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  • Sagittarius Dominus

    Sagittarius Dominus


  • The Taurus and the Sagittarius

    The Taurus and the Sagittarius


    Love comes into different forms in our lives as humans, sometimes expected but most of the time unexpected, Roxanne Delaware born within April 30 was born loyal, heartless and cold. others see her as a creep and a monster but Rodney Medellin, a boy born December 7th was funny, kind and was always a warm and welcoming person sees her for who she is but what exactly is she? she is the type of person who stares at the moon and talks to the stars but that's normal for those of us who dont seem to fit in and sometimes we.feel as though love can truly cure such lonesomeness but can love fix both young lovers in a story full of death and hate?

  • The leo and Sagittarius

    The leo and Sagittarius


    The true story of young boy wants to marry a beautiful young girl

  • Legally Married To My First Love

    Legally Married To My First Love

    I didn’t realize my marriage with Leander Sanchez was a wishful thinking until his mistress and child popped up at the hospital.The betrayal of my husband and the protection of my mother-in-law to the mistress ruined my reputation and drove me out of the family...When I was looking for the chance to take the revenge, Leo Gray, my first love at college, walked into my life. We reached an agreement that I helped him to get rid of his fiancée, and he helped me to revenge. I thought this was just an arranged marriage, but I didn't expect it to completely changed my life..."Pauline, I will appoint you as a director in a few days." Leo reached out his hand to touch me."I can't take this off.""You don't want to be a director? Then you can be the president's wife! You have a gift for it...."No matter in the past or the future, it seemed like I couldn't escape from his control...

  • Sagittarius Moon- House of Zodiac Series

    Sagittarius Moon- House of Zodiac Series

    Fantasy Romance R18 WEREWOLF FATEDLOVE

    House of Zodiac series, under the Sagittarius Moon is about Drexel. The next in line Alpha, the royal werewolf shifter looking for his she-wolf mate. He needs to complete their joint transformation to lycan and into Alpha and his Luna. Unfortunately he’s been unable to find true his love and his moon-chosen fated mate. He’s waiting, but his lycan wolf is not so patient. The she-wolves are going into heat early due to the celestial planetary alignment. Will his Lycan wait for this mate or will he take over with primal need and mark someone else? This love triangle and multiple lead story takes place in North America and follows Alpha to be to his fated soul mate. Will he find her or just more disappointment?

  • Relishing Astley

    Relishing Astley


    A typical story of an arranged marriage, two millionaires, a dangerous lover and just 2 months to find a way out. And did I forget to mention the secrets and seduction?Oh, and a tad bit of banter and murder attempts too! •••Aries Relish. 22 years old, feisty and as you can guess, an Aries.Sage Astley, 24, years old, cold and as you can guess, a Sagittarius.How is it that two childhood sweethearts have to fight the urge to commit murder? Why are Sage's eyes so green? And why the hell does Aries have such soft skin?But they say that Aries and Sagittarius are compatible. So...Should we put that to the test? •••Join me in this novel as I not only explore an overly dramatic relationship between two enemies, but also watch as star signs meet. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧Disclaimer: I take no credit for the woman in my cover. Credits go to dreamstime.

  • The Nerd Surrogate Herself

    The Nerd Surrogate Herself


    Akira Samson, A nerd turned into a hot and beautiful Mommy! A mommy but still a Virgin. History repeats itself. That is her standard. Akira never planned to have a boyfriend or a husband because of what happened to her mother. When her mother got pregnant by a stranger, He ran away and never came back and she was the result of that. So she grew up without recognizing her Father.When her mother passed away. Her mother left her in the care of her Auntie who worked at the Montelibano Mansion and Linda took her to the mansion in replacement for the job she left by. Being Kier’s one-call-away assistant. Cleaners. A Washer, Cook, etc.Kier Montelibano, An instant Daddy!A Playboy, Jerk, Arrogant, and what other bad habits can be called him but rich and above all a gorgeous man.He is the only one who will be the father of her child but he doesn't know. Would he believe it in case he found out the truth from her? Or will he deal with her flirtatious and disgraced?

  • Splatful Start

    Splatful Start

    Video Games R18 SLICEOFLIFE

    After the final battle against Galeem and Dharkon. Arnold save Sanctuary Earth but unfortunately his imaginary friends and his created family vanished and lost their memories with Arnold Now Arnold found the Creation System located in the constellation of Sagittarius 7 light years away and he's determined to meet them again but due to the lost of their memories Arnold will do anything to retain their friends' memories This story might contain heavy sexual content and coarse language. You have been warned

  • Global Unity {Revamped}

    Global Unity {Revamped}

    Fantasy R18 FAMILY

    Global Unity tells the events that happened after Emperor's Hidden Anger. But Corona took over Planet Harmony and she's planning to attack Planet Earth With Emperor and the Squid Sisters vanished it's up to Arnold and Creator stop Corona once and for all This story is referencing the infamous Covid-19 Pandemic that started on Jan 20th now 8 months have passed and the virus is ravaging Planet Earth to this day. But the medical teams are on the frontlines battling this virus and trying very hard to find a vaccine to eradicate Covid-19 Corona's plan known as Operation: Covid-19 Lethality was recruit, gather and train her army and destroy Planet Earth That would be similar to the people breaching quarantine rules and conditions Arnold's plan known as Operation: Medical Frontlines was to simply save the characters of Planet Harmony from the jaws of Corona And that would be similar to medical teams and communities across Planet Earth work together to stop the Covid-19 virus Alot of characters in this story are from TV shows, Games and likely movies but the setting takes place in Planet Harmony is located in the Friendship System in the constellation of Sagittarius located five thousand light years away from Planet Earth. The topography of Planet Harmony is similar to Planet Earth while cities are the pun versions while some cities have a different name. Also the protagonist will actually reunite with his big family {Panty Savages Gang, Hopeful Protection Shelter and Big Family} he has three different family bubbles and they are his Panty Savages Gang, the kids from Hopeful Protection Shelter and his big family and just a disclaimer, this story contains heavy sexual themes, coarse language and violence. You have been warned

  • War Machine God [PAUSED]

    War Machine God [PAUSED]


    Charles transmigrated to a brand new world after his death on Earth. It was the interstellar era. He took possession of a young descendant of the Bennett Family with the same name. The Bennett Family was also the ruling and the only faction of a fourth-grade star system named, Sagittarius Star System. Charles initially decided to lay back and experience each and every technology there is in this entire universe. But that soon changed when Charles activated the War Machine System and was accidentally brought into the conspiracies that changed the universe.

  • Last Beat

    Last Beat

  • The Return of Twilight

    The Return of Twilight


    SynopsisSagittaronAng mundo ng Sagittaron ay ang mundo na kinalalagyan ng mga Centaur. Sila ang mga Guardians na tanging hangarin lamang ay protektahan ang kanilang mundo laban sa ibang lahi ng mg Guardians.May mga tao rin sa mundong ito na tinatawag nilang the Lost Sagittarius. Sila ang mga taong naligaw, at napunta sa Sagitarron. At bilang kabayaran sa pagtanggap ng Centaur sa mga tao ay binibihag nila ito, at ginagawang asawa.Nagdaan ang maraming panahon, isang babae ang tumakas, at hinanap ang lagusan palabas ng Sagitarron.Namuhay ang babae nang matiwasay sa mundong kanyang pinagmulan, ang mundo ng mga tao. Hanggang sa isang araw ay nalaman niyang nagdadalang tao siya, gayong wala naman siyang asawa. At isa lang ang tumakbo sa isip niya, ang kanyang nasa sinapupunan ay anak ng isang Centaur.Nang malaman ang bagay na hindi niya ibig mangyari ay nagpakalayo-layo siya. Alam niya kasi sa panahon na 'yon ay maaaring pinaghahanap na siya ng mga Centaur, at iba pang mga Guardians. Alam niya rin kasi na hindi lamang dugong tao, at Centaur ang nanalaytay sa kanyang magiging anak, kun'di ang dugo ng lahat ng lahi ng mga Guardians.Naging pala-isipan sa kanya kung paano nangyari 'yon sa kanyang magiging anak. Ngunit isa lang ang alam niya, dahil ito sa isang Supreme Guardian nagpakita sa kanya no'ng hinahanap niya ang lagusan palabas ng Sagittaron. Isang Supreme Guardian na noon pa man ay palagi na niyang nararamdamang nakabuntot sa kanya.Ngunit nang isilang niya ang isang napakagandang sanggol ay hindi na niya nakayanan, at tuluyang naputol ang hininga.Sa hindi naman niya nalalaman, isang lahi ng Guardian, isang Fairy Guardian ang noon pa man ay sumusubaybay na rin sa kanya. Kung kaya no'ng namatay siya ay ito ang kumupkop sa anak nito, at nag-alaga. Hanggang sa tuluyan nang humantong sa tamang edad ang bata upang siya na mismo ang gumawa sa kanyang sariling kapalaran.~ginisamyxx




    "Pegasus, he will be condemned to death for his crime." - Kairi "No, Your Majesty! I won't allow it!" - Agi "I am willing if this is the only way I can atone my mistake to you, Agi..." - Pegasus "Father, mother..." - Tarius "We must return to the future. We have changed too much in this period of time." - Fariz During the battle with Revioryx, Pegasus was cursed by one of his minions. He tried everything he could to tell his friends and even Kairi, the Bright Star's leader about it but was met with failure. He had to endure until a moment when he blanked out and no memories could tell what he had done... He even accidentally violates someone he really cares for. As for Agi or the Bright Star user's full name, Sagittarius, was in a dilemma because HIS gender turn back to HER old gender, a woman that from the moment they hold the power of Sagittarius, they would change gender into a man to hold the greatest power among the stellar's users. And her identity as her old self was eliminated from the world and started anew. Unknowingly, she met Pegasus very early in her childhood and he has known her for a very long time, but he fell into a confused state since she became Sagittarius. However, he was waiting for her to tell the truth while opening up herself to him and the Bright Star users. Adding to the chaos of their life, were new people and new hidden enemies that were waiting to make trouble for all the Bright Star users and their universe...

  • Wanderer's of the Cosmos

    Wanderer's of the Cosmos


    Jeffery here, couple of changes to the synopsis, this updated version should have no issues and from today I'll continue pumping out chapters, Huurahh.Cosmos Startun, Ruler of the universe had 13 children who were given the constellations as titles. Leo, Aries, Taurus, Libra, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces, Gemini, Scorpio, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricornus, and the last Ophiuchus.After four millennia of living as the ruler of the cosmos, Startun's lifetime had finally come to an end and he was tasked to give away his title to one of his children.In front of him all of them stood, not daring to make a sound, Cosmos stood up slowly and walked towards them passing the first five of the bunch and moving towards the lower half. He stopped at Virgo his beloved daughter, Her face lit up but quickly shut down as he passed her and tapped Ophiuchus on his temple."Find the tome of Benjamin and claim your title as the ruler of the cosmos."A few hours later Startun died and as Ophiuchus looked at his siblings, he could feel their hate boiling and everything became blank right after he heard a thud.Cast to the underworld after the Sun king had been overthrown, Dawn wandered the underworld in search of the miracle tome that is said to grant the wishes of whoever finds it, and in order to restore the name of her father and to save her brother who suffered incurable wounds. She must find the Tome.Both of their stories collide and Dawn realises she must rely on Ophiuchus if she wants to restore her family name and save her brother while, Ophiuchus has to learn to trust someone other than himself if he wants to live, and together they go on an adventure with bounties placed on their heads by none other than the strongest beings in the universe, The Zodiac.

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