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  • Winter Swan

    Winter Swan


    A nordic romance that burns up coldly!"You and I are similar, don't you know? Amidst the foxes, we are two wolves who are bleeding from an injury.The frozen capital of Norway, Oslo. Silye, an asian who have been discriminated and bullied just because of her race, decides to escape this frozen hell by jumping off the school building but is saved by being caught by the 'Emperor' of the school. This wasn't a good news. This was a nightmare on its own.

  • The Traps of Black Swan

    The Traps of Black Swan



    'Each betrayal begins with trust' ~~~ ‘Endure a while’ was what her grandfather said. She endured the curses. She endured the pain. She endured the unfairness. She endured the behest. She endured the down heart. She endured many things but what did she get in return?  Betrayal from her own people. ‘This cruel world is not for innocents.’ She had to learn it forcefully laying on the deathbed wishing to leave the world forever. But fate plays cruelly. Now she is back to the same world to stand strong and smile at the evil. --- Excerpt: Aarvi Evans typed a message shamelessly on her mobile, [I need a kiss.] Her lips tugged to a rare mischievous curve clicking on the send button. It wasn’t even fifteen minutes, her mobile went off. She walked out of the private room of the restaurant and answered the call, “Hel…” She was suddenly yanked to the opposite private room. Before she could absorb the situation, the door was shut, she was pinned to the wall and a pair of thin soft lips pressed on her forehead calming her nerves. ‘How naive!’ She hadn’t thought he would actually ignore his client just to give her a kiss. A kiss! Aaron Rivas would have called her naive if he could hear her thoughts. The next second, Aarvi’s petite face was showered with gentle pecks without leaving an inch unattended. Aaron paused and said, “Cupcake! you hadn’t mentioned where you needed the kiss.” He didn't let her react and locked her lips. --- This is an original story. Thank you ^_^ for giving it a try. DISCORD: Munchkin_2#7368 Story DISCORD: https://discord.gg/QhhXXWq Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/munchkin_2 Instagram: auth_munchkin Linktree: https://linktr.ee/munchkin *Credit to the real owner of the novel cover photo.

  • The Swan

    The Swan

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE R18

    Suri, saat bayi ditinggal ibunya di depan pintu orang tidak di kenal, dirinya ditinggal dengan sepucuk surat dengan pesan agar diberikan padanya setelah usianya mencapai 21 tahun dan sebuah leontin giok berbentuk bulan sabit dengan ukiran marga Wu di dalamnya.Suri dibesarkan oleh ibu angkatnya yang berprofesi sebagai seorang pelacur, walaupun dirinya jarang menunjukkan kehangatan kepada Suri, namun Suri tahu ibu angkatnya sangat mencintainya.Suri tumbuh menjadi gadis yang cantik, namun karena dirinya dibesarkan dilingkungan prostitusi, maka kecantikan adalah kutukan untuk dirinya. Ibu angkatnya lah yang selalu menutup kecantikannya itu, saat anak lain menggunakan bedak di wajah mereka, maka Suri akan menggunakan bedak dirambutnya untuk menutup kemilau rambutnya yang indah, Suri akan menggunakan bedak padat dengan warna gelap untuk menutup warna kulitnya yang putih bersih, dan Suri akan mengenakan berlapis lapis pakaian untuk menutup bentuk tubuh indahnya.Perjalanan hidup Suri berubah setelah dirinya berusia 21 tahun, setelah dirinya menerima surat peninggalan ibu kandungnya.Bagaimana perjalanan kehidupan Suri??Ikuti di kisah menarik The Swan.

  • Swan lake

    Swan lake

    A beautiful white swan with a gold crown on its head was swimming there. Ozlowe decided to kill the animal for Prince’s pleasure and shot an arrow. Prince Zigfried tried to stop his servant but it was too late... Now watching video to find out what happen!

  • Swan Colony

    Swan Colony

    1894. Imperialism is at its peak as the world becomes more interconnected from booming technologies. Perth Australia is projected to become the fastest growing city in the Pacific as gold is discovered along the western coast. In the small boarding school of what was once called Swan Colony, the world opens up as the students face off the perils of magic, where they must learn the intricacies of magic manipulation in order to face off against the forces of evil that lurk in the periphery of the outback. This is the story of the students, the Swans of the secret academy of Swan Colony.

  • Swan Lake

    Swan Lake

  • Swan Sister

    Swan Sister



  • ONS: Pregnant With CEO's Baby

    ONS: Pregnant With CEO's Baby


    Jeanne was only 18 years old when her stepmother and step sister framed her and caused her to lose everything. She was thrown out of the house by her father for trying to resist. 7 years later, Jeanne came back for vengeance with a mysterious son by her side—George. People mocked her for being a single mother and called her son a fatherless child. “Who are you calling a fatherless child? You wouldn’t like me when I’m mad,” George threatened. “Lay low, George! Don’t ruin the fun! I haven’t had enough,” Jeanne said as she wanted to enjoy her revenge, leaving the boy speechless. Jeanne later met the infamous Fourth Master Swan at a charity ball. The man with the handsome looks and cold temperament called her to a corner and said, “I like you.” Everyone was shocked, including Jeanne. “I’m a single mother and I have a child. Are you sure you like me?” she said. “I actually… like your child!” Everyone else was shocked when Fourth Master Swan married Jeanne but only his sly self knew that he had gotten not one, but two, important players to this chess game that he was playing.

  • The Black Swan

    The Black Swan

    Gabe Granger gathers intelligence for George Washington, even after he’s bitten by a vampyre in the service of the British. Remember Littlebury, his longtime friend, stays with him as his black swan, keeping him safe from sunlight and getting messages to General Washington.<br><br>After the war ends, they continue working for the fledgling government through one conflict after another. When Gabe loses Remember at the Battle of Gettysburg, he’s ready to give up, but his country still needs his services. And there are many black swans for him to choose from. None are any more fortunate than Remember, and one by one they’re killed in various wars.<br><br>All Noah Poynter wants is to be a black swan, and he’s devastated when his pop tells him he’s just a normal. In spite of everything, Gabe and Noah become friends. Is there any hope for the two of them?

  • Swan queen

    Swan queen

  • Queen Swan

    Queen Swan

    A tradition made within the imperial family, a legacy that withholds the hierarchy of an Empire, it was a tradition none of the wives of Rowan can escape.Supposedly as reviewed by the generations of Cordele, it had always been the eldest that becomes King. As the eldest, you are arranged to bestow the throne, however, that solely belongs to you only if you were born as a man.Fearing the future of the child she carried, one must sacrifice to ensure the child's safety. Hearing the soft cries of her newborn daughter, she gritted her teeth as she joined her daughter's cry."For this day forth, you must acknowledge my child as Prince." Laurel declared that stunned her maidens. That choice was selfish enough but being born as a daughter would not have any use to ascend the throne."What name shall my reign bear?" Asked by a maiden with a lopsided smile. Laurel glanced at the morning sky with a stern expression."Be this child's name Ishim, for my son and daughter be one with the flames."Let the flames guide her to certainty, let the flames bring light and comfort to her child. Laurel didn't know that those flames will be the cost of her selfishness and the end of her daughter's smile.— •• —"The fire bring two different uses to humanity; one will offer comfort and warmth, second will bring destruction and death. I am that second flame."— Ishim Monte Von CordeleTitle : Queen SwanAll Rights Reserved08042021 -On going

  • The White Swan

    The White Swan

    Fantasy Romance PRINCESS

    ...As cold and distant as she may seem, all her sorrow is hidden for the best. For if it were to show it wouldn't be pretty.For if it were to show, she were to shame her precious family's name.For if it were to show she'd be all alone.~A knock, knock, knocking came from Leo's door. He could only guess it was his food. He paused whatever killing game he was playing and grabbed a five off the table on the way to the door."Leo Quinn?" The delivery man asked as soon as the door started to slightly creek open."Yep" Leo replied as he grabbed the pizza."Sign here please" The man held a clipboard out to Leo and he grabbed his pen and signed. When he was finished he placed the five he had grabbed off the table on the clipboard."Night man," Leo said and closed the door. He put two cans of soda on top of the pizza box and brought it to the sofa where his killing game was still paused.He propped open the box and popped open one can of soda. He grabbed a big slice of meat lover's pizza as he unpaused his video game. At the time, it was 11 pm, he knew he had school tomorrow, but he didn't care like most boys his age. He stayed up until 3 am playing video games before he put on some youtube and fell asleep at 4 am.The next morning his alarm rang at 6 am, he pressed snooze. It rang again, he hit snooze. This happened several more times before he finally got up, and when he did it was at 8 am.He groaned and rolled over to look at the clock, hoping he could sleep for 5 more minutes. He saw that it was 8:06 on the clock and almost had a heart attack. He jumped up from the bed and took a quick shower. He put on the first not rotten smelling thing he could find and grabbed a cup of yogurt on his way out of the door.He walked down 3 sets of steps, his apartment being on the 3rd flight, and he got into his busted-up old car.He broke 13 traffic regulations on the way to school hoping he wouldn't get caught, and he didn't. He ran into the school doors that were just on the verge of locking because it was 8:22 and rushed down the hallways looking for his class before he found it and bust in like the police.The cover does not belong to me.

  • The Black Swan Behind (Bahasa Indonesia)

    The Black Swan Behind (Bahasa Indonesia)



    WARNING!! 18+ Mature Content (Kekerasan, topik dewasa, pelecehan, alur rumit) Di bawah cahaya rembulan, sebuah kota berdiri di dalam bayang-bayang gengster yang kerap kali berbuat onar dan meresahkan masyarakat. Gengster-gengster beranggotakan pria-pria kuat yang mahir bertarung. Tidak disangka mereka adalah anak-anak muda yang gila uang dan kekuasaan. Kota itu adalah arena bertarung bagi mereka. Emma Hilland pindah seorang diri ke sebuah kota bermil-mil jauhnya dari rumah dimana ia dibesarkan sebagai tuan putri. Karena sebuah masalah, ia memutuskan pergi dan melanjutkan studi kuliahnya di kota ini. Kali ini ia akan mencoba untuk menjadi gadis normal. Namun yang namanya api, diletakan dimanapun pasti akan membakar sekelilingnya juga. Ini adalah kisah bagaimana kelompok The Black Swan terbentuk di Kota Handway. Dibalik kaki-kaki indah yang melompat di tengah hamparan bunga, terdapat duri-duri beracun yang mematikan. Namun apakah hati seekor angsa dapat ditakhlukan? **** Mohon berikan support (Power stone, Komen, Review) kalau kalian suka ceritanya ya!! Taukah kalian??? Support dari teman2 akan sangat membantu author bersemangat menulis & mengembangkan ide loh!! Trimakasih & Selamat membaca!! \^^/ Karya Lydia_Siu di Webnovel : - The Prince Of The East Sea (Tamat) - The Black Swan Behind (on going) Banyak quotes dan info menarik di sosial media author! Yuk difollow! Instagram : @author_lydia_siu FB Page : author Kalong_ungu / Lydia_Siu Twitter : @kalong_ungu




    Shipwreck in the middle of the sea, a woman, before dying, saves her baby on a small uninhabited island. There was only a doe there. The baby suckles the doe. The swan egg hatches and becomes a very large goose. The swan can take the child flying. They were found by an old man. They are told to travel around the world. The Adventures of TOGO the Swan Rider looking for a book containing the Poems of the History of 25 Prophets, from the Prophet Adam to the Prophet Muhammad. He travels the world and engages in exciting adventures with various tribes in the world.



    Even in the modern times we hear many legends and myths about Greeks, Mesopotamian's etc.How did we know about them? Did they actually exist? Help Kondou Akira find the truth about his world and universe.

  • black swan

    black swan


    "Aku adalah bangsa dari Black Swan" Ujar seorang lelaki berwajah tampan.

  • black Swan

    black Swan

    Terlahir menjadi seseorang yang berbeda memanglah sebuah hal yang sangat menyedihkan namun juga menguntungkan. Ada banyak hal di dunia ini,  yang perbedaannya bisa diterima di masyarakat umum. Tapi,  berbeda dengan perbedaan yang dimiliki oleh gadis bernama Annchi Azelia.  Ini bukan kemauan nya,  Azel hanya ingin hidup bebas tanpa harus pusing memikirkan tentang perbedaan yang ia sendiri tidak tau sampai sekarang.  Sebelum akhirnya ia tau kalau perbedaan yang ia miliki itu ternyata berbahaya dan bisa membuat orang lain menderita karena ulahnya.  Ketika Azel sudah putus asa akan hidup nya,  ada seorang pria yang datang ke kehidupannya dan membuat Azel percaya kalau di dunia ini masih ada orang baik seperti pria yang saat ini sedang bersamanya.  

  • The other Swan

    The other Swan

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    America Swan, Bella Swan's twin sister, is a military man, but will arrive in Forks along with her sister. And they will stay there a long timeThey are quite the opposite, one rude, another shy, one clumsy and the other agile, they are different but they complement each other. They have a great relationship, they tell each other everything, they don't have lies between them. America, has confided to her sister, her biggest secret, that she is a hybrid, half vampire half witch

  • Swan Of Love

    Swan Of Love


    As the story goes, A swan nests in the south of Golden pavilion, with eternal beauty enough to make any man fall on is love. Those who are bold enough to cross the Paoli, that is. Perhaps that forest is a promising solitude for the swan. No one who walks in, comes back out.However, A'Pian Ger has always had a passion of adventures and is arguably the best hunter the Golden Pavilion has ever given rise to. With his hunting skills perhaps he should be capable of discovering the truth....right?"Hahahaha", one of the men in the tavern laughed out loud. "A'Pian Ger has unmatched skills, that's for sure, however he might never find a swan. These are just mere groundless rumours we put our believes in"

  • A swan in the palace

    A swan in the palace


    "She must stay in her room until she reaches 18... no school, no friends and no freedom." the evil woman ordered. Cruel reality and truth are hidden forever with her parents, the late king, and the queen's death.She lost her sister because of the evilness of the woman. And now, she has to obey the evil woman by staying in her room for 18 years. The world would be shocked by how innocent and naive she is. The evil woman killed the character of the little girl and she doesn't even understand anything. She's a princess but everyone laughs at her and doesn't even treat her like a princess. The evil woman planned to kill the princess once she turns 18 and the princess has to marry a selfish and ruthless prince because of a promise. Ruthless prince hates everyone and no one dares to disobey him. he has a girl in his heart already but he must get married to the innocent princess. He hates the princess and he misunderstood her.Will he watch the evil woman kill the princess or a war between love and hatred will begin?