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    this is how to be good author

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  • Short, Light, Free

    Short, Light, Free


    A series of short stories, of different genres. Simple yet thought-provoking reads.

  • Short Sex Stories

    Short Sex Stories



    A wealth of varied sexual histories. The stories are unrelated. Support me in Patreon

  • Sexy Short Stories

    Sexy Short Stories


    This is a collection is Sweet Short Sex Stories!I know what you're thinking - this sounds like a dirty, filthy book filled with fantasy smut storiesIf you're thinking that, the good news is, you're entirely correct . This book is hot and heavy full of insta-love and lust at it's finest, with a dominant alpha heros completely obsessed with claiming his untouched heroine. Well if you're looking for books and stories that screams, hot, filthy, dirty ,wild sex fantasies. Well you've found it.For example maybe a story that entails:A hot professor, with his horny student!Or a romance between:A hot neighbor ready to be fucked by her long time neighbor crush!Or something fifty shades of grey alike:A Dominant his Submissive.Well this novel is filled with all you can imagine.This book is rated 18.....If you can handle the heat, well join the ride because things are going to get messy while reading. So peek at your own risk.Read with caution! Take a ride to ecstacy! Sample the delights of the melting hotness that is a part of this book collectionthis is a fun collection that allows you to go right to the naughty bits!Matured minds only.Warnings: This book may contain some violence, explicit and matured content and BDSM

  • Short sex stories

    Short sex stories

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18

  • Short Stories 1.1

    Short Stories 1.1

    Fantasy R18

    Every story would be very short containing few chapters. Warning story would contain adult stuff, if you are not interested please don't read

  • Short Horror Stories

    Short Horror Stories


    A Book full of Short Horror stories.A ride full of exhilarating tales of different scenarios which will make you crave for more.Someone who loves reading novels and stories is trying to write her own one for the first time here... A lil disclaimer: *stories will be all fictional and nothing is related to any other author's storiesAll the story are just my brain farts(sorry not sorry)*EnjoyyyyStory 1st "One night": the story is about how the protagonist who came to relax and spend time watching stars had an unexpected visitor and how it made his life upside down and converted that night into a horrible and permanent memory of his entire life. It was my first ever original written story. Of course, it has room for a lot of improvement, but it also has sentimental value to it, and that's why I decided to keep it up here as a reminder of the starting. Story 2nd: " The Island Trip."It's about a group of friends who booked the ticket to the vacation island trip. They were going to be festivities and concerts, and it sounded like the best way to socialize and clear their mind after a hectic year. But what they didn't expect was to be followed by someone.And with the turning events, they ended up in a place where they were warned to never go. A tale full of twists and turns and plots thickens with every chapter.TW: one character's death/ violence. (little bit not heavy on violence.)Story 3rd: "Not Alone."The story is about Ethan, who was transferred to a new office which was out of town. The new place where he was living was causing trouble for Ethan.The story is full of Paranormal activities and hauntings. The mc has anxiety attacks and existential crises, and the spirit took advantage of it. Read it to know what happens to him, if he survives it or not.

  • Short Sexual Erotica Stories

    Short Sexual Erotica Stories

    Hey All my Sexy Erotica lovers ourmt there ? This book is a collection of Sexy StoriesDo enjoy Dont forget to vote, comment and review♥️♥️♥️♥️AND SELF PLEASURE♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • ~Short Stories~

    ~Short Stories~

    A bunch of short stories for/not for the heart_Some end Happy_Some end sad~I would have made it so each title could be it's own book; but that would be to many 1 chapter books so I will squish them all on here, Like I said before. I ONLY WRITE SHORT STORIES: THEREFORE EACH CHAPTER WILL BE A DIFFERENT STORY WITH DIFFERENT PEOPLE. EACH TITLE WILL BE A NEW STORY. A STORY WITH MORE THEN ONE CHAPTER WILL HAVE NUMBERS IN PARENTHESIS AFTER THE TITLE.There is no specific update day - I update when I wanna. Each story may/may not have a plot. *Target: Everyone*Genre: A bunch of diffrent types/ Mostly Romance Fiction<3~If I get enough comments that I should actually write a full chapter book then I just might.



  • Short story'Adult

    Short story'Adult

    WARNING 21+Kumpulan cerita dewasa singkathave fun warga ewew

  • Ero Short Side Stories

    Ero Short Side Stories

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE R18 COMEDY SMUT

    A collection of stories that work as alternative side stories asked by readers of my other works. The type of things that would never work in the regular story lines, but there are no rules when it comes to making it separate. Either way, people wanted some really inappropriate stuff. So content warning for pretty much anything. I'll put specific warnings at the start of the chapters. It'll also be based on stories that I've written on here and other sites. Maybe there might be concepts brought up by readers if people are vocal enough about what they want. It mostly just depends on how I feel about it. The story it's based on (If it is one) will also be noted at the start.It might sound like I'm trying to cover my bases here. But I'm not really into a lot of the things written here. If I was, then they'd probably just show up in their main stories instead. These are mostly ideas from readers that I think I could make interesting for them.Image Source:

  • Mixed Bag ( erotic short stories)

    Mixed Bag ( erotic short stories)

    Be careful you may get hard or wet. ---------------- content/ characters ---------------- 1. bf & gf 2.boss & employee

  • Comedy short stories

    Comedy short stories

    Magical Realism COMEDY



  • Short Stories

    Short Stories

    A book of short stories and story ideas for other peoples who want to write a book

  • Short Storys

    Short Storys



  • Short 

    Short Stories

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

  • Painful Marriage (A Short Story) [Completed]

    Painful Marriage (A Short Story) [Completed]

    Painful Marriage - a short story written by KATREYNATHECAT, your cat author.Being hurt by his husband physically and emotionally, Selena still chooses to stay beside him. Although he made her life miserable, she endured it all because she hoped he would change. In her everyday life she always wishes that.Is the hope or wish of Selena will come true? Or she'll forever stay in their painful marriage?

  • Erotic Shorts

    Erotic Shorts

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18

    Short erotic scenes for fun. All scenes are unedited. 18 + only!!!!