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  • Sci-Fi Project

    Sci-Fi Project

  • Sci-Fi Love

    Sci-Fi Love

  • Story Sci-Fi

    Story Sci-Fi

  • sci fi romance

    sci fi romance

  • The Sci-Fi System

    The Sci-Fi System


    Although Sung Hyun-Woo was enraged, he still kept his calm demeanor. He looked over his shoulder while his body was still facing the doors, "I loved you Nova....I really did and you betrayed me all for what? This pile of dust?" A smug look crept its way up Nova's face, "Pile of dust?" "Ah, bad habit. I speak in the future tense often." After saying his piece, Sung Hyun-Woo stepped out of the towering doors and into the hallway. Everyone in his path began to fall to the ground, unable to move due to the immense pressure. The Guards who were charging at Sung Hyun-Woo were all crushed to the ground. Leaving a pile of bodies in his wake....***Sung Hyun-Woo is a person who loves Sci-Fi and everything about it. Eventually, his life comes to an end and he awakes in a completely new world. He discovers he has an ability called "The Sci-Fi System" that lets him create anything Sci-Fi related. After an unfortunate encounter, he decides to build an Empire off of his newly found ability and conquer the Continent and beyond! 【The first actual appearance of smut is on Chapter 51】••••••••••••••••Character images hereTSFS Discord Server: Zk3Ubvcqzt

  • Sci-Fi And Daffodils

    Sci-Fi And Daffodils


    Life's cruel then you die... Then you find yourself In a harem game?!°°°Kokoro Tetsuki was a nineteen year old runaway. On the run from neglectful parents, an asshole-ish older brother, and a terrible home and social life.Truth be told, she had came to the conclusion that running away was a terrible idea. She almost could say it was worse out on her own as she had no where to go. But if Kokoro was anything, she was stubborn, so she refused to go crawling back to her family and give them the satisfaction.God, she wish she wasn't so stubborn...Maybe she wouldn't have gotten hit by that stupid truck.Well, that's that. Roll the credits. Close the book. This story is finished.Just kidding! That would just be too nice and the world loves to fuck with her!Kokoro wakes up to find herself as a background character in a harem game her jerk of a brother was obsessed with. What had she done to deserve this hell?! Well she was here. Nothing she could do.But why were all the available love interests in the game always taking interest in her? Why was the villian that gets brutally slaughtered in the end a big old softy? Why does the kingdom seem much more corrupt than revealed in the game? Why is there a weird talking cat that's 'teaching her how to play'? Why does the presumed MC seem to have it out for her?Why won't anyone just leave her to die alone?

  • Testing for Sci fi

    Testing for Sci fi

    Testing my writing

  • Perversia (Original Sci-Fi)

    Perversia (Original Sci-Fi)

    Sci-fi R18

    Introducing... Perversia. An entire universe of hentai logic and hentai tropes. I hope to explore as many of those tropes and cliches as possible, while also telling a somewhat interesting and also very cliche space opera.



    Sci-fi BL

    It involves this high school in Tennessee where young sexy fine jock Shawn, is snatched by an alien which crashed as he was going back home after a party, an it shape shifts into him, controlling his body an turning him from rude an homophobic to accepting an sweet (even snatched a nigga) BUT WHEN HE SEDUCES YOU......YOURE DEAD ?⚰️ The government tries but fails to combat this thing, but in the mountains there's a Native American woman......Lynn Jackson, has history with this alien, an she goes on a mission to vanquish is for good! Meanwhile, Geloni is a gay kid he's bullied a lot by Shawn an his footballer homies.....but one of the ballers, Des, likes him on the low an they get real close, forming a relationship an Des must choose tween his reputation or Geloni ?

  • Sci-fi short stories

    Sci-fi short stories

  • Sci-Fi deep into space

    Sci-Fi deep into space

  • Exodus: Magic And Sci-Fi

    Exodus: Magic And Sci-Fi


    The Federal States Of Calradia or more commonly known as the Imperium of Man had almost completed it's purpose: uniting all of Humanity under one banner. But as if the Gods were mocking us, maybe they were, a First Contact scenario had occured on the edges of the Outer Rim; a collection of planets that were far beyond the capital, quickly throwing a wrench in the current Emperor's plans. What's worse, is that the aliens hadn't bothered to make negotiations with us and declared war on us by the first days. They quickly took over the planets in the Outer Rim, marching onto the admin planet of Tarsovis d. However, the Voidborne, we started to call them, had inferior land doctrines. And so, the only times we have managed to slow them down or hold them completely is on the ground and not in space due to both their numbers and technological superiority. Almost two decades later, the frontline of the battle, the Frontier, was always constantly changing with each star cycle and Calradia was exhausting it's resources both in manpower and in minerals. Not only that, we had encountered more hostile races since then, and had doubled our fronts and wars. If nothing changes, then Calradia is as good as dead. But, a malfunction with experimental technology may change the fate of Humanity and Galaxy to come...



    Sci-fi ADVENTURE

    Vohrah's father is missing. His house was broken into and his Personal AI has been stolen.Lurking around the city is a glowing, terrifying cyborg that kills people after asking a single question to them:"Where is the key?"Where is the key?

  • Game Craft Cultivate sci-fi

    Game Craft Cultivate sci-fi


    berkerja keras menuju keabadian, namun pada akhirnya malah kembali ke asalnya menjadi fana kembali. tidak ada yang mengenalnya padahal dia pernah menjadi kaisar kultivasi Abadi kekosongan. Itu semua terjadi karena betapa cepatnya kulivasi dari sosok ini sehingga bahkan berita semacam ini tidak dapat diungkap kan ke dunia luar. karena bahkan jika itu terjadi, tidak ada yang akan percaya. alasanya adalah sosok ini telah kembali ke asal, mahluk fana.jadi dia beralih menjadi pembuat dunia yg nantinya akan menjadi cikal bakal dari sebuah Game!

  • Something like Space Sci-fi

    Something like Space Sci-fi

  • Fifty Sci-Fi and Fantasy Stories

    Fifty Sci-Fi and Fantasy Stories

    This book is a collection of short stories ranging from science fiction and fantasy to horror and humor. This was written in the span of more than a decade from 2008 to 2019.Enjoy the read and support the author's journey in the field of literature.

  • Redo: A Fantasy Sci-Fi Novel

    Redo: A Fantasy Sci-Fi Novel

    Fantasy ROMANCE

    Have your ever wonder, what is your past?Do you remember anything from your past?Maybe because it was erased and hard to remember.You where accidentally be hit by a falling rockOr maybe you've been hit by a rapid moving tracks.But what if you where sent to your past just to fix every issues you have in it. Can you handle it?Can you do those things just to make your future more better than this?#Redo_2019

  • Fifty Sci-fi and Fantasy Stories

    Fifty Sci-fi and Fantasy Stories


    This book is a collection of short stories ranging from science fiction and fantasy to horror and humor. This was written in the span of more than a decade from 2008 to 2019.Enjoy the read and support the author's journey in the field of literature.Thank you.

  • Sci-Fi Thing Chapter 1 Only

    Sci-Fi Thing Chapter 1 Only

    Chapter 1 only in case you were confused. This is the preview of the story I'm writing.

  • Eternal love. Sci-fi love story

    Eternal love. Sci-fi love story

    Logline . AD 2005 . Ajay. A young man dies in car accident but his girlfriend Maya survived. 25 years later Ajay would be brought back to life with futuristic technology . Will he find his ladylove and live happily ever after with their only love child?

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