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  • His Pretty Possession

    His Pretty Possession

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ACTION R18

    Hirai Taehee a young mixed asian fell into a human trafficking scam. He was auctioned in Seoul against his will where he was bought by Jeon Jeonghoon. Jeonghoon was Young successful CEO, but below his perfect appearance was his dark past. Jeonghoon became Tahee's worst nightmare. But fate wasn't so cruel. Taehee finds his half brother Kim Sungjin. Will Sungjin be able to save Taehee? Or will Taehee be stuck with Jeonghoon for forever....

  • Lie


    When he and he are childhood friends but somehow their feelings for each another becomes more than just friends!Main Leads:Jeon Junghoon- True Blood AlphaKim Taehyeong- "Alpha" (Omega)Min youngbae- Alpha Park Minjun- BetaKim Daehyun- Alpha Kim Sungjin- Beta (doctor)Jung youngho- BetaTaehyeong is older than Junghoon by a year. When Junghoon was a small kid, he gets bullied a lot and always get to trouble. Every time Taehyeong comes to protect him. That very moment, "You are my alpha Hyung"! exclaimed Junghoon in happiness. Taehyeong realize what he has to do to make the young one happy...Did things went well? Or that one lie made everything worse than he expected?- Heartbreaking- Smut 16+- M preg

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