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  • Fantasía sexual

    Fantasía sexual



    ¡¡no lean ésto!!es muy depravado, violento, sexual y todo eso.solo diré que un hombre reencarnó en un mundo de espadas y magia. pero esté no tiene ninguna ambición de fuerza o poder. solo quiere todas las mujeres que se le atraviesan en el camino.aveces tengo la idea de incluir escenas demasiado sexuales en mis historias, pero siento que no puedo ya que no va con el personaje.pero esta vez no.el protagonista es una verdadera basura, nada lo detendrá.incluído el incesto.

  • sexual life

    sexual life


  • Sexual princess

    Sexual princess

  • sexual adventure

    sexual adventure

    Magical Realism ROMANCE ADVENTURE R18

  • Sexual book

    Sexual book

  • sexual thoughts

    sexual thoughts

    tho we are in a relationship i have so many things i would do to you that you will never know about ?

  • Sexual Adventure

    Sexual Adventure

    "And one other thing don't you dear come until I tell you to" commanded Principal Phillips.

  • Sexual Seduction

    Sexual Seduction

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    Have You Ever Been Addicted To Something or Someone?So bad to all common sense goes out the window because the craving is SO strong? Even when it’s satisfied its NOT satisfied ? Remi Washington has an addiction of her own. A craving she can’t cure, an itch she can’t scratch..That is until... She meets the young & desirable Syana Stone & her long term lover Draylon Dickson. Syana & Dray is ready to introduce Remi to the wild side, only problem is Remi is a married woman & no matter how strong the addiction she would have to return home... if she can ! Sex, Lust, love & lies... Addiction doesn’t always win..




  • Sexual dimension

    Sexual dimension

    Fantasy ROMANCE

  • sexual preference:none

    sexual preference:none

    Contemporary Romance R18 HEARTTHROB

    Tiffany kim is going through a sexual stage in her life which makes her more than confused. Was her sexual preference being none, bisexual or straight.we just have to seat down and watch the one she would choose.However, she meets a stranger who gives her the pleasure she seeks.

  • Sexual Inhumane Rapings

    Sexual Inhumane Rapings

    Realistic Fiction R18 HAREM

    Arnold again is back this time dealing the disappearance of the Panty Savages Gang, Arcana Legion, the kids from the Hopeful Protection Shelter and his big family. When he came home after hanging out with my friends at Perth, Australia he found that his home was ransacked and also the Panty Savages Gang, Arcana Legion, the kids from the Hopeful Protection Shelter and his big family were gone. As he looked around he found samples of semen and a note on the kitchen table wrote by Samanka and found that a corrupted gang know as the Sexual Attackers took the Panty Savages Gang, Arcana Legion, the kids from the Hopeful Protection Shelter and his big family the gang was ran by a strange follow called Soulbrine Destructionstrike. Fortunately the police forces in Western Australia were taking a break while his friends AGER, Chief Kyle and Jordan were busy making music. Arnold must rely on my detective forensic skills and my technology and support from police forces we'll stop Sexual Attackers’ brutal sexual attacks and stop the Sexual Attackers once and for all.This story alone is referencing the sexual assaults that's happening worldwide and it's big problem accordings to the statistics half of the world is experiencing sexual assaults and Australia is one of them. According to the Rape Statistics from the World Population Review, Australia is ranked 12th if comes to sexual assault rates and majority them were females. According to the stats from Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia 17% of women and 4.3% men in Australia experienced sexual assaults, 25% of women and 6.5% of men that have disability have experienced sexual violence.16% of women have experienced sexual violence from a friend they know and Women who experienced sexual violence were most likely to experience it from a previous cohabiting partner (4.5% of women) or a boyfriend/girlfriend or date (4.3% of women). But in this story it turns from a country problem to a global problem why because the members of the Panty Savages Gang, members of the Arcana Legion, the kids from the Hopeful Protection Shelter and his big family will be separated because the Sexual Attackers Gang have gang hideouts located in secrecy from countries within Planet Earth similar to what Panty Savages have in Planet Harmony but just before Panty Savages Gang, Arcana Legion, the kids from the Hopeful Protection Shelter and his big family vanished the Panty Savages made Arnold's home and the other homes within his area turned into a hideout.Also most of his siblings were very young so they'll traumatised easily.The question now remains... can Arnold save the Panty Savages Gang, Arcana Legion, the kids from the Hopeful Protection Shelter and his big family? Only time will tell.DisclaimerThis story has heavy sexual content so consider yourself warned

  • EROTICAS ~ Sexual Fantasies

    EROTICAS ~ Sexual Fantasies

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18

    These are a series of stories I write in my free time as a hobby, hope you like these erotic stories, (it's not everyday I write smut, just when I'm Horny, bored, and free)note: do not own rights to the cover, and if you're the original creator feel free to contact me through comments if you want it taken down

  • A sadistic sexual queen

    A sadistic sexual queen

    Contemporary Romance

    Handling one lover is not easy what will happen when her secret hobbies are found by multiple vip people?

A one collections of different sexual encounters

    SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS 2 A one collections of different sexual encounters


    The story is about different steamy sexual encounters taking place anyplace and everywhere.

  • sexual harassment at school

    sexual harassment at school

  • Fantasies of a Sexual Addict

    Fantasies of a Sexual Addict

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 SMUT

    “Do you really think I’m gorgeous?” Calliope Fitzgerald asked, voice small and soft. Her eyes were only asking for the truth and any small lie would have been caught by her.Damien Criss nodded. “Yes, you’re gorgeous,” he replied. For some reason, she smiled, and his heart melted. Gods… now, is he in love with her?“I have an offer to you…” she tilted her head to the side and continued to smile like she knew the secret of the universe.“What is it then?” he asked, itching to touch and smell her hair again.“Be my fuck buddy. No holds barred. No strings attached. We can stop when you’re tired of it all.” Damien stared at the tiny woman in front of him, mind racing, and heart skipping a beat. What did she just say? Fuck buddy? This professor? No holds barred? No strings attached? What? Did he mishear what she said? He smiled and tilted his head to the side too. “I’m sorry, I don’t think I understood what you meant.” “Fuck buddy. You and I fuck each other. No holds barred. No strings attached. You can have a girlfriend after, then we will stop when you’re tired of it. I’m just really curious.” He stared at her. She didn’t look serious, not with that smile on her face. Was she just pulling his leg? His face must have shown his uncertainty because she chuckled and patted his face. “You can say no, Damien. I’ll just look for another person.” She stood up and dusted her coat while her eyes were on the night sky. He immediately followed suit and grabbed her wrist. “Fine. We can be fuck buddies. No holds barred. No strings attached.” Was he stupid? Maybe. Did he think he did the right thing? He was so very not sure. Will he gain something from it? Her virginity is one. Her attention is two. What else? Heart break?Possibly. Her giggle made him look at her face. “What’s so funny?” he asked. “You just look so cute when you’re having an internal battle,” she replied and stood on her toes to kiss his cheek. “I won’t bite. I promise.” She pulled back and proceeded to walk towards the mansion with her hands inside the pockets of her coat. He watched her for a few seconds before following. “You sure about this?” “Definitely. I’m just curious about this whole thing about sex. Maybe the constant frustration would go away once I have experienced it, you know?” His shoulders lifted and fell. He never saw it that way. After all, he lost his virginity at a young age. “So… no holds barred?” “No holds barred but you’ll have to tell me when you get a girlfriend. I wouldn’t want to hurt a person just because of my curiosity.” “Aren’t you thoughtful?” She snorted and looked up at his face with a grin. “Hey, my curiosity will never come first over the feelings of another person. I’m aware that you like a gorgeous woman so it’s safe to assume that you won’t have any feelings for me. There’s little to no chance that I will hurt you in the process. Don’t you think so?” He stopped walking and stared down at her. She also stopped and smiled up at him. Maybe he was just as curious as she was too. Maybe he was just attracted to her. Maybe… he held her upper arms and lifted her up to crush her lips with his. Hard. Hot. Demanding. And she opened up to him. Soft. Smooth. Pliant. A sound of aggression came from him and a sound of surrender rose from her. Would it always be like this? Would she always surrender to him? Or will the table turn around on him and end up with him under the mercy of this tiny woman? Vanilla filled his nostrils and brain. His blood dropped to his lower regions. His arm snaked around her waist and pulled her closer, giving her the chance to wrap her arm around his neck and give more of herself to him. Just like that, the universe became silent for him. In his mind, there was nothing else except him and this woman that he was holding. His teeth nipped and pulled, his tongue tasted and prodded. Her lips soft and sweet and potent. Who could say no? Who could get enough? Definitely not him.



    [The cover pic is not mine if anyone knows the artist, Then tell me so, I can mention and gave him credit, and if the artist didn't allow the use of his pic, then it will be removed.]( Author note: welcome to trash kingdom you trash peoplehmm! what you are not trash.Well, in reality, all of those who read an adult novel or use their internet for adult 18+ search are trash) Warring strong sexual content)This is a story about a man who cares about his wife and also truthful about his passion, which is "ahem" ahem" you know he likes ntr. So, in the apocalypse world, he wants to protect his wife, that's why he conducted her to have an affair with his friend. But after that, he also started to like the act just like his wife.It is a story with a good end, but if you're not good with 18+ acts of our female lead with other than Mc, then please don't read it.Chapter will be long except the intro ones, and update will be 1 or 2 chap in week will be can motivate me to write more if the power stone are enough.



  • sexual life Rules

    sexual life Rules

    Sci-fi Romance ROMANCE

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