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  • Forced To Marry The Devil : A Crazy Love Saga

    Forced To Marry The Devil : A Crazy Love Saga



    Today was the worst afternoon that Kizy had ever faced in her entire life. She had never been this tremendously anxious ever. And the lone cause for her trouble was the man sitting beside her, her husband to be in the coming few minutes, Markus. Kizy and Markus, If there was anything they felt towards each other, then that was pure hatred. They had been sworn enemies since their childhood, but she had no way out. Hence she was sitting in his house at eleven, ready to sell off whatever little property she had to Markus in order to save her dying mom. She had decided to give all the money she could gather to him in exchange for saving her mom. But the thing she least expected had happened. Markus agreed to save her mother using his connections. And the best part was he did not expected even a single cent from her. But happiness never lasts long. He demanded that his only condition to save her mom would be - TO MARRY HER. And thats where the trouble began. What will happen when these two people who can not tolerate each others's presence for even a moment are tied with the marital knot for the rest of there life? Let's witness a crazy love saga unfold between Kizy and Markus filled with loads of action, drama, unseen twists and turns and off course a whole lot of romance. *Book Cover : credits to the original owner, it does not belongs to me. If it is your work, please dm me.* Instagram : go_kizy Discord : go_kizy#9468

  • Saga of The Night God

    Saga of The Night God



    .................“7.9 billion people, 3.8 billion of them are women. I saw millions of them in my lifetime, talked with thousands, known hundreds.” Yelled the man, while raising his hand toward the sky.“And...not a single...pussy for me…..god…why.” And burst out in tears.[5 minutes Before ]The person yelling at the god Erwin Tynan is a successful corporate slave because of his well-paid job at a multinational company. He had just had a dinner meeting with his slave colleagues and was waiting for his ride. Standing under the lamppost while enjoying the winter night, he said, "What a beautiful night," and pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. And continued with a sigh, “sigh, it will become more beautiful if I have someone as beautiful as this night in my arms. " Saying this, he searched for a lighter in his pocket but couldn't find it. Suddenly, a hooded person approached Erwin while he was searching his pockets and pulled out a lighter from his jacket. Seeing the man approaching him suddenly Erwin was surprised and, seeing the lighter in the person's hand, he saiThanksanks man”And leaned forward to light his cigarette. Lighting his cigarette, he tries to get a glimpse of a person's face. After seeing the face, he was astonished. Because under the hood. It was a beautiful girl. Her skin was white as snow, her hair black as night, and her crystal red eyes and blood-soaked lips were challenging the night's beauty. Her expression was colder than ice and they enhanced her beauty more.But there was something wrong here because Erwin's astonished face was now grim. And had a wound on his stomach that certainly came from the knife in a woman’s hand. “Why?” he said painfully and fell over........Discord link :- for character artworks

  • The Dragon's Cursed Mate

    The Dragon's Cursed Mate


    "How can I get rid these feelings? I hate this. I hate that I can't resist you. I hate the fact that I'm obsessed with you. You burn me with the irresistible desire. And now I want you tonight. Under me, moaning my name so I know that you are completely mine." SYNOPSIS: What would you do if your fated mate hates you just because you are human? Edna never knew her family. She was raised by the people who took advantage of her all her life. When she escaped, she stumbled upon the dragon lord who hated humans to the core. Maximilian hated her because she was human, and he hated her more because he couldn't resist her allure... because she was his mate. Her scent made him go crazy. He wanted to ravish her every night. He wanted her to scream his name whenever he pound her senseless. However, he hated the fact that she was human, a cursed one at that. So, he treated her so badly. Edna tried to stay away so she wouldn't get hurt, and Maximilian tried to close his heart from softening up to this lowly human, but no matter how much they tried, their bond kept bringing them back together. Would Edna finally leave him or would Max change and accept their mate bond?

  • Loving The Cursed Werewolf King

    Loving The Cursed Werewolf King



    Can she melt the ice in Northendell... and his heart? Arielle is the forgotten princess of the Nieverdell, a country blessed with the warm sun all year round. She was sacrificed by her family to become the prisoner of the Northendell Kingdom because of the sins of her brother, the crown prince. In the kingdom covered by eternal ice, Arielle met King Ronan D. Blackthorn, a man full of mystery. King Ronan was cursed. On a full moon, he would lose his human side and turn into a werewolf. Weirdly enough, ever since Arielle stepped into his life, he could slowly control his animal instincts. But great power came with its own consequences. Arielle and Ronan were faced with a difficult choice: Lift his curse or lose Arielle forever.

  • The Alpha's Replacement Bride

    The Alpha's Replacement Bride



    Marchioness Harriet Goldlane, a talented noblewoman, made a deal with Old Duke Almandine. To save her younger brother, she was willing to become a substitute for Liam's 'mate', the grandson of the Old Duke. Liam was an Alpha whose 'mate' died long ago. He was severely injured and had been living without a heart for a long time. He could only wake up from his sleep when there was a full moon. The Old Duke and Liam himself guessed that the man would die soon due to his worsening condition. Because of that, Old Duke wanted Harriet to give birth to an heir to the Almandine Family from Liam's seed so that their family would have a new leader. The Alpha's replacement bride would soon find that she was in love with the dying man and now they both wished for a miracle to save Liam's life. Could she fulfill her duty to bear the next Alpha for the Almandines? Would Liam survive to protect his bride and family?

  • Heavenly Saga

    Heavenly Saga



    In a world ruled by seishin practitioners, a genius was born. Is it his fortune? Or will it become his misfortune?The most powerful person will rule over the world. "Survival of the fittest", that's the only rule followed ever since the world began. Those who are weak can only beg for their lives. Heaven is only for those who can trample anyone in their way. This is Heavenly Saga, the journey to the pinnacle of the world.

  • Lustful Dominion: An Erotic Saga of World Conquest with My Harem

    Lustful Dominion: An Erotic Saga of World Conquest with My Harem



    [Warning: Mature Content] == Just a quick heads up for those interested in this novel - there won't be any NTR (netorare) or Yuri (girl's love) present in the story. I want to clarify that when I say "no Yuri," I mean there won't be any girl's love relationships depicted. However, it's worth mentioning that there may be a few scenes that could be considered Yuri, but they'll only be part of an FFM setup to add some spice to the scene. == Tags: | An*l | Brainwashing | Clingy Lovers | C*nnilingus | Cunning Protagonist | Cruel Characters | Depiction of Cruelty | Devoted Love Interests | Enemies Become Lovers | F*rst Time Intercourse | F*llatio | Handj*b | Incest | Kingdom Building | Maids | Manipulative Characters| Masochistic Characters | Master-Servant Relationship | MILF | Netori | Organized Crime | O*gy | Outdoor Interc*urse | Polygamy | Popular Love Interests| Rape Victim Becomes Lover | Revenge | Sadistic Characters | S*x Slaves | Threesome | Twisted Personality | Yandere | Some of the tags listed here are not yet present in the story. Right now, I'm still in the process of building the initial plot, and as of Chapter 113, I'm still working on the second half of part 1. So, there's still a lot more to come, and I hope you all will stay patient and see how this story unfolds. Synopsis: In the crumbling Kingdom of Elesia, where corruption and abuse of power run rampant, a beacon of hope emerges in the form of Cian Lambhart. Armed with a devoted harem of capable and determined individuals, Cian sets out on a mission to restore the prosperity and justice that once defined his kingdom. With his strategic prowess, unwavering resolve, and the unwavering support of his harem, Cian embarks on a journey that will test his leadership and shape the destiny of Elesia. As he confronts the corrupt nobles and challenges the established order, Cian discovers the true extent of his power and the potential for something greater with his harem by his side. Will he succeed in his quest to bring about change and find love amidst the chaos, or will he succumb to the very darkness he seeks to vanquish? The fate of Elesia hangs in the balance as Cian and his harem navigate treacherous political waters, battle against formidable foes, and unlock the secrets of their intertwined destinies.

  • Rebirth: Taming My Tyrant Husband

    Rebirth: Taming My Tyrant Husband



    Rosie transmigrated to a tragedy book called "Love You Until The End" as an unimportant side character who only appeared three times and died a tragic death. She vowed to change the plot because... who wanted to die at the hands of the handsome villain if she could tame him and make him fall in love with her?

  • Sorcerer's Shadow

    Sorcerer's Shadow



    In a realm where magic entwines with conspiracy and tradition challenges power, an unexpected hero arises, not from the illustrious ranks of the Imperion nobility, but from the oft-overlooked Terrans—humans. Welcome to the world of Viktor Dravos, a saga that morphs the traditional fantasy narrative into an exhilarating journey of adventure, cunning, and introspective dilemmas. Viktor Dravos—assassin, wizard, and reluctant gentleman—is your unconventional protagonist, navigating the precarious intricacies of Imperion society. As a member of the House of Vorgan, the secretive underworld of the Kingdom, Viktor is privy to the hidden threads that manipulate the core of Imperion politics.

  • I Became Beast Master in Cultivation World

    I Became Beast Master in Cultivation World


    Please support this book by giving like, comments and PS. And help me achieve my goals to reach 500 privilege chapters unlock for this month. *** In the world of cultivation, only the strongest shall prevail. Arthur, twenty-five years old young man died, he was killed by his own sworn brother. He was betrayed, everything he had was taken from him. He swore a revenge, even if his soul goes to afterlife, he shall avenge, and find his redemption. The Almighty heard his plead, his soul and his entire being was transmigrated to the world of cultivation and wonders, Argoth Contingent. He may return to the world once he finished the task that given to him. To defeat the Outer Gods who will bring chaos upon the Argoth Continent. Arthur agreed the gods' terms and conditions. Thus, Beast Taming system was bestowed upon him. Grueling fate lies ahead of him. However, he wasn't deterred in one bit. Fueled with his resentment, he swore to himself before he was sent to the Argoth Continent; "I shall be the strongest in the entire world so no one could defy me, ever again!"

  • Broken Tower Saga : The First Swordsman

    Broken Tower Saga : The First Swordsman



    The Maha Tower or The Broken Tower of Omega—some call it. It is a place of Dream, a place of myth, and a place of Chaos. Only a thousand among many get the chance to climb it each year. Wrik spent years to find this tower, ignoring his studies, University, but to no avail. Until a day when a letter came to his door with a pair of tickets to the tower. But before that, he had to appear in gruesome trials to enter the cruel Tower. ________________ Check out the other works: Chaos Cycle: The Eye of Genesis. ________________ [The novel is a bit slow compared to other webnovel. It picks up the pace from the 10th chapter or so.]

  • Kesalahan Termanis

    Kesalahan Termanis



    Menceritakan Lizzy Cetta yang masuk ke dalam pernikahan saudaranya kembarnya yang tengah terbaring di rumah sakit karena terluka akibat percobaan bunuh diri. Saudaranya, Lisa Cetta merasa bahwa dialah yang membuat rumah tangganya hancur sementara Lizzy tak berpikir demian.Lizzy berpikir bahwa yang bersalah atas semua ini adalah Saga Pranaja, suami saudara kembarnya sendiri karena hal itu dia terdorong untuk membalas dendam pada pria sombong bernama Saga Pranaja. Namun siapa sangka pria yang masih berstatus suami kakaknya itu tampak tertarik pada Lizzy, apakah Lizzy masih dengan tujuannya menghancurkan Saga Pranaja ataukah terjebak cinta dengan saudara iparnya? Silakan baca!!****Volume kedua : Sst ini rahasiaDikarenakan keegosian mereka, Dani dan Ai menyimpan perasaan mereka masing-masing dan terjebak dalam kesalahpahaman. Karena itulah mereka bercerai dengan pengertian masing-masing. Semua berubah ketika Ai hamil dikarenakan sebuah kesalahan. Bisakah mereka menurunkan ego dan bersatu karena sang bayi.Sinopsis volume ketiga : Menjalani kehidupan bahtera rumah tangga selama empat tahun namun tak dikaruniai seorang anak tak serta merta meruntuhkan komitmen yang Edward dan Helena buat. Namun kedatangan orang baru di dalam hidup mereka menimbulkan keraguan dalam komitmen pernikahan keduanya.Sinopsis Volume keempat : Dikarenakan beberapa kejadian yang membuat Ivana Jaya Putra tak bisa bersosialisasi dengan baik di Jepang. Edward dan Vella memutuskan untuk mengirim Ivana ke kediaman Pranaja keluarga Ibu sambungnya. Di sana dia dipertemukan oleh Vendri sang kekasih Ibu yang masih melajang di usianya yang telah 30 tahun lebih.Sinopsis Volume kelima : Maria dan Zen adalah korban dari kekejaman keluarga Paulo. Mereka berdua akhirnya sepakat bekerja sama dan berpura-pura untuk menjadi pasangan suami istri. Dengan meminjam wajah dari Lizzy Cetta sosok wanita yang dihormati oleh Zen, Maria hidup dan bertingkah seperti wanita angkuh itu. Apakah balas dendam mereka tercapai? Ada juga kisah mereka yang menjalankan kehidupan pernikahan palsu mereka dengan penuh kejadian manis. Silakan baca ^^LittleGirl_25

  • The Tyrant's Replacement Bride

    The Tyrant's Replacement Bride


    Sebastian Leodegrance was fated to bring about the world's end, his path irrevocably marked by the three scars etched across his left eye as proof of his unholy contract with Ardalas, the Evil God. His insatiable thirst for power would have been enough to conquer all, even without the infernal blessing, but now not even the divine intervention of the Goddess could thwart his ambitions. With purposeful strides, he marched toward Cassiopeia to claim the hand of the renowned Princess Ava Cassia, a woman whose veins coursed with the blood of greatness. But as he drew closer, he discovered that the Princess had been exchanged with her Lady in Waiting. "Yes. I am the replacement. You have been fooled!" *** "From now on, Isla, call me Elder Sister." The person in front of her was the brightest constellation in the world. Ava Cassia... the Princess who was even prettier than the Nereids. But it was like looking in the mirror. She looked exactly like her. "Maybe the Goddess sent you to me so we can become Sisters. How about it, my dear Isla? Would you call me Sister?" Her most cherished treasure; her Elder Sister, Ava. "I'm sorry, Sister... this is the only way." "You must replace me. Because if I bear his child... this world would perish..."

  • Baby Of The Month

    Baby Of The Month

    BOOK ONE in the Chronicles of Mischief sagaWhen Sylvester Morgan had signed the contract, agreeing to become Jackson Palmer's baby boy, it had been unclear what to expect.Bottles, diapers and stuffed animals had never been the kind of things that had appealed to Sly. Yet, when Twenty thousand is offered to act like a baby for a month, as odd as it sounded to him, he found himself willing to try it.He just didn't expect to enjoy it.

  • Rebirth of the Strongest Dungeon Master

    Rebirth of the Strongest Dungeon Master



    The objective was the World Domination. 108 Demons and their Dungeons descended upon the land as they battled each other to become the Strongest Dungeon Master. Isaac Constantine, a Demon Baron who managed to survive until the end of the game, only to meet betrayal that lead to his death. Just as he thought it was over, he received a second chance [Artefact Sand of Time has been activated.] [Players can restart the game.] [Synchronizing…] [Displaying status] [Isaac Constantine - Rank 99] The battle between Dungeon Masters has restarted! With a thirst for revenge, Isaac swore to create the best Dungeon and the Strongest army to win the game. Demons, Monsters, Superhumans even God himself will know his name. Follow Isaac's story as he Rebirth to become the strongest Dungeon master

  • Putri Sandera Dan Raja Serigala

    Putri Sandera Dan Raja Serigala

    Arielle adalah putri yang terlupakan dari Nieverdell, sebuah negara yang diberkati dengan matahari yang hangat sepanjang tahun. Dia dikorbankan oleh keluarganya untuk menjadi tawanan Kerajaan Northendell karena dosa saudara laki-lakinya, putra mahkota. Di kerajaan yang tertutup es abadi, Arielle bertemu dengan Raja Ronan D. Blackthorn, seorang pria yang penuh misteri. Raja Ronan dikutuk. Pada bulan purnama, dia akan kehilangan sisi manusianya dan berubah menjadi manusia serigala. Anehnya, sejak Arielle melangkah ke dalam hidupnya, dia perlahan bisa mengendalikan naluri binatangnya. Tetapi kekuatan besar datang dengan konsekuensinya sendiri. Arielle dan Ronan dihadapkan pada pilihan yang sulit. Apakah cinta keduanya akan dapat bersatu?

  • The Clandestine Saga

    The Clandestine Saga

    ID Johnson creates characters you'll want to have as your best friends with antagonists you'll love to hate. Her love for all things princess-y compelled her to write her first medieval romance at fifteen, and she hasn't stopped writing since. Now, her plots are a little more complex, her topics a little more mature, and her romances often more intense, but she's never lost the love she felt the first moment she breathed life into a character over twenty years ago. If you love feisty paranormal heroines, damsels who cause distress, or historical ladies who know how to light up a room, then pull up a seat, get out your eReader, and meet ID Johnson's friends. Soon enough, they'll be your friends, too. Check out her author website at If vampires aren't real, what did she just kill? Cadence Findley never gave much thought to vampires until one night when a dark encounter changed her life forever. When her friend is lured into the woods by a stranger with steel-gray eyes and pale skin, Cadence instinctively knows he is dangerous, so she follows at a distance. Moments later, she finds herself all alone with his decapitated head--and her friend's body at her feet. Except she's not really alone. A mysterious man appears out of nowhere and insists she runs. The monster has friends--the blood sucking kind. And now, they are coming for her. Swept into a world full of creatures she never dreamed existed, Cadence is left with a choice. Can she outrun the clan of vampires who've marked her for death, or should she follow the advice of the sexy man in black who warned her in the woods and now insists she transform into a vampire hunter? Will Cadence escape the bloodsuckers on her tail as she enters the secret world of vampires and guardians, hunters and hybrids? Follow the adventure as Cadence Findley leaves her life as a college student to become an extraordinary vampire hunter.

  • Tales of a Shifter Series  (B1) - The Meeting

    Tales of a Shifter Series (B1) - The Meeting

    Their meeting will be the first dominoes in an epic saga that branches through not only time, but blood as well. Broken Bonds will come too light. A new Bond will form in the stillness of the night. And trapped beneath the cogs of fate will be Brandon and Ezekiel. Two beings that were never supposed to meet.Brandon is lost in misery....running from shadows.Ezekiel is intrigued by Brandon's darkness...and his sorrowful beauty....but are they destined to be? Will the shadows at Brandon's heels become real and tear them apart before they ever get the chance to try?BOOK ONE PART ONE- THE MEETING

  • Saga of Atlantis

    Saga of Atlantis


    "What will you do if you unexpectedly become a villain, with your family, loved ones, and the entire world turned against you?"Neil survived eight grueling years in a post-apocalyptic world only to die and be reincarnated in the body of Eden Morton, a character from a game he used to play as a teenager, by an unknown entity for unknown reasons.Eden was despised and pitied by game fandom since everyone around him used him, whether it was the princess, the hero, or his own family, and he died knowing no one genuinely loved him. Watch Neil as he sets off on a journey to find what he and Eden never had: a life worth living.10 golden tickets = 1 bonus chapter.30 power stones = 2 bonus chapter.================================[A/N :- I am currently editing the chapters and I apologize for any trouble this may cause.]