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  • The What's Of Saturn

    The What's Of Saturn


    A girl who is adopted and is from another planet with different powers. Also having parents that are the King and Queen of that planet. Star will have to protect her friends and family from everything that happens.

  • Revenge : Saturn Invasion

    Revenge : Saturn Invasion

    After the invasion on Earth, AD 2948, many children and adults lost their lives of got injured. A young girl, Hazel, and her friends decided to take revenge for the many lives of Earth and to banish Saturn from returning. The fictional tale includes sci - fi, possibly romance, and a lot of fantasy. How would they take back Earth? Would they get caught? How are they going to survive? There are loads of questions to ask but, most books have a happy ending? Will this one have one too?

  • SATURN: Robotic Revolution

    SATURN: Robotic Revolution


    During the great robotic war, almost all of humanity gets annihilated. few humans survived and escaped to a different planet. Hence leaving the earth in the hands of the 9 advance robots. the 9 robots were very obsessed with the humans. they wanted to create a society which would be better than the humans. After humanity was annihilated, they started to create more and more robots. within a century and more, the first robot colonization was formed. Slowly more and more cities were created. total 9 cities were created for 9 robots. These 9 robots had separated the robot society into two. few were the government class, almost everyone were the normal people. All the robots looked exactly like humans. They could even reproduce. The robots who worked for the government had all the knowledge about the world, while the civilians had fake memories which make them think they are humans not aliens. the civilian robots think they are humans who have advanced themselves with technology. The government robots were loyal to the 9 robot rulers. They knew that they have annihilated the humans and are robots. Finally one day the humans comes back to take their land back. The two world is now on a war with one another.

  • Iapetus- Moon of Saturn

    Iapetus- Moon of Saturn

    This is a short story I wrote for an science assignment. It does contain "nerdy" stuff but that is because I was trying to get a good grade. ;)

  • Evolution From A Seed

    Evolution From A Seed



    "Li Ping had accidentally received a Seed Alteration System. While others were earning money by planting crops on their own lands, Li Ping was selling his altered seeds at a high price. He had seeds that could grow greens under extreme weather conditions, ginseng that could be grown easily, and even watermelon-sized tomatoes… Li Peng’s altered seeds had greatly changed the world. Sometime in the future, when he threw a 5-star altered seed he had altered on Saturn, a humongous tree grew out of it, covering the entire planet and terraforming it into a habitable one."

  • We’ll Skate Down Saturn’s Rings

    We’ll Skate Down Saturn’s Rings

    (In progress. I will upload the full short story when I finish it :D. Seriously, why can’t we delete novels on here ?!)

  • Stranded Time Traveler

    Stranded Time Traveler


    Congratulations on your rental of the FC1000! Sit on this chair and choose a specific date/event or press the random button. Rafael started by choosing to see the first humans to land on the moon of Saturn, Enceladus. After that, he selected to see the global conflict of opposite opinions about the public release of the ELSpan. Then, to see the third city destroyed by a nuke. "Damn... let's try something random before I see the global reaction of the ITER success" *Click* 5... 4....3....*PI*PI*PI*...2..."Warning"...1..."failure of"... 0

  • Red Chamber

    Red Chamber

    I've been published in such publications as Suspense Magazine, Lycan Valley Press, The Fictional Cafe, Drunk Monkeys, Red Fez and others. I've currently self published three novels. I plan to release more shorts and novels. Honestly, I'm just a wisp of smoke gliding across the astral plane, purposely creating thoughtful stories to keep you up at night. All of humanity resides on Saturn’s rings known as Lustrous Utopia I, ruled by the diplomatic High Priestess. The top quadrant of the planet is reserved for prisons, where Titan reigns as the most dangerous of all. After being betrayed by his partner Darius, Lex finds himself sentenced to life on Titan for a crime he didn’t commit. His family life destroyed, never to see his wife or his daughter Halo again. Once you enter the Red will never escape.

  • The Beast's Obsession Akin Ka At Age 18

    The Beast's Obsession Akin Ka At Age 18

  • Hollow Nights

    Hollow Nights

    this story follows saito, whom after transmigrating loses almost everything. The family in his past life, the support of his father and mother on this new life, money, friends and his sight. followed him as he learn to embrace darkness and tried to survive and raise over every obstacle that he meets.

  • Romeo wants to run away

    Romeo wants to run away

    what would you do if the prettiest and strongest woman is at your door steps with a marriage proposal. Well, most people would accept, but not me. Are you kidding, every strong warrior is after her, the powerful organization that want to recruit her and she says no because of me, yup I am dead, so I will just jump out of this window, and escape from here. I will get away this time, freedom here I come.

  • hyy fujb

    hyy fujb

    Martial Arts MARVEL

  • God made man, magic kept them equal, but my Colt kept me free

    God made man, magic kept them equal, but my Colt kept me free

    a man is trasnported to a magical realm, were magic rules. because the god is bored he decide to have a magic vs cowboy theme, therefore he decide to give Samuel the red system. A system that will make you the best cowboy. follow Samuel as he discovers how to use red, and develop trick to fight off magic, and maybe a dragon or two, with his guns. PS I am American and we love our guns however I won't bored you with every detail describing a guns if u love them u know them and if u don't then u don't care and it just going to be unnecessary info also don't expect modern weapons at all, this is a old west theme so only up to 1940 depending the country ( Mexico also part of the old west theme just ask rockstar lol)

  • Story of Amber

    Story of Amber

    Horror&Thriller MYSTERY TEEN

    Read the story of a un-ordinary girl as she fights her owns shadows to live a normal life.

  • Universe Health Care

    Universe Health Care

    " Doctor my tummy hurt" " ok let me take a look, shit you got and Alien, Nurse get the Laser ready " "Doctor , I think I was touch by god and i going to have a kid" " ok let me take a look at that, mmm' well I got a bad and good news for you, the good news you are pregnant the bad news it was not by god, but by a rapist angel but don't worry I have already contacted the Men with Black 'suits' they should located him and make him pay you" " Doctor, doctor I have been curse, look at my face it is all deform" " nope you are just ugly, but I can fix it "(I repeat this is fictional, I am not a doctor so ******do not follow any of this medical advice***** , my alien treatment won't work on you sorry,)



  • Lusting Kap's Daughter

    Lusting Kap's Daughter

    Nagising na lamang ako isang araw sa 'di pamilyar na lugar, 'di rin pamilyar ang mga mukhang nagisnan ko. I have this strong feeling that I didn't belong in this place. I felt the urge to leave the unfamiliar place, pero paano ko gagawin iyon kung pati pangalan ko mismo ay hindi ko alam? Hindi ko matandaan?I have no choice but to stay, I was unconscious and wounded when these people found me. Is my life in danger? I also really want to know... Gustong-gusto ko nang maalala kung sino ako at ang nakaraan ko. I want to leave this nasty place as soon as possible, but not until I met The Kap's Daughter and lusting over her... Then, everything in me was changed.

  • Portal 
The Short Story

    Portal The Short Story

  • Old Story's

    Old Story's

    These are old ideas or remakes to some of my favorite story's as a child

  • Hallow Grove

    Hallow Grove


    Join Arron on his roller coaster ride of a life, as he loses all around him as he plunges deeper into the darkness as he tries to save himself from certain doom.