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  • Mr Styles

    Mr Styles


    In world of werewolves, hybrids are looked down upon. Society tends to dislike them. So when male omega hybrid Louis Tomlinson moves from his town of hybrids to a werewolf dense city, it’s not pretty. But what happens when nature gets the better of Alpha teacher Harry Styles. Will they love or will society be too harsh.

  • She - [Harry Styles]

    She - [Harry Styles]


  • Meeting Harry Styles

    Meeting Harry Styles

    There is a girl who is really sick and is dying and her biggest wish is to meet her favorite singer Harry Styles and attend his concert.

  • ESCAPE| harry styles

    ESCAPE| harry styles


  • unbelievable(harry styles fanfic)

    unbelievable(harry styles fanfic)


  • Good life styles for human

    Good life styles for human

  • torn lover |harry styles|

    torn lover |harry styles|

    "you better not say a word about anything you saw today, you got me love?" Harry told me.He then bent down to my ear and whispered,"because if you do, there will be consequences."**On the way home all i could remember were those scary green eyes piercing through my soul.

  • Life styles of Odette season 1

    Life styles of Odette season 1

    A cooker gets turned into a mutant and her life changes

  • innocence [harry styles ff] 21+

    innocence [harry styles ff] 21+

  • Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day

    Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day



    Having brought up her younger siblings in troubled times and guiding her younger brother to the throne, Xia Wanyuan is the most legendary eldest princess in the history of the Xia Dynasty. When this eldest princess opens her eyes, she finds herself in a world a thousand years into the future. While she is still called "Princess", it's only a nasty jeer imparted on her as a mockery for her arrogant connections within the entertainment industry. So what if you were rich? In the end you've fallen to a status far lower than any beast! In response, Xia Wanyuan promises that a day would come when they will sincerely call her Princess. Everyone laughs at her, waiting to see the day when she'll be abandoned by the wealthy and affluent. Handsome yet aloof, President Jun Shiling is known only for his success in the corporate world with a demeanor cold enough to cut through ice. He has just one thing to say: Take the one hundred million divorce fee and leave quickly. Two years later, the eldest princess is a two-time winner of a prestigious acting award. The darling of the fashion world, she has become a style icon who is also proficient in the four classical arts. As an all-knowing professor in both literature and poetry, she is also a professor in two departments at the most renowned institute of higher learning. The Olympics? Gold medals are a dime a dozen when considering her skills in fencing and shooting. Her name is spread all over the world and she is filled with an unprecedented glory never bestowed upon any other. The CEO who wanted a divorce at the start refutes on television: "How dare anyone spread rumors about our divorce? My dearest wife, can we have another child?"

  • Farming Inside The Dungeon (The legend of farm-style dungeon)

    Farming Inside The Dungeon (The legend of farm-style dungeon)



    What if in the era where awakener hunt in the dungeon, the weakest awakener suddenly gain an ability as a Dungeon-Master?A story about Ray, an orphan who strived in the era of awakening to help his orphanage.In this era of awakening, humanity had gained the power to fight against numerous monsters and dungeons that suddenly appeared in the world. Ray, our protagonist, suddenly gains the power of a dungeon master. However, without him knowing, the system has a special plan for him. Follow his journey to make the strongest farm inside the dungeon and gaining beautiful women along the way!The Netori and harem part will be on the later chapter, about 20 or later, and the Netori will come slowly not like my other story. So please stay tuned ^_^Additional tag: action, rudeyoungmaster, no netorare, mature woman, No R-18, evolution, chickens, money-grubbing protagonist, dense protagonist, love interest fall in love first, beautiful female lead, rich office ladies, netori specialist.Discord:

  • The twist of Imaginations l Harry Styles Fanfiction

    The twist of Imaginations l Harry Styles Fanfiction

  • Harry Styles Imagines I One shots l

    Harry Styles Imagines I One shots l

    Fantasy Romance SMUT

  • Why do I hate Harry Styles

    Why do I hate Harry Styles

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

  • Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

    Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife


    A couple, reborn together, dotes on each other. Come and join the tale! In her previous life, Gu Qingyao wanted to marry him, but did not have the courage. Now that she's reborn, she spends her time scheming to marry him in style, using the resources in her interspatial item to provide a huge dowry. Little does she know that another reborn person is secretly planning to bring her home. Mo Beihan brings a pile of presents and appears before Gu Qingyao with a cunning smile, looking like the big bad wolf trying to con a little rabbit. "Marry me, Yaoyao! You will have limitless pocket money, an endless supply of snacks, and more beautiful clothes than you can wear!" Gu Qingyao is speechless. She wants to pet him like a lap dog, but it ends up, he's the one spoiling her as he would a kitten!

  • Harry styles imagines I one shots I

    Harry styles imagines I one shots I

    It's a Harry styles fanfiction hope u like it

  • The Legend of the ruthless Empress Freya

    The Legend of the ruthless Empress Freya



    Join my discord (Freya is there too) :D A lot of details about the world, pictures, explanations etc are shared on it Donation/support : (for those who don't have discord and want to see illustrations, bonuses etc. The account is rather new tho) ________________________________ Freya, head of the Tokyo yakuza, is suddenly betrayed and murdered by one of her subordinates. "Well, I thought I would end up in hell and now a Goddess is interested in me to fight against humans from another world reincarnated as a Wolf Demon? Nani ?????" [Empress System Initialization Successful 100%] Follow Freya the ruthless Empress of Ice as she draws her story in an enigmatic new world of magic and fantastic creatures. She'll discover that life is no easier than on Earth, if not harder and crueler. In this world where humans act as tyrants over all other races, hunted, denigrated, killed, tortured, even if the law of the strongest humans reigns, she'll rise to the top. "Humans ? Exterminate them to the last one ! My family, companions and Empire ? I will give everything to protect them !" From a cruel monster to a loving woman, watch Freya found her Empire to change the whole world and tint it with her color. Accompanied by her new family, companions and subordinates be the first to witness the ruthless Empress Freya writing her legend. Tags+ : #gods #ruthlessMC #antihero #overpoweredMC #monsterMC #demon #loyalsubordinates #beastcompanions #war #beautifulfemalelead #ennemyofhumanity #violence #familyallove #adoptedchild #R18 **Voting Goals !** 100 Power Stones = 1 extra chapter a week 200 Power Stones = 2 extra chapters a week etc --------Author's note----------- IT'S NOT A HAREM English is not my first language, i'm french so don't hesitate to tell me if i made mistakes. Beware, the MC is cruel and ruthless, you may not agree with their actions and/or personality so remember to always be respectful when making remarks. In addition, the MC is also OP, but only few people can really compete with her...there will be exciting challenges and fights but don't expect Game of Throne style drama despite the tags. The big villains are the humans, so there will be only a few relationship between them and the MC as they are by nature enemies (and will remain so). Yes in this novel humans are the worst kind of scum, although there are some "good ones" who will share Freya's ideas but she will mostly bond with half-humans, beasts etc. Author-San Lucifer UPTADE EVERY TWO DAYS

  • I Can Summon All the Gods

    I Can Summon All the Gods

    Locke, an ordinary middle school student from Philadelphia, traveled to a world of sword and magic and became a small lord.However, his territory was barren and narrow, and the leading people were poor and weak. Around him, there were ferocious brigands, terrifying dragons, and powerful enemies.At this critical moment, Locke had awakened the ability to summon the gods!At his summon, the powerful and mysterious strength came to this world one after another!Athena, the beautiful and intelligent war goddess!Venus, the goddess of love!There was also Hades in charge of the nether world, and the cunning god of tricks Loki!Countless gods and their heroes followed Locke to fight. They built their own territory and made it a sacred place that everyone yearned for in the world. They also made Locke the greatest ruler of the world!Magic dragon, phoenix... The powerful and mysterious magical beast became Locke's ride!The burly giant, the beautiful elf, and countless mysterious creatures had become members of Locke's group.There were also countless mages and knights who were loyal to Locke and became his spears and shields!And charming Venus, youthful Daphne, cold Medusa and enchanting Pandora...Their styles were different, but each of them was beautiful and charming. Locke also showed his powerful strength on another battlefield, which made these goddesses and female demons shout, "Slow fuck."This made Locke the prince charming of countless girls.However, Venus, Daphne, Medusa, Pandora and other goddesses and female demons held Locke tightly and shouted, "Locke belongs to me!"

  • style the witcher

    style the witcher

    A young man with a dark past has been killed and he is resuscitated in a world where he will be able to leave his desires behind.Attention: 18+.Some scenes will be shocking to some.The MC is not a saint or a hero, he is an anti-hero with a nice background but his previous life twisted it.

  • Beatricemarshall RAJPUT STYLES

    Beatricemarshall RAJPUT STYLES

    Be in your dreams with dramatic style