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    Competitive Sports SYSTEM SLICEOFLIFE


    Dive into a novel about the rise of a legendary sportsman. Follow Zachary Bemba on his journey to become the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) in the soccer world.He travels back to a time in his past where opportunity abounds. Access to a system capable of propelling him to greater heights is just the icing on the cake.From a nobody born in one of the poorest and most remote places on the planet, he relentlessly pursues his goal of becoming the greatest sportsman the world has ever seen.****----G.O.A.T SYSTEM INITIALIZING----ACTIVATION SUCCESSFUL****Book Discord Link:

  • The Hitting Zone

    The Hitting Zone

    Competitive Sports SLICEOFLIFE TRAUMA


    After a near death experience thanks to his own mother, Jake Hollander has an adverse reaction to people, baseball, and family. His feeling of abandonment is slowly lost thanks to his foster family, The Atkins. They take him in and change his mind about everything. He becomes more open, better at baseball, and craves for family. Slowly all wishes are granted. Instagram: @writerhalf_empty ~~The Last Curve can be found there, a short story about Rhys. Updates every Sunday Please read on Webnovel! **Names, faces, and places aren’t real. A work of fiction. Nonetheless, it is my work of fiction so please don’t post it without permission. *I have used school names that do exist though, but I would like everyone to know that I have no affiliation with them. Nor do my views reflect their views. **Also, I bought the royalty-free license for my cover. Which means I can use it without having to pay royalties. If you have any questions, comment on my latest chapter or reach me on discord.

  • The Ocean Beneath Her Feet

    The Ocean Beneath Her Feet

    Contemporary Romance SLICEOFLIFE


    [COMPLETED]Her:Throughout her life, she always felt like she was standing above the ocean. While nervously waiting for the ocean to swallow her whole, she still pushed herself to bravely dancing over the surface, enjoying her life.It was not until one day when she woke up, she realized she had lost a portion of her life.And then there was him. The one man who was patiently guiding her back to the shore even at the risk of drowning himself."You know, I am jealous of my past self because she experienced the love you gave her. I want to remember my feelings but... it's only void in my mind. What should I do?"Him:He has closed off his heart since he knew even his closest person could throw him away. He thought her appearance was just a trivial addition in his life. Little did he expect she could crack open the hard shell covering his heart.For the first time, he chose to allow himself another chance to love and be loved by someone. But, he never thought to have his hope shattered once his existence was erased from her mind. Facing the new beginning, he vowed to make her be happier and loved. "No matter who you are, the past you or the one with me right now, I love every part of you. So, don't be afraid. I won't ever make you question your trust in me."-------------------------------------------------My other books:As Wind Blows Your Scent to Me [Ongoing]Spring Blooms When I'm with You [Completed]One chapter a day, estimated to be uploaded at 19:00 GM+8.

  • As the Wind Blows Your Scent to Me

    As the Wind Blows Your Scent to Me

    Contemporary Romance SLICEOFLIFE FIRSTLOVE


    "Meow~ Meow~" The orange tabby cat sneaked out of the house, bringing back with it a little girl to resurrect the faint link between two people who had just crossed paths together once. Three years ago, Kato Himari was forced to end her first love in order to cherish herself more. In the early moments she faced her own heartbreak, she met him in a series of strange events. At the same time, Hayashi Kazuya was compelled to assume a crucial role after tragic events kept on befalling his loved ones. There were things he had to let go of and there were things he had to hold on to. Unknown to them, a funny companionship of a cat and a little dumpling led them to meet again. Would their encounter give them second chances of gaining more hopes in the face of the future? Would the reappearance of Himari's first love break the ties of their Fate? And, what was the secret that Himari concealed even from her loved ones? "Uncle, when would you give me an auntie?" "Uncle, why don't you marry Teacher Kato home?" "Teacher Kato, do you find my uncle handsome?" Both of them exchanged glances before they hurriedly looked away with the tips of their ears reddened. The little girl grinned and gave thumbs up to the orange tabby cat next to her before she looked at her back. "Big Brother, look! I've found us an auntie!" "Meow~ Meow~" The orange tabby cat happily agreed to the little girl's words. --------------------------------------------------------------- Entry for Spirity Awards Spring 2021 for Slice-of-Life and First Love themes Hello, this is my new book :) This one is completely different from Spring Blooms When I'm With You & The Ocean Beneath Her Feet that have amnesia as the main theme The update is one chapter per day at 20:00 GMT+8, or two chapters if I could catch up with the schedule You may leave your impressions and opinions as comments and reviews, they would help me a lot ;) Enjoy!

  • Hi I'm married, but I'm sleeping with my boss

    Hi I'm married, but I'm sleeping with my boss

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE SLICEOFLIFE


    Meilin Yee Luan, a woman in her early twenties. She's sure she made the worst decision of her life. She married an irresponsible man and has to deal with the burden of living with him. Bao Luan, her husband. He's an arrogant drunk. He doesn't care about the fact that his wife Is working multiple 9-5 jobs just to make sure they live a comfortable life. She gets little time to herself and has to deal with his poor sexual desires and his rudeness. He drinks all day, he yells, he sits around doing nothing and he hits her without thinking twice. She wished she never met him in highschool, she wished she had listened to her friends back then when she was still a naïve teen. She wished she didn't accept that ring. She wished she ignored his good looks and went further to know who he really was. Her present condition almost leads her to the brink of suicide, but the little image of her mother each time she tries to take her life pops up in her head and she puts the knife away. Her situation didn't change. Day by day it worsened, the financial burdens increased when her husband left home for a long time and she has to deal with his debts all alone with no help. Her family cut ties with her and she was left alone to live with her husband. She wishes to apologize to them but as long as she's still his wife she can't go back. Her depression increased when she lost her jobs and she was struggling to get a better one but the good spots were all taken. She's forced to work as an elevator girl in a famous company and earns a medium salary. Her life was in for a change the day she was trapped in the elevator with a stranger. The CEO himself. Note image used as the cover is not mine. It's only used until someone volunteers to make me one suitable for my book. Credit goes to the original artist. Thank you important notice: I do not offer my readers 100% accuracy. I do not offer a 100% perfect book. If you're the sensitive type that has nothing else to do but insult books, you've come to the wrong place. But if you're a somewhat considerate person, you can read. Just don't be disrespectful to me. I have feelings. I'm not a bot writer, what I do offer you is a work written by a 100% human with flaws.

  • The Bullied Husband's Club

    The Bullied Husband's Club

    Contemporary Romance R18 MYSTERY SLICEOFLIFE

    Kenzo, Maverick and Caleb were three best friends that had different status in life. .....Kenzo was known to be poor and worked in the construction site until he met Jaya Victoria. He got married to her the night they met through Caleb. Jaya Victoria was the heiress of a noble family. Although he’s been bullied many times by her family, he never let her go. However, when they started bullying his wife, he came back to his family as the heir to the Royal Throne. Would Victoria accept the fact that he’s a son of the Duke, a grandson of a Prince, and was the Crown Prince?.....Maverick was a homeless man and got kicked out of his work at a construction site. He got through his day by sleeping on the streets or under the bridge and hiding from his assassins. That’s when he became desperate and asked for Caleb’s help. Caleb takes her to his cousin’s house, Stacey who was also Victoria’s best friend. That’s when he worked as a houseboy and slowly, Stacey fell in love with him as he did. But Maverick didn’t want to fall in love since he knew that he'd have to leave soon. Would Maverick and Stacey get back together even after he takes his role as the heir? .....Caleb was a normal businessman and only loved one woman for years. He was ready to marry her even after living for years with her. However, after a single mistake, Kaisley left him. He became miserable when she married a tycoon. But then, after two years, Kenzo made them meet but he realized that the woman he loved became a battered wife. The worst part was he witnessed how she become miserable after her husband killed the baby in her womb. Would Kaisley accept her again in her life after the hardship?

  • The Diamond Field

    The Diamond Field

    Competitive Sports SLICEOFLIFE


    Please be a bit patient for the first volume i.e 69 chapters which might be a bit stale, the first 69 chapters are used to build the characters around Rei and himself.Toujou Rei, a little boy obsessed with baseball, has always admired his father, Tensei. Wishing to follow in his father's footsteps, Rei dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. In turn, his son's starry-eyed admiration encourages Tensei to keep persevering despite issues, Unfortunately, Tensei dies while protecting Rei from a car accident, which leaves a mental scar on him making him unable to play his beloved baseball anymore, but after getting motivated more than ever, Rei works hard to carve his way in the baseball world by becoming one of the best baseball players as his dad wished.*Names, faces, and places aren’t real. A work of fiction. Nonetheless, it is my work of fiction so please don’t post it without permission. *I have also tried to not use any school names that do exist though, but I would like everyone to know that if they exist I have no affiliation with them. Nor do my views reflect their views.*PS- THE PICTURE FOR THE COVER WAS TAKEN FROM PINTEREST AND THE CREDITS FOR IT COMPLETELY GO TO ITS CREATOR NOT ME.

  • Island Management: Starting With the Heart of Ocean as a Prize

    Island Management: Starting With the Heart of Ocean as a Prize

    Magical Realism SLICEOFLIFE


    Sick of the city life, Qi Fan returns to his hometown island and ends up with an Island Management System. He starts with a special prize that helps him not only to have underwater night vision and breathing, but he also attracts ocean life. In the day, he takes a boat out to catch lobsters and fish marlins. At night, he dives into the deep sea to search for mysterious treasures. On the weekend, he takes a fishing boat far out to tease the turtles and look for blue whales. Once he’s earned enough, he’ll make his hometown rich by developing a holiday resort city. The beaches would be full of tourists enjoying the sun, sand, and bikinis…

  • 100 days to Make the CEO Love Me

    100 days to Make the CEO Love Me

    Contemporary Romance SLICEOFLIFE CEO


    "Is my fate already written according to the stars or do I create my own destiny?"Li Suji only has one hundred days before she turns twenty-five, and that also means she only has one hundred days left to find her reincarnated prince. She has no clue about the said man aside from the fact that she'll find him working at the Seo Publishing Company, and that the reincarnated prince will also have the same birthmark as she has, the mermaid's tail binds them together as the fated couple. She managed to enter the company as a trainee editor on probation as she heard through connections. Chaos arrives when she got tied with two CEO's at the same time. Will she be able to break her curse and make the reincarnated prince fall in love with her in this current life?+++A scene suddenly came right through my eyes, as if it was directly right in front of me. This time, I was aware that I was not experiencing it firsthand though it still happened from my point of view. I was there, tending someone, probably a man. I was unbuttoning two buttons in his shirt because he was sweating too much. I was holding a wet towel in my hand and started to wipe his neck using it."It tickles, why are you wiping my body so lightly?" The man asked, it seemed like a very familiar voice but I couldn't pinpoint who. I wasn't looking at the man since I was so preoccupied with looking at his perfectly sculpted body. "You shouldn't be doing that, no-no, you should do it the hard way.""H-huh??" The hard way?"Yes, should I do it instead?" He sat up, unbuttoned his shirt, took my hand, and guided me to wipe his neck down to his chest, abdomen, navel until his pelvis, "You should do it like this, okay?"As I was trying to hide the embarrassment of touching his body---I was touching the man's body with a towel, something caught my attention. Lower than his navel but the upper right side of his pelvis, I saw a mermaid's tail's fin. I scooted over, held the garter of his pants, and pulled it downwards.Voila. It was the mermaid's tail. Perfectly the same as mine. He's the one that I am looking for. I don't doubt it. I am one hundred percent sure! He's the reincarnated prince that I am looking for, for so long.The man grabbed my hand and made me look at his face. Sadly, I couldn't see who he was clearly. "What are you doing to a sick man's house, not to mention pulling his pants? Do you want to get yourself in trouble?"Yes, that's right.I'm already in trouble.+++This story focuses on the reality of the workplace setting (office romance), slice-of-life, rom-com with tiny bits of fantasy elements. The setting is in modern-day Korea, I am not a Korean native so there might be some things that are not 100% accurate nor does it reflect the society and the country alone.The story focuses on character development and how the main characters grow in terms of love and life, has cliche and is a slow burn romance.If you're not reading this in Webnovel or Ficool, chances are, the book is plagiarized. Please support the author by reading this book in the Webnovel platform.

  • This American Life (Returning to 2001)

    This American Life (Returning to 2001)

    Magical Realism SLICEOFLIFE

    Most authors have the originality and creativeness to invent new worlds and write fantasy. Whether it be isekai, wish-fulfillment, sci-fi, apocalypse or wuxia. I guess I'll stick to being a middling mediocre writer attempting to be stable compromising with life. Regardless the urban life do-over genre is dominated by a chinese asian perspective. Still will be after I start, but perhaps it'll be a fun story to look back on years into the future. Well then, let's take a look into the life of Jeffery Zhang and his experiences in This American Life (Returning to 2001).

  • The Secret Agent That Married The Demon Lord

    The Secret Agent That Married The Demon Lord

    Fantasy Romance COMEDY SLICEOFLIFE


    **Due to extreme family difficulties the book is on hold for now, hope to resume in April or before.**This story is a tale of how an office worker, at an intelligence agency, got summoned into another world and married the demon lord. Yuna is a strong willed, independent woman, who has worked hard to get where she is. Yet she couldn't make it out onto the field, where the real action took place, and became a handler to the world's top agents. Because of this she found other ways to find happiness in the world. She is a comic junkie and an avid gamer. One day, as she is leaving her job, she encounters her fellow agent in trouble. In freeing him from his dilemma she is inadvertently teleported to another world. She is annoyed that such a thing happened to her. However she presses on and through a series of misadventures ends up married to the demon lord she was summoned to stop. What will her fate ultimately end up being? Will she somehow break her bound of marriage and regain her freedom? Will she embrace her new role and burn the world? Or will some other fate fall upon her? This book is a comedy romance. The romance starts off extremely slow, Yuna meets the demon lord in chapter 21. I hope you will give it a read and that it will give you some laughs. Please consider donating your powerstones to this book. Powerstones are the best way for this book to be found by other people. So if this book brings a smile to your face, please share it by donating your stones. Also consider adding this book to your collection as I do daily updates. Thank you! Please enjoy the book!My personal discord

  • The Daily Life of a Foodie in the Office

    The Daily Life of a Foodie in the Office

    Contemporary Romance SLICEOFLIFE


    Life as a working woman isn't easy. Delilah faces everyday struggles like any other office worker, but are they enough to hinder her chance to enjoy life? Thankfully, good food is always there to save the day.=======Please do not kill the author if you are feeling hungry from reading this. It is advised that readers should eat and drink before reading this novel. Thank you.=======All the characters and places in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.=======Cover-page made by @blackmaya=======Chapters are now re-uploaded at Please do follow me there!=======If you would like to see pictures of the foods that were described in the novel, come and join my foodie server! Meet other foodies as well! Here is the link to the server! Hope to see you there! me at Instagram @deetalkingcupcake=======If you like what I write, I would appreciate some cupcake allowance

  • Showdown: This Is The Chat Group Of The Gods

    Showdown: This Is The Chat Group Of The Gods



    # PARODY # COMMUNICATE Su Ze joined a chat group. The members in the chat group were peculiar; they enjoyed discussing topics such as ancient history and hymns of the gods. Their usernames were all bizarre too. Some examples of usernames were Handsome Guy With Lightning Bolt, the Most Beautiful Goddess, Dominator of the Sea, Grandpa With Magical Power and A Fireball In My Hand. Grandpa With Magical Power asked, “Su Ze, what’s your thoughts on Ragnarok? How would you handle the situation?” The Most Beautiful Goddess asked, “Who do you think is prettier? Venus or Athena? The Dominator of the Sea asked, “Do you think it’s Poisedon’s fault that there's rising tides in the sea? If he is not at fault, should he kill all those who slander him?” Su Ze answered all these strange questions one by one, but his responses stirred up a huge commotion in the group! One of them replied, “Su Ze, how are you so well-versed in everything? You are surely a sage!” Another one of them exclaimed, “You solved our biggest problems! If you become a god, I suppose you can solve many problems!” Much later, a female chat group member named Golden Apple told Su Ze privately, “Let me tell you the truth. This is actually a chat group among the gods. I have long taken a liking to you…”

  • Love is so sweet

    Love is so sweet



    A female writer who has problems eating properly, due to a past she wants to forget. She has a life-changing encounter with a man she meets in a hospital. A story of change, acceptance, love, and redemption starts here.

  • Idol Eye

    Idol Eye

    Realistic Fiction SLICEOFLIFE

    Kin was part of the newspaper club in his school, at first it was just because he needed materials for his paper. Little did he know that entering an audition will lead to him changing his perspective on music.Maybe he'll have a chance to serenade someone...

  • Leveling Reader [Im bored so its on hiatus]

    Leveling Reader [Im bored so its on hiatus]

    Magical Realism SLICEOFLIFE

    While reading a book, a sparkle of light disappeared. And, as it did, a message appeared.[Wisdom increased by 1]This is translated by Asada Translations, if you would like to, you could read it there, the credits go to asada translations...Thank you, reviewer (I 4got ur name) for pointing that outWe will beat Asada translations tho, some friendly competition ?

  • Mommies baby boy and daddies little princess.

    Mommies baby boy and daddies little princess.

    Fantasy Romance SLICEOFLIFE

    This will most likely get sexual in some parts of you dont like it then please feel free to skip around the chapters i dont mind.age play is also different then age regression so please look them both up if you dont know the difference. and dont hate on something you don't understand. thank you. enjoy my book

  • Mr. CEO, Paint My Love in Your Heart

    Mr. CEO, Paint My Love in Your Heart

    Contemporary Romance SLICEOFLIFE CEO


    [COMPLETED] Starting from painting to becoming love? Jennifer Dean, a model student, majoring in art, one day met Daniel Alexander at an art gallery. Starting from their match of interest, Jenni, this innocent but smart girl, has a relationship with Daniel, who turns out to be a young CEO of K'D Corporation Company ?? Can an ordinary girl adapt to the luxurious environment of Daniel, the workaholic CEO? Can she defend Daniel when Kylie, her love rival, continues to chase Daniel? Not only that, but Daniel's father also made a deal with Jenni without Daniel knowing? What kind of agreement is that? Will it threaten their relationship? Est-Ce La Fin. Is this the end? The end of our relationship or is it the beginning of everything? Read-only in the novel "Mr. CEO, Paint My Love in Your Heart." [Note: The sequel : Daddy’s Beloved Baby. If you wanna see the trailer of this novel, you can check my ig : @gldseya]——

  • Everything is Volleyball

    Everything is Volleyball

    Competitive Sports SLICEOFLIFE

  • A Flawed Mother

    A Flawed Mother

    Contemporary Romance SLICEOFLIFE


    Thinking about my past, I found out that I hated only one person.And that was my mom.