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  • Kim Seokjin

    Kim Seokjin

  • Kim Namjun 
Kim Seokjin

    Kim Namjun Kim Seokjin


  • Mute { seokjin x reader}

    Mute { seokjin x reader}

  • HI BYE, MISS HIJAB [Kim Seokjin]

    HI BYE, MISS HIJAB [Kim Seokjin]

    "Tuhanmu memang menakdirkan kita untuk bertemu nona Hijab, tapi tidak untuk mempersatukan."cerita ini fanfaction Jin (BTS)

  • Taehyung Jungkook Namjoon seokjin Hoseok  Yoongi and Jimin

    Taehyung Jungkook Namjoon seokjin Hoseok Yoongi and Jimin

  • Lucky To Have You In My LIFE [SeokJin ff]

    Lucky To Have You In My LIFE [SeokJin ff]

    ⚠️WARNING: Some chapters may contain mature contents. If you are uncomfortable, kindly skip those chapter and dont REPORT.---------------------------------------------------Its is a story of a girl who has fallen in love with her CEO and little did you know that he 'likes' you too as an employee. Let's take a look into their life and see what happened that Y/N's life changed into miracle.°~°This story is full of drama, action, romance, comedy and most importantly "love".I hope you all enjoy my new story. Please do support and give your love to it.Thank you for reading♡

  • Kim Seokjin and Myoui Mina's love story

    Kim Seokjin and Myoui Mina's love story

    First imagination fanfiction with some background songs In the story, there will be more interaction between Myoui Mina and Kim Seok JinDo not copyright my work!Bonus story, another cast will be arriving from TwiceThe story will be using Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Korean language, just find it in the story, I won't tell where is thatNote: the writer using Mina Twice as Face Claim, so, maybe the next story is still secret.

  • ✒️"The girl Boss"and Kim Seokjin(fan-fiction)

    ✒️"The girl Boss"and Kim Seokjin(fan-fiction)


    ~Miyeon is a splendid and vivacious young lady who's at long last in her first year in her new school. She's very energised for the new school year since now she'll at long last be isolated from her irritating cherished companion, Kim Seokjin, an attractive and astute person. As destiny would have it, she finds that they are, truth be told, still in a similar class. Crushed, she incubates an arrangement to grab the class president title from her in any case immaculate beloved companion/foe. Silliness results as she attempts to explore school existence with her assorted gathering of cohorts alongside Kim Seokjin's. Will cherish at long last drag into the hearts of this feline and-canine relationship?~

  • Cast/jenniekim
Kim taehyung
park jimin
jeon jungkook
Kim seokjin

    Cast/jenniekim Kim taehyung park jimin jeon jungkook Kim seokjin

  • when he visit "Tajmahal"

seokjin fiction

    when he visit "Tajmahal" seokjin fiction

    Fantasy ROMANCE

  • when he visit "Tajmahal"
seokjin Fiction

    when he visit "Tajmahal" seokjin Fiction

    Fantasy ROMANCE

  • Son of the mafia

    Son of the mafia


    Zhu Zhimin putra bungsu dari Zhu Yi Long pemimpin bawah tanah terkuat di China dari kelompok mafia HONG LONG (Naga merah) yang selalu di takuti dan di hormati di seluruh asia. Memakai nama Park Jimin, ia datang ke Korea berniat untuk berlibur untuk menenangkan diri karena merasa kecewa saat sang kekasih mati di tangan sang kakak sebab sang kakak tak terima jika seseorang menyakitinya. Satu bulan berada di Korea, Zhimin tak sengaja bertemu dengan seorang pria bernama Jeon Jungkook, seorang mahasiswa yang membuatnya jatuh cinta pada pandangan pertamanya.Akankah perjalanan cinta seorang Zhu Zhimin akan mulus? ataukah berakhir dengan pertumpahan darah?Cast:Park Jimin as Zhu Zhimin (Sub)Jeon Jungkook (Dom)Li Yi Feng as Zhu Yi Feng Zhu Yi LongLiu Yi Fei as Zhu Yi FeiKim Namjoon as Jeon NamjoonKim Seokjin as Jeon Seokjin (GS)

  • LOVE AFTER A DARE [Jeon Jungkook ff]

    LOVE AFTER A DARE [Jeon Jungkook ff]

    Teen ROMANCE

    Hi I am Kim Y/N. I am a Korean girl who lived in New York from past eight years. But i am back to South Korea for my further studies because i wanted to. When i went to my school i found best friend Jisso. I found tow more people one of them were annoying:Jeon Jungkook and the other one was sweet :Kim Taehyung. After few days i fall for Jungkook and he after that proposed me. But i broke up with him because of some reasons. Then I met my childhood's crush:Kim Seokjin. After spending sometime with him i started feeling for him. After this Jungkook got jealous and proposed me again.I accepted his proposal. He left me me and went to America. After 5 years.............Uhh I am getting married to an unknown guy i don't even know his name. I hope you guys will get suspicious after reading the summary of 'Love After a Dare'. I hope you guys like this.

  • The Vengeance of the crown prince

    The Vengeance of the crown prince

    Kim Taehyung was a illegitimate child of the emperor of the Daegu kingdom . The only person he loved in his 25 years of life is his step brother Kim Seokjin What will happen when the king and the crown prince of Wansan-gu kingdom killed his beloved brother . What will happen when Taehyung take over the throne of Daegu kingdom and seek his revenge by marrying the princess of Wansan-gu kingdom.

  • Bottom ! Jin - SMUT collection (18+)

    Bottom ! Jin - SMUT collection (18+)

    Magical Realism ROMANCE R18 BTS

    Kim Seokjin (bottom) x Ot6 (Top) - I take requests (scenarios, ships etc.) - Mostly tension and smut - important information + general premise mentioned at the beginning of each story (characters involved, theme etc.) Enjoy

  • Be Something

    Be Something

    Fiksi Realistik ACTION COMEDY

    David seorang pria mungil tak berbakat ingin menjadi sesuatu yang berguna.Bersama 3 orang asing ia bertekad mencari tahu apa yang terjadi pada anak anak terlantar di kota yang tiba-tiba menghilang.Apa David bisa menjadi seseorang yang hebat seperti impiannya?

  • A Day Of Joy

    A Day Of Joy

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ABUSIVELOVE

    A Day Of Joy - The Cycle of Life Trilogy Volume OneThis book consists of 12 poems and 3 acts. New poems will be released every Wednesday and Friday.A Day of Joy talks about its main themes of joy, hope and desire. Desire for a better future, a better life, and for the satisfaction of one's own desires. It also tackles topics about depression and happiness, loss and victories, hope and despair. This collection of poetry does not focus on one person. If these words speak out to your heart, embrace it and I hope it gives you a better and positive side of life.

  • COVID-19: My Narrative Story

    COVID-19: My Narrative Story

    This book summarizes my life lessons and experiences during quarantine. It has no intention to provoke or offend anyone. I salute the medical frontliners and I am praying for the fast recovery of the ones that are afflicted with this disease.

  • elixir


    Fantasy BTS

    Min suga and Kim seokjin are your average human being who are leading a normal life well not exactly normal since suga and seokjin are world's most richest bachelor but yeah normal.On the other hand Kim namjoon and Jung Hoseok are barely living by struggling between 3-4 jobs at once. Even though they are struggling financially and are sleep deprived they are happy and content with their life. Not really but they are not complaining......But can I tell you a secret? Min suga and Kim seokjin are not human.What do you think will happen when their world will crash into each other?Read to find out. This story will contain Namjin and sope as the main ship while taekook will remain as side ship.