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  • Binding to Geniuses To Become Stronger

    Binding to Geniuses To Become Stronger

    Eastern Fantasy GENIUS


    "Ding! Congratulations on binding God's Chosen One. You will receive 150% of the other party's cultivation comprehension and cultivation speed!" "Cultivation-related matters related to the bound target can be obtained as additional rewards." "Enjoy your cultivation!" … "You and the Great Tang Princess admire the purple aura, discuss the Heavenly Dao, and acquire the Purple Aura from the East! "You and the saintesses of the demon race explore the mystic realm and search for the legacy to obtain the Demon Sovereign's Indestructible Body!" "You fought a decisive battle with the Fiend Son of the fiend race in the South Ocean and gained the Godfiend Hell-Crushing Force!" … A hundred years later, you have bound yourself to all the elites of the infinite worlds. Turning around, you realize something. You are invincible.

  • Awakening The Gluttony Talent: I Become Stronger By Eating

    Awakening The Gluttony Talent: I Become Stronger By Eating



    # consume Lu Yu, a foodie, transmigrated to a parallel world where all living beings on Earth had awakened to superpowers. Fearsome Beasts rampaged everywhere and the lives of mankind were threatened. When they came of age, youths would awaken their talents at the various martial arts dojos. They would then use their talents to protect their homeland. Lu Yu awakened the power of Gluttony, an SSS-class talent. His strength would increase every time he consumed the flesh of Fearsome Beasts. His spiritual soul would grow stronger every time he consumed their cores. In other words, he was what he ate and he grew stronger by eating. Apparently, the effect of Gluttony would even intensify when he consumed more high-end raw ingredients and better cooking methods. As such, he embarked on the journey of becoming stronger through eating. [Ding! Detected that host has consumed the flesh of a B-class king cobra. Acquired: Attribute of Poison Immunity.] [Ding! Detected that host has consumed the heart of an A-class firebird. Obtained: Skill of Erupting Lava.] [Ding! Detected that host has consumed the nerves of an SSS-class white dragon. Acquired: Talent of Endless Rebirth.] While the others wailed, “The monsters are here! Run!”, the monsters howled, “Lu Yu is here! Run!” Lu Yu thought, “Standing at the top of the food chain feels nice!”

  • I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

    I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible



    "Five years! Do you know how these five years have been for me?" It had been five years since Gongzi Liang was transmigrated to a fantasy world and had received the Legendary Gold System. However, the system kept nagging him to top up every time. [$3 for God's Ring, $6 for first-time reward, $18 for enhancement, $28 for God-tier Beast...] Gongzi Liang could only look at all the god-tier rewards and couldn't do anything because he didn't have money. But, he did realize that he could level up his skills and strengthen his body by using copper coins. It could save him 99.99% of training. It wasn't even hard for him to jump a few ranks in one day. He would also gain coupons by completing the daily missions. Just like that, Gongzi Liang became obsessed with completing his daily missions...

  • Strong Female Side Character Awakens

    Strong Female Side Character Awakens

    Contemporary Romance VILLAIN


    When Ye Qing Ran wakes up, she finds that she has transmigrated into a book. She has become the vain, domineering, and evil villain who dies a tragic death. Before she transmigrated into the book, she was the carefully groomed heir of the family. Her life goal was to make the family stand at the apex of the world of fame and fortune. After she transmigrated into the book, she does not want to participate in wars in the business world anymore. Every day, she would hit on chicks, torture trash, and flirt with handsome boys. But why do her father and three brothers look at her more and more lovingly? Father: "Whoever dares to say that I favor boys over girls, I'll make his family bankrupt." Big Brother: "My sister is the smartest and most suitable to be the heir." Second Brother: "My sister is invincible and cool. She is my idol." Brother San: "My sister is an angel. Our whole family is honored because of her."

  • Transmigrating to the 80s to Become Stepmom to Five Bigwigs

    Transmigrating to the 80s to Become Stepmom to Five Bigwigs


    Mu Jingzhe transmigrates into a book filled with sweet, doting love to become the useless supporting character who serves as a foil to the female lead. She also becomes the stepmom of five kids to her recently deceased husband. The five children are the sort that was bound to grow up to become villainous bigwigs. Right now though, these five bigwigs are still pitiful little kids. After weighing the pros and cons, Mu Jingzhe decides to stay for the time being to take care of them, only hoping that they wouldn't seek revenge on her in the future. Unexpectedly, when she is about to leave, the five bigwigs cling to her and refuse to let her go. —— A long time later, her supposedly dead husband, Shao Qihai, returns. The terrifying business bigshot, Shao Dong: "Thanks, Mommy." The famous author-and-media mogul, Shao Xi: "Mommy helped me." The academic genius who two top universities are fighting over, Shao Nan: "Mommy, help me choose.” The youngest winner of the Best Actress Award, Shao Bei: “Love Mommy the most.” The globally-renowned musician, Shao Zhong: “This is for Mommy.” ...... The five children only recognize their mother and have zero thoughts about their father. Their father's dear brother and old rival turn into his rival in love, waiting to abduct his wife home. Shao Qihai: Hm?!! I'm not dead yet. I'm alive, and I'm back!

  • Reincarnated as a Red Dragon, Discipline Makes Me Stronger!

    Reincarnated as a Red Dragon, Discipline Makes Me Stronger!

    Magical Realism MAGIC


    Because of an accident, Max transmigrated to the Lous Land and became a newborn red dragon. He could’ve just grown up and matured normally, and he would already be at the top of the food chain, but then he obtained the Discipline Makes You Stronger System. “Congratulations to the host for completing 20 push-ups daily and persisting for one week, bonus reward Red Dragon Physique +100.” “Congratulations to the host for completing daily swims in the lava and persisting for one week, bonus reward Dragon Breath damage x10.” “Congratulations to the host for kidnapping one princess a day and persisting for one week, bonus reward Never-falling Golden Gun.” “Cough, excuse me System, I’m a Dragon, I’m fine without this reward!” Max said hurriedly. Many years later, the name of Max the Red Dragon echoed through the multiverse. Only the mother dragon standing beside tilted her head and said with a puzzled face, “What, what in the world did I give birth to?”

  • To be Strong

    To be Strong

  • weak to strong

    weak to strong

  • A Villainess Should Be Strong

    A Villainess Should Be Strong



    "A Villainess should be strong," she thought as she vaporized an entire lake.The day Estelle Clareste was born, she already had the memories of Kirisaki Reina, a 21-year-old woman living in modern Japan.From a Villainous Duke's daughter, to the world's leader, and suddenly a Goddess?! Estelle's past, was it as simple as she first thought? Or was there something more lurking behind?Will she achieve her goals, or will she meet her downfall before that?-Photo not mine, I found it on Pinterest ^^-

  • To Become Strong

    To Become Strong

    (Story is being remade)This story is about a young boy in a cultivation world that is on his path to become strong and has many struggles along the way.

  • Stronger From A Sapling

    Stronger From A Sapling


    "After waking up, Ning Tian was surprisingly reborn as a small sapling. Before he could react, a powerful system appeared, explaining the reason.Because of the advent of the system, directly the planet began to enter the age of spiritual revival. The spirit revived and all things began to rise.      The beasts began to roar with excitement and bloodthirstiness, shaking the mountains and rivers, and countless human strongmen appeared in droves to fight for their country and glory...      However, in the middle of a deep mountain, an emerald green sapling with a huge life force rose directly from the ground.      Ning Tian, who possesses the system, can evolve infinitely and can eventually become the god of trees. And the fruit he produces can give the man a strange gift, even the evolution of the beast, the essence of life in his body can make all things crazy, and his own spirit can nourish all things."

  • I Get Stronger and Stronger by Eating

    I Get Stronger and Stronger by Eating

    The world collapsed, and a hole appeared in the sky of the earth. The pestilence swept over the whole world, and humans built high walls to protect themselves. Roddy was expelled from the city after being infected with the virus. Just when he thought he was going to become a monster, he found something had changed inside of him. After eating the mutated creatures that had been infected with the plague, they would become stronger! In order to survive, Roddy started a meal! After chewing the cannonball ants, he gained a hundred times of strength! After eating the ghost-faced fish, he obtained the power to breathe in the water! After biting the crypt demonic spiders, he got the spider radar! After swallowing the forming judge, Roddy became a god!

  • Destined encounter to become stronger

    Destined encounter to become stronger

    LGBT+ BL

  • Bound To Him

    Bound To Him



    COMPLETED Tristan Ambrosio is a 32-year-old eligible bachelor. He is the CEO of the famous Ambrosio group. He was always described to be as cold as ice, but he was also sly as a fox. Love has never crossed his mind. His childhood experiences marred his desire to get married. To compensate for the loneliness, he spends all his time and energy in building his empire. He belongs to one of the four powerful aristocratic families in the country. He has too much on his plate. He may seem uninterested, but when something sparks his interest, he will make everything possible to make it happen. Ava Wesley is a 20-year-old pampered princess of the Wesley family. She is the epitome of beauty and innocence. Sheltered by her parents and she is struggling to find her way in the world when she attends college. They met once, and it sparked Tristan's interest. She, on the other hand, was intimidated and intrigued. Nothing will keep them apart. She was bound to him, whether she knew it or not. Sara Wesley is Ava’s older sister. She is one of the top international models. She was in demand everywhere she went. Because of her family’s influence and rising fame, everything was handed to her on a silver platter. It took one scandal to throw her from her high horse and turn her from riches to rags. Her reputation was ruined. When she thought all was lost, she met Blake Anderson. He offers her a deal she could not refuse. She had no other options, so she took the deal. He saves her, but what will it cost her? What was his motivation behind it? Blake Anderson is one of the guys in Tristan’s inner circle. He controls the entertainment industry. He has seen every type of actress and model in the industry but never has he met anybody like Sara. She was feisty and opinionated, but she was obedient and loyal at the same time. She never bows down to anyone. He takes advantage of the scandal to tame her. He wanted to make her dance to his tune. They both thought they were getting the best end of the deal. They never expected to find something beautiful. Something they never knew they wanted. Aristocratic Series : Book 1- Bound To Him [completed] Book 2- Bride Of Hades [completed] Book 3- Bewitched His Soul[ on going] Each book can be read as stand alone . Note - Follow me on Instagram @ starysky96 Amazing Editor - Ollie C Customized cover by Weilan .

  • Stronger!!!!!



    What would you do if everything you ever believed was a lie? If the impossible became possible? Shiji, the most hated person in school for looking arrogant and being quiet is often bullied for his face and attitude.Now in a world where the strong rule, how will Shiji be treated by his classmates and the world when they all get transported to World the Warcraft.Yes this is a fanfic kinda of WoW but the story is mine(Mostly) some might be from blizzard to help MC get stronger.

  • To be Truly Strong

    To be Truly Strong

  • Love is to strong

    Love is to strong

  • I eat to get stronger

    I eat to get stronger

  • Strong


    Strong was born not perfect with his cross-eyes and his bucktoothed, but something happened, and everything is change, what will he do with all the changing?

  • strong!


    gantung tak bertali?..adakah wujud dalam islam?..atau sekadar penitian dibibir malahan tanggungjwab yang dipikul juga turut sama di abaikan?..bukankah masih ada ikatan?..dan satu persoalan yang sukar dijawab..adakah kita sebagai kaum hawa mahu bangkit?..atau dibiarkan terus hidup sebagai wanita yang selamanya jatuh dan dipandnag hina!?..pilihan yang dilakuakn oleh diri sendiri adalah titik permulaan segalanya..