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  • Imaginary Senpai

    Imaginary Senpai

  • senpai!!


  • pierozek-senpai


  • Sayonara

    Sayonara Senpai

  • Be my Senpai

    Be my Senpai

  • Senpai that I love.

    Senpai that I love.

  • My Beautiful Senpai

    My Beautiful Senpai

    A Short Romance story.Katsuki-Chan suddenly found himself before a girl, confessing his love to her.but the girl looked at him disgustingly and refused to even think of him as someone who even worth an answer from her Katsuki become devasted and had no choice but turn around and walk awayAt least that's how Katsuki saw it.But did the girl truly refused to answer Katsuki's feelings?

  • My Fake Senpai

    My Fake Senpai

  • senpai loves me

    senpai loves me

  • ¿Senpai o Danna?

    ¿Senpai o Danna?

    Historical Romance YURI YAOI

    Versión en español en Wattpad. Tiene el mismo nombre y lo puedes encontrar en la siguiente cuenta ⤵Hikari-Senpai123The famous artist Deidara has turned into a child from one day to the next.The only thing he knows about his companions is their personality and abilities so he will start giving nicknames to everyone and Tobi takes the opportunity to get closer to his Senpai.Akatsuki is thrown into chaos when other members turn into children and collapse the lair. The goal of adults will be to find the person in charge while learning to deal with the little ones.When they least expect it, the little ones disappear. When they find one of them, they discover that he is in Konoha and the plan that had long been planned against Akatsuki is put into motion.What will happen when Konoha finds out who they are and Itachi meets his brother?* The characters do not belong to me or the image. Just the story itself. I hope you like it* I do not accept posts on another app or account without my permission. Don't be rats to steal it. Respect

  • Love me senpai

    Love me senpai

  • My Senpai is Inlove

    My Senpai is Inlove

  • Alter Ego: His Sultry Lover

    Alter Ego: His Sultry Lover



    [COMPLETED] [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "We could be louder," he whispered in a raspy voice. She shook with need and was about to turn when he clucked his tongue. "Ah, ah, ah, don't do that. I'll see you later, little girl." And with that, he vanished. - - - - Cage was at the top of the world: the emperor of the film industry. But it is truly lonely at the top. Surrounded by staff members who want him to work to his bones and no one to lean on, Cage turns to gaming. In such dire times, he stumbles across a mysterious female gamer who leaves him speechless and aroused at the same time. Graphic designer and fangirl extraordinaire, Katherine, finds a gamer who outshines her. In this world there was someone like this? All she can do is acknowledge his brilliance. [Take my bow, Senpai. You have eaten my gold.] But why does this message sound so… provocative? A series of lecherous conversations turn into something deeper, until one day the two fall irrevocably in love with each other. “Hey, let’s fall in love...” Follow them as they traverse through life and the hardships that are thrown at them. Who knows, maybe us single dogs can learn a thing or two. - - - - - "My little loli likes to watch? What a naughty little girl." She was embarrassed that she was caught and mortified by the voice of the man she recognized as ‘him’. What was he doing here? She started to turn around, but he grasped her shoulder so she couldn't move. "No, let's watch." His breath was at her ear, fire lapping at her nerves, singeing and burning her insides, making a pleasant feeling erupt in her stomach. His arm snaked around her shoulder and grabbed her hand while his other hand slid down to her sides until it rested on her hip. He was not pressing himself into her, but she felt completely engulfed by him. She knew she should scream, or stomp on his foot, but all she could do was listen to his breathing escalate as his thumb rubbed her shoulder, putting her in a stupor. She thought she heard him sniff her hair and his lips lightly grazed her ears as he whispered. "Don't miss the show because of me, little girl." Her eyes flickered back to the couple in the car, and she let out a whimper as she saw the man pull at the woman's hair, baring her beck to him, inviting his mouth to lick and suck. She felt ‘him’ close the gap between them, his hard body pressed up against hers, his arms tightly holding her. There was no mistaking what she felt on her lower back and she closed her eyes in delight.- - - - -Read my other works: 1. Cornered by the CEO - Complete2. Autopsy of a Mind - Complete3. The Story of Blood and Roses - Complete 4. Phoenix in the Moonlight - HiatusStory Discord: Instagram: @sunscar9

  • My Senpai is My Boyfriend Material

    My Senpai is My Boyfriend Material



  • I hate you Senpai

    I hate you Senpai

  • Stop bullying me senpai

    Stop bullying me senpai

    It will be ready at July 12 and there will be 150 chapter,50 are free!

  • SAKURA senpai - Queen of Flower

    SAKURA senpai - Queen of Flower

    Xiao Yuu.. Seorang gadis SMA berkebangsaan china, karena sebuah tugas dari keluarganya ia pindah ke negara jepang. Tugasnya untuk mencari cucu perempuan dari seorang guru seni bela diri ayahnya. Sebenarnya ia sangat kesal karena hal ini, namun semua itu berubah saat ia bertemu dengan sang ketua osis! siapakah ketua osis sebenarnya? dan bagaimana perjalanan xiao yuu untuk menemukan cucu dari guru ayahnya? simak ceritanya jika penasaran...

  • I got Isekai'd with my Senpai

    I got Isekai'd with my Senpai

    Shun Ishigami is the main protagonist of the I got Isekai'd with my Senpai series and a high school student who got transported to another world by a woman called Serales. Shun and his Senpai Fumiko decide to explore the new world outside, hoping to find a new way back home.NOTE:I got Isekai'd with my Senpai is a Spin-off Novel of How to get a Girlfriend where Shun Ishigami a Chuunibyou character from the main series got transported with his senpai fumiko in another world.

  • annoying senpai's

    annoying senpai's

    Competitive Sports ROMANCE ACTION

    a guy name hitori akaza is an introvert and dealing with anxiety but with the help of his senpai's he will deal with this problem .