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  • Ruthless


    [Heartthrob Billionaires Series #1]River Villafuerte aka "Ruthless King" - 29 and a billionaire. What he wants, he always gets. But what if the woman he wants, he doesn't get? What will he do?



  • The Legend of the ruthless Empress Freya

    The Legend of the ruthless Empress Freya



    Join my discord (Freya is there too) :D A lot of details about the world, pictures, explanations etc are shared on it Donation/support : (for those who don't have discord and want to see illustrations, bonuses etc. The account is rather new tho) ________________________________ Freya, head of the Tokyo yakuza, is suddenly betrayed and murdered by one of her subordinates. "Well, I thought I would end up in hell and now a Goddess is interested in me to fight against humans from another world reincarnated as a Wolf Demon? Nani ?????" [Empress System Initialization Successful 100%] Follow Freya the ruthless Empress of Ice as she draws her story in an enigmatic new world of magic and fantastic creatures. She'll discover that life is no easier than on Earth, if not harder and crueler. In this world where humans act as tyrants over all other races, hunted, denigrated, killed, tortured, even if the law of the strongest humans reigns, she'll rise to the top. "Humans ? Exterminate them to the last one ! My family, companions and Empire ? I will give everything to protect them !" From a cruel monster to a loving woman, watch Freya found her Empire to change the whole world and tint it with her color. Accompanied by her new family, companions and subordinates be the first to witness the ruthless Empress Freya writing her legend. Tags+ : #gods #ruthlessMC #antihero #overpoweredMC #monsterMC #demon #loyalsubordinates #beastcompanions #war #beautifulfemalelead #ennemyofhumanity #violence #familyallove #adoptedchild #R18 **Voting Goals !** 100 Power Stones = 1 extra chapter a week 200 Power Stones = 2 extra chapters a week etc --------Author's note----------- IT'S NOT A HAREM English is not my first language, i'm french so don't hesitate to tell me if i made mistakes. Beware, the MC is cruel and ruthless, you may not agree with their actions and/or personality so remember to always be respectful when making remarks. In addition, the MC is also OP, but only few people can really compete with her...there will be exciting challenges and fights but don't expect Game of Throne style drama despite the tags. The big villains are the humans, so there will be only a few relationship between them and the MC as they are by nature enemies (and will remain so). Yes in this novel humans are the worst kind of scum, although there are some "good ones" who will share Freya's ideas but she will mostly bond with half-humans, beasts etc. Author-San Lucifer UPTADE EVERY TWO DAYS

  • The ruthless

    The ruthless

    Contemporary Romance SYSTEM


  • My Ruthless Girlfriend

    My Ruthless Girlfriend



    Amara Brown found out she has roots in the Mafia world, abandoning the family she does not feel connected with, she joins the Mafia and through hardwork becomes their gang leader, Amara Russo. Kidnapping, Murdering, Making people disappear, smuggling were the only things she knew. Her life turns topsy turvy when a new member joins their gang. He looks poor, pitiful and arrogant, but has good combat skills. Was he really like how he looks like or there is more to it? This was the question that kept bothering Amara since she met him ... "What happened? Why are you worried?" Joshua asked Amara. "That guy keeps staring at me, as if he knows who I am" "Maybe you are overthinking?" "No, his glance followed me wherever I went. I think our identities are compromised" "No, they won't be" "How?" "I am sorry Amara, just act along for five minutes." "Wha..." Amara couldn't complete her question as he sealed her lips with his. ... When Amara realizes one of her loyal people is hell bent on killing her to gain her position, she has to break the promise she made. What will she do? Disclaimer: The cover photo does not belong to me and if the creator has an issue with it please let me know, I'll remove it. Also, this story is a pure work of fiction

  • The Ruthless Wolf

    The Ruthless Wolf

    He is evil.Some say he is a monster, a demon in disguise.The gods and every supernatural being are scared of him, including his father.His father, the king of all supernaturals and a half Lycan werewolf and vampire, had impregnated his mother and left them in a faraway undisclosed place, going back to his kingdom and back into his mate's arms and their son.Seven years later, he appeared claiming to be his son, and when the young boy got challenged by the gods, he defeated Zeus sending fears into the hearts of every gods, monsters and supernatural beings.He was a shape-shifter and has all the whole supernatural powers and no one dares to speak when he talks.He was called Ruthless because no one knows his real name. He listens to no one, not even his father, his step mother or his half brother until an unknown ugly chubby girl walks into the supernatural school and Ruthless finds himself melting and his two cold hearts changing.Vala, a half dragon, demon and elf, was sent on a mission to the supernatural school, make Ruthless fall in love with her and steal one of his heart's to unlock the chains that binds her father, Lucifer's brother.Stealing any of his heart's is hard and impossible, and falling in love wasn't part of her plan.Will she succeed in her mission?Can she change Ruthless?Do not Take credit or Plagiarize this story.

  • Ruthless Revenge

    Ruthless Revenge


    "Why do you always cry? you know it won't change anything.... I didn't spent my money to wipe your tears." JK. W-W-What do you wa....." Aiden (Slap) "You are not allowed to ask questions." JK. Jonathan Kyle (JK) is a ruthless mafia boss who has no emotion left in his heart, according to him emotions are only to mess up your ability to think. He only live for one purpose and that is the revenge. In his 20 years life, from being a helpless orphan to a powerful mafia boss he never once forget his soul purpose of living, that is to avenge his parents by killing every last member of ‘Brown’ family in a worst way possible. The only person that kept him connected to his humanity is his brother Jim Lightwood. Aiden Brown a 17-year old innocent kid, who think of himself as a bad fortune. Ever since he was born bad things keep happening to him that cost him the peace of his teenage life. He lives to prove himself as a worthy son to his father, son worthy for father’s love. The only person that keep him sane in his troublesome life is his best friend, Jimmy. JK gets his hand on the most valuable asset of the Brown family, their only son and is determined to torture him as much as he can to let Brown family know how it feels when your world crashes right in-front of your eyes. But he didn't know he would start to develop feelings for his prey, will Aiden return his feeling? will they live a love out of that dangerous situation? Contains: Angst Violence Abuse Broken Death Mafia

  • ruthless billonaire

    ruthless billonaire

  • Ruthless bond

    Ruthless bond

    Martial Arts ROMANCE

    Michael Draven is a badass incredibly handsome young man. He is the leader of a very dangerous gang in town. He does not go after girls but the girls are always after him. He has one problem though; love is not meant for him.He is certain that he will never fall in love. He considers Love for the weak. It's not until one day when his pride is shaken greatly. For the first time a girl dares reject him.He vows to get back at her. He intends to win her over then break her heart. She beats him in his own game and ends up stealing his heart.It turns into obsession and he is set to make her his at any cost. Things turn crazy when the son of the most high Mafia lord sets his eyes on the same woman.He is totally obsessed with her. If he can't get her, then no one will. He would rather see her corpse than hurt his ego by loosing her to someone else. He has drawn a line around her and if anyone dares cross that line they will be utterly destroyed. Will Draven take the risk or will he chicken out?

  • Ruthless Mafia Innocent Love

    Ruthless Mafia Innocent Love


    Extreme Violence # Mature Content ( 18+)# Rape # Dark love # Kidnapping # Lust# Mafia # Werewolf.Scene.In a room."No, please don't do this to me," the girl was crying while begging.Did I show any mercy to anyone so why are you begging Angel?"Man replied"."Please don't do this to me", Girl said.He ripped all her clothes and started sucking her nipples.The girl cried in pain and said, "Why are you doing this, it's painful, Please stop". The man removed his belt and started beating her with it.How dare you run away from me, huh? I think you have grown some guts.Sorry, please stop. I will not repeat this,'' she begged. The man replied, " Your begging is music to my ears, Angel."You try to run away from marriage. I will show you today what I can do.Character Introduction.Priya goyal is an 18 yrs old girl who is very innocent in this cruel world. An orphan lives in an autumn orphanage. She is innocent but she doesn't know what happened in her past and what creatures and powers her family had which she can have but only when the curse is going to have its solution.Priyank Sharma a 25 yrs old billionaire and dangerous mafia, hates to be touched by women. Respects his mother and one and only friend.He doesn't know what past he has which is related to Priya and what more he can have in his life when he truly goes to what his innocent Luna is.Let's see how an innocent soul is going to get corrupted.



    Go through with a business marriage or not? It was a yes or no for Ruby Stone until things got complicated. She had a one night stand with a stranger that changed everything. Julian was handsome, funny, and could charm any woman's pants off. She didn't know anything more than his first name, but he gave her a perfect night...and she wasn't supposed to see him again. Then he shows back up in her life—to both their surprise. The problem: Ruby's potential groom is Julian's stepbrother. Julian doesn't need to know anything more than Ruby's name for their one night of fun. That is, until he starts feeling things he never dreamed he'd feel. The woman haunting his thoughts might marry his stepbrother, his rival since childhood. He isn't going to let that happen, and Julian is willing to play dirty to keep Ruby out of his clutches. Game on...until he realizes that his heart isn't playing a game anymore. Ruthless Game is created by Teya Carressa, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • Ruthless Uprising

    Ruthless Uprising


    After being killed on Earth, Amon Kais has been reborn as a wolf. Receiving the inheritance of Caixe, one of the Five Great Monarchs he's given a system that allows him to breakthrough if he collects enough souls! Amon is determined to become a great figure feared by many yet respected by all!

  • The Ruthless Player

    The Ruthless Player


    **DISCLAIMER: THE ART DOESNT BELONG TO ME! All the credits to the creator of the art. ALSO, READ THE PROLOGUE OR THE STORY DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! Long, long ago.. A calamity struck humanity, all around the world, millions upon millions of monsters came out of mysterious portals, wreaking havoc among earth. This event is known as “The World Breaker”. More then 95% of the population got wiped out, however, some people now known as the “Awakened” got special and supernatural powers from the gods and defended humanity from the monsters. At the present time.. A young person by the name of Jin is working a minimum wage job, trying to take care of his sister after their parents passed away. Whilst going back home, Jin gets beaten up very badly by people looking for a certain treasure in Jins possession. When Jin is about to die.. [ Welcome to the system! ] Author here: This is a novel about a cliche-ish main character getting a system, just a normal, fulfilling system novel, hope you guys like it!

  • The Ruthless Rockstar

    The Ruthless Rockstar

    Music is his life, he is stunning and wealthy... but he is also egotistical, instead of blood, arrogant and dope of fame runs in his veins... Ryan Smith, the ruthless rockstar. Across the seven seas far from him, She is sweet and confident, living a simple life. Tara Sharma is an engineering student. Her life faces up and down when she unintentionally collided with Ryan.

  • Naruto: Ruthless

    Naruto: Ruthless


    With the death of his parents Luke was heading towards depression.In an effort to end it all he decided to end his life multiple times but failed everytime.Causing him to develop insanity.He then resorted to killing to ease his insanity or he thought so.For the next 10 years every night he goes towards cities and villages with high population and kills anything that he deems to be evil. (His not a bad guy he is just insane)On one of his regular hunts he was ready to end the life of his target but not until he was shot on the head killing him instantly.Well what if that person somehow got reincarnated to the world of Naruto well let's find out.

  • The ruthless pair

    The ruthless pair

  • Ruthless Master

    Ruthless Master


    Zochea can't hide her fear whenever she get a chance of communicating to his Boss. Starting when she was hired into that company, she felt nervous with an unknown reason. What could be the reason behind of this?

  • Ruthless Obsession

    Ruthless Obsession

    For years, Ruth Giovanni lead a simple life, going through the motions, just like her family enforced into her. When a truly cruel man is forced into her life by her own father, she's obliged to readjust to a lifestyle of surviving the very man who she has to spend the rest of her life with. TW: mentions of sexual assault, drugs, alcohol, murder, violence, blood, gore, toxic relationships, and sexual content.

  • Ruthless King

    Ruthless King


    "What's your name?" He said, coming closer by each step as I back up against the wall. "Rose An-" he interrupted me before I could say my full name. I mean he is the king... shouldn't he want to know who's in his employ? "I don't need all the specifics." He looked me up and down and licked his lips sexily. He paused for a good second, contemplating something in his head. His eyes met mine and he stopped whatever war he was going through in his mind. "You're going to be my personal maid, consider it a promotion." he smirked and backed up as if nothing happened. His eyes turning as cold as ice. He started walking out of the kitchen, going God knows where. I caught my breath and whispered, "yes, your Majesty."•••••••••••••••••••Rose Anne Masonee, an innocent, kind, and pure girl, never thought she’d end up at the castle. Not once did she think there’d be a chance she’d be able to help her father instead of feeling regrettably useless in her daily life. She absolutely never thought she’d run into the infamous ruthless king. Fredrick Demitrein, anything other than pure and innocent. He’s known as ruthless and he stands by it. Never did he think he’d run into someone the complete opposite of him. He has many mistresses, yet why does this tiny, weak girl make his heart throb? Will he fall in love? Something that’s never slipped his mind. But what did is, will she find out what he truly is?[MATURE THEMES 18+]

  • Ruthless love

    Ruthless love


    I could barely feel my feet from the cold and the pain in my legs didn't seem to bother me anymore, I just ran. I had to get away even if the rumors were true. If they were, nobody would follow me through the woods. I had been searching for hints and clues about the beast in the woods. My big mistake however was telling anybody. Now I was on the run from the whole neighborhood. Their futile attempts to stop me from getting myself killed, seemed endless. Their shouts sounded more and more desperate as the distance grew between us. I didn't care. I had to know the truth. Even if it would mean I could never return, or worse.