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  • Singing in the Shower

    Singing in the Shower

    When an ugly girl takes a shower and comes out as a beautiful woman she wonders whether she wants it to stop or not. Her life takes a sharp turn and she realizes that the world could be much different from now on but what should she do? Follow Alara through her struggles, her loves, her determination, her pains, and more.

  • Singing With The Devil

    Singing With The Devil

    He grabbed my wrist angrily yanking me towards him before pinning me against the lockers. I winced slightly as the locker dig in me back. He leaned me forward leaving no space between us, his hands securing me firmly in place. His hot breath sent shivers down my spine. I was intimated by the lack of space between us, I admit."Do you know who I am princess"? "He asks, his eyes burning in my own hazel ones. My breath hitches as he moves even closer, it possible. If I shift even lightly we will kiss. Don't mess with me princess. "He breathes against my ear. "you will regret it.

  • Jimmy singing

    Jimmy singing

  • The Singing Dragon

    The Singing Dragon


  • Tatiana the Singing Doll

    Tatiana the Singing Doll

    The Singing Dolls, androids that were built to sing, have taken the world of entertainment by storm. Perfectly mimicking the soul and complexity of the human voice, their music enraptures the hearts of audiences everywhere. They are a testament to the minds of the world’s finest engineers and scientists.Enter Peter. An elderly man who has outlived everyone in his family, he is simply waiting for his time to come. In the meantime, he makes himself useful by maintaining and repairing the Singing Dolls.One night, Peter discovers a terrible truth. And realizes there is more to Tatiana, the lead singer, than meets the eye.Also on Tapas: Royal Road:

  • Singing Got Better

    Singing Got Better


  • Gk and Accounts and singing

    Gk and Accounts and singing

  • Over the Bridges to Singing Waterfalls

    Over the Bridges to Singing Waterfalls



    "You and I need to declare to them that we are dating." "Neither stingy love nor false feelings tell of the inner beauty of a person. Only purity in the soul, to which people's gaze is subject, is worthy to cause amazement about the fullness of the person in whom that trait is placed." "Do you know what that made me realize?" Ryo said surreptitiously, and slowly turned around. "People need care," he added slowly, with a confident tone. "Why does one's happiness not return with a coin…? Why should I endure it for more than a decade? Did I do something wrong?" she said quietly, leaning on her knees. It was the cycle of her life. *** Tokyo, 2022. During puberty, adolescents encounter a tremendous amount of emotional outbursts. Relationships and love, commitment and peacefulness become important in their lives. These factors give them a sense of carefree adolescence. But Ryou Hayashi doesn't see it that way. Having had difficulties in dealing with socialization since childhood, he suddenly and unwillingly moves to Tokyo from his hometown. Taking nothing from home with him, his life begins to change under the patronage of new acquaintances. Whether his outlook on life will change with the new city, or whether he will wallow in loneliness, never having felt the touch of teenage life, is up to him to decide when he meets four other high school students. It is a story about new acquaintances of completely different Japanese students in their final year of high school. By chance, their views cross each other, but neither of them knows until the end where their acquaintance will lead. It is a story of friendship, animosity, love, and colors. It is a story about community. Tokyo, the city of dreams. This city fulfills the dreams of workaholics and casts the lazy into exile, relaxes and never stops tiring, brings happiness to some and takes it away from others. From this beautiful city, covered by a veil of blinding lights, their story filled with dramatic challenges and tragedies begins. The story of a group of teenagers, who are unaware of their affections. The plot takes the reader straight to the eastern country, where the sun begins to rise first. Being wrapped in sakura petals, the roads lead to the prudence of a nature unseen anywhere before. A country with mind-boggling virtues in culture and tradition tells the story of ordinary schoolchildren, suggesting a life around endless youthful unrest and human outlook. Modern Japan (Nihon) introduces people who are able to live simultaneously under difficult but beautiful living conditions. This country teaches residents to love.

  • Rise of the Dark Alpha

    Rise of the Dark Alpha



    [Winner of the Silver Prize - Werewolf Competition 2022] Zev prowled towards her, all shining, brutal beauty, his chin low and those incredible, piercing eyes fixed on her. He didn’t stop until they were toe-to-toe and he blocked her view of every other male in the circle. His eyes dipped to her mouth as he leaned in, his whisper playing on her skin. “You. Are. Mine.” His deep voice twanged in her belly as the howls of the wolf pack rose from behind him to echo across the mountains of Thana, while the other Chimera protested his claim. Fighting the urge to stroke his broad, bare chest with her shaking hands, Sasha forced herself to tilt her head and raise an eyebrow. “So bold for a pup who just found his fangs.” The other males roared with laughter. Ignoring their taunts, Zev’s eyes sparked and he leaned even closer, the scruff on his jaw tickling her cheek as he smiled. “So bold for a human who already knows the pleasure of gasping my name.” She shivered when his teeth grazed her ear. ***** Just days after Sasha gave herself to her childhood love, he disappeared. Five years later, on a dark city street, Zev came back—with danger on his tail. Zev is Chimera: Half-human, half-wolf. Made in a secure research lab, his existence is a secret. But when the powerful men who created him try to kill the only woman who ever made his heart sing, Zev snaps their leash and steals her away to the brutal, hidden world of the Chimera clans. Torn between the magnetic draw of her first love and the painful betrayal of his disappearance, Sasha tries to keep Zev at arms-length. But when they reach this mysterious world, Zev discovers that in his absence the humans took control and stole almost all the females. The Chimera are dying—and Zev isn’t Alpha anymore. Now, Zev must fight his own people to win the right to mate his only love. Can he prove to her that his long-ago promise to protect her heart, as well as her body, was true? Or will the humans cross worlds to hunt the wolf and tear the lovers apart forever? [Mature content, no sexual assault] NOTE: This book is a standalone story and NOT part of the Anima/King of Beasts series (but fans should keep an eye out for Easter Eggs!) Cover Image by Aenaluck and used by permission with paid copyright. See more gorgeous art and support the artist at

  • Sing For Me

    Sing For Me

    Nuriel is an eighteen-year-old senior in high school. Together with his friends Noah, Lucian and Caden, he has formed a band. He yearns for some change in his life, though he wouldn't know what; he gets what he wishes for when he meets Jerah, who turns his life upside down and makes his heart and brain contradict each other. Will he ever give in to what his feelings tell him, or will he allow his senses to deny them forever?

  • sing song

    sing song

  • Sing With Me

    Sing With Me

  • Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster

    Invincible Uncle-Grandmaster


    My name is Qin Jue. At only 16 years of age, I'm already the youngest person to ever become an uncle-grandmaster in the Xuanyi Mountain Sect. Also, I'm the strongest being in this entire world! But unlike other transmigrators, I want nothing to do with the outside world and wish to live a leisurely life on a cliff behind the sect, sipping wine and singing songs. That is until one day, a mysterious girl appears in front of my yard… Join Qin Jue as he deals with sneaky sects and greedy, hostile clans, all while raising a "weed" to sentience and creating heaven-defying spirit-energy "guns".

  • Melody sings

    Melody sings

  • The Queen Sings

    The Queen Sings

  • Sing Again

    Sing Again

    A guy named Andrew lost his home and mother due to an accident. The accident made him depressed and decided to end his singing career as well as his own life. He then met Kix, who is a famous singer during the time. They became close friends and Kix encouraged Andrew to start his singing career again. Will Andrew recover his lost singing career or will he just accept that it's all gone?

  • Love sings

    Love sings

    29 year old Rosabelle has a strange friend whom asks her for a favour after a tragic accident that had stilled the lives of her dear ones.With nothing to do, she accepts..... and disappears from both time and this very dimension.But soon another replaces her and she replaces this other.

  • Starlings Sing

    Starlings Sing

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    All she ever knew was hunger, cold and hopelessness. That was untill a ring landed in her bowl. She wasn't even a begger, should she be mortified that he mistakes her as one. She chose to be thankful to the faceless man for giving her a chance at life. He was in love and all he wanted was happy ever after with his girlfriend. Until she tell's him that she stayed with him to get closer to his friend. Tossing the diamond ring he proposed with he swore not to give love another chance. Not knowing that he has given away the ring to his forever.

  • Sing For You

    Sing For You

    (Ethan Ezekiel Salazar - Serenity band's Drummer.)Ethan ezekiel Salazar is a basketball player and a drummer in a band. You might think that the next word to describe him will be bad boy or play boy or even Casanova but no, he isnt one of those. He is cold but not inclement, he is known for having no interest to girls but little did they know he is inlove with their band vocalist. The girl of his dream who has another. In his life he was able to meet a girl different from his first love which he also consider as his greatest love. Is it coincidence? Or the destiny? Or was it planned? The world always put them on one place."She's a dream..." He said. Will she continue to be just a dream? Or Ethan will take the risk and finally confess to the love of his life? "Is it really just a coincidence..." Or is it planned? "Life has thought me one thing and it is to never waste time keeping the unsaid."

  • The Wind Sings

    The Wind Sings


    Josie is an elf. She doesn’t know where she came from she just lives in the forest ever since she was three years old. She has the power to manipulate the wind and all plants around her. As you read this you will find out where she’s from, who she may or may not fall in love with and who her parents were.

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