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  • Cinderella's Spaceship

    Cinderella's Spaceship



    Rafaela grew up in the Cinder Sector of the outer belts, an isolated region that her step mother and step sisters can't bear. She's eligible to enter the Prince's race, if she can get her mother's old scout ship repaired in time, but she also needs to discover what her mother really left behind. Prince Brendan needs to catch a bride that he can trust. He was born with Corporate records written into his genes in a Solar System brewing with political strife. He bets his future on a race, but will he find out what this Cinder girl's family is tangled up in? With interstellar travel still confined below the speed of light, the vast majority of humanity now carries the extra pair of chromosomes packed with an inheritance of genetic memories. Those who don't carry the extra genes have been disregarded for centuries. Humanity needs to let go of the past in order to expand their future. Will a young woman, a young man, and a dragon be able to forge a brighter future between two stars? Cover redesigned by Bloom759, face based off generation.

  • Wandering Spaceship in Deep Space

    Wandering Spaceship in Deep Space


    Earth is the human civilization’s cradle, but humans cannot possibly live within its cradle for eternity. In 2264, the first deep-space colonization spaceship of human civilization leaves the solar system and enters the boundless darkness… Zhang Yuan, son of the man behind the spaceship’s main control system, is one of the half a million volunteers to embark on the 20 light-year journey to a new planet. Follow Zhang Yuan on his journey of gaining new knowledge, exploring the unknown, and finding out what's the secret behind the intelligence enhancer his father left him.

  • Spaceship And Dragon

    Spaceship And Dragon

    A mining spacecraft crash-landed into a fantasy planet. Emma, a young spacecraft engineer, is one of the crews abroad. Armed with her knowledge, a neural assistant, and her dark energy manipulator, she has to find a way to get back home with her surviving crews. Their crazy-sounding plan was to rapidly advance the human race to space-age, build a spaceship, and go home. Will the crew achieve their plan in a fantasy world with magic, mythical creatures, and political turmoils?

  • Stowaway on a Spaceship?

    Stowaway on a Spaceship?


    Asher is a pale, American shut-in with no friends to speak of and a family whose definition of love was eating a meal together once every Friday night. His life was mediocre at best. But one day after falling asleep comfortably in his bed, he wakes up to find himself 2000 years in the future. After some rocky introductions, he suddenly has to decide whether or not he's willing to break the law in order to keep his life.

  • New Age ( Spaceship in Fantasy World )

    New Age ( Spaceship in Fantasy World )


    United Earth City-class Spaceship or The Flagship Mercury crashed landed on eastern north of unknown planet. Unbeknownst to the crew this planet was not quite as simple as they thought. Races and beasts with magical powers abound, and repelling every year the wave of demonic beasts while discovering the mysteries rages throughout the land. This is the story of scientific civilization trying to survive on a world full of magicCredits to Hokusai Illustrations for the cover. support me on my Patreon. Every $10 = 1 character illustration.

  • my extra spaceship system

    my extra spaceship system


    (i just wana say that this will be irregular posting but i will try to do it Sundays around 5pm eastern)this is a book about a person named king who got stuck in a game like world where everyone must upgrade there spaceships to survive. while others are struggling to survive. king is living it large with a giant spaceship that includes its own farm and livestock. follow king on this journey to success

  • I woke up in a spaceship

    I woke up in a spaceship

  • Spaceships And Magic, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    Spaceships And Magic, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?



    When I died I didn't expect to wake up with dark beings of immeasurable power looming over me. I didn't expect to be given new life in a brand new world. Now, armed with a powerful system that makes me stronger after every fight, I might be the last thing standing between the multiverse and absolute annihilation. As I complete quests, defeat foes and become stronger, I still don't know if I'll be able to save this world, my old world and all the worlds in between. "And below... the MAW beckoned..."Come check out the discord to speak to the author and other readers:

  • Spaceships are beautiful

    Spaceships are beautiful

    A story about the sudden end of normal life and how with mysterious help the universe is conquered. The story starts in 2018 in our world and then no longer follows the past events. This story is told from the first person perspective. I (the main character) am Surgrim 22 years old and have led a normal life so far. I was rather bad in school and have an education as an IT specialist. Normally I sit at home at the computer and play whatever falls into my hands. But I let my grandma talk me into taking a real vacation on this fateful day. This is the first time I write a story and let other people read it I look forward to any helpful comments. Furthermore, English is not my native language and it may happen that my choice of words is rather strange. Again, please point this out to me so that I can learn and improve. In conclusion, I am writing this story in addition to my full-time job and it will happen that there are sometimes a few weeks no new chapters, but I hope that this is rather the exception.

  • The Oracle Paths

    The Oracle Paths



    Have you ever wished you exactly knew how to accomplish your dreams? Not feeling the slightest doubt anymore? Being aware at any time how every choice, action and decision of yours affects your future? That's what happened to Jake Wilderth, a procrastinating young man without ambition. When a mysterious silver spaceship, popping out from nowhere, delivered to each Earthling a bracelet containing an AI introducing itself as the Oracle, their destiny changed. From a boring uneventful life Jake began to strive for greatness, treading his Path over the dead bodies of many. What a blessing it would have been if he was the only one profiting of such a gift! But when everyone became equal to face the future, he soon realized no gift comes for free.. Just a warning. Volume 1 sets the atmosphere in a Earth slowly degenerating into chaos and can be considered as a big prologue. It is slow and not as rewarding for the readers than mainstream stories on this website. If you can push through it will be worth it. For some real action you need to wait chap 27. =================================== Discord link:

  • everyone became a spaceship, I will be the strongest

    everyone became a spaceship, I will be the strongest


    In the year 2020 the world changed and everyone became able to transform into small spaceships.Nozomi is a British born Japanese orphan living in St Mary's orphanage where she discovers how to evolve her ship form.This is my first ever attempt at writing a story and will try to stick to it though I only have a basic idea in mind you are all welcome to give me ideas for this novel.

  • Omnia Sidera: Spaceship Soldier In The Fantasy World

    Omnia Sidera: Spaceship Soldier In The Fantasy World


    ISF Lieutenant Valerian Flynn finds himself the only survivor of an emergency landing on an unidentified planet after the hyperspace drive of his spaceship malfunctioned in the middle of a jump. After discovering that his chances to get rescued in the immediate future are close to null and that the planet he landed on is inhabited by primitive human-like civilizations, Lieutenant Flynn decides to use all the advantages offered to him by the superior technology at his disposal to mingle with the locals and carve a place for himself in this new world. The life of Lieutenant Flynn jumps from one surprise to another as he finds himself pitted against ravenous hordes of goblins and giant drake monsters, as he is catapulted on the main stage of court intrigues and a brewing war opposing a rebel princess and an evil witch-king, as he has to appease gods and dwarven merchant guilds vexed by the technologies he brought with him, as he learns to negotiate with dragons and wizards, as he explores and navigate the societies of undeads and feral tribes, as he plunges into politics and learns to deal with opportunistic nobles all too willing to offer alliances and marriage propositions to piggyback on his meteoritic rise to fame and power. Flynn's reputation as the Black Sun Sovereign soon spread like wildfire through the realms of Men's and gods' alike. But how do you concentrate on trying to pierce the mysteries of this new world, its magic, and its connection with the world you came from when everyone has their eyes glued to you and your every move?

  • Chaos' Heir

    Chaos' Heir



    A recurring nightmare afflicted Khan's nights since the Second Impact. His dreams replayed the scenes of the crash of the Nak's spaceship, an alien race that the humans had defeated five hundred years ago. Khan's life had turned upside-down after the tragedy. His mother had died during the incident, and the Nak's toxic mana had infected him. His father had managed to save him, but they ended up losing their home and name in the process. The nightmares wouldn't let Khan forget about the Nak, so he set his mind to join the Global Army and learn to wield mana. He had to put an end to those dreams, even if that meant hunting down that alien race through the stars. ------------------------------------- Follow me on twitter: Instagram: eocnovels Discord link: If you want to further support me: Cover artist:




  • his spaceship was moving unbelievable speed without any control.

    his spaceship was moving unbelievable speed without any control.

  • Waking Up As a Spaceship!? What’s a Ship Girl Supposed To Do Now?!

    Waking Up As a Spaceship!? What’s a Ship Girl Supposed To Do Now?!

    Sci-fi COMEDY


    ‘A ship is a female after all!’ The man, now known as Abyssal thought to herself.This is the story of a man who woke up one day and realised that he became a ship. A broken ship that's stranded in space with a skeleton as a captain, but nevertheless a ship!Now, S.A.S Abyssal (Self Aware Ship Abyssal) roamed space freely, wanting to find her purpose in this endless void. Along the way, she upgraded herself, found other Living Cores such as herself, got herself a maid, got into a dogfight, went space mining, upgraded herself further, steered through a minefield, encountered a supernova and even found genetically engineered catgirls!Also, it turned out that there was some sort of crazed bounty hunter out for her blood! But wait there was more! She also somehow got herself involved in an intergalactic space war! ‘Wait wait wait! What the hell is this?! What am I supposed to do now!?’

  • Transmigrated as a Recruit into a Spaceship on its 25th Voyage

    Transmigrated as a Recruit into a Spaceship on its 25th Voyage


    As a sci-fi enthusiast, Lev never missed out on every film or merch sci-fi-related. He even majored in physics and information technology due to his love of the beyond— space. One day, he fell asleep on his desk, just when a bomb set off in their office building and a fire ensued. That moment led to him being transmigrated to an unknown spaceship in the middle of the universe. How will he fare in his voyage to the unknown?

  • Blood Elf Monarch

    Blood Elf Monarch



    Abandoned since birth, mistreated, exploited, betrayed, and hurt. This was all society had offered to Tristan. The day of his release from prison, he was transmigrated to the world of orcs and elves and forced to become the Legendary elves champion. The Blood Elf. [Blood Elf Monarch Innate Ability Activated] [Stage One Skill - Blood Extraction] [5000 Mix of low qualities blood cells found] [Extract Blood Cells] [2000 Blood Essence Extracted] [Battle power increase exponentially] Being the Undying Ancient Blood Elf during the war between races of humans and elves, will Tristan renounce his people to be part of the Elves, or will he follow his own resolve? Follow The Adventure of Tristan as he becomes the leading Monarch of the Universe ----------- Novel Video Trailer: Type "Blood Elf Monarch" in youtube Here are some of the things you will find here MC: smart but with questionable morals. Start OP but still have a deep of weak - strong growth World: Imagine Lord of the Ring with guns and spaceships System: There is a system but it will not be the focus of the story Harem: Yes, but I love romance, so there will be love interests and drama, not all about p3nus *The Monarch characteristic will not really show until volume 3, the MC will have some flaws at early chapters its part of his growth This is my third novel, my first novel was in the top 50, and my second novel is now Top 15 trending in webnovel, so hopefully, this third one will be even better.

  • Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God

    Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God



    Earth has undergone an odd change. Expanding by millions of times its original size, its population was suddenly split into two halves. On one side, there was a group of technologically advanced humans. But, on the other, a world of cultivation had grown and pospered. The secrets that led to this change have been hidden in the darkness for too long... Until there came a day where a boy born on the Mortal side of the world was found to have the talent to enter the Martial side. Having lost both of his parents to a hidden tide, he chose to leave all that he had known behind and enter this land of danger. What truths would he unveil? What would he learn about what separated the Mortals from the Cultivators? What hidden evils wanted to ensure that his people never rose up and gained power? And how would those evils... deal with him? ---- This list of things I hate is quite long. The first is that I hate to be tested the most. The second is that I hate to be tested the most. The third also happens to be that I hate to be tested the most. The ocean's depths are too shallow, the sun's light too dim, the ground too mundane and the skies too small. For those born of this colorless world to deem themselves worthy of casting judgement on me... I can only say that it's laughable. I am the Nameless Immortal God because even the Heavens themselves are unworthy to name me. Even while I am unaware of my own identity, I will dry the oceans until cracked land is all that is left, I will cast the sun into endless darkness, I will shatter the ground with my feet and sunder the skies with my blade. Am I too arrogant? What right do you have to think that? --- https:// www. /liushuo Chapter Reward System: (The baseline chapter total will be 2/day and 14/week) Every 100 Golden Tickets – 1 Extra Chapter 2000 Coin Gift (Dragon) – 1 Extra Chapter 5000 Coin Gift (Castle) – 3 Extra Chapters 10000 Coin Gift (Spaceship) – 6 Extra Chapters 15000 Coin Gift (Gachapon) – 10 Extra Chapters

  • Magical Academy: Rise of the Supreme Magic Craftsman

    Magical Academy: Rise of the Supreme Magic Craftsman



    Volume 1: Spaceship's RetrievalVolume 2: Returning to Outer SpaceVolume 3: Empire's Descent: Space Aliens vs Magicians [Completed Book ] [ A 20-chapter side story about MC's love life will be uploaded at a later date. ] *****A planet that was not recorded in the database containing records of almost all human discoveries in thousands of years. This is where Wallace has to live and survive until he discovers a way home. He was left with a damaged spaceship that can only be used as a shelter now. Equipped with his bio-armor, laser gun, and other advanced technology equipment, he was confident that he can somehow survive in this world. But there is something here that is not existing in many galaxies that humans have conquered... magic.Unfortunately for him, before he could explore the new world that resembles Earth, he died.*******Yes, the whole volume 1 was for the sake of retrieving the spaceship aside from world-building, etc. There will be a lot of unanswered questions or missing information at the beginning but don't worry... everything is planned and will be revealed in later chapters.Also, the first half of the first volume was inspired by 6 or so animes and 4 other novels. Good luck finding them. Thanks for reading![ P.S. This is my first book so please keep it in mind. I hope you consider reading all free chapters first. Anyway, I assure you that my writing will get better as the story goes. ]

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