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  • The Seventh Base

    The Seventh Base



    “I will look up into the sky on this wasteland and fight for our civilization!” Xu Mo was accidentally transmigrated to an apocalyptic world. He quickly learned that his parents had just passed away and he was being hunted. Not only that, but his only uncle was trying to take away the money his parents had left for him. In order to protect himself and his younger sister, he steeled his heart and decided to walk down the dangerous Path of Evolution. “Energy, magnetic field, dark matter, radiation… All of these are now known as Source Power!” By absorbing the Source Power, one could evolve their body, activate uncharted brainpower, awaken abilities, and even create weapons. One could even travel through the vast universe if they got powerful enough. For Xu Mo, who had just started to absorb Source Power, he started to realize that he could see things that others could not.

  • Hierarchy of Evil

    Hierarchy of Evil

  • Hierarchy of Superbeings

    Hierarchy of Superbeings

    Novel will release with 50 chapters, the prologue seemed to do alright so I will release by around August

  • Be My Strength

    Be My Strength

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE


    ///Note from Author : How often have you made a negative opinion about someone based on first impression? I hope that when you get to the end of this story, it might change how you think. ///Excerpt : With a frown, she said, "I don't think it would be comfortable to sleep on the couch.""I thought you have a bed here?" asked DX."I do but it's a single bed." With a mischievous glint in his eyes, he smirked, "We can share." Pretending to be affronted, Kai Xin scoffed, "President Du! Behave yourself! Did I say that you can share MY bed?" /////Synopsis :She was a brash, kind and brave child, but most importantly, she was always full of confidence. No matter what happened to her, she always faced her conflicts head-on.However, an incident in high school changed her life.The course of Kara Zhen Kai Xin's life had drastically changed because she placed her trust in the wrong person.Consumed with despair, rage, and fear, she became suicidal. However, she forced herself to live on with only one thought in her mind: Revenge. Along the way, she encountered people who would be her friends, comrades, mentors...and even lovers. With their guidance, she advanced one step closer towards her goal. President Du XiAn of the Du Corporation had chanced upon her while he was escaping the woman who was forced upon him by his mother.With a single glance, Kara Zhen Kai Xin was forever etched in his mind. Unable to forget about her, he spent the next few years searching for her all across the world. Yet ultimately, fate played a prank on him. It turned out that all along, she was based in the same city as him. When she rejected his advances, he proposed a contractual relationship; To become her sugar daddy.Desiring to hold her in his arms in any way he could, Du XiAn was willing to do anything, even if it meant that he could only have her body.Over the years, his desire led him to the point of no return. No longer a simple infatuation, he found himself to be hopelessly in love with her. With his help, would Kai Xin be able to exact her revenge or would she lose what she holds dear in her quest for vengeance? ///(Imperial Series)Book 1 - Be My Strength - COMPLETED Book 2 - The President's Man - HIATUS(Fantasy)The Demon King's Cowardly Vessel - ONGOING///Discord: you would like to financially support the production of BMS, please consider buying me a coffee here:

  • In a Strength Based Society, I am the Strongest

    In a Strength Based Society, I am the Strongest


    When a mysterious creature crashes on Earth, it jump-starts a startling mutation in the genetic makeup of humans and the planet. This leads to what will be called the Awakened Era. With no external threat, will those with new powers remain subservient to the current system, or will they bring the downfall of society as we know it? Follow the story of Kairo, a college student who learns he can absorb the powers of other Awakened.

  • The Hierarchy of Beloveno

    The Hierarchy of Beloveno



    An massive Expansive World being created by gods known as the supremes and forming other lower gods known as Celestials and then forming the mortal worlds known as mortals/humans. Beloveno itself is the wall that surrounds creation and everything that has to do with creation. The only beings who are not bound by these walls are the ones who are in supreme territory and or on their same level of power, such as the Outergods, Sacred Elders and other beings who are in supreme territory. During the creation of the world, The Supreme gods thought they had made a perfect system or perfect world, however that turned on them quickly as they experienced flaws and errors in their work. Being such as Gilgamesh who was the first error in their system could defy their laws and transcend even the mortal plain. Lower errors which are called mavericks such as Buddha the first maverick, could interfere with celestials and even configure their celestial world into an overlapping hierarchy of infinite gods so they won't battle or kill each other anymore as there will always be a stronger god above them. The legends of Beloveno impacted this world together and surprised the supremes, causing them to interfere on their own whim to make Beloveno a better place. The Supreme gods embody a fundamental concept and are the first concept of things such as life, death, laws, love, etc., and thus they formed Beloveno to put all of their fundamental concepts into "One", where they all can be together as "One", that is why Beloveno exists. The Supreme gods grew tired of being unable to communicate with others, be friendly to others, always fight others, and all of this chaos. Beloveno was the leading way for them to not do that anymore and be as one.

  • Shadow hierarchy

    Shadow hierarchy

  • Hierarchy of Realms

    Hierarchy of Realms


  • Werewolf Hierarchy

    Werewolf Hierarchy

  • Hierarchy Down!

    Hierarchy Down!

    There is one rule among the students in Winston International Academy: obey the hierarchy. Irene Marchand, at the bottom of the hierarchy, grows bored of being an outcast in the school's social climate. Instead of waiting for change, she decides to be the change.

  • Hierarchy: road to godhood

    Hierarchy: road to godhood

    God Lamon a bored god decided to create a world to entertain himself but he was still bored, then he saw seven individuals who intrigued himso he decided too summon them and made them demigods and gave them a mission"Take over the world and kill each other while your at it, the last man wil become a full fledged God if you do"oh and I'm one of those individuals or demigod now? sighh I just wanted too sleep....

  • Women hierarchy

    Women hierarchy


  • The Hierarchy Anthology

    The Hierarchy Anthology

  • Re: Evolution Online

    Re: Evolution Online



    Liam was a nobody, whether it was grades or sports or appearance or social life. Not because he didn't have a brain but because his luck was just that bad. However, everything changed when a mysterious game called 'Evolution Online' was suddenly launched. The world he knew changed upside down! There was blood, death, and carnage everywhere. While everyone from small companies and big governments scrambled to get a foothold on this mysterious video game, some people's lives turned for the better and some for the worse. Liam, unfortunately, being the latter, still somehow ended up at the bottom of the barrel. His insignificant life was squished like an insect and his loved ones were destroyed right in front of him. In the end, he was already dead without ever having a single chance to fight back. But his story did not end there. Liam found himself returned to the time before everything began! Watch as the young man who was once a nobody reaches for the pinnacle of strength and power, wreaking havoc on the world that destroyed him once! This time everything will be different! ******************* If you want to support novel characters' illustrations, visit my Patreon: Discord Link for chatting with author and character art

  • Beyond The Infinite Hierarchy

    Beyond The Infinite Hierarchy


    Year 2023, January the 1st. Nearing the end of the pandemic. Unkowably the so-called virus had started reforming the physiology of those who are affected all around the world, millions of people started to show signs of 'abnormality'. Mutations. Among the many, one who would later be called the Great Devil to spite this hateful world, opened gates to other dimensions, inviting in unwanted guesses. Monsters from the other world roam the lands of Earth. Malevolent Dimensional Demons created structures for the sole purpose of dens, the so called labyriths. So to say the least, billions became a casualties of the rampage. Days passed. It was hell all around. Monsters had became the majority of the Earths population. However this was only the beginning. Over time, mutatated humans began to improve rapidly in desparation and learned that through the right cultivation of their powers, they are unstoppable together, driven the demons away and unified the world yet again all in matter of months. The beginning of a new era had begun. .... Meanwhile, I, the great paradox of contradictions and redunduncy who had became severely disillusioned with the world, awakened an ability. Awakened an ability... Calling it an ability or something I have awaken would probably the wrong way to put it. As my 'ability' have always been there regarldless of mutation or not — I didn’t even get the virus in the first place — and more like I just woke from a long slumber... On that very same night of the first rampage, was the night I became the victim of that infamous mass murderer, Truck-kun. The staple accident that have made me realize my own capacity, my true nature. However due to the merciless wheels of that killer, my previous body became a pool of blood beyond repair. By the time I've decided to go back, a year had past. The Earth had become peaceful again, relatively.__________________Warning: Some things might and might not reflect your reality.

  • A social Worker

    A social Worker


    A social worker awalys happy feeling.

  • Social Differences

    Social Differences


    This is the story about a 2nd-year student, Roi Sato, not popular but definitely not a loner that you see in most high schools. He has a decent amount of friends and does things that most 17-year-old students do.A girl in his classroom who is the typical school idol, Sakura Mori, she's the girl that everyone wants to date or wants to get some form of her attention. Her family is extremely wealthy along with her close circle of other extremely popular friends.How these two will get to know each other is something only time can tell. But what we know for sure is there will be funny, sad, awkward, and angry encounters that these two will eventually have.Stay tuned and be ready(I never wrote a story in my life and updates will be only when I have free time so stick around and enjoy the show)

  • Social stigma

    Social stigma

  • Social Enrichment Social Studies A text book on social studies seventh

    Social Enrichment Social Studies A text book on social studies seventh

    Very very very good and interesting lecture

  • God´s Eyes

    God´s Eyes



    Losing his parent early on, he had to survive in a world he couldn't even see... Blind and left alone, he was seen as a parasite by the social hierarchy of the new ages filled with martial arts and soulbonds Forced to mature early his train of thought was different from his peers as he didn´t mind derogatory reviews about him. The day he awoke his soul was the day he cried in desperation while God played tricks with him as his soul-awakening was a blessing in disguise. Nobody would have ever imagined that he was neither blind nor a parasite until the final moment, he opened his golden eyes that flickered brightly, eagerly waiting to devour everyone daring to obstruct his path towards the summit. Follow Jason on his adventurous journey throughout the vast universe filled with miraculous sceneries and mysterious beings. Some readers might not like information, but I do! ------ Normal schedule=14 chapters/week ------ Discord-server= *This is my first novel, please bear that in mind. I appreciate all kinds of sincere advice and comments* ------