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  • Sarcasm is My Superpower

    Sarcasm is My Superpower

    Author: Alex McGilvery has been reading since before he can remember, and writing almost that long. He has published 18 books and is author and editor at his imprint Celticfrog Publishing. He lives in Kamloops with his dog and the stories clawing their way out of his head. Petunia Smith is a senior in High School. The good news is that she only has to survive one more year in the battleground of High School relationships. The bad news is that she is short, shapeless and the preferred target of the cheerleader captain. Petunia knows what she needs to do, but when Marilyn walks into their home room all bets are off. The only thing worse than being Marilyn in Punkie's Hounds High School, may be becoming Marilyn's friend, but Petunia doesn't let that stop her.

  • Mark of the destiny

    Mark of the destiny



    “Trashy ex wants to talk. He has sent a message inviting me to dinner. Should I go?” His reply in hm irking her. "Ouch…. That hurts!” She licked his bleeding lips, "Can’t help. I’m a lip biter--WOW!” Turning over he pinned her hands to the bed, “And I swear I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name forever....... Is this better?” ****** Sitting at the position of Secretary-General at the ministry of women and child affairs, Zhao Suyin was not someone to be messed with. Her razor-sharp tongue laced with sarcasm became her deadliest weapon against the evils. Dr. Wang Shi, a single father, and a renowned surgeon was anything but cold and aloof. His amiable personality combined with his killer looks and enormous wealth made him a dream man. A story of two imperfect people..... one a divorced woman and the other a single father. What will happen when their paths collide? What will happen when Suyin would know the heart beating inside Wang Shi's son belongs to her own son? Will the sparks of affection happen and continue even after knowing the truth? The story where the two falls for each other but the bitter truth separates them..... A journey of fighting against the organ traffickers to bring justice for the dead. A journey of making tough decisions. A journey to make choice between love and revenge. ****** Join me on discord The cover is edited by me, but the photo belongs to their respective owners. I have no right over this photo. All credits belong to the owner.

  • His hands on mine

    His hands on mine

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18


    "Come!" his authoritative voice pissed me off even more. He drags me to the police car, gripping both my shoulders to steady me. "You know what?!" I stopped midway and looked at him with sarcasm etched on my face. "For a cop who has strong legs like you, I wonder what took you so long to catch me?" I laugh a little to annoy him. He should be clenching his teeth now as I sure as hell affected his ego, but instead, he flashed me with a million dollar smile. He leaned down to whisper in my ear "It's because I like watching your ass while you run." I jerked my shoulders away from him as I look at him with pure hate in my eyes "Asshole." I muttered that made him laugh even more, and I never felt so defeated in my life until then. DISCLAIMER: Everything you are about to read in this book is a product of my imagination. Any similarities to NAME, PLACE, EVENTS or ORGANIZATIONS are purely coincidental. There are mature contents ahead so be warned and read at your own risk. A/N: All thanks to you who found yourself reading my first work, "His hands on mine". I have put a lot of effort and love in this book so I sincerely hope that you would enjoy it. They say the best feeling in this world is to fall in love. And I hope that you find yourself falling in love more and more as you meet Daisy and Adam. with love, Stellar

  • Coming For The Lost Fourteenth

    Coming For The Lost Fourteenth



    "Damn bastards!! You dare do such things in my presence. Let's see you dare.""You damn jerk, you dare run off to play only to suddenly lose contact to us? Let me pummel you to death.""And for you people, I shall get you back for this once I return!!"She didn't want to be there, she wants to live her long life in leisure.But then one had just to disappear for so long and her other companions just came up with the BRIGHTEST idea of ganging up on her and pushing her to go and look for him.Listen to the sarcasm when she used the word 'brightest'.She didn't think it would be easy but she never thought it would be very difficult.'This place became so noisy,' she thought after knowing the current condition of the place they are supposed to watch over.Why?Because they are the angels known to the people in the land.A land filled with Players, and the indication of their strengths are the numbers in the corners of their eyes.And she and her companions were called angels because they have four numbers that not one in the land could ever have.Or that was how it was supposed to be."Someone dared create an artificial one, let's see what you got. Once I find you I will show you what the real deal is," she declared.****Do read my other stories:SHE'S THAT KNIGHT KNOWN AS ZERO (COMPLETED)VENGEANCE TO THE ROYAL ONES (COMPLETED)RESTARTING CHAPTER BOOK FINALE (COMPLETED)VERACITY OF THE PAST (ONGOING)REBIRTH: STUBBORNLY FULFILLING A PROMISE (ONGOING) Disclaimer: Cover Photo not mine... Do contact me if I am not allowed to use it... ^_^Follow me on instagram and know in advance about my plans: me a coffee? ^_^ -

  • Meri Phuppo Ki Beti

    Meri Phuppo Ki Beti


    Sheroze Khan a 23-year-old Pakistani living in UK has eyes in which girls can stare for hours, lips that make the perfect smile, cheeks that make the perfect dimple that makes the girls skip a beat. And when he opens his mouth his voice is like OMG. Hoorain Ali, A pretty 19-year-old having sarcasm as her second language, quite crazy, friendly girl living in Pakistan.Dive in to know about the two and how will they end up together...

  • Who knew?

    Who knew?

    Bullied all the time in school suddenly she is mated to the most handsome and cold hearten Aldrin.Lea was to experience many discoveries and life changes, she was to embark on a journey she in her wildest dreams wouldn't have imagined.She was going to change the world and make history alongside her guardian, lover, king, mate, and best friend Aldrin.She is going to gain more friends and more enemies, she is going to learn more about herself. Let's accompany her when she finds herself and learns about life and its encounters.***He turned to look at Lea with his left eyebrow raised, " What did I say to you this morning?" Lea looked at him with wide eyes and a surprised face."I was going to, I didn't know I had to scream your name or something," she said sarcastically.Well, that was surprising. She was getting bolder as Julia figured."Ha, sarcasm. I would appreciate it if you followed orders," he said sternly.He hates people who don't follow orders. It was very disrespectful and very annoying."I am not your dog," answered Lea, Aldrin found this amusing. He loved the fact that she was challenging him.Everyone else who was not supernatural was confused. When did he become so gentle?Why was he protecting her suddenly?The others understood though, the Alpha has found his mate. They have a queen and Luna. Lea is their queen, this was surprising and strange at the same time. It was not common for Alphas to be mated to humans especially a king."Keep that mouth of yours running and you will be punished." his eyes twinkled with mischief and Lea found herself blushing, confusing enough she was curious what would be her punishment be.Maybe he would spank her.PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE EXPLICIT/////EROTIC EVENTS IN THIS BOOK. READ AT YOUR DISCRETION.

  • Smooth Sailing

    Smooth Sailing



    ❝"Are you deaf?""No," he shook his head, shrugging. "But I am blind."❞ ***MEET LILA: A perfectionist and somewhat sarcastic seventeen year old. As a part-time barista in a bakery, and a high school student, her life proved to be mediocre, until a certain sight-impaired guy walked in and changed that.With drunk confessions and tears, spontaneous kisses, and a whole lot of sarcasm, the last thing Lila expected to find was chest-constricting love.

  • System for Dummies

    System for Dummies



    Prince Edward Nigel of Isle Secularis, or P. Enis as his friends called him, had everything. Until one day he lost everything. Saved by the AOSUDFBEAANFLAWFTDNMGRYG-System for Dummies, he became strong again. Join him as he rises up again, punishes all his bullies, gets a harem and finds every treasure.” This story might contain traces of sarcasm, irony and insults to the reader's intelligence. Also, the synopsis has literally nothing to do with the story itself. I never thought I had to spell this one out─but here we are. Maybe, just maybe, that was the point.

  • Anyone


    Realistic Fiction R18 BL HEALING

    Stefan is more of a loner then a "omg guys did you hear who that girl fucked... ". He isn't just naturally this way. There are reasons he is quiet and reasons he keeps his distance. But Andrew won't let him go that easily. Andrew is " The Boy of Everyone's Dreams" he isn't 100% perfect but if some one was close it would be him. But there is more to his perfect smile then what meets the eye. Can Stefan save him from what is to come? Will one trip from home change there hearts? Or will they find that true love is a story for children.

  • Webtoon Spotlight

    Webtoon Spotlight

    Just a simple person is trying to shine a little light on the beautiful world of webtoon. With a splash of sarcasm, narration, and spitfire along the way. And who knows I might have other segments just for the hell of it.

  • Invincible Hearts

    Invincible Hearts


    [warning: Mature content] Past, present or future, our love will always remain invincible. Madison Brooklyn is an average teenage girl whose world is completely changed when Damon Quinn comes into her life. He is a ruthless, possessive, narcissistic and an arrogant person, and she deems him as the villain in her story. Madison is unaware that she belongs to a world filled with vampires, werewolves, witches and demons. Her mother, Helena Brooklyn is a wanted witch who blends into the human world in order to protect Madison as she plays the most important role in the world of the creatures of the dark. But fate changes everything on the night they meet at the isle bridge in Phoenix city, where Damon finds her to be rather strange as she could see through his cloak and he decides to find out the reason for her inhuman sight.  However, upon their sudden encounter, troubles begin to arise and secrets which have been hidden for centuries begin to reveal and Madison finds herself to only trust the person who she had deemed as the biggest villain in her life. . Cover photo isn't mine, credits to the owner. #Excerpt# Seeing him get up from the bed ready to leave, she hurriedly grabbed the end of his leather jacket that had him turn back to her, hovering above her with a daunting look in his eyes, while she laid beneath him. A look that was very unnerving and menacing but at the same time was cold enough to pierce through someone's soul. "Damon" she called his name, stretching her hand and tugging the back of his hair. "Hmm?" he replied calmly that got her worried, he didn't act so calm unless he was about doing something dangerous and the cold look that lingered in his eyes was with a mixture of blood lust. "Are you mad at me?" she asked, gulping softly and his eyes were quick to notice her action, that had him soften up a little bit. "Should i be?" came his words which held no taunt or sarcasm as always, to have her shake her head. She heard him say, "Idiot stop asking silly questions and sleep. You're hurt." "Promise me you won't do something dangerous?" her eyes blinking innocently at him. "I won't." he said and she breathed in relief not until she heard him say, "I won't shred him into many pieces as i intended to. It will be a very fast and less painful death."

  • To Burn a Kingdom

    To Burn a Kingdom



    “What now, princess?” He asks, sarcasm coating his words.“We burn this kingdom.” I smile.-In the kingdom of Illya, Princess Arellia Virtris lives a life of opulence but she is miserable; a caged puppet whose strings are controlled by the members in her court. When her brother—the crown prince Vasilis— suddenly arranges an unfavourable marriage, her life begins to spiral out of her control.On the other side of the continent, mercenary Dillon Azshker jumps thoughtlessly from battle to battle. He lives only for the coin he earns and booze to drown the sorrows of his past. Life has left him dispirited, save for one last reckless campaign that he hopes would end it all. As fate— or perhaps, bad luck—would have it, on the night of summer solstice, the lives of these two unfortunate souls are intertwined as they find themselves caught in the dark webs of politics. When they meet and tragedies unfold, their decisions will ultimately trigger a series of events that will alter the course of history. *** Disclaimer: The cover art does not belong to me, and I do not claim it as my own work. Any issues, please contact me directly on: / discord: Arthy#8925

  • The Doomed Destiny

    The Doomed Destiny

    Born with a silver spoon, Sasha Reagan was blessed to be amongst the rich in society. But thanks to her illegitimate title, she was always treated as an outsider in her own family. While growing up in a boarding school, the increasing bank balance was the only proof of her parent's existence in her life. Abandoned by everyone, at the age of 25, she sought medical help for her gluttonous depression. “Doctor, can you suggest some sleeping pills? I am having trouble falling asleep due to nightmares."“Nightmares?” The doctor asks,“Whenever I fall asleep, I am seeing a stranger in my dreams," She sneers, “It seems like we are in love." “You have never been in a relationship. Isn’t it a good thing to have a boyfriend, at least in your dreams?”“Yes, it was a good dream until he pushed me from the top of a building, killing me." Sarcasm ripples in her eyes as she spits out the words.After therapy, she returns home and opens her balcony door only to see a pair of obsidian eyes staring at her.It was him- The man who tries to kill her countless times in her nightmares. Is there any doomed fate other than meeting your killer every day?Yes, falling in love with your killer.But wait, why her step-brother is getting involved in her life?Read more to know about Sasha's journey to find her lost memories under the watchful eyes of her murderer and her stepbrother.

  • Frost and Raine

    Frost and Raine

    A Frost spirit who runs a coffee shop. A Cupid who works as a divorce lawyer. And magic in the air ...<br><br>Raine’s never been a conventional Cupid. He likes organization, his job as a successful lawyer, and black coffee, and he dislikes messiness, physical and emotional. He tries hard not to use his powers, because he’d rather not manipulate anyone’s desires, and he’s not planning to fall in love himself -- and he wouldn’t trust it if someone fell in love with him. But the owner of Raine’s favorite coffee shop is endlessly patient, kind even in the face of sarcasm, and an artist with flavors and window decorations ... and he could even challenge Raine’s resolutions about love.<br><br>Don enjoys his life. Even though he’s a Frost, he finds comfort in giving people warmth: good coffee, a cozy refuge from the rain, holiday decorations, and overall cheer. But one gorgeous Cupid seems immune to Don’s cheerfulness -- and he keeps coming back, day after day. Fortunately, Don’s always liked a challenge, and now he’s determined to make Raine smile at least once ... and he’s discovering that Raine’s sarcasm hides a generous and lonely heart, keeping the world at bay.<br><br>And if Don and Raine can learn to trust each other -- with new coffee flavors, with their hopes for the future, and with their hearts -- the Frost and the Cupid just might find their own magical happy ending.

  • You don't understand

    You don't understand

    Emo boy, rejected girl... How I wonder where this will go... *sarcasm*

  • The self-esteem

    The self-esteem

    it's all about self sarcasm

  • Ignore this stupid thingy

    Ignore this stupid thingy

    This was supposed to be a book,but then I wanted to delete it.Now it’s just nothing.Yay!(Tired sarcasm)

  • My Summer Car

    My Summer Car

    Järi has been tasked to rebuild the Datsun 100a that his father had or else it will be scrapped in a nearby scrapyard. Järi must survive in a very peaceful (sarcasm) rural Finland 1995

  • ISEK.AI: The AI stole my Reincarnation

    ISEK.AI: The AI stole my Reincarnation


    Isek.AI: The AI stole my Reincarnation - Sword Songs Wiped, Martin wakes up in another world, sure that he had finally realized every light novel reader's dream, reincarnation. He was stoked and his life was changed in that instant. For an Instant. Premier release, JAN 22 2022 Regular Weekly Update, Additional Chapters to be released when views exceed word count, as 'bonus' chapters. OTHER WORKS: Re:Birth as the Hero Kink, the Story of Errit. TEXAN IN ANOTHER WORLD (C▓NSOR▓D) The Dog gets more respect Sweet Tooth Honey TAGS: #fantasy #lockedin #Takeover #comedy #isekai #Isek.Ai #system #OP #overbearing #Sarcasm #Magic #Cultivation #Formations #energy #sword #saber #Songs #swordsong #Sabersong #reincarnation #adventure #Struggle #sectlife #Sects #2021 #2022 #RNG #OOMTOWN

  • His Dawn

    His Dawn

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    -He is a demon with an angel's wings-She is an angel that craves chaosNot all girls are made of sugar spice and everything nice, some are made of sarcasm wine and everything nice.Aurora Russell is made of sugar spice and everything nice, she's also made of sarcasm wine and everything fine. what happens when he comes to take her on her birthday.Xanthus, Cursed, Brutal, mean, and cunning with a bad temper. What happens when the mate he waited for doesn't want him.Read to find out more