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    Horror&Thriller VILLAIN APOCALYPSE

    An Apocalypse, story from the villain's point of view?

  • My Lycan Mate of Suicide Forest

    My Lycan Mate of Suicide Forest



    WINNER: 3rd Place, 2021 Werewolf Competition [Mature Content] After escaping suicide forest, August Moon finds that she has only gone deeper into the mysteries it holds. Lycans exist. But maybe she is something even stranger... With a clandestine experimental pandemic, a decade-old murder mystery, and a timeless prejudice against strange members within the lycan community all simmering in the periphery of her newfound surroundings, August must fight to discover her own truth alongside a fierce and possessive male who claims to be her mate.

  • The "Suicide"

    The "Suicide"

    Jessica has a normal life, until she goes to college and makes some non-normal friends...

  • Was it Suicide?

    Was it Suicide?


    ANNA CARMEIL was going to propose to the love of her life, Joel Fryer, when she saw JOEL begging her sister, AVA, for her love. She returns back home thinking of confronting her sister but before she could do that, AVA was found dead. JOEL, who was the last person seen with AVA, goes M.I.A. The officials believe that it was a suicide and closed the case. After a few years, ANNA gets a job. On the very first day, she sees JOEL, the CEO of the company. Seeing the love of her life in front of her, she feels a thousand emotions. All she wants to do is hug JEOL and say everything that she has kept to herself for years. But JEOL was cold to her. Things happen and JOEL and ANNA fall deeper in love with each other but love was not in ANNA's destiny. Thinking that ANNA is a misfit for JEOL, she wonders how perfect JEOL and AVA would have been as a couple. Things trigger ANNA and she is determined to know what happened with her sister. Against all odds, finally, ANNA solves the case all by herself, but the truth itself is hard to digest. What actually happened with AVA? Why did JOEL go M.I.A after AVA's death? Was it really SUICIDE?

  • The suicide

    The suicide

    Rilye Matthews is a 16-year-old girl after the death of her mother has become cold without feelings, but Samuel Heart, Maya's brother will do everything possible to see her smile again, after years without seeing each other, Gazzy the ex arrives Peyton's boyfriend, the popular one from school, Rilye finishes school, she's already gazzy's girlfriend, one afternoon Sara and Maya were at Rilye's house because Maya was going to play a little joke on Gazzy's friend Omar but Rilye also wanted to make him also the joke on gazzy but what Rilye doesn't know is that this joke would come out true

  • suicide mystery

    suicide mystery

  • Suicide Notebook

    Suicide Notebook

    Being betrayed by his Ex Girlfriend. Weldan leads himself in a cave which hasn't been found in ages while planning to commit suicide as Weldan was close to slicing himselfThen a different approach took place at that time

  • Suicide Revenge

    Suicide Revenge

    Teen ROMANCE

    " I am so sorry Wren you know that I love you, but I can't let him win, you are my revenge from him" he whispered and kissed my forehead.I was helpless as my hands were tied up. I know it will be my last seen and next, I will be dead. Maybe this is my fate.

  • Suicide games

    Suicide games

    A group of five friends all wanted to go on a vacation just for two weeks, but they didn't know they were going on a death vacation

  • Suicide Cliff

    Suicide Cliff

    Realistic Fiction R18 MYSTERY SLICEOFLIFE DARK

    A short story of a Man who lives beside a cliff infamous for its suicide incidents. He tries to save each poor soul from it, including Rain, who claims that she's been saved by him twice, but he can't remember anything about her.

  • Suicide Billy

    Suicide Billy


    Maybe it's better to be a sacrifice for a person than saving your own skin. One day that person will spread your achievements to others.

  • Suicide Tragedy

    Suicide Tragedy

    Her name is Narina. Usually he is called Arin. He was still relatively young, 18 years old, he tried to commit suicide repeatedly, until it ended tragically when he tried to commit suicide again for the umpteenth time. The trauma and hatred for his family that he couldn't express could only be expressed through writing, which in the end brought him events that didn't make sense. The golden light that suddenly appeared followed the strokes of his pen to form something and took him to another place that was just as real as in his previous life. He had a lot of questions with all the questions unanswered. Until he enjoys his journey into the world of people he has never met. In the blink of an eye he had moved from place to place, meeting the figure of a dragon which turned out to be a symbol of his good and bad attitude. Arin's childhood was not so fun. He comes from a rich family, however, his life is like an abandoned child, not being considered because the family considers him an unlucky child. Luckily he got the love and affection of his beloved uncle and grandmother. The love and gratitude that was not there, changed his family and the atmosphere to feel like hell. It all started when Arin tried again to end his life by plunging into very deep water. Of the many times he attempted suicide this time, it was truly reckless, he deliberately stood on a bridge by tying a rope to a large rock that was connected to his ankle, he fell along with a rock falling. He then sank to the bottom. Arin surrendered until he lost consciousness. However, before long his eyes dimly opened and saw a golden colored shadow that touched his fingers, instantly he was sucked up to the surface. When he opened his eyes he saw the Uncle he used to call Uncle Remi, it managed to save him who then scolded him fiercely. The wind was blowing hard, the sky was a little dark with gray black clouds dotting the sky that afternoon. Two days after the incident, everything returned to normal. However, there seemed to be something strange according to him. Everything looked different and changed from usual. In real life, Arin, has a best friend, Rani, a friend from childhood who has always been there for her. Rani who also has life problems is also far from happy. Only when he is with Rani, his grandmother and uncle, does he feel the real life. Including since getting to know the mysterious boy, who made him fall in love named Pandu. However, who would have thought that the guide he met was not a human. One by one adventure into the lives of strangers makes him gain a lot of knowledge and extraordinary experiences. Become a god of help and death. Like venting a held grudge. Everything happened on a desire that was never realized. Become a companion and penetrate the souls of those he meets. An unusual fear, he finally faced with the courage of what he had now. "I will never run again from pain, nor from the fear they created." Those were the words that had been embedded in his soul. He was ready to start the adventure of his new life. The life he thought was not alive was also not dead.

  • Immortal Of Suicide

    Immortal Of Suicide

    Marcus will commit all kinds of suicide, thus granting him the title of, Immortal Of Suicide!

  • The Suicide Helpline

    The Suicide Helpline


    » "Why don't you trust me? I can help you. I'll always be there to help you."•• "Seeing me sad for the whole day, even my shadow left me alone at night. How do i, then expect you to stay?"*****Wattpad reviews!*"Absolutely loving the story You are amazingI want to read more of your workI honestly, thoroughly enjoy your book. Keep doing what you are doing." -@SnapeSaysAlwaysxx"OMGGGGI love this so muchhhhhhh.. The way that this story is made it's just amazing." - @KORRI_IS_BORED****

  • The Suicide Class

    The Suicide Class


  • Suicide Mentor

    Suicide Mentor

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    A girl interrupts boy's suicide attempt, only to teach him how to kill himself properly

  • Suicide is not an option

    Suicide is not an option

    Vent cause I have no one to talk to.

  • Suicide boy

    Suicide boy

  • SUICIDE 101

    SUICIDE 101

    A swarm of emotions decide your life. And then YOU choose to die. By YOUR motivation. Answering people was getting bothersome. You were running out of breathe. And then, something, someone started scooping from you...only to be a better picture. Why did she do so? Despite the witness - love? Does she want you to know? Or it was just sorrow? As the other she continues, the picture feels hungrier than the black holes, darker than a demon or ghoul, only to discover the light at end of tunnel still existed.

  • Suicide Mysteries

    Suicide Mysteries