing but his ambitions and advancing his career, will have no choice but to confront past demons.Lives will entwine. Perceptions will change. Everything is not as it seems. Claws and fangs waiting for you at every turn. Whispers, betrayals, secrets lay dormant begging to be let out.Will they prevail or will they succumb to the challenges ahead? So in true Rosewood High spirit I say 'Let the games begin'.

  • The Romantic Mind

    The Romantic Mind

    A guy who knows everything about romance. The thing is, he only knows it, but don't know how.

  • the dangerous romantic

    the dangerous romantic

  • Romantic Love

    Romantic Love


    Please don't leave me, my brotherDo great defeat, no, please, pleaseI'm so sorry to leave you.(What friends don't understand is read downUnderstand)I am happy Islam. I work at 12 at nightWalk along the deserted road towards TarI was walking towards home at that timeA muffled girl's voice in my earsComing. I then noticed the soundContinue to move in that direction.Shubh went and saw two men and a girlForcibly raping, but the girlTrying a lot to survive, butCan' me.......

  • Romantic romance

    Romantic romance

  • The Romantic Dinner

    The Romantic Dinner

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE CEO

    A short romance, fancy rooftop dinner story.

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