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  • Accepting Submission

    Accepting Submission

    Alphas aren't made to submit.<br><br>Raised in a conservative clan, Asher Grant has done everything he could to be a good alpha. A good son. But denying his needs has made him weak, and he's lost touch with his bear. No longer able to shift, his clan rejects him instead of helping. Desperate, there's only one place Asher can turn. <br><br>Trey Carver leads his pack with a firm but gentle hand. Under his guidance, his wolves have flourished. Asher knows he won't be welcome among the wolves, but Trey has something he needs. Asking for it isn't easy. Accepting it when it's offered is even harder.<br><br>As Trey teaches Asher the beauty of dominance and submission, Asher begins to heal. Accepting his true self has a power all its own. When Trey makes the ultimate offer, Asher feels honor bound to deny it. Can a wolf convince a bear that they are meant to be?

  • His Submission

    His Submission


    [ WARNING = METURE CONTENT ]"I... I didn't do anything, why are you torturing me?!" she said with her trembling voice, tears are following from her eyes, her cheeks are red with crying and trying to get away from him but she can't, he is so cruel, that she can't do anything, when he smirks looking at her brown beautiful eyes without even blinking his eyes and said in his deep husky voice "maybe I am just bored so I wanted to play with something and my new toy got to be you", he never does anything to others without a reason and why is he hurting her, why does he love to make her cry, and what did she do that made him hate her so much and at the same time, love her so much, where he can't decide what to choose, he moved forward the trembling figure in front of him and whispered, "you can't get away from me, so just fellow my order or you know the punishment", her eyes went wide thinking about what he can do, her heart fell to her stomach, she looked at his beautiful Ash eyes and told "y.. yes". 

  • Accidental Submission

    Accidental Submission


    I forgot to submit the story to the writing prompt competition, so I'm submitting it again. E-mailing webnovel to remove this submission so I can submit it again properly

  • Katie on submission

    Katie on submission


    If you add the shadow of death to a moment of passion you are in that instant free of all normal ties, your mind grows still and your body enters a state of non-being. Pleasure and pain, sex and death, yin and yang are mismatched twins, two fish each containing the eye of its opposite. . . I wrote that sentence before my morning appointment with the doctor. It means nothing in isolation but I awoke with those words in my head and committed them to paper the keyboard, the monitor. The winter is cold, bleak, colourless. There are no clouds, no sky, just a grey blanket like a shroud lowering over London. . . The little finger on my right hand has a fracture. It is painful. The doctor spent a long time with my hand like a song bird nursed in his palm, his shirt cuff clipped with an onyx link, the gold face of his watch gripped by the strap nesting in a hairy wrist. Broken fingers are oddly intimate. . . 'You do look pale,' he said. . . 'Yes, I noticed in the mirror.' . . 'Are you sick?' . . “Yes.” ———————————— Discord:- RAJABHIDIXIT#5608 Instagram:-THE_DEVILS_LORD_777 SNAPCHAT:- RAJABHI046 * The artwork for the cover belongs to its respective creator. If you wish to share your opinion on this book, don't feel shy and drop a comment or a message. My discord is :-RAJABHIDIXIT#5608

  • vampire resistance (submission)

    vampire resistance (submission)

    they call her vampire but we all know even the Angel of death bow to her.

  • Submission To His Desires

    Submission To His Desires

    "Tell me you are mine" the cold, sharp, merciless blade tried to force me into submission. Into HIS submission. I am not a dead thing that anyone can own. "I-I am yours". Green is supposed to be my favorite color but as I look into his green merciless eyes I feel nothing but fear. "Good girl. Now, we don't want your dear ones hurt, do we?" ****Where do you see yourself in three years? Two? One?What gives you the certainty that there will be one at all?In a world where most people dream and everything is normal, how would it feel to not know what normal is? Life is never easy, and it won't ever be. It's harder when you have demons of your past and devils in your present to fight against. No one wants to lose, but how long can you keep yourself stable? Only the strong and brave survives the race. Is she strong and brave?Triggers are present.

  • _Submission



    He rested on me again his hands down there for a while before thrusting in, gosh I could feel the heat right now as I breath heavily with a moan escaping the back of my throat, he was so hard as he kept thrusting in and out slowly but I wanted more I wanted him even deeper than that."Deeper" I blurted.....Hardcore With Romance.Most sexual graphics read the tags if necessary (but still will appreciate if you read) I decided to add some romantic chapters to the story, the book has it both take your time and if necessary close your doors lol ;)

  • A Lady's Submission

    A Lady's Submission

    Historical Romance R18

    Last of a clan that once ruled over a vast trade network and determined the fate of empires, Mahlon Arn, has the task of reclaiming a place once lost and now hidden within the jungled corridors of a tributary river that feeds into the mighty Amazon River. It’s a past that almost no one remembers except for the few who dare to return and once more reclaim all that once was and begin to build what is to become.Journey deep into the jungle and follow the story of a warrior who reclaims a kingdom, only to ache for the completion of a prophecy spoken over him by a dying father. A prophecy that comes in the form of a red haired fantasy lady, who is born up the river by chance and circumstance or perhaps by Divine will, and that must be claimed and utterly brought into submission by the man, who has been tasked to not only reclaim a past but to build a future based on righteousness.A Lady’s Submission is the beginning of a five book journey into the exotic realms of a place that has never been spoken of and is now just beginning to be realized through the lives of the five remaining blood heirs of the House of Arn, of the kindred of people known to the ancient world as the Ar’morians. This is a tale of overcoming faith and erotic conquest. A reality of an ancient place comes alive in this tale of Christian Erotic Themed Fantasy Fiction.

  • Submission Marriage

    Submission Marriage

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE HAREM

  • Prides Submission Book 3

    Prides Submission Book 3


    The third entry in the Prides Submission series features Sophia Pryde, one of Keri Pryde's daughters. While this is a sequel, it is its own contained story. You do not have to read the earlier entries to understand what's going on. Sophia is young, beautiful, and extremely shy. Growing up in the city-state of Nova Nash was never easy for her, especially for being a member of the Pryde family. In order to make ends meet, Sophia has often worked at her parents dairy farm, where her own breasts provided a wealth of sustenance. After an unexpected night out with her best friend Chloe Dangle, Sophia finds herself with an invitation to join the Rachelle Sorority Institute at the Grand University. There, she will have to obey all her senior sisters commands, no matter how undignified. At first she trembles at the prospect of offering herself to dozens, if not hundreds, of horny fraternity guys, but once she meets a grad students with an enormous cock her desires take hold. Can Sophia control her wildest temptations? Or will the beast within finally reveal itself? Cover art by Ivanna

  • Submissive



    Being submissive means being obedient. It means been meekly passive. It means been docile or slavish.Dolly isn't the submissive type. Infact, she's the domineering type but what happens when she comes across the only one who can make her submissive without trying hard? Evan is very timid and subservient. He's the type that gets scared easily. The very opposite of being dominant. How will he feel when he makes someone submit to him, not just anyone but a great leader of a gang. How does he react when he finds out he can make her submit with ease?Is it just a sexual attraction that caused the submission or more? What if it's more? Or less?

  • Failed Contest Submission (Removed)

    Failed Contest Submission (Removed)

  • Summer School of Submission

    Summer School of Submission

    Nineteen-year-old Dom and Toby are in summer school, on the verge of failing again, fearing they won't graduate high school until they're twenty. Desperate for a passing grade, they hire eighteen-year-old Sam to tutor them. They recently discovered him on a kink app, and can’t wait to get better acquainted.<br><br>Dom and Toby have fooled around in the past, but they’re both tops in search of a bottom. From what they’ve seen on the app, Sam might be willing to do more than just tutor them this summer.

  • Moon Lovers: Bound by Blood and Revenge

    Moon Lovers: Bound by Blood and Revenge



    **[Warning: Mature Content R18+]** She is not a weak nor submissive type of woman. She is Dominant! A female alpha, the rarest of her kind, who could match up the strength of the most powerful creature, the Vampire King. As the war between the two races continues, the Alpha Princess falls for the Vampire King. Their fated bond will be tested by their past and origins. Will the two be able to break the loop of revenge and hatred between their clans? Bound by blood and revenge, can love set them free? ***** Excerpt: "You. Are. Not. Going. Anywhere!" His scarlet eyes settled on her face, blazing in a raging fury. "No way! You just want me for your revenge," she responded mockingly while meeting his intense gaze. "Just leave me alone!" In a flash, he closed their gaps, pushing her down on the bed while trapping her in his arms. "I can't... because my kind of revenge means... Trapping you here…" he brought her hand into his chest, pointing to his heart. "and by enslaving you here… in my bed," his mouth moved over hers in a sensuous exploration, traveling down her throat to her neck. His hand was already caressing her soft flesh. "I will get what I want by making you mine!" Before she could complain, a ripping sound was heard as he tore her clothes apart. ============

  • Prides Submission Book 2

    Prides Submission Book 2

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 CAMPUS

    Keri Pryde is back for her second year of college, and as a Peon of the Rachelle Institute Sorority her life will be challenged like never before. She may not have to take orders anymore, but that won't stop her sisters from expanding her horizons and sexual appetites. Meanwhile a shadow descends upon campus, and Keri can't help but feel like she is being stalked but something not entirely human.

  • the submissive

    the submissive

  • Your Turn to Chase Me, Reborn For Revenge

    Your Turn to Chase Me, Reborn For Revenge



    April Jones was submissive and weak, she gave in to her stepmother and stepsisters every whim. Her father was busy with the business and had no time for her. They took everything from her even her life. She died a horrifying death, now reborn she plans to change her fate and take back all she had lost.Dean Davis is a notorious CEO he built his business from he was young withhis own blood and sweat. His vicious uncle sent some thugs to deal with him one night, that same night he met his angel April.Both died, both were reborn. April only wants revenge and gave up on love, when Dean meets his angel for a second time, he wants to love her but doesn't know-how.(This book is full of revenge, romance, comedy and drama. If you enjoy a weak to strong female lead along with a doting male lead this book is for you.)_______________________________________________EXTRACT"Ummm... Thanks." She took a bite and started to eat. She looked at him and slowly said, "It's probably a bit late but, hi I'm your new neighbour April Jones.""Hi April, I'm Dean Davis." He reached out his and so did she, they shook as they greeted each other."Nice to meet you, Dean." She smiled at him and then took a bite of her pancake.However, she missed the look in Deans eyes. He, at this moment, was full of happiness like a teenage boy in love.Hearing her finally say his name was the most soothing sound to his ears. It sounded so sweet, so soft, he was greedy for more. In a good mood, he continued eating all the food she cooked.What made his heart softened more was he actually wanted to hold her small hand again and never let go. Thinking of it, he swore inside, he'll never let her go._______________________________________________Instagram alexia_author Discord Channel content 18+ onlyCover art is not mine, will take it down on request.

  • You Are Mine

    You Are Mine


    After one painful and humiliating night, Mia was left wondering if Master Reed was just a figure that she dreamed up when she secretly discovered the world of BDSM. Until she collided with him in the conference room at her office building and found out just how real he actually was and he's made it very clear that he is going to be her Master. Reed bought "Bean Me" with the intention of claiming Mia as his submissive. A dream he'd had ever since the night he had picked her up off the sidewalk at his club "The Dungeon" three years earlier. Before that dream can come true, it is threatened when his manipulating ex-wife comes back into the picture with every intention of staying there. She brings a few nasty surprises as well that will leave Mia and Reed reeling and wondering if there is anyway their fragile budding relationship. 18+ Adults only *Explicit Scenes*, *BDSM*, You Are Mine (Bound To Me #1) is created by Leann Lane, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Thrown Into A New World: 
Let The Punishment Begin!

    Thrown Into A New World: Let The Punishment Begin!



    What do you think would happen when a mean and cranky bitch was suddenly thrown into a new world with no fault of her own? At least that is what she chose to believe. A new world where she would be dubbed as a “Villainess". The hardest to impress and scariest judge on the national talent search show, ‘The Dreamer’ had now transmigrated to an old historical world.  One with no internet, no cell phone and worst of all no women's rights!  A strong-willed woman who had an opinion about everything was now stuck in a land where her thoughts did not matter. Not only did she have to live her new life, adapting and mending her ways to survive in this world but also she had to do it in the body of a mere child? ------ "You think that by dropping me in this backward ass world, I'm going to approve of your work?" A young Yvonne yelled as she stared at the bright morning sky. "Dream on!" She flipped her middle finger and walked away with her head held high. The God watching her from high up in the sky almost puked blood when he saw her disrespectful actions. 'Looks like my punishment wasn't enough!' He growled causing the clouds to darken and thunder to rumble in the skies. ____ Years later, "Just be a good girl and follow everything he says. You will belong to him after all." Said the woman who sat by her side, gently caressing her hands.  'What did this lady just say? Hmph... Yvonne St. Claire belongs to no one!'  Though her thoughts were rebellious, she still submissively nodded her head in agreement.  'Let's see who will belong to whom!' Yvonne lowered her head to hide the sparks of fury in her eyes. --- Come, witness Yvonne’s journey as she strives hard to dodge the obstacles that stand in her way of leading a normal and peaceful life. But will she be able to succeed when the heavens, particularly a certain God has different plans for her?